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PaizoCon 2015

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Eberron Sandbox: Eberron Classic

Game Master Garden Tool

An organic, free-form Eberron campaign, which will begin with an adventure in the Demon Wastes, and might go just about anywhere from there.

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Liberty's Edge

Human (Minkai) Samurai (sword saint) 7 (Order of the Warrior)

'Grats on Abandoned Arts' success so far, man! And UE is definitely not bad, though I haven't torn apart my copy yet to see what I can't live without. Without meaning to comment on the rulebook policies for your campaigns, GT, the best sourcebook to come out of Paizo this GenCon is definitely Paths of Prestige, which is simply amazing.

Male Duergar Monk 3 Qinggong Zen Archer

I think I am grabbing UE over the weekend.

Dark Archive

Should I ever purchase (or be gifted) a copy Paths of Prestige, I might allow it at my "virtual table."

Back from Gencon and updating all my PBPs (actually got back last night, but keep getting interrupted). Posting should resume a more normal rate.

Liberty's Edge

Human (Minkai) Samurai (sword saint) 7 (Order of the Warrior)

I got back last night too, but all my "interruptions" involve catching up on the sleep I missed for the last several days... ;)

Dark Archive

Quick heads-up: I am going to be out of commission today.

Genderless Warforged Barbarian (armored hulk) 1 / Oracle of flame 2

Just as an FYI, GT, in case you are using my profile to keep track of my hit points - I have my remaining hp listed on my profile, but it does not include the 6 hp I get from raging. So while I currently have 6 hp left, that's only once I drop out of rage; I won't fall unconscious until I take 12 more damage.

Also, I am assuming that none of these guys are using adamantine daggers, yes?

Dark Archive

No adamantine daggers - the damage listed reflects the damage dealt, not the damage you take!

Genderless Warforged Barbarian (armored hulk) 1 / Oracle of flame 2

Right, 'swhat I thought. I've been reducing the damage appropriately, but I wanted to make sure.

Dark Archive

Quick update: in court today! Witness summons. Bear with me.

Male Duergar Monk 3 Qinggong Zen Archer

FYI, I will be away from the 17-21. I do not expect to have any internet access during this time. If needed, please GM PC my character.

Male Duergar Monk 3 Qinggong Zen Archer

Back. Camping trip called on account of rain.

Male Shifter Druid 3(Wild)

What happened to this game?? We were rollin good, and all of a sudden, dead....

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