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Elven team in Campaign Elves vs Dwarves -- Dwarves and Gnomes Keep Out (Inactive)

Game Master Chainmail

An old school homebrew campaign for a party of Elves. They will interact with a party of dwarves on an increasing basis.
Current map

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Three items, dagger, ring and armor were claimed missing by the swirling shadows

Wil has already killed the Queen rat. His commission was very vague, but he knows he will get partial credit for killing a rat as big as a small house.

Male Elf Ranger 4

Right, get more information on sewers in any way possible. Evil bound thing can stay bound.

City of gold sounds interesting but so do the boats of ice. Am therefore torn. To not return the items would also be theft. That's a bad thing. They need returning soon.

I would also like to speak to Derrick and Lady Ciedril.

Plan is then. Finish sewers. Give spider better share of treasure this time. Then go back via Derrick to our queen

Still posting off phone, sorry.

f Elf bard/4. Init +2/Low-Light Vision/Perception +11/ AC16, T12: FF14/

Elorin glad that the man is being followed, speaks to Talon and the group. In elven, She tends to use her native language when what she has to say is important to her, and also when she wishes not to be understood by strangers, as best she can.

"This creature in box, as much as I hate to see anyone imprisoned, I feel Thalas may be right. Though I do not want to leave it at that. I wish to know why she/it was imprisoned and who did it and more importantly who those men where who followed us."

She turns specifically to Talon but still addressing the whole group. "Perhaps we are done with the sewers? temporarily at least. You all achieved so much in the clearing of it and this shrine is here now as a testament to your achievment. The ice boats(each time I hear that i think if mythbusters) may be useful but we have to plan our way carefully."

Now she turns Maeve, "Have you heard about the rovagug cult, rising in the jungle? From little I understand and know of your citadel, it is something you should be made aware of" Elorin not being sure how much she would know and how correct the rumors are does not want to worry Maeve unduly but also does not want to withhold something that may be important to a fellow elf.

"We have all achieved a lot yet there is still much to do, Talon as a capable and knowledgeable leader you should be able to help us all to make the bet choice of what to do next. As I can understand and see it, we need to be sure of where we go and what we do next and what has the most importance. If we stay here we may waist time when help is needed elsewhere. Now I understand I arrived part way through this mission so perhaps there are factors I am unaware off. Maybe now we are all together we can make an informed choice. and turn to our deputy to make it informed and unbiased." She emphasizes the word 'deputy and the last sentence.

She sighs and sits down where she stood. This has been a long day and she has had a lot to take in. She did not realize until she stopped how drained she was and simply slumps to the ground. She did not like that she had become a person who stays quiet and thinks while others act. This whole journey was changing her and she did not know if she liked it.

Per +5, Low-Light Vision | HP 33/33 | AC 20, Touch 11, Flat 19 | F +4, R +2, W +10

"Ice boats?"

Wood Elf Paladin lvl 4 Init +1; Low-Light Vision; Per +5; HP: 39/39 (healthy)
Saves & AC:
Fort +9, Ref +6, Will +8; AC 21, T 12, FF 20

For a moment Wil was pondering on what to do, the sewers while dangerous would remain that way even if they continued searching through the muck in pursuit of the evasive rat men. The moment Elorin spoke of the cultists Wil looked at her, she had his full attention especially because they had a Dryad as their prisoner.

In elven. "What of the supplies you came here to get are they no longer needed then? If that is the case then perhaps we should take the items to the magic shop, and have their abilities copied if we can prior to seeing to returning them. Then once we are rewarded we can have items manufactured to replace what we lost." He sets his smiley on the table, clearly indicating that he's willing to give it up. "I made promises to some of you and I will see them done, Talons needs better armor to survive, Azlain and I need greater weapons as well as armor to hold the line. Because I vote we stop the cultists and take the Dryad back."

Male Elf Ranger 4

Talon stands and motions for a moment of quiet. Taking a small moment to compose his thoughts, he begins slowly, quietly.

The supplies that we came for were dealt with in that raid that Spider went on. I suspect he will be taking them to Derrick, the man that he works for, and they will be used to help the Coastal City. It does not work to immediately help the Elves, although he is considered an ally by our Lady.

The ice boats are an enigma to us all. Apparently they are fast, and could be used to help our kind. I am not a sailor, so cannot say more.

The Rovagug Cultists that are holding the Dryad prisoner are powerful, and can only have grown more so in the last weeks. We barely made it out alive last time, and only were allowed to leave when the Sun Goddess made the trade of our lives for the Dryad. I do not think that same trade can be made again. Our strength is still too little I suspect, and will not stand to see lives needlessly lost. We need greater strength than we have currently, so I will not take us down the path of a mission that I personally think is folly.

The ratfolk are killers in those depths, and we have found out the hard way that we cannot run through there with force alone. One with knowledge of traps and their workings is needed. Therefore we do not have the expertise to do anything there as of just yet. I will consult with our best trapsmiths when we return home and will attempt to learn what I can.

Therefore I believe the best and most sensible option is thus:

Talon begins counting off one finger at a time at this point.

Gain the items that we commissioned to be made.
Have the items that we found looked at and see if they can be duplicated.
Gain whatever credit we can for the sewer commission.
Head to Derrick and speak with him.
Head home and speak to the Queen.

These steps can be amended and are subject to debate. I know our strengths, and whilst we are most certainly better than perhaps we used to be, we are still not at the point where we can take on those cultists. Not yet. In that jungle we faced many of the issues that we faced in the sewers. Restricted mobility, little vision. A POOR UNDERSTANDING OF TACTICS. We were very nearly killed there in the jungle, just as I lost my life in those sewers. We do the elven nation and its rise no good if we die whilst trying to recreate it. We must become the tip of the spear. At the moment I think we could call ourselves lucky to be called the tip of the pimple on the arse of the holder of the spear.

Elorin, your way with words does us all proud, and that you have been able to gain a worthy ally to us in the form of Derrick has made our rise quicker to attain, but still fraught with danger.

Wil, Azlain. Your strength and speed with the weapons that you use is second to none. You do us proud by standing at our side. We have need of your experience and your intelligence.

Suny, your exuberance and wit. Your energy reminds us of what we are fighting for. Freedom. That most core of values.

Seltyn, your great intellect and the way in which you can manipulate the arcane energies under your control also is critical. You have spent your life mastering your art. We will have need of it.

Thalas, Maeve. I am sure that your own great strengths and knowledges will become of use to us always. You bring another side to the faiths to our group, and remind us that it is not without considerable self mastery and attention to that which is greater than we are that we can succeed at all

I must admit, I am actually humbled to lead you anywhere. I am a mere bowman. I learnt a little of the wilds and the world around me. Beyond that... I can shoot quickly, and in theory sneak up on our enemies, but more than that... I am nothing without your support. Just like we are all less for not having each other around and playing off our strengths and covering each others weaknesses. I would rather lose and arm or a leg than lose any one of you, although I hope such a claim must never be tempted. Talon smiles a little at this point, and then takes a step back, ceding the floor to others that might wish to speak

The ships are not made of ice. That was a mistake. There is a shipyard with a sunken ship of legend.

The elves have a legendary sea captain named Windfavor.

M Elf
Init +2/ HP 32/32 // AC: 12/T:12/FF:10 - Percep: +4// F +1/R +3/W +6 /CMB +3 - CMD 15

Talon is right, I think. Let's get our due, such as it is, and reconvene with allies. If we are to be the spear, we must not forget our shield. Our people are not served by our early demise, and too much is at stake to move blindly, anymore. That kills elves.

Let us consult further with Derrick, Windfavor, and even our Queen, if we must. The situation is too fluid to attempt other endeavors.

Seltyn has been quiet, and sometimes absent. He's been thinking.

We won't prevail if we can't put our battles on our terms. Right now, we have no advantages at all. Let's cash in, if we can, and leave this place for now. We may well be back, but it seems that Spider has handled what we could not. If the coastal city can be armed, we've done our part.

It is out of our hands. To the coast, then, and the wisdom of our betters.

You might even say Seltyn is "dour and taciturn." LOL

HP 23/51, AC 26, CMD 25, Fort +6, Ref +5, Will +4

"I may be able to help with our tactical problems. I've trained plenty of groups and been in enough fights to know what to train for. This group is good, we just don't know how to work together yet."

"Wherever we go, that will kill us. Lucky for us, it's an easy fix, and once we do, wherever we go, we'll win."

Spider adds his own inputs, "This is a heartless city. What you have found in the sewers is a great reward. The guildmaster of the Swirling Shadows personal set is quite valuable. Giving it back to the original owners is not as profitable as selling or keeping them. The two bows from the treasure hoard I have are probably more than you will get from the city."

He looks thoughtful, "The Ferret and I are going to go after this City of Gold. We could probably cut you in if you were interested. It would be nice if it is some place we can resettle our relatives and friends."

Spider hands over an official memo from the Dept of Lost Property. "I did check, the reward for the Swirling Shadows set in its entirety is 600 platinum pieces tax free. That is quite a hefty sum." The memo seems to indicate 150pp for armor, 150pp for dagger, and 100pp for the ring with a 200pp bonus for the set.

Male Elf Ranger 4

That's a princely sum there, and would almost certainly work well to equip ourselves with. Whilst not enough to equip us all much, it will help no doubt. We still have that small income from the queen, and Derrick might have work for us once more

Per +5, Low-Light Vision | HP 33/33 | AC 20, Touch 11, Flat 19 | F +4, R +2, W +10

"Spider, would it be possible for you to delay your search for the City of Gold until we return from consulting with the leaders of our people? I greatly desire to pursue such an expedition, but I - with Seltyn, Wil, Azlain, Elorin, Elesandriel, and Maeve - are bound to the cause of our people and as such are not free to act should doing so leave them undefended."

f Elf bard/4. Init +2/Low-Light Vision/Perception +11/ AC16, T12: FF14/

"Going back may be best. this city of gold holds little interest to me, though helping out you Spider does, a safe heaven for familys and friends is important for us all." Elorin looks tired, exhausted even and though her reply is short and she remains seated on the floor, she means what she says.

Male Elf Ranger 4

I would also stand on that course of action. We all have need to return and rest a while. If you can hold out for us a little then it would be good, you know our skills.

Noticing Elorin's tiredness, and feeling the same way himself Talon speaks again.

But further talk of plans of the future can wait. We all have need of rest, find a place in here where you can do so and let us all get our heads down for a night of sleep

Spider nods in understanding, "I see the need to return. Tell Derrick that everything is taken care of. We have sown plenty of confusion here. Also tell him the Ferret is setting up his own network."

After reflecting a moment..."Unfortunately with the added scrutiny we are receiving, I will have to look at moving our base of operations. Anyway, you can always get a hold of me through Lefty: he can always pass a message to me. As for the City of Gold, we have no idea how to even start looking for it. The creature in the box is not very cooperative."

M Elf
Init +2/ HP 32/32 // AC: 12/T:12/FF:10 - Percep: +4// F +1/R +3/W +6 /CMB +3 - CMD 15

Very well, then. Let's rest tonight, and finish up our business and leave in the morning.

Lefty invites Maeve back for a night on the bad side of town.

Spider is more shy and smiles at Suny before leaving.

HP: 08/22, AC: 17(Max 21(T13,FF14), DR: 1(Water Based Critters), F:+4, R:+7, W:+2, Perc: +6, Init: +3.

Suny skips up and gives Spider a heart felt hug in response to his smile.

"Be somat th' matter?" She asks in a whisper.

Spider replies, "No, nothing. Take care of yourself." Then he takes his leave with Lefty.

The sanctuary can be locked up and you can make your back to the city state of Seaview previously know as the coastal kingdom. You would make your way down the large road you traveled on to get here if this is the plan.

Visiting the city offices, you are told that Spider was indeed correct. 600pp for returning the set of the Swirling Thief. A 100pp reward for the destruction of the rat queen is given to Wil based on his description of her alone.

Rest in the sanctuary will be uneventful.

DM rolls for travel:
3d20 ⇒ (16, 7, 12) = 35

To Seaview and Derrick? Claim the 600pp reward and turn in the set? Ordering magic items takes about 3-9 days. No order was put in at the Ye Olde Magic Shoppe yet.

Male Elf Ranger 4

I would say to take the rewards as best as we can, get the surveys of the items done so that we might be able to replicate the items and then get the hell home via Derrick

M Elf
Init +2/ HP 32/32 // AC: 12/T:12/FF:10 - Percep: +4// F +1/R +3/W +6 /CMB +3 - CMD 15

Yeah. Let's huddle and regroup. There might be some new developments to consider.

Female Half-Elf Cleric

Maeve keep silent and watches how the events unfold. She considered to try to bewitch the "artist" earlier, but dropped the idea considering her power may fail and even if it doesn't the person will know of the charm and who cast it on him once its magic fades away. She listens to the discussion about the trapped woman, but as she has no idea why it would be trapped and the reason may be justified, she keeps out of it too.

As Talon mentions her to be of use she smiles. "Well, I do hope that will be the case, the Witch Queen shall travel along with us for this journey, and I hope she shares knowledge and joy with us."

Maeve has no opinion on how and for what to use the money of the group. She only mentions that some extra healing potions or a wand could be useful. She wasn't among the elves as they earned the coins so Maeve doesn't think she has much right to talk about how to spend it.

Will we jump across multiple days, or just wake up the following morning as normal?

HP: 08/22, AC: 17(Max 21(T13,FF14), DR: 1(Water Based Critters), F:+4, R:+7, W:+2, Perc: +6, Init: +3.

I thought there was a wand of 'Cure Light Wounds' some where in the offing? Though traveling to the coast sounds wonderful. (^_^)

Wand of CLW was ordered. 3-6 days was the wait, it has been two days.

1d4 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4

Female Half-Elf Cleric
"Would you like to spend a night on the bad side of town?"

Maeve looks at Lefty as her lips form a foxy, kissy smile. "Sure. I would like that, and I would also invite her into the party, and of course that gentleman over there as well. Great way to get others known better and have a ...closer look at them. One bad boy is good two are better, and she will help out to keep up the girl's side to balance things." Maeve grabs Suny's arm and steps closer to Spider and Lefty. "Well then, are you up for it? Life is short..." Maeve looks at Suny for a moment. "...for some of us more than for others, but never enough. Join the fun so you don't regret later to be left out."

1d20 + 9 ⇒ (9) + 9 = 18 Diplomacy (To extra persuade those two in case they wouldn't want to join on the idea)

She then looks into the eyes of Suny. "You aren't against the idea, right? We can start up our friendship easily this way with some extra fun to it."

HP: 08/22, AC: 17(Max 21(T13,FF14), DR: 1(Water Based Critters), F:+4, R:+7, W:+2, Perc: +6, Init: +3.

Suny blinks as Maeve grabs her and drags her into the discussion with Lefty. Only having caught part of what ever is going on Suny smiles,

"Oh aye! Folks should have a chance t' relax after all'a thet crawlin' aroun' in'a muck an' stuffs." She exclaims and looks at Lefty, Spider and any one else who wants to join in.

"Asides, t'will give me a chance t' get t' learn me speakin' better." (^_^)

At Maeve's question Suny shakes her head, Not a'tall! Makin' friends an' learnin' off peoples is how I done learned me speakin' in'a first place." Suny giggles at some memory, "Though, they was always seemin' tired th' next day fer it."

Suny looks to Spider, "Are ye comin' an' showin' me yer town?" She asks him.

Female Half-Elf Cleric

Maeve ponders Suny's words as she smiles at her. "You must be very good if they were always tired the next day, this will truly be a fun night."

"Well then boys? I assume you had something a bit different in mind Lefty, but I don't think this is something you wouldn't like." Maeve looks at Spider then. "And you there, I have seen how you looked at her before, don't tell me you would choose to miss out on this night."

HP: 08/22, AC: 17(Max 21(T13,FF14), DR: 1(Water Based Critters), F:+4, R:+7, W:+2, Perc: +6, Init: +3.

Suny notices Maeve's look.

I can see we're going to have a much longer discussion about our two culture's differences at some point in the future."

She looks to Spider in regards to Maeve's and Lefty's 'Night on the town'.

Female Half-Elf Cleric

Maeve giggles.

"Oh, I am sure we have some cultural differences, we can discuss them later on, but for now let's see if we can explore our differences and similarities in a non-culture related manner first, in the company of the two boys."

HP: 08/22, AC: 17(Max 21(T13,FF14), DR: 1(Water Based Critters), F:+4, R:+7, W:+2, Perc: +6, Init: +3.

Suny nods, laughs and bounces on Maeve's arm.

"Okeys!" She replies enthusiastically.

Annnd all the non-elf speakers can read that exchange the completely wrong way...

Female Half-Elf Cleric

I guess your actions could be considered as "Aid Another" for my Diplomacy roll ^_^

f Elf bard/4. Init +2/Low-Light Vision/Perception +11/ AC16, T12: FF14/

While the other girls are enjoying themselves Elorin will rest. Her thoughts are on other things for now. 'I wonder why Maeve took the information about the rovagug cult. perhaps she already knew.'

She looks around waiting to see what the others will do though she hoped to stay where she was. She was very happy to be going back to see Derick. her time with him had been important to her and she had learned about human ways.

Female Half-Elf Cleric

Or, more likely, I rushed to post after a long hiatus, and half-asleep missed out on that comment. I blame it ingame for being busy with Lefty and Suny though XD
Plus Maeve has no idea of any cultists (lets assume), but it may be one reason for the army buildup of the Black Citadel

Wood Elf Paladin lvl 4 Init +1; Low-Light Vision; Per +5; HP: 39/39 (healthy)
Saves & AC:
Fort +9, Ref +6, Will +8; AC 21, T 12, FF 20

Wil quietly accepted the parties decision. Seeing yet another new member joining the group Wil decided he would introduce himself later. For now though he was going to rest, reflect and atone for his foolhardy pride. He shouldered his pack nodded to everyone and headed on ahead, back to their Spartan apartments.

the pic for Wil fits him really well he is a battered elf, as life among the humans has been fast, furious and death has nearly claimed him a few times. ;)

Moving things along.
Suny and Maeve returned with the thieves and did much to improve human-elf relations. It turned out that the idea that all humans are naturally aggressive was definitely disproved by Spider, especially in social settings.

After Maeve and Suny return in the midday, they notice a human male talking with Thalas. He received a calling to follow the new elven god the appeared to him and move his library to the sanctuary. This mousy man with spectacles will take care of the sanctuary after the elves depart.

Taking an extra day to help the human librarian get the sanctuary in order and help him cart his private collection to the temple takes the rest of the day. Wil checks with the magic shop, and finds the healing wand will be ready on the morrow.

Later in the day, a great hue and cry ring out through the city. It appears many items are missing from the old imperial vault. Horsemen and foot soldiers seem to be rushing to and fro continuously. They seem to be concentrating their search in the poorer quarters, and their is no sign of the two men that were following earlier.

Spider, the Ferret(thief and spy of Seaview--now self exiled), a large hobgoblin wearing a breastplate made of tough animal hide and a helmet of a large skull with a magnificent elven composite bow slung over his shoulder, the gnome sorceror (met by all but Maeve at the inn) and an elderly human with white hair enigmatically named 'Sage' visit the sanctuary the following day. All but the elderly scholar are packed as if ready for a long trip. The hobgoblin is carrying a huge chest effortlessly.

Spider explains, "The Ferret has consulted an expert in all things of other dimensions and planes. He states that locating and surviving the City of Gold will be all but impossible without the Spectacles of True Seeing held by the desert people. We are going there to get them."

'Sage' nods at these words, and then rushes into the sanctuary to look at the library. He shakes his head in disappointment at the quantity and subject matter of the books at hand.

As the gnome enters, a loud shriek comes from his pack. Removing the cube and invoking a command word again causes a side of the cube to become transparent. The small figure apparently does not like the sanctuary and wants to leave.

For the first time since meeting him in Seaview, the Ferret speaks, "Tell her you are going to put her on the altar and bless her." At the Ferret's words the small figure breaks down in tears. She replies, "I will give you the information you require as long as I am freed at the end."

The gnome places the cube back in his pack. "It appears we have only to get the spectacles from the desert people."

Spider speaks to Suny, "Fair winds and following seas wherever you go." He presents a charcoal sketch to Maeve--it appears Lefty can draw well now with his left hand, it is a talented sketch of Maeve floating down with the wind blowing her hair. The drawing conveys a wild, elemental look to Maeve's face. It is signed 'Leopold'. Spider adds, "Leopold said to tell you he is always at his inn if you ever want to 'drop in'"

The Ferret addresses Talon and Seltyn. "It appears we walk separate paths, but I wish you the best. I think we meet next after we find the City of Gold." The Ferret seems to have gained confidence after his recent burglary.

As the wand of healing is ready on the morrow, I think everything is ready for your departure the following day.

HP: 08/22, AC: 17(Max 21(T13,FF14), DR: 1(Water Based Critters), F:+4, R:+7, W:+2, Perc: +6, Init: +3.

Suny does frown a little at the treatment of the person in the box...though only a little as their reaction to the place would seem to indicate they are possibly no the nicest of beings...

Suny will give Spider a long hug and whispered thanks for showing herself and Maeve the Human side of the town...and things...

Aye! All set for more fun and adventure! (^_^)

Per +5, Low-Light Vision | HP 33/33 | AC 20, Touch 11, Flat 19 | F +4, R +2, W +10

Yup, ready to go for whatever lies ahead! Just sayin', since I don't have anything else to add to the party wrapping up their previous adventures. And some peoples' new ones....

Female Half-Elf Cleric

Courtesan 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (1) + 7 = 8

Her morning ceremony went uneventful, Maeve washed herself in clean water quietly while everyone else was still asleep. Once they woke up Maeve kissed the cheek of Lefty then went back to the others after Suny and the two boys also dressed up. In a moment when only the two girls were in the room just before leaving Maeve smiled at her and hugged her, parting with a long, deep kiss.

Maeve smiled at Suny. "Your stamina is quite exquisite, just like your tasty juice. Too bad I performed below average myself though, I think the journey was still tiring for me after all. I hope I can make up for it the next time when we are on our own though, of course only if you are interested."

Before the group stepped into the inn Maeve also gave Spider a kiss on his cheek while watching if Suny or Lefty show any signs of jealousy. She told the boys it was a fun night and that the Witch Queen seems to have blessed both boys with skill in the bed.

Afterwards, she helped at the sanctuary just like the others politely, although she found the reappearance of an old god strange, it may be a part of the first prophecy.

Naeve only broke the silence once. "So, what is this Golden City, and what do dessert people taste like?"

Male Elf Ranger 4

I suspect that depends on how you cook them, and whether you use seasoning Maeve, but I wouldn't have any experience in that area myself.

To Spider: Listen, you have helped the cause of the Elves in a massive way, I would appreciate if sometime we could return the favour, and perhaps some other time you could come and meet our Queen. I am sure you would be well received.

Turning back to the group and then putting his pack back onto his back, he leads the way back to the boat and back to what is the safety of home

Female Half-Elf Cleric

Maeve pondered the answer Talon gave about the dessert people. "I hope there are cherry bonbon people too, my little sister would absolutely love those."

Female Half-Elf Cleric

Can I buy some potions? If yes, also just from the core book list?

Wood Elf Paladin lvl 4 Init +1; Low-Light Vision; Per +5; HP: 39/39 (healthy)
Saves & AC:
Fort +9, Ref +6, Will +8; AC 21, T 12, FF 20

Morning before the Return:
Wil's morning ritual was solemn and painful, he sat there. His pack ready, his gear cleaned and presentable, yet he wasn't ready to leave the confine of his spartan chambers. He sat there reflecting on his past actions since he had joined the Foxes and found his conduct, deplorable. Unlike his father and brother he wasn't a leader, he had the voice but not the force required to lead or be heard.

He reached shakily for the quill and parchment, after taking a steadying breath he wrote a letter to his father. Of his exploits and current situation, most of which he knew would be ill received by his honorable father. He wrote of his companions and made sure to keep the details sparse just in case the message was intercepted. He didn't know how well it would be received either as his Father and him were still on bad terms, these exploits would also do nothing to improve that relationship.

When he finished writing the letter he sealed it and sent it off via the quickest courier he could.

So before we return the items we can have them copied of course. :)

Wil packed up his things and sat out in the main lobby, nursing a small cup of coffee and continuing to reflect on his life while he waited for the others. He was still very tired and knew it was going to be a long day of travel.

Ok, the items are returned and the party awarded an additional 600pp. Items can be ordered for your return (elven curved blade, +1 for 2760x1.2=3312gp a mwork elven curved blade is 760x1.2=912gp).

If you would like to buy, the magic shope now has five items available now in stock.

+1 greataxe for 2400gp
Wand of hold person with 10 charges for 900gp
Wand of magic weapon with 20 charges for 350gp
Wand of scorching rays (x2) @caster level 7 with 5 charges for 1200gp
+1 breastplate for 2500gp

Exotic weapons are double the cost before enchantment.

The party completes business at the Magic Shoppe (let me know if you buy anything or order anything), and heads back south to friendly lands.
Traveling over the road the party previously was on as caravan guards where they met Wil, the surrounding countryside is plain and mostly featureless in the vicinity of the large human city.

Still need a marching order.

HP: 08/22, AC: 17(Max 21(T13,FF14), DR: 1(Water Based Critters), F:+4, R:+7, W:+2, Perc: +6, Init: +3.

Where ever any one wants Suny to be. (^_^)

Female Half-Elf Cleric


They have Cure Light Wounds and Cure Serious Wounds potions. All others need to be ordered.

Female Half-Elf Cleric

As per earlier question, can non-core book ones be ordered too?

Non core items and spells do not exist except with some exceptions. No players have any knowledge of noncore items. The ring you gave back was one example of a noncore item thrown in the mix.

Female Half-Elf Cleric

Maeve buys two Cure Light Wounds potions, and orders 3 Bless Weapon potions and a Pass without Trace potion.

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