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Elements and Elementals (Inactive)

Game Master lordzack

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The heat in the City of Brass is stifling, though unlike most of the rest of the plane it isn't so hot that you'd catch on fire and die in a moment. That may be why you enter the cafe on the road near the Commoner's Marketplace in the Avencina Ward of the City of Brass.

The cafe, called simply "Akabar's" is known for catering to patrons from the Material Plane. It has a magical item that cools the building as well as an unusual dress code for it's servers, that being that they don't wear anything above the waist. It has also garnered a reputation as a gathering place for fortune seekers, soldiers of fortune, adventurers and the like, due to the founding of a quite successful party some years ago.

For whatever reason this is where you are. There are several patrons besides yourselves, many humans and dwarves, but also others. The menu includes fruit juices imported from the Material Plane and various light dishes.

So what will you do?

M Sylph Sorcerer 1; HP 6/6 (5 non-lethal); Init +2; Per +7, Darkvision 60'; AC 12, T 12, FF 10; F +0, R +2, W +6;

Summer is extremely confused. He had only the most vague idea where he was - the Plane of Fire, I think - and completely clueless as to the races of many of the beings he saw walking around in myriad forms of dress. It was, in fact, the relatively familiarity of Akabar's and its patrons that had attracted him there in the first place.

Trying not to gawk - and likely failing miserably - he shuffled off to one side to try and get out of peoples' way.

Male Caementum Fighter 1

After a long day of travel, Fortis plops down into a chair, while wiping the sweat off of his forhead. He orders a tall glass of his favorite drink: Lemondade.
"Ahhhhhh, this region is criminally hot!"
Fortis looks around to see peoples reaction to his attempt at making some kind of joke.

With not much left to do for the day, Fortis begins to observe the people as they enter the Cafe.
"I wonder why so many people would come to this place?" he thinks to himself.

Male Human Monk/1

"I don't think these people got the joke, my stone friend."
The masked man said from nearby. Telling from the tone of his voice, he was probably smiling.
Staring deeply into his drink, one can only guess what is going through the mind of this strangely dressed man.

After he puts the drink upto his mouth, you realize there are a few holes in his mask.

Male Caementum Fighter 1

"Well, I admit, that's not uncommon of my people, and I'm not from around here. So how do people make their way around this place without drying up? Maybe one of those would help, where can I get my hands on one?"
Fortis raises his hand to his face mimicking the motion of putting on a mask, as if implying it's some kind of breathing aid for the hot climate.

Male Human Monk/1

You see the strange man motion towards your face, then his own, then a swiping motion, then a point upward, then back to his face. Almost like contemplating what to say.

"My stone friend, this is not a breather! Tis part of my training. If I cannot suffer Fire, I cannot master it. I hope you understand."

After taking another long drink from his mug, the strange man extends his hand and says "My name is Bois Guilbert, it is a pleasure to meet you."

M Sylph Sorcerer 1; HP 6/6 (5 non-lethal); Init +2; Per +7, Darkvision 60'; AC 12, T 12, FF 10; F +0, R +2, W +6;

Summer, milling around, accidentally bumped into another patron's chair.

Flustered, he began turning around to apologize when the guest introduced himself as Bois Guilbert. Panicking slightly and thinking the address was to himself, he rushed out, "Summer Wind Through The Grasses, but most people call me just 'Summer'. I'm sorry for bumping into your chair, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. I'm not sure how I got here - well, I know how, I paid a wizard to cast a spell on me, but not why - and, well... uhh, yeah, sorry."

Embarrassed at running on, he attempted a do-over greeting. Bowing quickly and in a more controlled manner of speaking, "Your pardon, Bois Guilbert. Summer, at your - and your companion's - service."

Male Human Monk/1

"Tis a pleasure, Summer." Bois Guilbert gives a small bow, then a hand gesture motioning toward a chair.

"Summer, you seem a little... wound up. Would you like a drink? My stone friend here and I were just about to discuss how to defeat the heat."

M Sylph Sorcerer 1; HP 6/6 (5 non-lethal); Init +2; Per +7, Darkvision 60'; AC 12, T 12, FF 10; F +0, R +2, W +6;

Summer sighs in relief, and sits down to join them.

"Oh, yes, please: something to drink would be truly wondrous. Anything with ice!"

Male Caementum Fighter 1

Thanks to the cooling device, Fortis beings to cool down a bit, but continues to sweat oddly enough.
Quite the dress code they got going on around here, wouldn't you say?" as he loosens the collar of shirt.

"A pleasure to meet you too Bois, the name's Fortis. I didn't mean to offend about the whole mask thing. And you as well, Summer. What brings each of you to Akbars?"

F Suli Hospitaller 1

A young woman dressed like the other waitresses with a round face, light brown olive skin, and dark brown hair stumbles up to the table from out of the crowd, carrying a wet tray of now half-full iced drinks. She starts to hand them out.

"Hello gentlemen, you ordered some drinks? I'm terribly sorry for spilling, it's only my first day here, but could you please not tell the bartender? I can come right back with some new ones. It's been a bit rough for me in this city so far, and I've only been here a few days. Actually, you gentlemen don't really seem to be from around here yourselves. What brings you to the City of Brass? I'm Aishara, by the way."

Male Human Monk/1

Trying as hard as humanly possible not to stare at her chest, Bois Guilbert kindly accepts the drinks. "Thank you Aishara, I'm here for some training. Nothing special, really."

F Suli Hospitaller 1

Aishara covers herself as best she can with the tray, now that the drinks are off of it. "Oh, yeah, sorry, the dress code here is a bit more...liberal than back home. Personally I'd be a lot more comfortable with my armor strapped on and my sword at my hip, but it brings customers in I guess, and I heard that this'd be THE place to meet up with the type of people who might actually be able to get me out of this city and maybe back home. And, well, I've gotta survive in the meantime, so here I am, serving you gentlemen drinks and talking yours ears off."

Male Caementum Fighter 1

Fortis is now noticeably turning red. As Aishara lifts the tray to her chest,he directs his eyes directly to hers:
"Not a problem Aishara, I understand that hard work is what it takes to earn an honest living. Did I hear you say armor strapped and sword at your hip? I'm a bit of a weapons guy myself."

Male Human Monk/1

"Think nothing of it. It was nice to meet you. And you may be right. This place does have such a reputation for attracting sellswords, cutthroats, mercenairies, and... uh... us, apperently."

Bois Guilbert looks at his drink and realizes he already finished it.

Female Living Vestige Lore Oracle (planar) 1

Character Image and Description:

Character Image (currently sans pseudodragon)
Valerie is, by most measures, an attractive if odd woman. She is fair skinned and has light brown hair, worn long and tidied into tight braids. Of her features, what one finds most striking may depend on individual preference but is usually one of two things.
The first is her eyes. They are wide and give off a gentle, youthful naivety yet seem oblivious to the world in more ways than one. The pupils are the same faded blue-green as her large irises, a sign that she cannot see as well as most. Nevertheless, those beautiful, flawed eyes hint at powers beyond mere mortal vision.
The second is her figure. The young woman is blessed with a healthy form, unbelievably endowed in the chest and hips. Her style of dress is simple, subtle and understated, showing no desire to flaunt her uncanny abundance. In fact, she shows little awareness of her appealing form.

I don't like my avatar but it's the closest I could find in the limited selection.

Another enters Akabar's and stops at the entry, backs up a few steps with a perplexed expression, then enters fully. The woman does not appear to have been terribly burdened by the heat but nonetheless seemed curious at the sudden change of temperature. She moves in, wide, faded eyes darting to each person and object as she nears. She appears to have trouble navigating, seeing things only that are closest to her.

Eventually, she finds herself near the small gathering, looks at Aishara and speaks in a soft voice, not so much timid as one not used to loud environs, "I'm sorry. Am I dressed inappropriately for this establishment?"

F Suli Hospitaller 1

"Yes sir, I was a bit of an adventurer myself but I curiosity got the best of me with some sort of ancient relic, therewas a bright flash, and when I woke up I was stranded here. I guess you could say I'm somethinng of a healer and a crusader in the light of Sarenrae.
Miss, I think you'll be okay, this is just something they ask us waitstaff to do. Would you like anything?

Female Living Vestige Lore Oracle (planar) 1

"Sarenrae?" Valerie pauses in thought. "I... think I know of that name. Would you tell me more?" she asks, apparently missing the fact that Aishara is on duty as a waitress.

M Sylph Sorcerer 1; HP 6/6 (5 non-lethal); Init +2; Per +7, Darkvision 60'; AC 12, T 12, FF 10; F +0, R +2, W +6;

Summer was surprisingly non-plussed at Aishara's mandatory attire-deficiency. No offense to her, but on the farm I've seen udders and such all my life. No need to get all worked up about the 'human' kind.

Letting Aishara and Valerie get into religion, Summer instead looks at Bois inquisitively.

"What kind of training are you pursuing?"

Male Human Monk/1

"I am an Elementalist. I use the elements as offensive weapons. What about you? How do you fight?"

Glancing at the newest person to walk up to his general vacinity, Bois thinks to himself I'd like to see her serve the drinks around here. After realizing what he just thought, Bois thinks Well, that's not a good thought to think of for a stranger...

F Suli Hospitaller 1

Her duties momentarily forgotten, Aishara begins to extol the virtues of her patron deity, complete with sweeping gestures and an incredible, radiant smile.

"Sarenrae? Sarenrae is the light of the sun, the Dawnflower. Her radiance is healing; it's life itself! Her light can burn away the greatest of maladies, of both body and soul. It can break through the vilest black heart and fill it thereafter with love and hope. She is all of this, and she has blessed me with the power to bring a small part of this light to those who are in need of it. That, and the strength of arms to oppose those who would seek to corrupt and destroy." She heaves a visibly contented sigh at the end of her speech.

Female Living Vestige Lore Oracle (planar) 1

Valerie's faded eyes seem to brighten. She listens to Aishara eagerly until the vigourous motion of those gestures proves somewhat distracting. She blushes. "I, er, am deeply pleased to hear this. I, too, am a healer, yet I have no one divine patron. I believe my power comes from the cosmos itself." The pale woman pauses. "Oh! My apologies. I have not introduced myself. I am Valerie Esper."

She fails to notice the glance thrown her way by Bois. Those eyes don't appear to work very well.

Male Caementum Fighter 1

A smile comes to Fortis' face, as he intently follows Aishara's sweeping gestures and words, completely forgetting that she is now exposing her herself, now more than before.
"That's simply amazing! I've never witnessed divine power, or maybe I've just never noticed it."

Fortis scans the room to take note of the other patrons reactions to the noticeable gathering going on at his table.

Perception1d20 + 1 ⇒ (17) + 1 = 18

M Sylph Sorcerer 1; HP 6/6 (5 non-lethal); Init +2; Per +7, Darkvision 60'; AC 12, T 12, FF 10; F +0, R +2, W +6;

"I suppose I could say the same for myself, actually. I'd only read about people with the in-born talent for the arcane, but it seems I'm one of those rare few. I have an affinity for the air, wind, sky, and things like that since, well... this may sound silly, but I first found out when I thought the wind was talking to me, or through me, or something. I'm still not too sure what it's all about, actually, but I've spent a lot of time listening and there's always more yet to hear."

Noticing Aishara's obvious passion, he coughs and smiles what he hopes comes across as kindly, "Uhh, miss - Aishara, right? - it seems to me that you might be getting a bit carried away with yourself. I'd hate for you to run into some kind of trouble, later."

He nods politely to Valerie's greeting. "As I was just telling Bois and Fortis, my name is Summer Wind Through The Grasses - but you can call me Summer."

F Suli Hospitaller 1

Aishara nods fervently to Fortis and then addresses Valerie and Summer. "Oh, that' so wonderful for both of you! I'm very grateful for the gifts Sarenrae has graced me with, but I think that what's most important is what you and I do with our gifts, and who we can help."

At Summer's interjection, she bites her lip concernedly and looks back towards the bar. "Oh my, I get so swept up about these things. Let me go get you some more drinks, gentlemen, miss."

She starts to jostle her way back through the crowd.

M Sylph Sorcerer 1; HP 6/6 (5 non-lethal); Init +2; Per +7, Darkvision 60'; AC 12, T 12, FF 10; F +0, R +2, W +6;

"Aishara, could you please bring me a beer?"

"So what brings you here, Valerie? Fortis and Bois - correct me if I'm wrong, please - are here for training of various kinds. My purpose isn't so martial, though. I'm looking for someone, though I wasn't aware I'd end up here on the Plane of Fire. Truth be told, it wasn't that long ago I'd half-figured other planes tales the city boys would come out to tease us farm kids with... and the City of Brass a legend, to say the least!"

Male Caementum Fighter 1

"Martial training? Hardly! I'm a fisherman by trade, though I don't dare guess what kind of fishing goes on around here. I'm on a trip searching for someo...hing, though the plane of fire wasn't my intended destination. I don't plan on spending too much time here, but who knows!" It's apparent that Fortis purposely moved past his slip up in speech, and isn't interested in talking about it.
"My appologies Valerie, I cut you off. Here have a seat."
Fortis notices the cataracts over Valerie's pupils and pulls out a chair from the table and opens his other hand palm up, inviting her to sit.

Male Human Monk/1

Bois stits still, stays quiet, and surveys the surrounding people.

"I find it strange, my dear. It would appear that you cannot see too well. Would you like some assistance?

Female Living Vestige Lore Oracle (planar) 1

"Oh! Thank you, kind sir," says Valerie, accepting the seat. "I'm not exactly sure how I ended up on this plane. I do not know where I am from." She shrugs, as if that is not unusual. "My purpose is not a secret one. I am seeking knowledge that might help me find out what I am. Besides that, I feel an affinity for those in need of aid, that cannot help themselves."

Valerie goes quiet when Bois mentions her sight. After a faint sigh, she replies, "I have come to understand that most people can see much further than I can and that I may have a disability. I do not know what it is like to see as you do. I have always been like this. I am alright for now, but aid in navigating beyond short distances - such as the length of this room - is appreciated."

As Aishara returns to get more drinks, her boss approaches. Akbar as he is called is not his real name. That is generally unknown. He is a somewhat rotund, light skinned man, wearing clothes that seem more valuable than generally worn by men of his station.

"Aishara, could you perhaps inform those you are serving that I have a business proposition I'd like them to hear?"

M Sylph Sorcerer 1; HP 6/6 (5 non-lethal); Init +2; Per +7, Darkvision 60'; AC 12, T 12, FF 10; F +0, R +2, W +6;

"A fisherman, Fortis? I thought you said you were a bit of 'a weapons guy'. My apologies, I must've heard you wrong," he replied, intrigued but respectful of Fortis' clear desire to not talk about it.

Focusing instead on the odd woman, "How peculiar, that you would not know where you're from. Where did you grow up?"

Male Human Monk/1

"While my friends are chatting, I will listen to your buisness proposition. You are the one they call Akbar, right?"

Bois begins to focus on the nicely dressed man, but occasionally glances back to see if his newly made friends are paying attention.

You don't see or hear Akbar, he's back in the kitchen.

F Suli Hospitaller 1

"Sure thing, boss! Should I bring them back here or will you come out to meet them?"

"I'll go to them." Akbar follows Aishara out into the dining area when she is finished gathering the next order.

Male Caementum Fighter 1

"Yes Summer, that's right. A fisherman by trade but I am a weapons enthusiast. I've got a nice collection that I carry with me. I'm not very skilled yet, but what I lack in skill I make up for in strength."
Fortis shows no obvious signs of boasting. He seems to really believe what he's telling you.

Male Human Monk/1

Bois Guilbert waits silently for the man to come to him.

F Suli Hospitaller 1

Aishara leads Akbar back to the group, carrying another tray of drinks and walking a bit more carefully through the crowd in an attempt not to spill them all over the place again, despite the wet tray.

"Gentlemen, Miss Valerie, your drinks. And may I introduce Akbar, he has something to discuss with you."

I will assume, of course, that IT'S A TRAP :D

Male Human Monk/1

Did it take you that long to figure out that joke? :)

"Thank you, Aishara. What do you wish to discuss with us, sir?"

Bois' eyes glance around the room to see if anyone else is paying any attention to what Akbar is saying.

F Suli Hospitaller 1

No one else was taking the shot, so you have squandered your chances and now the glory is all mine! Muahahahaha!

M Sylph Sorcerer 1; HP 6/6 (5 non-lethal); Init +2; Per +7, Darkvision 60'; AC 12, T 12, FF 10; F +0, R +2, W +6;

The funny thing is that not more than a minute ago another PBP I'm in is freeing some female slaves from a brothel, and I commented "I'm Luke Skywalker, I'm here to rescue you!".

Summer watches with guarded interest as the apparent proprietor approaches their table. If anything, he was most concerned that they'd interfered with Aishara's duties and were going to be kicked out.

Female Living Vestige Lore Oracle (planar) 1

Valerie answers the Sylph's question, "I... didn't. I have been as I am for a few months now. I did not exist prior to that." She frowns, looking down. "I understand that this is not normal for people."

M Sylph Sorcerer 1; HP 6/6 (5 non-lethal); Init +2; Per +7, Darkvision 60'; AC 12, T 12, FF 10; F +0, R +2, W +6;

Summer's eyebrows raise in astonishment at Valerie's statement, and contemplates asking to see her navel. Deciding it would be too rude, he tries something less invasive.

"You're sure you didn't get hit in the head or have a spell cast on you to make you forget?"

"As the proprietor of an establishment frequented by adventurers I seek to provide services other than just my food and drinks. I strive to find opportunities for adventure for those who seek it. I also seek to unite those who need the services of those who have skills in fighting and adventuring with those who can provide such services."

"I have a client who requires someone to guide him to a particular location within the city. You see, in recent years a God has settled within the city with the blessing of the Sultan of the Efreet. My client seeks to find his hidden temple-palace and offer his services to this deity. You may be the ones he needs to help him find his way."

Male Human Monk/1

"I shall do it. If none will follow, I will do it myself."

Bois' bold words startle himself, but he feels that this will give him good favor with people from the Fire Plane.

Female Living Vestige Lore Oracle (planar) 1

"No, I am sure I came into being at that moment. The people around me were very surprised to see me appear, unclothed and unaware," the oracle says to Summer in a plain, quiet tone, "I do not believe 'teleport without memory' is a spell, and I was bestowed a library of memories but none of myself, only things about magic and gods. I think, yes, I should tell you what I see in the distance."

She pauses to compose herself.

"My sight is not dull or blurry. I only see your real, tangible forms up close, but at a distance the world bursts apart into coloured filaments. These are the threads of the fundament, the weave that holds everything together in its shapes. It is beautiful, but unfathomable to mortal eyes. I think this is what the gods see, but only they can comprehend it."

When Akbar announces the task, she offers a smile and a curt nod. "A pleasure to meet you, sir. To unite a worshipper with his god sounds a worthy task."

Male Caementum Fighter 1

A job you say? Well that's great! I'm a bit short on coin right now and could use a job or two. I'm handy with weaponry, so I will aid in protecting him. What can you tell us about the risk, and the reward? Also, what is the name of the deity he is in search of?"
Fortis is obviously excited at the prospect of freelance employment.
He turns to Valerie.
"That is so intriguing, I don't care what anybody says. I am interested in witnessing your affinity that you speak of."

M Sylph Sorcerer 1; HP 6/6 (5 non-lethal); Init +2; Per +7, Darkvision 60'; AC 12, T 12, FF 10; F +0, R +2, W +6;

"Something to do would certainly help me get my feet under me, so to speak, but I have to wonder just who this god is and why your client is so interested in meeting with them personally. I'm hardly a paladin, but I don't think I'd want to help, say, Asmodeus, or Norgorber."

Summer looks uncomfortable about speaking up in what may be a contrary view to his companions' desires.

"My apologies, sir, if I seem to be questioning your word of honor: such is not my intent."

Female Living Vestige Lore Oracle (planar) 1

"Taking a person to meet a god is not an evil thing, is it?" Valerie asks. "I did not really consider it possible. But, if we act with honesty and virtue, not judging as we do this service, we may impress upon this one the worth of selflessness."

"Whether you would consider this god to be evil or not depends. Would you consider fire to be evil? Certainly fire may be harmful if you use it wrong, but it can also bring warmth, or purify. This God is a God of fire. He he many names, one is Pyros."

"I did not mean that my client wished to worship this god. His services are more in the nature of a business transaction. You see as the Plane of Fire is not a spiritual plane it is harder for the god to bend his realm, the section of the city the Sultan has granted him, to his desires. Furthermore, this is a relatively weak deity, without as much power as some, which is part of the reason why he made the alliance with the sultan in the first place. So my client wishes to offer the services of the association of craftsmen he represents."

"However, while the god's powers are limited he is hardly helpless. He combined his powers with those of a sorcerous servant of his to weave a mighty dweomer to protect his palace from intrusion. It's possible to get in, but you need to find a way past the illusions and barriers that bar the way."

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