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Eberron Sandbox: Eberron Classic

Game Master Garden Tool

An organic, free-form Eberron campaign, which will begin with an adventure in the Demon Wastes, and might go just about anywhere from there.

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Dark Archive

@ Galrian Sho'ray: I loves me some goblin PCs. Hang around the thread, detail the build and the concept little.

@ Everyone: to all my "regulars," I think I'm going to finalize the roster on Monday. I have a couple of players in my "keep" pile already, and I like a lot of the submitted concepts.

What I'm looking for now is frequency and friendliness of posting. All you folks talking concepts - start getting down to details, and participate in the thread all you can. From what I've seen, inactivity kills more of these games than TPKs do. A couple posts a day per PC would be fine.


Character creation is 20-point-buy.

Starting level is 3rd.

Starting weatlh is 3,000 gp. Magic item and masterworking costs come out of this total, but ordinary, nonexpendable equipment (nonmasterwork armor and weapons, adventuring gear, clothes, and so on) are "free". Any item - ordinary or not - that costs 1,000 gp or more has to come out of your 3,000 budget. The exception is armor, which is still "free" regardless of cost. When buying magical arms and armor, pay only the cost of masterworking and enchanting the item, do not pay the cost of the item itself.

Don't track nonmasterwork, nonmagical ammunition. Do track the weight of a full quiver.

Any content from the CRB, GMG, APG, UC, or UM is permissable, with two exceptions (see below). Any feat or race from any of the three Bestiaries is permissable. Content from the Eberron Campaign Setting is permissable, as converted per this thread and/or the Conversion Guide.

Approved content from Eberron sourcebooks may (and also absolutely may not) be permissable with GM permission. Content from non-Eberron sourcebooks will not be approved.

Psionics are a custom bloodline. See page one of the thread. Also, ki points may be considered "psionic" on a case-by-case basis. There is no mechanical difference between psionic and non-psionic effects.

Firearms and Hero Points are not implemented in this game.

Action points are daily, not accumulated.:
1 AP at 1st level
2 AP at 8th level
3 AP at 16th level

The Heroic Spirit feat grants one additional AP per day.

Any alignment is fine, as long as everyone is responsable, and a team player. No paladins if there are evil PCs; no evil PCs if there are paladins. So far, there are neither.

CRB/APG PrCs are permissable. PrCs from the ECS have been converted (by me) and are available on request. PrCs from other sourcebooks (even Eberron sourcebooks) will not be approved.

Remember that Reidran is a language. Remember the special materials from the ECS. Remember that this is Eberron.

Trust No One, I Want to Believe, etc.

PC-NPC transparency is in effect.

Mid-day Monday is the deadline!

Sounds good. I will stat everything out tonight and have it posted before I go to bed. If I get busy, then by the end of the day tomorrow.

@ SuperUberGeek: Looking forward to it. This is an artificer? A shifter? Something else? To be determined?

@ Everyone: Looks like interest / post-count-reliability is pretty high for Shisumo, Xzot, and SuperUberGeek, just looking at the thread and my PM box. Monkeygod, Arknight, and a couple of others seem to be somewhat serious about playing, as well. That's at least five serious potential players - not bad!

Anyone who still wishes to submit a concept should come participate in the thread ASAP. If I've only seen your name once or twice by Monday, I won't have a very good idea as to how reliable your post count will be!

Thanks to all the folks participating so far.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion Subscriber

Was at work today and couldn't keep up as much as I'd have liked.

I know we have a Warforged and Changling as submitted concepts, what others races do we have? It matters for my character..

If I had more time, I'd post a submission. As it is, you may have your first lurker. :)

Mine is the duergar Zen archer. I am posting it after dinner.

Any special way you are doing hit points?

@ Monkeygod: Looks like a changeling, a warforged, probably a duergar, and probably you. Possibly also a gnome and/or a House Deneith human and/or a shifter.

@ SuperUberGeek: Hit points are "average," rounding fractions up. Max at first level, per the CRB.

Average on a d8 is 4.5, average on a d12 is 6.5, etc.

ok thanks

Uuuh, Nark is gud! Many stuupid huumans to play with hehehehe! Mabbe Nark will stabby front and Lony bity bity behind!

PS. Going to do some configuration for the character still

I still need gear, but here's the basic outline of the crunch so far. If anyone has any suggestions/recommendations, please throw 'em out there.

RPG Superstar 2009 Top 16

Ok will get going on construction. Any preference between the Cavalier and the Magus?

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Garden Tool wrote:

@ Shisumo / Flametouched: Flametouched looks good. If you care, the racial traits you listed under "weaknesses" are actually called "limited experiences" (not limited experience) and "warforged vulnerabilities" (not warforged weaknesses). I only point it out because it'd bother my OCD, if it were me. To be just as technical, you have "living construct immunities," not "warforged immunities."


One question about the build. Why not go for adamantine plating if you're dumping Dex? Also, adamantine is more similar to flametouched iron than mithral is (being a heavy metal). If you can accept the loss of fast movement, I'm sure there's an archetype out there for you. Casting your sun metal could be a way to fill that awkward "can't reach the bad guys yet" first round.

I like that Flametouched has a 12 Intelligence, by the way. Warforged are rarely very interesting to talk to.

Unless I am completely forgetting something, neither of my classes actually have heavy armor proficiency, and I can't really spare the feat for it at the moment. Besides, eventually having a 50 ft speed has rather a lot of appeal. ;) It will actually help my healing role, too - I can get wherever I'm needed for cures this way.


Does Flametouched absolutely consider himself blessed by the Silver Flame, or is he not-quite-sure about the nature of the firey secrets that his mystery reveals to him?

He does believe he channels the Silver Flame, but it's more complicated than that. Let me get his background info up and it will be a bit more clear.

I made an Alias for Lothar (this the SuperUberGeek). I have his stats all here and I will have a more detailed back ground up by the end of the day tomorrow. I just want to make sure it is good to add Qinggong to the Zen Archer archetype. If so, I will flavor him psyonic.

Hmm, almost ready with the Nark. Just have to stat up his gear and effects on the stats

EDIT: Nark the almighty (and pyromaniacal) wolf shaman ready to run and blaze his woes into fire!


Nark was always a lone goblin, staying alone... not like he wanted but those occasional fire accidents and all burning stuff was, well, blamed on him.

He felt quite easy in forest, strolling around and having easier time with time to time slaughtering innocent bunnies and squirrels. However, the best thing he knew was to watch from his secret spot those big wolf things (not-a-dog) who were stronger and faster than other animals. Oh, how he dreamed of riding on of those... and maybe throwing fire here and there a little bit.

After an accident with his clan (well... those bullies did die in the accident and maybe he did accidentally burn the the tavern and the houses of those bullies) which did not mean... so much at least, Nark decided it was time to leave.

Nark spent his time traveling and looking for experience, surviving with the offerings of nature and came closer to it. Soon he noticed that in forest he had easier time than would be possible: moving through terrain with ease which would have been a hard before, he could do nice magic trick and run after those squirrels on the trees (oh boy, that was fun). The best thing was the appearance of the big wolf, just outside of the cavern waiting him in the next morning with all those magical stingies around it. This was the best day ever for Nark. Soon heading to some other places to find out more (and do to little bit tricks (along some mayhems)) Nark is coming to realise the wonders of nature

Dark Archive

1) Is there still room?

2) What is the deadline?

3) Are the attached components allowed?

I submit Adamant: A LN Warforged fighter. He appears as the towering black figure of adamant and obsidian, with large partially serrated black blade attached to his right hand (Armblade attached component). His left arm is significantly larger below the elbow and made of obsidian, with glowing silver runes (think Hellboy's arm; this will become Battlefist component when he gets the money to buy it, that is - to activate the runes). At the center of his chest there is a small indentation surrounded by the thin circle of gold, a place for a docent component, surely. Adamant was created during the last days of Cyre, before it became the Mournlands and he never fought in the War. He was created with a two-fold sense of purpose: to be a vessel for the new type of docent components and to serve as a bodyguard-type warforged. He is imprinted with a sense of duty to his designated protege and a sense of longing for the docent. So far, he hasn't been able to find a person who fulfills the parameters of his imprints, but he is still looking.

My idea is that he can attach himself to some party member as a enforcer/bodyguard type.

Ok going with Elena D' Denieth, Shieldmaiden (Magus:Skirnir). Veteran of the lastwar, currently a free lance soldier who carries the rank of Gold Blade in the Blademarks.

Will post a profile later tonight.

@ Azharten: Nark looks perfectly eligible, except where are those traits from? The APG is the only sourcebook we're using that has any traits in it.

@ Mark Thomas 66: Either is fine. Any fellow candidates have an opinion?

@ Shisumo: Oh, right! Proficiency. Good point. : P

@ SuperUberGeek: Qinggong and Zen Archer are compatible, as long as you don't replace any of the features that Zen Archer replaces.

@ nightflier: There's still time, although "melee brawler" looks to be moderately well covered possibility already. Question: is your name a reference to the Stephen King story?

@ Elena D'denieth: Another fitting Deneith concept. A dedicated "tank" would probably be welcome.

GM Garden Tool wrote:

@ Mark Thomas 66: Either is fine. Any fellow candidates have an opinion?

I have a personal dislike of the Cavalier, and love the Magus, so I'm biased. I just love Spellcasters, and have had bad experiences with the Cavalier (No, you can't take your horse to the Ball. No, not even as your +1!).

Not fully finished, but I wanted to post as I am mostly done.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I also like magi quite a bit (as you can probably tell from my first post!), but I've also had good encounters with cavaliers, so I'm good either way...

@ Monkeygod: Looks good. Optimizing for initiative? Are you taking the "natural weapons" combat style?

@ Mark Thomas 66: The "D" in "d'Deneith" should be lower-case. Also, it's "Deneith," not "Denieth."

Heh, I wasn't intentionally optimizing for initiative, just that the two feats I wanted that worked with the character granted bonuses to it as well other stuff I wanted as much.

And yea, I am taking natural weapons which is why I can take Aspect of the Beast without it being a combat style feat.

@ GM Garden Tool: The First trait is a goblin trait taken from Pathfinder Companions - Goblins of Golarion and the second trait is from the Pathfinder Adventure Path - Council of Thieves.

Nevertheless, I can take those out and replace with something else if you want to. Thinking of Nark realised it was quite optimizing him to stealth and not really sure if I want that. Nark should be funny guy but who has sense and touch to the nature rather than being just-> I stealthier than you

EDIT: Looking through the traits I found out that Highlander is an APG trait and does absolutely same trick as Conspiracy Hunter. If that is fine with you, replacing the name since effects is absolutely the same anyway.

Considering second trait: I noticed that when looking at Nark and thinking his "adventures" either Reactionary or Dirty fighter fits him perfectly! Having hard time to think and decide which one would suit him better

I take a five foot step, and flurry with my bow.

Dark Archive

No, it's a reference to his appearance. Since I don't really have the time to make anything else than the Fighter, I'm gonna drop out - but I'll follow the game. :)

Okay folks, well it looks my "regulars" have come through with finished characters already, and I don't see a lot of new submissions. Also, the following five have had a pretty strong presence in the thread.

So! I'm gonna go ahead and call the roster at:

Flametouched, NG warforged barbarian/oracle (Shisumo)
Xzot, CN changeling ranger/rogue (Xzaral)
Nark Snarky, CN goblin druid (Galrian Sho'Ray/Aventi D'Gaudon)
Ormak Kron, NG shifter ranger (Monkeygod)
Lothar Noson, LN duergar monk (SuperUberGeek)

Mark Thomas 66, LazarX, and earlier posters: you're on as alternates, and are welcome to hang around.

@ Shisumo, Xzaral, Aventi D'Gaudon, Monkeygod, and SuperUberGeek: Can I get a simple "confirmed" from each of you, if you are, in fact, "officially" good to play? I think we'll start on Monday.

Confirmed, I apologize for brevity, sent from phone, while waiting to be picked up. Stupid vehicles deciding to breakdown.

Nark & Lony flanking this thread and ready to bite and stik!

Dark Archive

@ Xzot: By my count, your hp should be 23, not 22 (8 + 4.5 + 4.5 + 3 from Con + 3 from favored class).

Also, your character profile still says "rogue 3".

@ Nark Snarky: By my count, your hp should be 23, not 22 (8 + 4.5 + 4.5 + 3 from Con + 3 from favored class).

Also, you don't need to specify what spell you'll recall with your pearl of power. You can recall spells on the fly with that item. It should just read "pearl of power" on your character sheet.

@ Ormak Kron: By my count, your hp should be 23, not 25? (8 + 4.5 + 4.5 + 3 from Con + 3 from favored class).

@ Lothar Noson: By my count, your hp should be 20, not 21? (8 + 4.5 + 4.5 + 3 from Con).

Also, what is your shifter trait? I assume razorclaw or longtooth?

Ah true. Fixed the hp & Pearl of power

I will fix that, it was a misunderstanding of the proper rounding method. And thank you. Confirmed. And to all the meat shields, I mean other players, looking forward to playing with you.

Dark Archive

Many of you have not finished / finalized your gear. No rush, just a reminder. If anyone has any questions, fire them off.

@ Nark Snarky: Two more detials: Your profile lists your unarmed strike attack bonus at +3, but by my count it should be -1 (+2 BAB, +1 size, -4 nonproficiency).

Second: You seem to have selected a totem transformation bonus from your Wolf Shaman class feature, but the way I read it, you can choose the bonus you want every time you activate the ability. That ability should just read "totem transformation" or maybe "totem transformation (wolf)".

@ Lothar Noson: Had you mentioned that you have not played in Eberron before?

@ Nark Snarky & Omak Kron: Same question. Are either of you brand-new to Eberron?

Aah correct. How could I be so blind... started to go through my books and while reading about druid & their class skills: indeed, the ability is tied to uses (druiv level / min in day)

The unarmed will be fixed... when you don´t play a monk, you don´t remember to add that -4 to hit

@ I have played Eberron before but not as much as I would have liked.

And about the gear: I am most likely finished since going over my items and listing the prices, I am getting it roughly about 3000-3300 since some of the items were free due to pre-starting (at 3 level supposed to have already something)

I updated it to rogue 2 ranger 1.

As far as HP goes, Ranger uses a d10, so 10 + 4.5 + 4.5 + 3 con was how I figured it for 22. I put the Favored Class bonus into skill points for the two rogue levels. Is that acceptable?

I'll try to have gear finished by tonight.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion Subscriber

Re: Hp- my bad, normally when people say average hp they mean half HD+1. No worries, I can fix.

I am very well versed in Eberron. Two of the PCs in my profile, Vorik and Ulvak are Eberron PCs, though only Vorik is still active. I've read pretty much every sourcebook for the setting.

The Vestment of Many Styles doesn't have a listed weight. What do you think is acceptable for this?

Dark Archive

@ Nark Snarky: Your gear is fine, but your damage and Stealth is wrong. Lastly, I think your animal companion's stats are wrong.

pearl of power: 1,000 gp
cloak of resistance +1: 1,000 gp
masterwork dagger: 300 gp
masterwork shortbow: 300 gp
masterwork studded leather: 150

(I'm just assuming that you are wearing masterwork studded leather, since your stats seem to reflect it. Your profile should say so, though.)

By my count, you have 250 gp left.

Your damage is off, however. A small shortbow deals 1d4, not 1d6. It has a critical multiplier of x3, not x2. Also, there seems to be a +1 damage modifier on your dagger? Masterwork does not add to damage, only to attack rolls.

Lastly for Nark, your Stealth should be +18, I think, not +20.
(3 ranks, +3 trained bonus, +3 Dex, +4 size, +4 racial, +1 trait)

Your wolf companion should have:
3 HD (and +2 BAB, not +4)
hp should be 19 (4.5 x3) + 6
AC should be 18 (+3 Dex, +1 dodge, +4 natural armor)
attack should be +4 (+2 BAB, +2 Strength)
He should only have 3 skill ranks.

Dark Archive

@ Xzot: Wow, I was calculating the ranger at a d8. 3.5 flashback!

Account for a weight of "nil" for the vest.

@ Monkeygod: Cool, you're probably more familiar with Eberron than I am, thne!

Your hp was probably right, I was attributing a d8 to the ranger, for some bizzare reason. I think it's just been a long time since anyone at my table played one. Let's see. You should have:

10 + 5.5 + 5.5 + 3 Con + 3 favored class

That's... 27?

@ Nark Snarky: Two more items... I think your Knowledge (nature) should be +9, not +11?

3 ranks, +3 trained, +1 Int, +2 nature sense

Also, your CMD should be 12.

10, +3 Dex, -1 size

Dark Archive

@ Nark Snarky: Oi! Your masterwork shortbow should also have a +7, not a +6.

+2 BAB, +3 Dex, +1 size, +1 enhancement

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion Subscriber

I haven't used my favored classs bonus yet. Was actually going to ask you if we could come up with a favored bonus that increasing my shifting, or something ...idk, just thinkin aloud.. .

Dark Archive

@ Monkeygod: I'd rather keep it simple. If anyone wants to use alternate favored class bonuses for the Eberron races, just use the human options. I suppose there's no harm in that.

Shifter feats will give you extra rounds, as I'm sure you know.

Question! What sort of lycanthropic heritage do you envision for Ormak? Standard canine/lupine type werewolf heritage? Could be funny, given that the canine-fearing-and-revering goblin is a wolf totem druid.

Also: What armor are you in? Masterwork studded leather?

Just posting to confirm. Will spend my cash and get a character description/history ready sometime tomorrow, most likely.

my god! I do not know what is going on with me but guess not enough sleep ro getting bit more stupid. a lot of stuff going past my eyes and not able to calculate...

²Lony bites Nark for being stupid and growls Auurruuu.. what a alpha leader I have...

EDIT: Going through now your post and calculating

- CMD should be 14 (10 + BAB + Str + Dex + others)
- stealth is indeed +18 (forgot to remove extra two from trait)
- fixed damage and attack modifiers for weapons
- kn:nature is indeed +9 (my mistake there again)

- Lony
. Isn´t the first HD of animal companion also full (8) and after that half? If yes then (8+4+4)+(6 from con)=22 or 18 if (4+4+4+6) but little bit confused here now that started to count (anyway, I will not fight with this since will let you rule and decide it out)

Dark Archive

No problem.

If anyone wants to throw any background at me (via thread or PM), feel free. Otherwise, I will fill in the blanks as we go.

I'll be starting the campaign by throwing you together in a dangerous situation, in a dangerons corner of the world, right off the bat. One of those "bonded in battle, born out of strife" sort of friendships.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Garden Tool wrote:

@ LazarX: The infusion list comes straight out of the Eberron Campaign Setting. Conversions should be pretty self-evident / unnecessary. If you have a question about any particular infusion, though, fire away!

Liriel (I adore the name; don't know why. It's... melodic?) looks fine (except for being level 6, obviously). Don't forget to reassign your traits, though. I have not written any campaign- or setting-specific traits, so please stick to the non-campaign-specific traits from the Advanced Player's Guide.

Given that Flametouched has a near-definate place on the roster, a dedicated "crafts, wands, and infusions" artificer would be doubly effective. You know how warforged love their artificers.

That's her character sheet from the last campaign, the link was mainly to show you the character concept. So ignore everything save the character background text as I wasn't going to stat her up until she was approved.

Dark Archive

@ LazarX: If I end up with a vacancy before Monday, I'll PM you!

@ Nark Snarky: Prepare whatever spells you would normally prepare if you were expecting to be travelling in close quarters with mixed company. Say, on a lightning rail or airship ride.

@ Lothar Noson & Xzot: PM me once your equipment is done and your character sheet is finalized.

Let me know if anything opens up. Good luck all.

garden tool wrote:
Lothar Noson & Xzot: PM me once your equipment is done and your character sheet is finalized.

Aye aye. I maybe slow posting the rest of the day. Having a Lord of the Rings marathon.

I'm actually thinking Weretiger, as that fits with the Razorclaw trait, and what I'll probably choose when I take Weretouched Master.

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