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Elven team in Campaign Elves vs Dwarves -- Dwarves and Gnomes Keep Out (Inactive)

Game Master Chainmail

An old school homebrew campaign for a party of Elves. They will interact with a party of dwarves on an increasing basis.
Current map

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Here is the new gameplay thread.

This is the elf team official gaming area. If you haven't been officially invited as a player or alternate, you should post in the main thread.

"They say the time of the fair race is at an end. Things have not gone well. After aiding the human race in the battle against the goblins, our fate has not improved. We have been driven to single island with limited water sources and a hot climate by the humans we liberated. We fought to the exhaustion of our nation, and the elvish birth rate could not keep up with that of the humans.

"But that will change when I unleash this team on the human continent."

Male Elf Ranger 4

Indeed it will my Lady. You have assembled us with your calls for the braves in this enclave to help save our race. What else can we do but answer this call when our very survival may well be at stake? We have a strong and capable leader in Seltyn, and with a bow between our hands, and our vengance fresh upon our lips, we will fight with all that we have to protect all that we may hold dear. With your blessing, we would hold a warriors council and decide what is the best way to continue our campaign against the dwarven creatures that threaten our borders.

M Elf
Init +2/ HP 32/32 // AC: 12/T:12/FF:10 - Percep: +4// F +1/R +3/W +6 /CMB +3 - CMD 15

Checking in.

My lady, if you wish to address us before we go, we'd be honored. I think you'll find our group ready for the task.

M Elf
Init +2/ HP 32/32 // AC: 12/T:12/FF:10 - Percep: +4// F +1/R +3/W +6 /CMB +3 - CMD 15

Again, so the name's right. #*@^&@^@

The tall, powerful half-blood leans in a corner… in his usual spot on the fringe. As aloof as he'd believe himself to be, his eyes - both the healthy green one and the ruined one - lock on the Lady with a feverish gaze.

Checking in and getting my dot on!

f Elf bard/4. Init +2/Low-Light Vision/Perception +11/ AC16, T12: FF14/

checking in

Elorin walks in, approaches to queen. stops at a respectful distance and showing the proper etiquette one should show when in the presence of elven royalty. Greets the queen and then tips a smile to Seltyn, Talon and Telethal and awaits the arrival of the others.

Male Wood Elf Druid 2

Checkin in as well.

Marlamin checks to make sure he's in the right place. It wouldnt do to stumble into the queen's chambers by accident. Assured he's correct, he looks down at Ingwe for confidence. Taking a deep breath, he pushes his hair back and slowly walks into the room.

Several others are here already, including the one he believed to be the leader. The queen is obvious, and Mar makes towards her while Ingwe pads silently beside him. His longsword clanks awkwardly against his left leg while he walks, but Mar tries to ignore it. He takes a knee before going to stand next to the rest.

One more to go. Elven opening ceremonies and first mission briefing to follow shortly.

Male Elf Ranger 4

Checking in also

Talon strides slowly into the room, his mind already in part on what the task might entail. The queen is clearly visible, and the other members of what he assumes will be the travelling party that he will be working closely with in time. He slowly moved towards them, taking in their stance and what their equipment and poise was.

My queen, you called for me. How may I be of service?

Female Elf Rogue 1

Velesia strides carefully into the throne room of the queen. Usually, she's only in rooms like this when she's been caught trying to steal royal jewels, or the like. Coming in here not only on purpose, but invited? It gave her chills. She gets about halfway into the room before remembering to give some sort of gesture of respect to the royal personage. Trying to remember what the proper greeting was, Velesia finds herself awkwardly halfway between bowing and kneeling. Shoving aside the embarassment, she walks swiftly over to some wall, and plants herself there. "You called for me, milady?"

M Elf
Init +2/ HP 32/32 // AC: 12/T:12/FF:10 - Percep: +4// F +1/R +3/W +6 /CMB +3 - CMD 15

That is all of us, my lady, Seltyn says. We've managed to assemble these folk to do what is required, and they've arrived at the ready. This is a diverse group, with talents yet to be demonstrated, but, as is often said, the whole is greater than its parts. These are among the finest young elf-folk to be found, and I stand behind them, and commend them to you in good faith. May we all be equal to whatever task you deign, dear lady.

With that, he gives a grand bow, and awaits her response, looking only a little nervous.

You are here and represent the best of us. Our hope to reverse the changes that history has imposed. This is not the sunset, a temporary cloud before the brightness of a new day.

You will undergo six months of training where you will learn insights into Elven heritage and our way of life. I will have the chance to help those with the use of magic and a chance to be nimbler. The fortune of my direct link to the Pantheon of elf-gods and goodesses can be yours.

Fast forward six months.

Take these healing potions (2) Seltyn and a potion of enlarge. Upgrade one weapon or piece of equipment to that of master quality.

Now for your first assignment...

Male Elf Ranger 4

We await with open minds and hearts for what we must do. The sooner that we may reverse that hand that history has given us, the better for all of our kind.

Male Human Barbarian 3

I have sheltered our people from some things including you. I will reveal more so that you can use the best judgement.

We trade with nearest town for vital resources to keep our community going. I trade seeds that can only be grown in elven lands for a years worth of vital supplies from the small city state now Called the Coastal Kingdom. You will travel there and make the trade. Last year a similar team of six departed and returned without incident. They wanted to make the exchange at the dock rather than be shown to the warlords lair, but the humans demanded another pouch of seeds. The team went into the lair and returned after "treating as an equal with a common bandit king" (quoting their report) -- after paying a single pouch of seeds.

Here are two pouches of seeds. You are to use your judgement and procure the supplies. These supplies are essential. Get them at all costs. If you cannot them from the Coastal Kingdom we will have to institute a new set of bribes and contacts that will cost at least five pouches of seeds and more risk to our people.

Male Elf Ranger 4

What do we know of the leaders within the Coastal Kingdom? Also, if things were to go poorly for us, do we have any within those lands that we might be able to turn to for help?

My second question is whether we will have mounts of some kind to help us move around these lands a little quicker? I do not mean to sound impertinent, but if these supplies are as critical as you suggest, then surely time is of the essence my Queen?

Key decisions before you go - do you take the bannerman and the animal companion. You will depart on a large elven boat with an experienced captain for a one hour sail.

You arrive at the docks and disembark. The supplies are awaiting on the side of the dock with a guard of eight thugs in sight. Elven eyes pick out at least four other thugs armed with light crossbows. The largest thug says two pouches of magic elven seeds please. We do not need to bother the king, we are empowered to accept two elven pouches of seeds and set this as the price for all future deliveries.

"Our spies report that the local king has siezed power in a brutal war. There is pressure for him to not trade with us as it may hurt his standing. We had source inside the his rather primitive government, that source is now lost to us. His spymaster must be good."

Male Elf Ranger 4

To Setlyn:
I do not like how we have been approached, and the price is higher than we have ever paid before. I would ask that we do actually 'bother' the king and then see where we end up via going through more usual channels as it were. Who is to say that this thug has not simply set the price as high so that he may keep a single one of these puches for his own gain later on?

Male Human Barbarian 3

Scene at the dock was foretold by seers -- so you may ask more questions before you go. (I think that works)

"Do not expect any help, but we have allies that remember the days when elves and humans worked together. You are safe here, while in human lands, you are in VERY danger."

You may wait for party input, your option. The druid will not take the Animal Companion and the bannerman will not be used if you feel the elven standard will cause diplomatic problems with the humans. You are in charge.

You have complete authority to negotiate with the humans. You may ask the party for input but they have no more information that you do.

Male Elf Ranger 4

Reinforce the sides of the boat to make them higher, granting us at least partial cover against any ranged attacks. Then as we dock make sure that the sailors have their own weapons readied, with some of the crew already down on the floor behind those partial shelters. If we can have them ready to respond to anything violent against us then our chances of survival are already greater.

Mounts are no longer an issue if we are going by boat. In which case it is simply a case of making sure the crew are armed and we can defend ourselves if needed. I do not particularly wish for violence, but if it must be met, then it must be met.

These are suggestions of mine. Unless we might be able to work something so as to turn up to the area earlier and thus pick the supplies up before the thugs show in such strength.

You do have to distribute potions by simple declaration. We can have the players pick weapon or equipment upgrades later - not needed now. This is the decision point that needs to be resolved. Seltyn is wicked smart and knows that the climate has changed significantly from the visit over a year ago and is more "volatile".

f Elf bard/4. Init +2/Low-Light Vision/Perception +11/ AC16, T12: FF14/

hmm thugs with arrows you say. may I suggest we meet the earlier tied and get there first. whilst violence is not my first go to point, if we are the first there we can, how to put it, prep. (Elorin says with a sly smile on her face and the faintest hint of a wink) there was nothing in the vision except and icy reception. We could negotiate as normal. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

It is up to you Marlamin whether to bring Ingwe, though a swift sleek animal like that may be a tipping point in our advantage. If nothing else they can be very intimidating.

The crew is a single elf with vestigial gills. It is optimized for cargo transfer, which means no cover unless prone. Loading the five boxes of cargo is not easy, it is a lot of supplies. The captain of the vessel says "I think you could take em, but their might be casualties."

(Are we going to fast for play by post - this is five days of action in most games?)

Male Wood Elf Druid 2

Its fast in the sense that I go to dinner and things have progressed considerably, lol. But its fine.

My lord Setlyn, I understand the difficulties of this mission, but I feel... incomplete without Ingwe. He would also be of valuable assistance. Keep in mind that he responds to my commands, so he can stay belowdecks if need be. As can the standard bearer. In fact, I could have Ingwe protect him.

Mar thinks a while, not knowing much about combat.

We have a number of us with bows. If any cover could be had on the ship or dock, our skill could be overwhelming.

Male Elf Ranger 4

It's not going too fast, although it is frustrating when you say that we have to make these kinds of decisions about the animal companion etc, and then seem to fast forward to the future as though we had made those decisions already.

M Elf
Init +2/ HP 32/32 // AC: 12/T:12/FF:10 - Percep: +4// F +1/R +3/W +6 /CMB +3 - CMD 15

I just want to be sure where we are. Talon and I have the two CLW potions, and gave the enlarge potion to Telethal.

I don't want to risk the bannerman. We'll leave him behind. Elorin can give us a bonus with her magic, if need be. I'll leave the animal companion issue to Marlamin's judgement. He'll have to feed it, if it goes along. We can't have it gnawing on us!

The seeds are too precious to give to people who may or may not be who they say. We might have to rely on our stealthier and more charismatic members to try to see the "king."

We have to get the supplies, at any rate. I'd rather not ruin our relations, such as they are, by taking them through violence. We have to talk to the right people to make this go smoothly. I think the charming and lovely Elorin should be our spokesperson. We must all be ready to come to her aid if things go wrong. Once we make landfall, we'll see how it goes from there.

I'm a little confused on who's saying what. I'll look at it again tomorrow.

"Elorin, your decision to arrive early is a good one, if we did not have a specific arrival time. Dealing with these humans has an established protocol that I do not wish to violate at this time. The cargo vessel used is one which has been deemed acceptable as it did not threaten the humans. The last group did not have an animal companion, but they did take their bannerman everywhere, even their last fateful encounter."

"Ignore that big barbarian. Sometimes I polymorph into a big barbarian when I am bored."

Male Wood Elf Druid 2

Ingwe will not be a problem. I will purchase extra food for him. Trust me when I say he will hide if need be. And if it comes to violence he will be an asset.

Mar considers his options. the prospect of leaving Ingwe behind truly terrifies him. so much of his last several years has been spent in his presence and Mar cannot imagine life without his companion.

Male Elf Ranger 4

The issue is that whilst you might know that they do not affect gameplay, for us as player characters, they may have massive import for what happens later. Plus, it gives us something to discuss and roleplay as characters, and therefore engage with one another

"I have realized my augury can be troublesome when not used properly. I have learned a lesson, thank you team."

M Elf
Init +2/ HP 32/32 // AC: 12/T:12/FF:10 - Percep: +4// F +1/R +3/W +6 /CMB +3 - CMD 15

We have a bard. She can give us the morale we need, if it comes to combat, so I won't risk the bannerman's life. Our standard would possibly draw unwelcome attention, even if it were hidden, so discretion here would be paramount. The animal can stay at Marlamin's command, and if things go well, he won't even need to leave the boat until we load it.

Elorin is right. If we're there, ready to parlay before they are, we might be able to get past the bluster and talk to the real boss. I'm sensing that things have changed on the coast since the last envoy. An elf or two with a bow in hand, though not drawn, might show that we're not playing around.

We have to be diplomatic, and try to establish a working connection. One pouch should be enough, if we handle it right. Two, if we don't. If we have to fight to get the supplies, we may cut off any chance for ever getting them again in the future. We must be careful.

Male Elf Ranger 4

Discretion is the better part of valour, but that does not mean that we cannot be prepared to meet violence with the same if we are overly threatened. Whilst there is no harm in not taking or taking the bannerman, I do not believe that we should forget who we are when we go for these dealings. With regards to Elorin being the party face, I have no issue with that, for she has a far greater talent with words than I do.

"My augury was only valid considering we kept to the agreed upon time. I do not know what will happen if you arrive early. We are not dwarves to blindly force subordinates to adhere to how we would do it.

"If you keep the agreed upon time I see: You arrive at the docks and disembark. The supplies are awaiting on the side of the dock with a guard of eight thugs in sight. Elven eyes pick out at least four other thugs armed with light crossbows. 'The largest thug says two pouches of magic elven seeds please. We do not need to bother the king, we are empowered to accept two elven pouches of seeds and set this as the price for all future deliveries' "

"The captain is awaiting you orders as to when you sail. I trust in you."

"Do you need more than two packs of seeds if negotiations go poorly. They represent a signicant resource that will quickly regrow the lands we have lost when we are once again ascendent."

These packs of elven seeds are quite small and are about the size and weight of a small tobacco tin.

Male Elf Ranger 4

If the augury states that at least two will be required then we will take the two. I personally would like to take the earlier tide and be there ready to face whatever we might. Plus, whilst indeed the idea that we should be diplomatic is valid, I do not believe that we should be overly diplomatic with people who use force and threats to extort anything from anyone else.

I am more than happy to help boost peoples morale if needed. I am sure I have a suitable song in my repertoire that would do just the job. I am with your decision to take Ingwe, Marlamin, I have seen how good wild animals can be at not being seen, till it is to late for their victims anyway. if it all goes well the human need not ever know it was there. and if it doesn't then we have back up. I would much rather have a happy comfy Druid helping us than a unsure face, when we meet the thugs. Bullies only respond to strength and occasionally a charm spell. she giggles to herself.

Male Elf Ranger 4

A charm spell you say? Surely a lady of such beauty as yourself would have no such need for these kind of tactics? Not that I am complaining though

M Elf
Init +2/ HP 32/32 // AC: 12/T:12/FF:10 - Percep: +4// F +1/R +3/W +6 /CMB +3 - CMD 15

I agree, Talon. I would not risk one of our lives for ten of theirs. They are just there to give us what we want for a price. The augury does not bode well. If they intend to kill and rob us, we will instead kill and rob them. Let the real "king," if they have one, apologize to us for his treachery, and do his best to make amends with our lady.

If they are willing to deal fairly, we will load the supplies before giving them the seeds. They can see, but not have, the payment until we have loaded everything and are ready to leave.

I think an early arrival would work in our favor. Maybe if we let Velesia and Talon off the boat early, they could assess the situation from hiding, and communicate with me via a message spell. Humans can't see as well as elves in twilight, and we'd spot an ambush before they could place one.

Elorin could do the talking, while I stand by her. Marlamin could guard the boat and our sailor, and Telethal could stand at the gangway, ready to hurt whoever needs to be hurt, however he sees fit.

That's just a possible scenario. We'll have to play it how we see it when we get there, but an early arrival might ameliorate the situation predicted by the augury. I'd like to seize the initiative, and set things more to our liking.

I am honored to trusted with the important task of being the voice in this transaction. I only hope I can be an effective negotiator and things will go smoothly. I am glad to hear that strong people will be by my side. For as good a speaker I am, if these people want trouble no amount talk will prevent it.

perhaps if we where to show up early but not bring the ship into dock till the time allotted? I am sure Talon and Velesia, can swim if we stop a reasonable distance. that way we have people on shore and all our actions from human stand point appear above board and according to what they expect.

Thank you Talon but believe me some people do need....'Charming'. For a moment anyone looking could almost see a flash of pain on her face, though her expression wasn't clear enough to be sure.(as it never was unless she wanted it to be)

"My intrepid druid, would you like to have a seahorse or shark summoned to be your companion? We can arrange this for you."

[b] "My intrepid fighter, please upgrade a weapon to masterwork from the armory."

"The agreed upon meeting time is noon tomorrow; what time do you want the captain ready to sail (it takes one hour)? Shall he risk the unsounded waters away from the large harbor to take you to an alternate landing sight?

Male Elf Ranger 4

If it were me, I would want some people on the harbour already when the negotiations begin. If we can find out some information about what is going on in the city, then we might be able to strengthen our position yet further. Plus, to grab any enemies between two sets of combatants means that they have to divide their fire in multiple directions rather than just the one, and means our odds of survival are better still.

The six months of learning how to appreciate the elven ways and learn how to appreciate the other members picked for this crucial journey flash in your mind. The light touch of the aging silver-haired beauty with golden eyes that is your queen remains as a tingling sensation in your hands. In the few lessons she had with your group, she somehow conferred an appreciation of everything elven through every sense.
Lady Ciedrel is a startling contrast, a contrast of unearthly beauty lined with the stress of bearing an excruciating burden, that of guiding the elves back to the glory she personally experienced as a child. Her features are marred by subtle lines like that of a fine crystal goblet that you worry could shatter at any time.
The tower of delicate beauty that is the last one standing, but was once one of many, leaves a sad feeling. The meetings held at the very top of the tower where you were forced to see the island of jungle and bog that is all that is left of a once proud empire. Oft in the distance, on the clearest days, you could see the large continent that was taken from you by the humans. A race of the quick and convenient; a race often of violence and hatred.

The Sprite, a small cargo ship prepares to leave. It's aged captain with vestigial gills (he must be a sea elf) is ready to sail at the direction of his new masters. The old elf reminisces "One year ago, I remember sailing this short haul and seeing the unfriendly faces of a human mob. Seeing the elven banner unfurled made them even more unruly. I will do my best to get you there. The shoals are treacherous outside the harbor and I have no charts of these waters."

Male Elf Ranger 4
Lady Ciedrel wrote:
The Sprite, a small cargo ship prepares to leave. It's aged captain with vestigial gills (he must be a sea elf) is ready to sail at the direction of his new masters. The old elf reminisces "One year ago, I remember sailing this short haul and seeing the unfriendly faces of a human mob. Seeing the elven banner unfurled made them even more unruly. I will do my best to get you there. The shoals are treacherous outside the harbor and I have no charts of these waters."

I am sure that between us all, we can help you navigate these waters. If you would deign to teach us what it is that we must look for as sign of danger, then perhaps we can be of use to you in getting the boat to an otherwise unused landing spot. Your service is of course much appreciated as I am sure you can imagine.

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