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Dream of the Red Chamber: Kyrademon's Jade Regent PBP, Part IV

Game Master Kyrademon

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Male Human Cleric 10

Alaric stifles a groan as she takes him in hand. "Get me wet. Either lick your palms, fetch the grease... or get creative," he whispers into her mouth.

Minor critiques aside, the way he thrusts against her grip and struggles to keep his eyes open, shows how much he is enjoying what she's doing.

Female Quarter-Orc Sorcerer

Her green eyes spark at the word creative, worlds of ideas spinning in her mind until her lips curl into a smile around his fingers. She sucks out to the tips of the fingers, then licks down the side of his pointer, and takes his thumb into her mouth.

One hand moves lightly, gently, down to rest at the base, squeezing and moving her hand just enough to encourage the thrusts but not the full movement that would be less without lubrication. Her eyes find his and then look down over the space between their bodies. Her free hand slips into her underwear and finds the part that he left very, very wet. She tries to mimic his actions her body responding, but not with the intensity that he gives to her. When that hand begins to play over him again, she has taken care of his critique.

Tongue swirling around his thumb, flicking the tip. Her eyes asking for her reward.

Male Human Cleric 10

As she dips her hand to her panties, he smiles. She's managed to read his mind. "Good girl," he mouths. As she begins to remove the hand, he catches the wrist, encouraging her to explore herself more fully. Soon, the mere sight of her hand undulating beneath the fabric isn't enough for him. With a quick rip, he divests her of the panties to get a better look. Only when she looks on the verge of another orgasm does he guide her hand away. The implication is clear: No more touching yourself until you've pleased me. Then, and only then, will you get what you want.

He shudders as she begins to lubricate him, nodding as she expertly finds his favorite places to be touched. When her eyes ask him, he takes his thumb away and hesitates for a moment. Has she truly earned it? He relents, hooking a hand behind her head and guiding it downward.

Female Quarter-Orc Sorcerer

She pauses for a moment, watching him for brief moments, a mixture of everything good that he makes her feel clear in her eyes. A single word, whisper quiet, "Yours." And then she follows the pressure of his hand downward.

She starts with just her tongue, tasting the mixture of herself on his skin, then adding the pressure of her lips and the intake of her breath on the places that make his toes curl. And then sinking him fully into her mouth, pausing, letting the muscles in her throat contract around his head as her tongue plays with his shaft. Then moving up and down the length of him, tongue flicker light at times, solid pressure at others.

All the while her hips moving, the pleasure she is getting from her actions growing.

Male Human Cleric 10

His hands tangle up in her hair, lightly at first, letting her do what she likes. With each dip of her head, his grip grows slightly tighter. Seems he was almost ready to explode as soon as she took him. He forces her deep, craving the caress of her throat against him, thrusting in and out of her skilled mouth.

As the thrusts grow jerkier, as the pressure on her scalp grows harder. He does as he was bidden: he @#*!s her mouth, using her to bring him pleasure unequaled and loving every second of it. With a final thrust, he is deep in her mouth and only then does he come. He does not have to, but he holds her anyway until she swallows every last bit of him.

Only then will he release her, wrapping her up in exhausted and loving arms.

Female Quarter-Orc Sorcerer

As he holds her close, he can still feel the tremors in her body as she cuddles in close to his warmth. Her eyes open to look at him for a moment before she stretches, fitting her lithe body to his. Finding her place, body purring with joy, she smiles.

A quick glance at his face and the smile takes a teasing, impish air which doesn't quite match the languor her happy body.

Male Half-elf Barbarian


Rhost will be happy to come up with a menu. I am also posting this to remind myself to come up with a menu when we come off hiatus.

Male Halfling Cavalier 10

"Head uut aastat!"

"Happy New Year!"

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