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Eberron Sandbox: Eberron Classic

Game Master Garden Tool

An organic, free-form Eberron campaign, which will begin with an adventure in the Demon Wastes, and might go just about anywhere from there.

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Male Goblin Druid/3 (Wolf Shaman)

Ztealing? Non one or I zpeak no zteal! I am... intrigued Nark explains but give ominous look at the man Goblin... yez... one huuman lik you zhould watch out. might be burny burny Nark answers back as he giggles but fear not! Nark juzt looky here. No other idea here

Dark Archive

Nark, if you are "just looking" here, that's fine. If you plan to start trouble, burn anything, or kill anyone, you'll need to give me a Bluff check.

Male Goblin Druid/3 (Wolf Shaman)

Bluff Check1d20 - 2 ⇒ (20) - 2 = 18 Well, can I beg for the natural 20 even with -2 :P ?

Nark is giving his best look at the man as his fingers touch and play with his... tools

Female Human

Back to the room for me at least. Hoping the others come.

Dark Archive

The thug rolls his eyes.

"That's whatever the hell you're talking about for you, I guess."

The "guards" stride on, going on their way.

Genderless Warforged Barbarian (armored hulk) 1 / Oracle of flame 2

Flametouched escorts Lady Jenise to her room. Did we all get one, or are we separated in some fashion?

Male Shifter Druid 3(Wild)

Ormak nods his agreement and heads up to the rooms.

Once they're inside, he says "We checked out the shrine and picked up some interesting information. I'll let Flametouched tell you more, since he probably understands a bit more than I do"

Male Duergar Monk 3 Qinggong Zen Archer

Lothar looks around.Is anyone missing besides that miserable little goblin. We might want to think carefully if he a good fit with the rest of the group and if he would be happier here.

Male Goblin Druid/3 (Wolf Shaman)

Packing of a little bit to the shadows and climbing over / going under the fence to get on the junkyard. Seeing if any profitable was there but soon forgetting it as the burning fire appears on his vision.

Mumbling to himself pretty pretty flame... ooh, will be a nice flame, Nark wonderz if it lookz the zame az the flame nearby in rock... hehe

Stealth 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (10) + 18 = 28
Perception 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (2) + 9 = 11

Slowly moving around and scratching here and there a bit to offer a good spot for setting fire. Nark places carefully a small lead of clothing / burnable stuff to lead fire to a bigger burning spots. No fun if Nark iz caught... no fun at all! Nark iz careful! still mumbling as he looks stealthily around continues.

Basically making a small spot of fire where it will burn and begin to follow trail (woods or something else) until reaching a bigger spot of burnable pots/clothes/junks. This process should take from small fire "camp" to a real burning in 10min.

When ready with his work Nark walks fast between the fire "camps" and sets fire loose and makes his way out of the yard and try to appear somewhere else when the fire would take its place. Especially Nark will be wary of the watchtower "watches"

Stealth 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (11) + 18 = 29
Perception 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (18) + 9 = 27

Dark Archive

@ Flametouched:Is it just me, or is there are there a lot of PC-instigated property fires in the games I run? In any case, you all share one large room with two bunk beds and two threadbare cots.

Nark's Climb check: 1d20 ⇒ 11

The old scrapyard fences appear designed for privacy, not defense, and Nark scales them easily. Inside, Nark begins his pyromaniacal preparatons. Most of the enclosed scrapyard is dominated by fence-to-floor high garbage and material scrap. Though he suspects the offending ratfolk are here, Nark spies no-one immediately apparent.

@ Nark: At it's widest, the scrapyard is 65 feet across - remember, the Festering Holt is tiny - and fire spreads by the round (sometimes a little, sometimes a lot, and sometimes not at all). A "ten minute timer," even if it could be approximated, would be impossible to create in such a small place - you'll have an approximate minute at the most.

Will that suffice, or would you like to change your approach?

Male Goblin Druid/3 (Wolf Shaman)

@ Garden Toll Hm... thinking but I guess Nark will give it a try. I guess minute would suffice for that then.

Breathing hastily and shaking from excitement as fires of heaven burn in Nark´s eyes and of course hoping to reflect in reality... more appropriately right in front of him but sighing as not wanting to get caught red handed. A small transformation begin to take effect as Nark´s legs grows couple of inches and his posture resembles more of lurking Using 1 min / 2 min left Wolf Totem (Transmutation): +30 movement speed

So... let us rock´n´roll

Genderless Warforged Barbarian (armored hulk) 1 / Oracle of flame 2

Flametouched nods at Ormak's words, and summarizes what it and the shifter learned about the Kolak Shash and the Ghaash'kala. "The most relevant part to all of us," the warforged concludes, "is that there may be a force of orcs who would try to prevent us from leaving the Demon Wastes through their territory. We have long travel ahead of us before such a thing even becomes an issue, but it is something we will have to be prepared for."

Female Human

"Well that certainly isn't good news to hear." Xzot ponders this for a moment. "Well, we will have to deal with that when the time comes. I'm more concerned of our immediate circumstance. Things that were said, I'm not sure leaving this town will be as easy as walking out the gate. I truly do not trust this Karbal. He seemed a tad interested in whether help was coming for us. Plus there's Pauhan downstairs, the bird man. Either lucky at guessing or too observant for his own good. If it wouldn't draw suspicion on me, I'd see about him not waking up tomorrow."

"From what you saw, how easy do you think it would be to escape from here? How secure are the walls?"

Dark Archive

The "walls" are spiked barricades, albiet denser ones than the example pictured. Climbing or Escape Artist-ing through them shouldn't be that difficult. There are a couple of watchtowers, but even those are only fifteen feet high.

As the fire explodes into existance, Nark's minor transformation begins. At the same time, three pairs of beady eyes materalize among the rubble. Within seconds, three ratfolk begin to emerge from the scrap, making as if to shout.

Nark, Lony is still outside the walls. What will you do? Are we running, or fighting? These three ratfolk will no doubt start shouting soon. Oddly enough, you do not recognize the ratfolk you vowed to kill among these three. You were advised that the rat-men do live here, though. These may be his friends (or family), but if it's a concern to you, these three are all adults.

Male Goblin Druid/3 (Wolf Shaman)

Nark will be watching silently from the shadows and try to not reveal himself. It does not matter so much for him

Nark is a little bit disappointed upon not seeing his "targets" between the fires but delights in an idea that they will be loosing their home. Nevertheless, it would be a good idea to get rid of little stuff also here... burning with cleaning purpose! What else could be better than this

Genderless Warforged Barbarian (armored hulk) 1 / Oracle of flame 2

"I've no interest in a premeditated killing," Flametouched says sternly, "and if we can do our 'repayment' work cleanly, I'd prefer to leave with our debts fairly paid. But I concur with your assessment of Karbal's character; we would be wise to lay plans for an alternative means of departure and hope they remain unnecessary."

Female Human

"Expected, though not what I had hoped," Xzot thinks to himself. He turns to the others. "And what of you two? Employ or not, Lothar, this is not what I hired you on for. Your opinion matters a great deal at this junction. And I still know little of you, Ormak. As of this moment, like it or not we are all allies, and if my fears do come true, we may only be able to trust each other."

Male Duergar Monk 3 Qinggong Zen Archer

I say the fastest road out of this waste is the best road. The sooner that we are quit of this flyspeck town the better. If'n we stay to long, I sus'pect we will never leave.

Male Shifter Druid 3(Wild)

"I get the feeling our host plans to try and keep us here as long as possible. Not sure if we should attempt to try and pay him back or just leave as quick as we can"

Dark Archive

Suddenly, a cry of "Fire! FIRE!" interrupts your discussions. Flametouched, Jenise, Lothar, and Ormak exchanged a shared glance.

The goblin is still unaccounted for, of course.

@ Nark:
None of the three ratfolk present seem to notice you in your hiding spot. They begin to shout, and the guard picks up the cry. Soon, a cry of "Fire!" is carried down the road.

The fire spreads quickly, and the ratfolk communicate with one another in a language you do not understand. Strangely, they appear to flee back into the scrap and garbage. There seems to be no-one to witness you, now. Will you stay hidden? Take a moment to make an active Perception check? Make haste and try to sneak away? Something else?

Male Goblin Druid/3 (Wolf Shaman)

Nark stays vigilant for a moment to hide and see what is going on until falls deeper to shadows and waits for a moment to leave and appears on further location to avoid gazes.

Stealth 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (13) + 18 = 31
Perception 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (3) + 9 = 12
Climb 1d20 ⇒ 16 or not needed if I had already climbed / got out of the junkyard

When more people appear to move toward the scenery Nark approaches with some of them and is looking quite excited about the fire Fire!! Fire! Feztival do we hav? or zomething else going? as he admires the work he had done secretly.

Male Duergar Monk 3 Qinggong Zen Archer

S$~%. Three guess to why there is a fire. The first two do not count. Why did we let him wander alone

Genderless Warforged Barbarian (armored hulk) 1 / Oracle of flame 2

"Whether it is him or not, we should help if we can," replies Flametouched. It does not seem particularly enthusiastic about the idea that there is another cause, however. Taking up its sword, the warforged heads back toward the door.

Female Human

"It would be best to find him, and quickly. If he does get caught, it will look bad on all of us. The rest of you help the blaze, I'll try to find that little goblin."

Xzot will change it's outfit into something a little more mundate before going out.

Male Duergar Monk 3 Qinggong Zen Archer

Is it wise for any of us to go alone? At least two t'gether I think

Female Human

"Is it wise? I doubt it. But one will hopefully draw less attention than two."

Male Duergar Monk 3 Qinggong Zen Archer

Then I suppose tis no use telling you that not being seen is better that being seen. Lets all get to it then.

Genderless Warforged Barbarian (armored hulk) 1 / Oracle of flame 2

Flametouched looks dubious at the idea of Jenise going by herself, but does not actively object.

Dark Archive

@ Nark Snarky:
You're not over the fence yet, Nark. You sneak through the scrap and begin to scale the nearest wall. Behind you, the rats in the rubble begin to cry "fire!" Unfortunately, you didn't spot a fourth ratfolk in the scrap... and though the scrapyard offers plenty of cover and concealment the bare privacy fence offers none.

Ratfolk thug's grapple check: 1d20 ⇒ 5

A clawed hand reaches out to snatch at your ankle, though you easily kick it away. As the flames behind the both of you really begin to spread, you find yourself gazing down at the thug who snapped at your loyal Lony. He's armed, though his short blade is still sheathed for now. He wears light armor and a buclker on one arm.

"What've yoouu doonne, goblin?" hisses the rat-man.

You can hear Lony sniffing and snuffling - no doubt having scented you out easily - waiting for you on the other side of the fence. Ever your wiser half, Lony has the sense not to bark.

A note about the order of events: you still have time to escape (but not much). All of the above is happening as your party (and the guards) are just beginning to hear (and carry) the cry of "fire."

Rushing out the door, Flametouched, Jenise, Lothar, and Ormak can guess at the direction of the fire, from the direction that everyone seems to be trotting. Lothar winces at the glare from the day's last rays of sunlight. Ohak, the orc from the shrine, is also hustling toward the scene (and wincing in a similarly painful way). Just a short ways down the road, the fire's source becomes apparent: a scrapyard which shares a back wall with a clay-and-wood structure - some kind of general store or supplier. The orange flames aid the dying daylight in lighting up the scene.

Whatever the building's purpose is - it looks important. It rivals Karbal's inn, Dead Before Dawn, for size. Several of the onlookers seem quite concerned for it's fate. Guards rush toward the structure, husling alongise your party. Jenise splits off from the main group, to search the network of shanty structures around and behind the yard.

Genderless Warforged Barbarian (armored hulk) 1 / Oracle of flame 2

"Is there a well?" Flametouched calls to Ohak. "We need a bucket brigade!"

Male Duergar Monk 3 Qinggong Zen Archer

Lothar follows the rest, helping as he can, looking out for the little pyro.

Edit: Perception 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (11) + 10 = 21

Male Shifter Druid 3(Wild)

"Can anybody cast a spell to help out? I know there's a few that could be useful here" Ormak looks around for Nark, just in case 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (16) + 11 = 27 Perception

Male Goblin Druid/3 (Wolf Shaman)


Nark looks at the thug and for a moment different options goes through his minds. Then sighing and smiling at the rat-man Me? Done? Nature cry and zame doez tiz place. I zaw you or you looking people in there. Why not run out? Fire iz bad. Nark speaks to the rat and then runs towards fence to get out of there in time.

However, if the rat-man attempts to touch or stop Nark will begin to cast his spells taking step backwards to avoid AoO first barkskin, then bull of strenght +4 and after that ray of sickening at the rat-man. How many rounds do we have approximately before starting to be literally "fire under buttocks"

Dark Archive

@ Nark:
Fire spreads randomly, so it's hard to say. You have less than a minute (but more than a couple rounds) before this place is more fire than scrapyard.

Nark's initiative: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (17) + 9 = 26
Ratfolk's initiative: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (11) + 3 = 14

The ratfolk makes as though to lunge, but Nark reacts first. The goblin casts a spell, and a bark-like growth spreads across the more vulnerable areas of Nark's skin.

The ratfolk looks alarmed at this development, and casts a nervous glance over his shoulder. Two of his ratfolk companions emerge from the rubble again, each carrying a dirty burlap sack. They make for the walls, while the thug lunges for Nark.

Ratfolk's grapple attempt: 1d20 ⇒ 13

The ratfolk declines to answer Nark's questions. "You'll be killed for this. Even if you escape this scrapyard, you'll be killed for this, goblin."

Nark, barkskin is up and you've been grappled. If you don't break out or turn the grapple around on your enemy this turn, I get a +5 bonus on future CMB checks for the duration of this grapple. What'll you do?

Flametouched's Perception check: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (2) + 4 = 6
Flametouched, Lothar, and Ormak, there's no sign of your little green friend. There is, however, both an unfortunately-tiny well and a large (and heavy) water trough in front of the trading post.

Ohak skids to a halt in front of the well, hacking and coughing like a man on his last legs.

"Th..." he begins, then spits up a wad of phlegm. He struggles to speak hastily. "Well. 'nother well, near the shrine!" He points, and begins to haul up a bucket from the small service well in front of the building, breaking into a severe coughing fit as he does.

"There's buckets inside! Hurry, before the building proper catches!" adds a guard. Another of Karbal's thuggish minions struggles in vain to lift or move the water trough. It's about this time that Karbal emerges from the batwing doors of Dead Before Dawn. He makes no move to help, but simply glowers angrily at the proceedings. He makes eye contact with Flametouched for just a moment, during the scurry.

Lady Jenise, meanwhile, spots something unusual around the back way. One little ratfolk, and then a second, hopping down from the privacy fence surrounding the junkyard. Each carries a limp burlap sack (no more than half-full at best). They look startled to find someone here...

Male Shifter Druid 3(Wild)

Ormak eyes the trough, "Could we use that to help, or should we make for the second well?"

Male Goblin Druid/3 (Wolf Shaman)

@ Garden Toll:

Statistic: AC 19/16/16 HP:23 CMD:14 CMB: +2

Just to notice that my CMD is 14 and with 13 that Grapple attempt is failed-> I will get AoO if the rat-man does not have the Improved Grapple Feat which does not seems so

Knife 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (18) + 4 = 22 1d3 ⇒ 1

As Nark slashes at the rat-man Nark smirks and gives evil laugh Nark die? Ahahaha... ztupid rat! One die, rat die! Nark love grilled food. Maybbe rat taztez good ahah. Fool! and with last sword the goblin tries vicious stab at the rat

Knife 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (18) + 4 = 22 1d3 ⇒ 2

1d20 + 6 ⇒ (12) + 6 = 18 Lony: Handle Animal Attack this rat!

Male Duergar Monk 3 Qinggong Zen Archer

I'll start throwin water with this, see if I can slow it down. The two of ya go to the bigger well. Run!

Female Human

Lady Jenise considers, ignoring the creatures, but instead asks them in a hushed and whispered tone, retreiving a gold piece to hand to them. "Have you seen a goblin around here? Travels with a wolf."

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (13) + 6 = 19

Genderless Warforged Barbarian (armored hulk) 1 / Oracle of flame 2

Flametouched nods at Lothar's suggestion, calling to others of the town nearby: "We need to organize! Form a line to the larger well! Hurry, before the fire spreads!"

Dark Archive

Sorry for the absence, yesterday. I was at a deposition (got served with a witness subpoena recently). It's actually a local-history-making case. Good times.

@ Nark:
It's been awhile since we had any combat, so I'll remind you that I don't declare my modifiers (except on initiative rolls, damage rolls, and otehr rolls where the numerical outcomes are immediately apparent).

I "roll on the table," but like a tabletop GM, I don't call out the NPC's to-hit and skill modifiers, and so on. A 13 is what the ratfolk has on the dice, and accounting for his modifiers, he's grappled you. The Handle Animal skill check is fine, but you'll need to take your move and standard actions, accounting for your being grappled.

I did somehow forget the attack of opportunity, though! The ratfolk takes 1 point of damage from your knife. It's your turn, and you've successfully used Handle Animal as a free action.

Male Goblin Druid/3 (Wolf Shaman)

@ Garden Tool:

Acceptable since forgot that rule of yours. However, is it possible to change my attack roll from the previous post to attempt to break out of the grapple? The total sum then would be 20 (18+2)

Anyway! If not, here is the roll for the breaking out of the grapple:

Nark feeling disgusted by the touch and grabble of his opponent tries to to escape from the grappling Escape Artist 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (14) + 3 = 17 [standard action] and taking 5 feet back if able to free himself.

Dark Archive

Ignoring Lady Jenise's offer of coin, the ratfolk simply point toward the wooden fence behind them, as they scurry away with their bags.

At about the same time, Jenise hears Nark's distinct voice from the other side: "Nark die? Ahahaha... ztupid rat! One die, rat die! Nark love grilled food. Maybbe rat taztez good ahah. Fool!"

@ Nark:
You are successful at breaking the grapple. You were just starting to climb when this all began, though, so your back is to the fence - there's no room to 5-foot step away.

Lony's initiative check: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (9) + 3 = 12

Lony joins the combat. He will go third on the next round.

The ratfolk scrambles for you again, apparently intent on holding you inside the burning scrapyard.

Ratfolk's grapple check: 1d20 ⇒ 11

Nark escapes the ratfolk's clutches, who tries in vain to recapture the grapple.

It's Nark's turn now, then the ratfolk's, then Lony's.

Dark Archive

Meanwhile, around front, Ohak helps Lothar with the water trough, and several guards and citizens simply fall into line at Flametouched's direction, scrambling with buckets from inside the supply store to form a water line from the larger well down the road.

One guard begins to haul water up from the small drinking well, and one half-orcish citizen simply stands at the corner and observes the dance of the flames, just barely visible above the fenceline.

Female Human

"Nark is gonna die, and I'm gonna do it!" Xzot thinks to himself, sneaking towards the fence, trying to see if he can find out what kind of trouble the little goblin is in.

Perception: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (6) + 8 = 14

Stealth: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (11) + 7 = 18

Male Goblin Druid/3 (Wolf Shaman)

@ Garden Tool:
unsure how much time is left so Nark will most likely try to get out of there as fast as possible: depending on the spreading of fire

AoO Knife 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (17) + 4 = 21 Damage 1d3 ⇒ 1

Seeing how persistent the rat is and Lony joining him now Nark moves little bit to get out of range5 feet to left or right side if that is possible and casts Bull´s Strenght on Lony using Share Spell ability

Genderless Warforged Barbarian (armored hulk) 1 / Oracle of flame 2

Flametouched smiles, gratified at the display of community awareness the Holt's citizens are demonstrating, as it sets to work filling and handing off buckets.

Male Shifter Druid 3(Wild)

Ormak has no problem helping out, as he's used to lending aid to a greater group. He does what's asked of him quickly and effecitently.

Male Duergar Monk 3 Qinggong Zen Archer

Lothar throws the buckets from the service well onto the nearest flames.

Dark Archive


@ Nark:
Lony isn't present yet, Nark. As I said, he'll be joining in this round, and he goes third. He's presently on the other side of the fence. Your back is to that same fence, so there's no way to five-foot step outside of the ratfolk's reach.

Here's a quick reference:


The R is the ratfolk, the N is Nark, and the L is Lony. The ==== is the fence.

@ Xzot:
Lady Jenise, it isn't hard to figure out where Nark is. You can see Lony preparing to leap or climb the fence, and Nark's voice is clear on just the other side. A single, feral voice says: "you'll be killed for this, goblin."

We've had some trouble getting things resolved on the other side of the fence, so let's assume all the goings-on around front are still going on while I get Nark and Lony caught up to a similar number of actions.

Male Goblin Druid/3 (Wolf Shaman)

@ Garden Tool:

Well, it seems like we do have misunderstanding here and I am partially at fault here. Just to note that Druid can cast his "spells with YOU" as a"touch ranged spells" on his animal companions. Been a long time since I last played Druid and cramming this stuff through. So to keep just this going for now

Attacking again and giving a slash toward the rat with his dagger Nark try to buy some time to get Lony at his side

Attack 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (13) + 4 = 17 Damage 1d3 ⇒ 3

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