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'Dventurer's Gild List of Mighty Deeds (Inactive)

Game Master Oterisk

In the war torn country of Galt, there exists a peaceful village somehow. Within that village is an abandoned house where the children of the village have set up a guild to take care of small problems in the area.

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Okay, I have no idea how this is going to work, but I am going to give it a shot. I am not new to GMing games, or to PBP, but here I am doing something new, GMing PBP. I know there are a lot of people interested in gaming right now who have the capacity for great character development, and so I thought I would give this grand experiment a try. Helpful suggestions are welcome but attitude out of character is a quick way to get ignored or booted.

Concept: A friend of mine told me about a game like this, it sounded like fun and I thought I would give it a go. It is an extremely low powered game where everyone is a kid. (This is basically E0.) You will have to deal with various childhood challenges and handle harrowing situations that sometimes grownups would not find near as exciting. There will be some adventures given to you, and you being kids might just find them on your own. Someday, you will be a real grownup with all of the privileges that come with it. As most characters will be starting out between the ages of 8 and 12, this game will be rated PG.

Even though this is in the midst of a revolution torn area, this adventure will be relatively light hearted dealing with the innocence of youth and the opportunity of extremely normal things to happen in the middle of horrendous situations. There may be some legitimate danger involved, and I don’t intend on killing any kids, but accidents happen sometimes, and dice get ugly. And sometimes, sometimes, people stop paying attention to their characters. But at least you will have plenty of people attending your funeral.

Setting: You will be having your adventures in the small town of Picket (which I completely made up), which is east of the city of Isarn in the country of Galt next to the Boarwood. This village was settled by some regular folk from the capital city who tired of all the bloodshed and political upheaval, and thought that if they just left the city alone and try to live peacefully in the country, it would be much safer to brave the wilderness. And so far, they have been right. Many of the people they had left behind as well as family in the city have already been killed or imprisoned. The village has mostly been left alone for some strange reason.

The village has about a hundred people in it, and has a nice birch wall by which the town gets it’s name. It’s primary industry is logging, but it has all of the amenities of a small village can afford: general store, smithy, butcher, etc. The kids of the town have opened a “‘Dventurer’s Gild” to solve town problems in an abandoned house. The grownups currently tolerate it because it keeps them busy and does about as much good as it does harm, but mostly because it keeps them busy.

Character construction:

Ability scores: This is a 7 point buy game. (don’t spend it all in one place, kids) You will also be forced to take the Young template.

Money: You don’t have any. Not only do you not have any money, but you are required to do 4 hours of chores per day by your parents. You can solicit NPC’s to do your chores, with a DC 10 Diplomacy or Intimidate check, although there is a +1 circumstance increase to this every time you do it with an individual. You can reduce this DC for -1 for every silver piece you use to sweeten the deal. If you don’t do your chores, you will be punished in a particular way that suits my purposes.

Classes: All characters will start out as commoners. Other NPC classes are allowed to be purchased with traits. Aristocrat and Expert can be purchased with one trait. Warrior can be purchased with two. Anyone who wants to become a magic user can spend a trait to gain a non damaging cantrip to be able to use at will (grownups don’t want you whipping out acid splashes until you are old enough to know what not to melt). Your hit points will be max. This means if you don’t do anything with your traits or con score, you start at 4 HP. This might seem crazy, but if you get hit with a club as a kid, you are going to go down.

Feats: none. No character will have any feats except humans who get a bonus feat. The feat they must take with their bonus feat is the “Extra Traits” feat.

Skills: You get half skills for your class but full from your intelligence bonus or race. You can only choose skills from your class skill list. Class skills give you a +1 bonus instead of a +3. Even though your stats and scores might actually be quite bad, remember that perserverance and boldness is often the key to success.

Human, Halfling, and any race that can manifest itself as a human or has human heritages. You will be starting in a human settlement, and longer lived races don’t make sense for this kind of game. Any half blood will have to stat themselves as a human (putting their +2 in a stat that the race they want to grow up to be has a +2 in. i.e. no sylphs with +2 to constitution), but receive a special “racial” Trait as detailed below. These special traits replace the Extra Trait feat that humans get. Also, for the sake of expedience, all these different options will age at the same rate as humans generally do.

Racial Traits:
Half- Elf: You retain your racial immunity to sleep effects, and you only need 4 hours a night to be rested. You can pick any skill to be a class skill and you get a point in it..
Half-Orc: You are hardier than the other kids, and can see in the dark. You gain +2 hit points and Darkvision 30 feet
Aasimar: You have always been good looking and grownups love you. You gain a +1 to Charisma and Diplomacy is a class skill for you.
Changeling: You gain two claw attacks per round and low light vision.
Ifrit: Your fire blood hasn’t fully manifested itself yet. You gain low light vision and you can cast Spark 3 times a day as a spell like ability.
Kitsune: You look like a normal kid, but you are far from it. You gain low light vision, Dancing lights 1 a day, and a primary bite attack.
Oread: Your earthen blood hasn’t fully manifested itself yet. You gain low light vision and you can cast Root 3 times a day as a spell like ability.
Samsaran: Having wisdom beyond your years, you gain a +1 to your wisdom score and you can pick any knowledge skill as a class skill.
Sylph: Your airy blood hasn’t fully manifested itself yet. You gain low light vision and you can cast Message 3 times a day as a spell like ability.
Tiefling: People think that bad things are your fault even if they aren’t. Bluff and Stealth are class skills for you. You get a -1 to diplomacy and have darkvision 30’
Undine: Your watery blood hasn’t fully manifested itself yet. You gain low light vision and you can cast Drench 3 times a day as a spell like ability.

: All characters will get one trait. Trait rules still apply: you cannot pick more than one trait from any category. Traits that don’t really apply to children will be frowned upon. Also, no Rich Parents or other trait that gives you any kind of money.

Campaign Traits: These traits are available to anyone, providing you have a trait available. Everyone must take one of these feats or if you are feeling clever, make up another one that fits your character subject to my approval of course.

“Mommy says I’m good with a knife!”: Due to a lot of work chopping or in the kitchen, you have a +1 trait bonus to hit in melee with a knife or dagger like weapon. But you also have 6 hours of chores a day instead of 4.

“I gots a popped blister, wanna see?!”: Your family needs your able hands for hard labor even though you are still young. You start with a hand axe or hammer and are proficient with it’s use. But you also have 6 hours of chores a day instead of 4.

“Pops let me kill da pig!”: Your family farm has animals that you are used to killing for food. Pick a weapon with just a X2 modifier, and attack rolls used by that weapon are considered 1 higher for the purpose of determining whether or not you critted with that weapon.

“‘S better than goblins can do!”: You can craft items without material cost, but they have a negative quality. Weapons get a -1 to hit or damage, Armor gets a -1 to AC or +1 to ACP, etc.

“Farmer Jozet is EVIL!”: You see things that grownups don't, but they don’t listen to you either. You gain a +4 trait bonus to Sense Motive Checks, but a -2 to Diplomacy rolls toward any adults or middle aged people.

“I’m boooooooooooooooooored!”: Your parents don’t require you to do chores.

“It was my birfday last week!”: Due to a growth spurt, you are a lot taller than your friends. You don’t take the size penalty from the Young template and reduce your penalty to your Strength to a -2. But you are also awkward, and only gain a +2 to Dex from it instead of the +4. This trait can be taken even if you have another Campaign trait.

“You don’t get an allowance?!”: Whether your parents try to smooth bad relationships over with money or they are just plain richer than other people, you get 5 silver a week from them and start with whatever you can buy with two shiny gold pieces!

“It’s spelled ‘g-U-i-l-d’, dimwit!”: You are smarter than some of the other kids or your parents cared about your education. You gain 3 skill points that can be non- class skills, but one of them has to be spent in a Knowledge skill.

“My uncle taught me something cool”: You gain a +1 to an ability score that isn’t currently your highest or your lowest, unless you have a tie for either.

: A good majority of your character’s improvement will be gaining equipment and treasure. The more enthusiastic the player, the greater the opportunity for the group to find goodies. How you divide it is up to you, but I would recommend playing nice. You should have enough to worry about without having to make enemies of each other.

At the end of a completed “‘Dventure” your character acquires an additional trait. As seen above, you may trade in traits for a different NPC class. You will also get a hero point. There will be no limits on the number of Hero Points you can hoard.

I suspect that when you have taken the birthday campaign trait, have advanced to an NPC class (or have 3 cantrips), and have a trait from every category as well as a feat, you are too old for the “‘Dventure Gild” and are expected to act like an adult. If you happen to be ahead of the other kids, we can work out some solution at that time.

Future: Will we go on after the kids grow up? I don’t know. There are a lot of variables. I think it would be cool, and I really don’t know how long this game will interest the players, so I won’t be committing to any length of campaign at this time. It is really just for some fun role play and kicks and giggles right now.

Requirements for application: Post a few paragraphs about your family and what you like to do as well as what you want to do when you grow up (perhaps a desired class?). Out of character, I need your stats and trait(s). Try not to make any grammatical or spelling errors outside of your character's quotes. Feel free to make up things about the town in your application, I only have a base idea of exactly who is there and will fill in gaps as needed. If your application contradicts one that came before, I can only pick one of you to be in the “Gild”. Applications will be done in a week or less, and I will pick 4-6 players.

sounds fun to me. Will have to work up something

Yeah, loving this idea. Got ideas already.

Dark Archive

This sounds like a ton of fun. I'll work something up soon.

Quick question: Where would I find "Root?"

Hmmm, this actually has my interest. I will see about whipping up a concept and then get some crunch based on that. Hero Lab for the win!

Not sure as to the race yet. I will post an update soon.

Do small humans get a racial bonus to hide?

twilsemail- Root was a cantrip suggested by a Paizo blog a while back. Here's a link.

joerice- only if it is granted by the Simple Young Template, which it isn't. But the +4 to Dex granted by the template gives them a bonus of+2 beyond other humans, so that's not too bad.

Cool, thanks. I've got the crunch done for a young lady and am writing up her backstory now.

Dark Archive

"Da an' I live right insidd-a tha woods. It's really great in our house, it's really big. Da hunts for whatever he can find, but he says that the logging keeps scaring stuff off.

"Ma died when I was real small. I mean reeeeaaaal small. Da says I'm all he's got left and he worries about me. I don't know why he worries. I never get caught. Well, almost never. Besides, I gots people looking out for me.

"I go out wif him sometimes. He shows me things. I know what deer poop looks like and how it's different from 'coon poop.

"What do I like to do? There's a cave nearby and I swear I'm going in it next time. I wanna find out what that noise is. Also, Da takes me to Erastil's shrine out in the woods. I like it out there. Sometimes there's a priest and he tells me stuff.

"He thinks maybe Erastil likes me, but I'm not really sure what that means."


Meet Fred'ick. He's a young, human troublema- er, He's a young adventurer. I'll stat him out eventually. I'd liket o see him go one of three routes: Cleric, Druid or Ranger. That really depends on how life treats him, neh?

Proposed new trait: "My Da Took me Huntin' last week." Choose 1 (Throwing Axe, Long bow, Short bow) and gain proficiency.

Are orisons fair game for the Trait = lvl 0 spell?

Jaeryll, you have one too many traits. Everyone starts with one, and humans get an extra two. Otherwise your build looks great.

twilsemail, I have no problem with your new trait, it seems to be balanced pretty well with the other feats. Just remember that you will be starting with nothing, and I can't guarantee you will be able to get/borrow/own an appropriately bow of your own right away.

And yes, Orisons are cool. You get use of the 0th level spell at will, but it can't be a damaging one.

Dark Archive

Oterisk wrote:
twilsemail, I have no problem with your new trait, it seems to be balanced pretty well with the other feats. Just remember that you will be starting with nothing, and I can't guarantee you will be able to get/borrow/own an appropriately bow of your own right away.

That just means I'll get to say, "Man... 'f I had my bow right now..."

This is a really great idea. I'm new to PBP but pretty experienced with Pathfinder so I'd like to give it a try, if you don't mind.

funny that this is open I am currently playing a young character in a carrion crown adventure

check her out here

anyway the young template does give +4 to dex but it is also -4 to strength and -4 to Con.

you are considered 1 size category smaller so human would be size small.
there are no stat adjustments made for the reduced size (it is already considered in the template stat adjustment)

you gain the size small advatages and disadvateges also.

+1 size bonus to attack
+1 size bonus to AC
-1 size penalty to CMB and CMD
+4 size bonus to stealth
base speed becomes 20'

just thought I would throw that out there.

remember with a 7 point buy you may be ending up with a 6 strength and 6 con which, as a commoner, will put you at 2 HP. so remember to make good use of your racial bonuses as well as carful consideration where you spend those points.

I have several ideas to use, I will need to do some thinking on which way to go for this.

Ah, good catch, Osterisk. Here's the write-up:

Jaeryll's father was a charmer back in Isarn, but he never had much use for family, and they've gone on fine without him. Jaeryll is the second youngest girl out of four, and is the last one to remember city life with any useful detail. She mostly remembers that it was more inherently interesting there. She loved listening to speakers rile the public up. Such power, without a weapon or even magic.

She's preternaturally bright and social. She can converse with adults as easily as kids her own age, and is not quite at the point in development where that will get her into trouble she doesn't want. Her eldest sister has moved back to the city and sends home money when she can. The next oldest is in her mid-teens and already working in the village; she likes it there. This leaves Jaeryll with the often-unfortunate duty of babysitting. Her little sister Clara, a butterball of a six-year-old sometimes seems to be the bane of her existence, but she takes good care of her anyway.

Jaeryll always got along very well with her mother, but lately the relationship has strained. Her mom clearly isn't sure what to do with her miniature adult that is already smarter than her. There is occasional tension due to this. Jaeryll, for her part, just wants to find interesting things to do and learn until she's old enough to move back to the city. Her occupational plans change by the day and sometimes by the hour. She's wanted to be an animal doctor, a wizard, a Queen (never a princess), a soldier, a hunter, a builder ...whatever latest thing has fascinated her, she puts her whole being into.

twilsemail- As long as you don't mind, I don't mind.

Edward- A fine reminder for all those who are building characters. Remember that Tiny Halfings are also available for those who are really interested in being sneaky.

Ptolmaeus- Please do.

Jaeryll- I like the backstory, but please spell my name correctly. I don't know why so many people tend to get it wrong...

Ha! I guess we're all thinking of typing little stars.

Dark Archive

Browsing through the archives of Nethys, I found a trait that fits the character as I wrote him and allows me to take one of your spiffy campaign traits.

Hunter's Eye: Your parents had you blessed by Erastil. Ignore the second increment range penalties and gain proficiency with either the long bow or the short bow.

If I'm able to take that, I think I might also take "Farmer Jozet is EVIL!"

Just a thought as I'm looking at this, ranged characters will have an extreme advantage once they get a ranged weapon (be human and get a free dex of 14 or 16 with your +2 or dump 5 of your points into dex and end up with a 20 for a net AC of 16 and a net to hit of +6 at lvl 0).

Would it not make sense to give melee some kind of counter like being able to take weapon finesse? that way, they still have damage penalties from strength, but are able to hit just like those that go ranged?

With regards to that, perhaps you could do it as a trait that just gives you weapon finesse with one finesse weapon (light weapon, natural weapon, elven curve blade, rapier, whip, or spiked chain made for a creature of your size category) rather than the whole lot.

Jaeryll, I never thought of that. You might be right.

twilsemail- That trait is just fine. It even fits your history quite well.

EntropyRules- I specifically made it difficult for people to be in melee combat because it doesn't play to the strengths of children. We will likely need at least one front line character in case things get heavy, so if you can come up with a trait with flavor text that suits the campaign and is balanced, I will consider it.

Here's what I've got for Fred'ick. profile-wise.

Let me know what you think, boss.

Whoa, how'd Fred nail that high bluff score?

Oterisk, I think that your campaign trait

“I gots a popped blister, wanna see?!”: Your family needs your able hands for hard labor even though you are still young. You start with a hand axe or hammer and are proficient with it’s use. But you also have 6 hours of chores a day instead of 4.

Could be used as a front line trait if tweeked a little bit. Just a thought. Usually I would pair axe's and hammers with str just cause of the nature of their use.

Dark Archive

Poor editing on my part?

Got the stats up, working on background.

twilsemail: Ha! Fair 'nuff.

I think that with 11 pbp games and a 12th likely to happen that I am going to back out of this one. I will still follow along to see how this goes.

Have fun everyone!

This might be a fun trait:
House full of brothers: Growing up in a house full of brothers means growing with a lot of horse play and a lot of wrestling at home
Due to your experience wrestling with your brothers, your opponents do not get an attack of opportunity when you grapple them.

Got my character finished. Let me know if there is any issues but I've got to drop off for a bit.

Cash is an odd son for a slightly odd couple. His parents, Jacques and Marie Albner never exactly told him just why they left Isarn but he suspects that it has something to do with the short tail his mother always makes sure is tucked into his pants and the pair of bony lumps that are still barely hidden by his hairline and rebellious brown locks.

His mother was a small time spell caster and his father worked with horses back in Isarn. In Picket, their skills are still in demand so Cash has to divide his attentions between helping his father with the horses and a mix of lessons and chores assigned by his mother. When he does have some time to himself, he has to submit himself to his mother's worried gaze, letting her tuck his tail out of sight and making sure the bony nubs cannot be seen. Most of the other adults know what he is already so her efforts are mostly to protect him from the ridicule of the children.

Cash is a intelligent boy, taking to his mother's lessons well and possessed of a rampant curiosity. Increasingly, he finds strange words popping into his head from an unknown source. His mother tells him that she will explain them when he gets older. He knows the area around Picket pretty well due to his near constant exploring. He does not have much in the way of friends since he feels he always has something to hide from other kids but the 'Dventurer's Gild piqued his interest enough to bring him out of his shell.

Fred- Nice. I loved how you made your mundane gear seem awesome.

Hadrian- Again, you are welcome to come up with your own trait if you want. I have written some that I thought were cool and offered for others to come up with their own if they wish. They can be similar to other traits, but as one of the entrants has already used that trait it would not be fair to everyone to just change it.

Cash- I like your build except for one thing. As a Tiefling, you only gain one trait at level one plus your racial trait. It may make it a little harder to start, but I promise that the first 'Dventure will not be too tough. It will take me a little while to get used to the system myself.

GMV- Fair enough, this is a volunteer position. We plan to!

Fixed it

Sorry about all these questions, but it just so much fun to think about different possibilities, would it be possible to give up the +2 stat bonus on a tiefling or assimar and instead take one of the variant abilities that would usually replace there spell like ability? I was looking at a few of them and thought it might be fun to use in a small game like this, but since you said to stat them like a human, they dont have anything to really give up for the variants except the +2 stat (the trait wouldn't be a fair trade, it'd be better for the player).
Anyways, just let me know.

Grand Lodge

Arkus balin, submitted for approval. Interested to see where this goes.

Entropy, questions are fine. I might be fine in switching a racial trait in exchange for the +2 to one stat or possibly the +1 skill point per level. It would depend on which one you wanted. Why don't you pick one and ask specifically about that, and I will let you know.

Arkus, nice entry. It is fun to see what people come up with.

Hehe, I was actually looking at the variant traits that give DR/2. Tieflings can get it for Piercing, Bludgeoning, or Silver and Aasimars can get it for magic or evil. Again these are all variant abilities.

That would be one tough kid. That would also mean that I would have to adjust all of the encounters as well as some of them would be incapable of even harming you. I think it would be unfair to the other kids.

I would be willing to allow you to give up your skill point and your +2 modifier for a trait that would allow you to trade your first point of lethal damage to non-lethal damage. That way, it would be much easier to knock you out and you would definitely be more durable than the other kids without being as unbalanced.

hehehe, I thought you might say that, I was kind of hoping that with the strong and weak DR up there you might say no to the magical stuff and say yes to either piercing or bludgeoning. but eh, what can ya do.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber Subscriber

This reminds me of that one Dragon magazine adventure where you all play cub scouts wandering around a mansion on Halloween. Back in the '80's it was...

So, I am looking at using the Indentured Blacksmith trait (not super important, but fun for backstory), but that would mean I'd have to be a slave to gnolls.... would it be possible to ignore that tidbit and just be an apprentice blacksmith? That's what I'm looking at being back story wise and it would fit really well. with the other 2 traits that I'm looking at getting: Rough and Ready (I'll be used to using a blacksmith hammer) and “You don’t get an allowance?!” (I'll be playing it as that's what I get from working for the blacksmith).

Camris- I knew it wasn't an original idea, but it seemed like a good time.

Entropy- Those traits will go well together.

Good to see this place did not burn down without me. How many players are you aiming for?

Naw, we're still here.

I was thinking of between four and six depending on balance, synergy and cool ideas. I prefer smaller parties, but I also am aware of a fairly high dropout rate. I will also prematurely end recruitment if I feel confident in what I have available.

Coming up with a concept not detailed yet

Alejandro Mondragon II

he likes to call himself "the dragon"

Trait I plan on taking:

“You don’t get an allowance?!” Whether your parents try to smooth bad relationships over with money or they are just plain richer than other people, you get 5 silver a week from them and start with whatever you can buy with two shiny gold pieces!

Bonus feat: extra traits

Bonus trait #1: class: Expert
Bonus trait #2: undecided yet


Str: 8 (-4 young, +2 points)
Dex: 14 (+4 young)
Con: 10 (-4 young, +2 points, +2 Human)
Int: 11 (+1 point)
Wis: 10
Cha: 12 (+2 points)

AC: 13 (+2 Dex, +1 size)
HP: 8

Skill points 4 (+3 classes, +1 Human)
Class Skills:

Acrobatics: (1 rank, +1 CS, +2 Dex = +4)
Bluff: (+1 Cha = +1)
Climb: (-1 Str = -1)
Knowledge (local) (1 rank, +1 CS = +2)
Knowledge (history)
Knowledge (nobility)
Perception (1 rank, +1 CS = +2)
Sense Motive
Sleight of hand
Stealth (1 rank, +1 CS, +4 size, +2 Dex = +8)

His wooden sword (club)
His whip (took from his dad’s stable) (1gp)
Fancy clothes (1gp)

BAB +0
CMB -2 (-1 Str, -1 size, +0 BAB)
CMD 10 (-1 Str, +2 Dex, -1 size, +0 BAB)
Melee wooden sword (club): +0 (1d4-1 20/x2)
Melee Whip: -4 (1d2-1 {non-lethal} 20/x2, 15’ reach)

Concept: not quite detailed

Alejandro was born into wealth
Lives on his parent’s Plantation just outside of town
His father was an expert swordsman and had Alejandro begin his training at the age of 4.
His mother always educated him on how to be a gentleman but he had a wild nature and liked to sneak out of the house to pretend he was some daring and dashing rogue saving the damsel in distress.

When he attended school he would frequently get into trouble causing disruptions in the class and letting his imaginary persona get the better of him often being picked on by some of the older kids as well as getting in trouble with the adults.

His wooden sword is what he used to practice with but it has no combat value except as a club. The whip he stole from the family stable when he head about this guild and he wanted to join. Especially when he found out that *** was joining.

(*** inserts another female PC name here)

Hmm... Interesting. I'm thinking of a kid who dreams of being a Pathfinder in the future. You know, the kid who alway goes exploring and has the treehouse in his back yard.

Hmm... Let me see what I can do... Probablly can post something up by 4:00pm tommorow, assuming that spots are still open that is.

Edit: One question I want to ask, the "Mommy says I'm good with a knife!
trait, does my character start with a knife if I take that? Or do I have to roll and try to smuggle one out of the kitchen?

By the way, I was either going with the concept of a muti-classed Magus/Cavalier or Fighter (Lore Warden)/Student of War depending or how the rest of the party developed.

Alrighty, So I've got a character built, should be interesting to see how this all works out. Ironically, I don't think anyone has gone ranged yet. This is Chico, I still need a back story but basically he's a kid that's taking an apprentice ship from the local blacksmith (he-he, Guess that would mean that I know Arkus being that his dad is the Blacksmith).

Edward- You might consider taking the second trait plunge to get the Warrior. If you are worried about skill points I might add more available through traits later.

Harark- Sounds like a cool idea. I would love to see it implemented.

Cash- Cool. The more developed idea you have, the more fun it is.

Chico- Back story is good. Also, not stepping on toes is good. It keeps more people in the game.

Ooooh, this looks great! Got an idea for a tiefling that the adults don't want around cause of all the trouble he makes and refuses to exaplain why.

Yeah, he put a mouse in Ol' Man Dirk's boot.

Yeah, he cut the Hunter Coren's snare one day.

But he saw Dirk kissing someone that wasn't his wife though, and Coren kicked a dog just because it was there. As far as he's concerned, that got what they deserved and he "don't hafta 'plain nothing!"

Lantern Lodge

I love this idea. Have even played kids before though this is the first time I've heard of the young template so I'll look it up. Will be back with a concept.

Thinking a tiefling aristocrat (have a mother who doesn't talk about the father so don't ask. Might be the reason for having moved out here) Looks mostly human with just a pair of stubby horns and a tail to distinguish her from normal people, though she usually hides these when not at home.

Shadow Lodge

I wasnt looking to add more games to my roster but this sounds awesome and I have been curious about Galt. Dotting for interest, will see if I can come up with a good concept.

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