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Eberron: In Deepest Shadow (Khyber Group)

Game Master Lordjimbo

Description to be added soon.

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King Kaius roared in agony as the burning brand was applied again to the bare skin of his chest, adding another, slightly different magical rune to the long bands of script being systematically seared into his flesh.

“Damn you!” He snarled at the impassive Warforged artisan who calmly tortured him. Once again he tried to call upon his dark powers to shift form and escape the chains that bound him but the only result was a quivering of his flesh and a shooting pain behind his eyes.

I must be ensorcelled. Kaius thought as hatred warred with fear over which was to be his dominate emotion. How did I get here? He asked himself. The last thing I remember is being in my throne room talking to an envoy from Breland. I was surrounded by minions and body guards, what happened? How was I taken captive?

Kaius hung suspended by chains over a pit of hot coals in a cell in some nameless dungeon. His only companion since he regained consciousness a few hours past was his Warforged tormentor who went about the business of scarring his flesh without a single word or visible emotion.

There was a loud screeching noise as the heavy iron door that provided the only visible means of egress to the cell was thrown open. A slightly built figure entered the room.

Kaius couldn’t immediately tell much about his visitor for the person wore the heavy hide of a black bear as a long flowing robe and had the bear’s fanged upper jaw pulled over his head like a cowl leaving only his lower face visible. Two black onyx gems glittered from the eye sockets of the bear’s skull reflecting the glow of the coals in such a way as to appear as tiny flames themselves. In his left hand he bore a crystal goblet which was filled with some dark liquid that he raised to his lips and tasted.

“Nightwood Ale.” The strange figure commented. .“As bitter and uninteresting as the Karrnathi people themselves.” He let the goblet drop to the ground and it shattered, spilling the expensive drink across the floor to mix with the older, less savory liquids that decorated the torture chamber floor.

“What is going on here?” Kaius demanded as the Warforged paused in his dark ministrations. “Are you some new minion of Vol’s sent to torment me?”

“Vol?” The figure asked, seeming genuinely surprised. “That hedge mage? No, I’m not interested in anything as petty as her ambitions. While her Emerald Claw has been useful at times, I have more important matters to attend to.” He turned to the Warforged. “How is the Dominius Enuncia coming along?”

The Warforged gave a slight nod in response.

The strange figure’s thin lips pulled up in a smile.

“Soon you will be my willing slave ‘King Kaius ir’Wynarn the Third’ and the best part is you won’t even know it.” The smile became a wide grin.

“My warlords won’t allow this, even now my agents will be seeking me out, you’re dead! Dead, you hear me, dead!” Kaius threatened angrily, but a tight fist of cold dread clenched at his heart. He had been through some extremely hair raising episodes in the past but this? What was even happening here?

The figure shook his head slowly side to side.

“No one even knows anything’s amiss, my minions are exceedingly capable at what they do. By the end of the day you’ll be back on the throne, doing my bidding.” He turned away, laughing.

“Who are you? What is it you want?” Kaius spat at the figure’s back.

“My name is Himetsu.” The cloaked man answered over his shoulder. “And you’ll find out what I want soon enough, with you as my puppet and my agents in The Twelve making the houses dance to my tune all of Khorvaire will soon shudder before my ambition! But don’t despair too much your majesty. At least this way the people of Karrnath will get to live, I would hate to have to do to them what I did to Cyre…”

Kaius screamed his hate as, once more, the brand blackened his flesh.

The hunt has lasted for the better part of six weeks. Raderol the Thunder Jin has led you on a savage chase across southern Karrnath, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. A mercenary and thief, he has stolen a unique artifact from The Twelve known as the Ring of Kabraxas. Desperate for its return aged archmage Silven D’Orien has promised each of you five thousand gold worth of coin or magic items for the item’s retrieval. Of more ephemeral but perhaps greater value is the honored place the patronage of such an esteemed alumni could earn you within The Twelve.

You’ve finally caught up with Raderol on the southern edge of the Nightwood forest to find a scene of terrible carnage. The corpses of sixty Vedic Regulars, the citizen soldiers of Vedykar, lay strewn across an open meadow in various stages of dismemberment. Standing in the center of this massacre is what appears to be a pale, beautiful youth with long ebony hair pulled back in a ponytail. He wears an expensive set of fine noble’s clothes that despite the weeks of pursuit and battle do not have a speck of dirt or drop of blood on them. He wears no visible weapon but judging by the shattered remains of those he has faced he is none the less a deadly combatant. Currently he holds the battered body of the Regulars Captain up by the neck in front of him, inspecting him like he were a particularly loathsome insect he discovered in his morning porridge.

“Well that was as boring as it gets, scum.” He comments in a sing song voice, staring at the mortally wounded Captain with sky blue eyes. “I at least want a bit of struggle to my battles, this was just sad.” With a violent twist he breaks the still gasping Captain’s neck and casually tosses aside the corpse without further consideration. “This slowed me down too.” He grumbles to no one in particular.

Enter the party.

Raderol is one of the men you seek, you clearly remember his savagery, especially that perpetrated against defenseless innocents. Why he was there for the slaughter is unclear however because whatever he is he certainly isn’t a Thurrani. Your fellow adventurers are unaware of who Raderol is to you, if you wish to keep your past concealed walk with care.

Seeing Raderol with your own eyes now you feel certain you recognize him. You have that same sense of déjà vu as you had when you first saw his wanted poster. And what’s this? The pretty boy killer seems to have worms wriggling about under his skin…Doesn’t anyone else see that?

Ulvak and Quanye:
Completing this job and collecting the rewards will be an excellent first step on the road to your greater ambitions.

You know all that occurs in darkness, the threads of Fate are weaving together starting with today’s events, how exciting!

You have had enough time to cast any spells you want or use any ability you wish in preparation for this encounter. What would you like to do? You may speak to your party in character or ooc to decide (ooc representing conversations you’ve had before this encounter)

Male Human Conjurer 6

Quayne Dovarr surveyed the field of corpses.
Mmm, tasty!
Quayne's stomach lurched at the thought. You shall not disrespect them so, Gartha. They had lives. Families. Lovers.
You humanoids are so wasteful. He obviously doesn't want any.
Quayne's eyes came to rest on the lone graceful figure, standing like a volcano in a field of ash.
If they were so easy, they should not have slowed you down. You are obviously not as good as you think you are, so I suggest you surrender immediately unless you have some more deluded excuses.
Quayne hoped for a response while his companions moved into position. Sometimes the fool would rant giving his team a significant edge. Sometimes their foe just lashed out. Quayne hoped for the former but was aware he was making himself a target and tensed.

Ready action to turn invisible and 5' step aside if he targets me with an attack.
Mage Armour currently cast. AC 14. Like yay...

Quayne Dovarr wrote:
If they were so easy, they should not have slowed you down. You are obviously not as good as you think you are, so I suggest you surrender immediately unless you have some more deluded excuses.

"Hmmm?" Raderol asks, looking up. "Ugh, so you finally caught up to me eh? Very well, what's a few more bodies at this point?" He pauses and looks around. "Where is Roshnuu, why is she always so late?" He asks himself petulantly.

Male Human Rogue [Acrobat] 2/Alchemist [Vivisectionist] 4

Vaelins does not bat an eye at the carnage in the meadow, instead focusing on Raderol with a look of puzzlement.

"I shouldn't know you...How do I know you?"

His cloak twitches in a way that should not be possible with normal human anatomy as he looks around nervously for anything else he may recognize.

I make a perception check to see if Raderol has any allies or other nasty surprises for us in the bushes. Perception:1d20 + 9 ⇒ (12) + 9 = 21

Then I ready an action to throw a dagger at him with my tentacle if he approaches us threateningly. I plan to use Quick Draw and Sleight of Hand to try to get a sneak attack. Sleight of Hand if I should roll it now:1d20 + 13 ⇒ (1) + 13 = 14.

NA(looks female) NA(looks human) ?

oh goody, does this mean you're gonna summon Rocky? I like Rocky, he's so much fun. I just wish he didn't always forget me. It's such a pain having to introduce myself every time.
Rocky being what Kiralinsee calls Quayne's earth elemental. Apparently she thinks it's the same one every time.

Vaelins von Tywyn wrote:

"I shouldn't know you...How do I know you?"

Raderol seems to ignore you, glancing back and forth across the ground as if expecting something.

Perception check passed, a large lump of earth is driving through the dirt behind Raderol, approaching rapidly. (imagine the earth furrows from the movie Tremors) Sleight of Hand check passed Raderol does not see your movement.

Male Human Conjurer 6

"Friend of yours Vae? Any information may be very useful, like, nowish..."

Male Human Rogue [Acrobat] 2/Alchemist [Vivisectionist] 4

Vaelins looks towards Quayne as if startled out of deep thought.

Apparently...not...but we may have even bigger problems.

Vaelins points to where a large lump of earth is driving through the dirt behind Raderol, approaching rapidly.

@Quayne: Any information from you on the subject of that (The indicated moving earth) would be very much appreciated as well.

@Kiralinsee: You might want to stand back. Just a little.

Should we be rolling initiative right about now?

Vaelins von Tywyn wrote:

Should we be rolling initiative right about now?

If you wish to attack Raderol before whatever is burrowing through the earth emerges than we can begin combat, remember I determine who goes when based on pure Initiative bonus instead of rolling. There is no surprise round in this situation and Raderol has a +8. Let me look through the PCs stats to make a list of the Initiative order. As a note if a monster and a PC has the same bonus the PC goes first, if two PCs have an equal bonus they may decide who goes first.

Sans burrowing creature.

Vaelins +8 or +13? Don't recall that ability off the top of my head
Raderol +8
Ulvak and Raeli +4
Quayne +0
Kiralinsee ? (just go whenever I guess)

Male Human Rogue [Acrobat] 2/Alchemist [Vivisectionist] 4

I would be @ +8. The +13 is with a specific buff (1st lvl infusion) up.

Male Human Conjurer 6

Quayne eyes the approaching furrow of earth warily.
"Looks like earth glide to me. Probable Terran native. Maybe time to invite my own. By popular demand."
He glances aside with a grim smile then begins to chant.

Cast Summon Monster III on my action. Casting time 1 round.

NA(looks female) NA(looks human) ?

Kiralinsee spots the movement in the ground.
"Ok Vaeli, have fun. I'm gonna sit over there and draw."
She starts to move over a bit to the side and pull out a pad and pencil. Midway through the action she pauses and says offhandedly
"Just be careful not to die guys, finding interesting people to travel with is harder than you'd think."
She then sits down and starts to draw. She also begins humming a tune she has titled "Rocky's Theme song"
Kiralinsee really wants to see Quayne succeed on his Summon Monster III spell. +4 to his concentration check until the spell is cast. Quayne doesn't notice anything weird though, he just thinks he's in the zone

Was gonna launch into the action but realized we should prolly let the other characters who haven't posted yet check in and have a say before combat begins=) Once Raeli and Ulvak post we will begin the action with Vaelins turn.

Male Elf Sorcerer 4(Shadow and Rakshasa)/Dragonmark Heir 2

Ulvak looks about the carnage in disgust "While you have spilled much blood, and have committed several atrocities, this is nothing compared to what took place during the War of the Mark. Begone insect!" As he says this, he makes a flippant gesture with his hand and unleashes a blast of dark flame.

Casting Scorching Ray 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (18) + 7 = 25 Ranged Touch Attack 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (7) + 8 = 15 Caster Level check vs SR 4d6 ⇒ (5, 2, 2, 6) = 15 Fire Damage

Male Elf Sorcerer 4(Shadow and Rakshasa)/Dragonmark Heir 2

We may not want to wait on Raeli, she went to Paizocon this w/e remember? she might not be able to check in all w/e.

Ulvak Thirkuira d'Phiarlan wrote:
We may not want to wait on Raeli, she went to Paizocon this w/e remember? she might not be able to check in all w/e.

yes. Hmmm there is an in game reason to wait for her to check in however and she did say she might be able to post would the group mind terribly waiting for her? If not we can start and I can find a way to insert the relative plot point. Check on the scorching ray if Vaelins doesn't want to initiate combat then you can.

Male Human Rogue [Acrobat] 2/Alchemist [Vivisectionist] 4

My standard action was going to be to continue to ready my hidden dagger throw against Raderol if he moves forward threateningly or combat otherwise starts. So the scorching ray would set off my readied action. If I can take my turn now:

Vaelins backs up slightly, looking around continualy and as he does so, he seems to vibrate more and more untill you can barely make out his exact location and movements.

I take a 5' step back while using a Swift Action to activate by Blurring armor (5 rounds), while using my standard action to ready the above action and my move action to draw my short sword. So presuming the scorching ray happens...

As Raderol is struck by the spell, Vaelins strikes since the combast seems to be joined. As he draws his sword with a hand, a lithe, unnatural tentacle shoots out from beneath his coat with its end curled around a dagger, which he hurls at the unsuspecting Raderol.

Attack Roll:1d20 + 9 ⇒ (19) + 9 = 28
Critical Confirmation:1d20 + 9 ⇒ (4) + 9 = 13
Weapon Damage:1d4 ⇒ 4
SA Damage:3d6 ⇒ (5, 1, 1) = 7
(Adjust this for whatever range increment I'm in)

Actually I just realized it won't matter too much if I handle it a certain way, yes we can begin combat.

Scorching Ray attack Vs flatfooted touch AC 10=success, caster level roll VS SR 13=Success, no fire resistance 15 damage.

Raderol roars in pain as the flaming beam sears it's way across his chest.

"You'll pay for that!" He snarls as his head snaps up to glare at you.

Vaelins turn to throw the dagger if he wishes, then Raderol, then Quayne begins summoning, then back to Ulak as he began combat he'll be at the top of the round. Kiralinsee may act as she pleases. If Raeli shows up she may act when she arrives.

Edit: Ah missed Vaelins post ok.

Dagger attack Vs flatfooted AC 18=success, confirmation failed. 11 damage.

Raderol snarls and holds out his hand. There is an explosive burst of light around his fist and a flat plane of force, like a blade, appears in his hand crackling with barely contained lightning (move action). He raises his finger and points at Ulak. "The power of the Storm is mine to command!" He yells, unleashing a lightning bolt(standard action).

Lightning bolt 6d6 ⇒ (5, 5, 6, 3, 5, 4) = 28 Ref save 16 for half

Edit: bolt targets Ulvak only.

Male Elf Sorcerer 4(Shadow and Rakshasa)/Dragonmark Heir 2

1d20 + 8 ⇒ (8) + 8 = 16 Ref Save

"Your power is nothing compared to that found in the shadows!" Ulvak shouts as he twists out of the way, avoiding the full force of the bolt.

He then lets loose a swirling rainbow blast. Color Spray, Will DC 16. 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (6) + 8 = 14 Caster Level check

Spell resistance penetrated. Will save Vs color spray 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (3) + 6 = 9 Failure. 8 hit dice, stunned for 1 round.

Raderol roars and grabs at his eyes, stunned by the clashing colors.

The furrow behind him explodes upwards in a shower of earth, revealing a large serpentine drake with black scales that burn with inner heat.

"I am here, my love!" The dragon declares, searing magma dripping from its over sized jaws. Seeing Raderol staggering in pain it roars in rage and turns to strike at his tormentors.

The drake goes after Quayne in the Initiative order, Vaelins turn.

Male Human Rogue [Acrobat] 2/Alchemist [Vivisectionist] 4

Vaelins notes the arrival of the dragon surprisingly calmly, instead focusing on the now incapacitated Raderol. Lightning fast, his left hand shoots up, flinging another dagger.

Standard Action: I throw another dagger at Raderol.
Attack:1d20 + 9 ⇒ (11) + 9 = 20
Weapon Damage:1d4 ⇒ 3
SA Damage:3d6 ⇒ (5, 1, 5) = 11

That opportunity having been taken advantage of, Vaelins then backs up, wearily watching the dragon.

Move Action: I back up slightly farther, hopefully taking me out of immediate attack range of the dragon.

Male Elf Sorcerer 4(Shadow and Rakshasa)/Dragonmark Heir 2

LJ, I screwed up my HP. I calculated as if the Sorc had d4s, not d6s. which I corrected, should have 34, though if you'd like to double check my math, please do.

took 14 damage, so HP is 20/34. also, 7/8 1st level spells, 3/4 2nd spells.

Ulvak does not seem to care that a dragon just appeared to join the battle. He does however pause for a moment, trying to see if he knows anything that about this type of dragon that could help defeat it. 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (4) + 13 = 17 Knowledge(Arcana) check.

Male Human Conjurer 6

While Quayne's eyes widen at the new arrival, his voice never falters and with a final raising of his hands Quayne completes the spell.

2nd-level creatures: 1d3 ⇒ 3

3 bubbles appear in the earth around Raderol. From the ground roll forth 3 boulders, each 3 feet across. The top of each seems to keep rollng while the bottom splits apart to form rudimentary legs and arms as thick as a dwarf's detach from their sides. In a heartbeat, Raderol is surrounded by the small army of rocky humanoids. Quayne barks something in a gravelly voice.

Focus on that one first, then the drake!

As one the stone creatures attack Raderol, 2 flanking him and the third behind him.

Rear elemental: slam 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (8) + 8 = 161d6 + 11 ⇒ (4) + 11 = 15

Left flanking elemental: slam 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (8) + 10 = 181d6 + 11 ⇒ (5) + 11 = 16

Right flanking elemental: slam 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (16) + 10 = 261d6 + 11 ⇒ (5) + 11 = 16

With another wave of his hand, Quayne vanishes.

Standard action cast Invisibility and move action to move away from his companions, circling the battlefield.

NA(looks female) NA(looks human) ?

Kiralinsee looks up from her drawings and notes the arrival of the drake.

"Well aren't you a pretty little thing? I suppose it would be too much to ask everyone to stop fighting so you could do a cool pose for me to draw. (sigh)"

She shrugs and goes back to drawing. And as the earth elementals appear

"Oh look, Rocky brought some friends. Hmmm, you all look the same, how am I going to tell you all apart? Ahhh, I know"

Suddenly the right elemental turns black and the left one turns red

"There we go, that's better. She points to the black elemental "I'll call you Rocky 2" then points to the red one "and you George"

She then goes back to drawing and starts humming a slightly different tune. This one is called "Rocky's Battle Theme"

All three elementals gain +1 to damage as long as she continues humming. This happens before they start their attack.

And in case anyone is worried about how the elementals feel about the color change, each has always secretly wished to be their new color.

dagger attack Vs AC 16=success. 14 damage. Knowledge(arcana)Vs DC 21=failure. Three elemental attacks Vs AC 16=success. 50 damage. @-Ulvak 34 is my count as well.

Raderol staggers about, bleeding freely from many wounds, he looks to be on his last legs.

"My baby!" The dragon roars desperately and lunges at the elemental on the right(charge, full round action).

Bite attack 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (4) + 12 = 16 Vs AC 17=failure

Male Human Conjurer 6

Quayne's voice comes from empty space nearby.

"Roshnuu! Surrender immediately or your 'baby' dies!"

Intimidate/Diplomacy/Whatever 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (18) + 1 = 19

As a note Diplomacy and Intimidate actually require one minute of conversation to work in PF, so I will handle this threat from a strictly RP point of view.

Roshnuu hesitates as she realizes she can't stop the elementals in time to save Raderol. She looks around uncertainly trying to pin point the source of the voice.(loses her next round's actions)

Opposed Perception Vs Stealth check. 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (5) + 9 = 14

female shifter (reincarnated elf) Rogue 1/Druid 5 (Pack Lord, Reincarnated Druid)

Dropping in quickly to say I'm on my way back from PaizoCon and will get an IC post up this evening. Looking forward to catching up!

Male Elf Sorcerer 4(Shadow and Rakshasa)/Dragonmark Heir 2

In Draconic "Roshnuu, I am sorry we had to attack and kill your beloved. He's an evil man however, and would only go on to hurt more people, most likely you included. He doesn't really love you. He's only using you, and plans to discard you as soon as your usefulness ends. I would rather not harm you, as I have a deep respect for all creatures Draconic. Please, leave the battlefield and let us deal with this vile man."

Swift Action to activate Silver Tongue Gaining a +5 bonus to my Bluff check. 1d20 + 19 ⇒ (10) + 19 = 29 It says it takes 1 round to deceives somebody but doesn't list an action. If I still have a Standard Action, I will possibly either cast Scorching Ray or use my Lesser Mark to cast Shadow Conjuration

Male Human Rogue [Acrobat] 2/Alchemist [Vivisectionist] 4

Delay to see what the Dragon's response is

Raeli wrote:
Dropping in quickly to say I'm on my way back from PaizoCon and will get an IC post up this evening. Looking forward to catching up!

Alright, cool.

Ulvak Thirkuira d'Phiarlan wrote:

In Draconic "Roshnuu, I am sorry we had to attack and kill your beloved. He's an evil man however, and would only go on to hurt more people, most likely you included. He doesn't really love you. He's only using you, and plans to discard you as soon as your usefulness ends. I would rather not harm you, as I have a deep respect for all creatures Draconic. Please, leave the battlefield and let us deal with this vile man."

-10 penalty because the lie is perceived as far fetched. Sense Motive roll: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6. Successful Bluff.

Roshnuu looks confused and hurt and sits down on her haunches as what you've said sinks in.

Ulvak still has a full round action.

The OOC thread for this adventure is up now. Lordjimbo's Portable Hole Sorry about the shady digs maybe Kiralinsee can help, she's omnipotent.

Male Elf Sorcerer 4(Shadow and Rakshasa)/Dragonmark Heir 2

Ulvak seems satisfied that his ploy worked. He then pauses, waiting to see what else happens before choosing his next action.

Going to also delay. If Raderol dies, or goes unconscious soon, Ulvak might decide to let the dragon go, unless she attacks us.

Male Human Conjurer 6

Again, Quayne's voice from somewhere off to the side.

"Hold him fast and remove all his equipment. Do not kill him yet."

With open arms, the elementals close around Raderol.

Rocky: Grapple 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (8) + 6 = 14
Rocky2: Flanking Grapple 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (1) + 8 = 9
George: Flanking Grapple 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (20) + 8 = 28

"Nice work, Ulvak. We're just going to subdue and disarm him. For now."

Quayne's voice now comes from more behind the elementals.

Ulvak delays and Raderol becomes unstunned on Ulvak's Initiative count. It is now Vaelins' turn. Then Raderol's. Then Quayne and the multicolored elemental brigade. Raeli and Kiralinsee can drop in when they like. As a note when you are stunned you drop whatever you are holding, So I forgot to mention Raderol's lightning blade was unsummoned when he was stunned he needs a new move action to resummon it.

Male Human Rogue [Acrobat] 2/Alchemist [Vivisectionist] 4

Vaelins looks around with a measure of surprise that the Dragon has stood down for now. He sees that Raderol is being restrained by the elementals and cautiously moves forward to finish the job. Shifting his sword into the grip of his tentacle, he reaches into his bag and pulls out manacles before moving slowly to Raderol.

I retrieve a pair of manacles from my handy haversack as I cautiously move towards Raderol. Then, assuming that the elementals have a good grip on him I clap him in irons.

@The Dragon:

You see, we only need to question him in reference to a theft. I'm sure that you will be able to retrieve him from the Ministry of Justice in Korth once that is taken care of.

@Raderol: And as for you, with the sanction of the Royal Ministry of Justice, we are taking you into custody for questioning.

After this pronouncement, Vaelins continues talking, but in a strange and disturbing language, as if he did not notice that he was no longer speaking Common.

I pretty sure that no one in the party would have heard this language so can they automatically recognize it or is there some check to identify? I can't find rules for that under linguistics

The language is...:


Mysterious Language:
And if you don't resist I won't have to stab you again.

NA(looks female) NA(looks human) ?

Since it looks like we are pretty tied to it going down this way Kiralinsee will string Raderol's stun a second round as long as that's ok with everyone.

Quickly reading her companions intentions Kiralinsee realizes that Raderol will gain his composure too quickly for it to work smoothly. Just as Raderol starts to pull it all back together, there is a second flash before his eyes that only he can see. No one else notices anything.

Raderol is stunned one extra round.

NA(looks female) NA(looks human) ?

Assuming the previous post is ok with everyone and things go according to plan

Noticing that the fighting is over, at least for now, Kiralinsee folds up her drawings and puts them away.
Well that went quicker than expected. I hope Raeli isn't too cross at us for finishing without her. Ah well, I'm sure there will be plenty enough for everyone before our journey is over. I do hope she catches up to us soon though. I have a feeling she has some questions of her own for this guy.
Kiralinsee pauses for a second as if she's just remembered something and says.
Oh and Vaelins you started talking gibberish again for a second there.

Male Human Conjurer 6

When Raderol is restrained, Quayne's voice approaches.

Linguistics: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (6) + 11 = 17

"That was not gibberish. It actually sounded like Abyssal, only more twisted, if that is possible. I have never heard its like before and I am fluent in nine languages, many of them planar."

Quayne mutters some words of magic, and one by one Raderol's items vanish into thin air.

Spellcraft DC 15:
Detect Magic

Quayne is picking up the items and appraising them as he does so. Appraise is +17.

"Kira. Rocky and his friends will only be here a little longer if you want to play."

Male Human Rogue [Acrobat] 2/Alchemist [Vivisectionist] 4
Kiralinsee wrote:

Oh and Vaelins you started talking gibberish again for a second there.

Vaelins covers his mouth and in the surprised tone of someone who has just burped in good company says Oh, terribly sorry, excuse me.

He then pulls his daggers out of Raderol before they can disappear like the rest of the items.

Raderol regains his senses and roars in anger when he discovers he is bound and pinned. "Help me you stupid worm!" He snarls at Roshnnu, who, with molten tears rolling down her face, dives beneath the earth and vanishes from sight.

"You can't rely on anyone these days." He grumbles after a moment. "Oh well, you got me, what is it you want now?"

His items include a potion of cure moderate wounds (cl 3), an amulet of natural armor +2, a bag of money containing 200 PP, and a plain obsidian band (Ring of Kabraxas, major artifact: Functions as a ring of wizardry 1-4 and also casts limited wish once a week, CL 20 save DC 20)

Male Elf Sorcerer 4(Shadow and Rakshasa)/Dragonmark Heir 2

What exactly does Ulvak know about this mission? Is he to just retrieve the artifact? bring back Raderol? can he be killed? etc

Male Human Rogue [Acrobat] 2/Alchemist [Vivisectionist] 4

Vaelins continues to manacle Raderol, locking the manacles with a large and elaborate lock.

I lock Raderol into the manacles with a good quality lock (DC 30)

Quayne, where did you go? Can you tell if he has the ring? Ulvak, I'm going to need some help restraining him. He's a spellcaster.

@ Raderol:I'm happy to not harm you as long as you behave. Otherwise...Xchal'tareckt

Vaelins employs a word from the same language as a moment ago as he makes a chopping motion across his neck with his tentacle before standing up and hauling the now bound miscreant to his feet.

For those who can identify it;

The language is...:

NA(looks female) NA(looks human) ?

"Ok Quayne. Just call if you need anything."
The elementals follow Kiralinsee over a bit to the side. Kiralinsee then begins to give some instructions to the elementals.
If your character is paying attention they will notice that she is speaking in common, but the elementals none the less seem to understand her.

Kiralinsee's instructions to the elementals:
"Ok gang, we're gonna play a game called musical statues. First I'm going to start humming a song. Then you guys are gonna start dancing, the more flamboyant, the better. Then when I stop humming you freeze in place. If you don't stop quick enough or if you move before I start humming again then you're out. Everyone understand?"

When Kiralinsee is done speaking the Elementals nod. She then begins to hum rather loudly and the elementals begin to dance in quite exaggerated movements. Every once in a while she stops humming and the elementals freeze immediately. After a couple of rounds, Kiralinsee calls timeout and says
"You guys are quite good at this, have you played this before?"
The elementals shake their heads. She replies
"Well I'm glad you are so naturally talented then. I don't really like telling people that they're out. It's a lot more fun this way in my opinion. Well shall we continue?"
The elementals nod their heads enthusiastically and the game begins again.

Male Elf Sorcerer 4(Shadow and Rakshasa)/Dragonmark Heir 2

Ulvak moves over to Raderol, and pulls out some cloth. which he ties over their prisoner's eyes. "This will certainly help. But we need to put a gag in his mouth as well."

Mission Parameters:
Retrieve the Ring of Kabraxas and return it to archmage Silven D’Orien. The method and means of completion are completely open ended and up to the agents. Raderol may be slain or captured (ultimately unimportant to The Twelve, although the government of Karrnath does want him removed because he is a threat to society.)

Raderol stands by passively as you restrain him, a frown on his face.

You receive two XP for defeating Raderol and Roshnuu. You are now 2/15 towards level 7.

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