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I am glad you asked that. In the Keepsake game, the spells are based loosely on latin. So I would suggest that you use Google translator to translate the words. But here are some basics:

An example: bestialem forma personae
Vertius transforms into a giant black panther, gaining +4 Strength, claw attacks that deal 1d6 damage, a pounce attack, and the scent ability for 10 minutes.

Target Words
personae (personal)
fellaria or fellarius or fellarit (she or he or it: selected)
disseptum (barrier)
ruptis (burst)
conus (cone)
linea or linia (line)

Vertius Nightingale is my character, a magus with more traditional spells (normal limitations as I crafted him before I made the decision to make all Words of Power available. He will be the grammar and verbal spellcraft instructor.

Got it, thanks.

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I will create Apollos, the instructer for natural occurences and phenomina. Wizard of Air going into Storm Kindler.

For a group standpoint, I'm the Blaster, mainly with electricity, but also with sonic/air types.

So what races are we looking at being available? I've got a couple of ideas but want to be a bit more sure before I present them. I'm thinking a kitsune going either bard, sorcerer or oracle not sure which yet.

If not that then a diviner/healing witch -- samsaran if possible with the life blood feat.

My last thought would be a razmiran priest sorcerer.

Well, the razmiran thing would be a little strange as I'm not really intending it to be played in Golarion. (Thanks for bringing that up, though, as I'm sure other people want to know that too.)

As for race, as I said to another character, play who you want to be. But don't be surprised if strange appearances drive off potential students, etcetera. The more unusual the appearance of the character, the less likely that others will feel comfortable talking to them.

Just because there's no razmira, doesn't mean you can't play a sorcerer obsessed with a god-like npc you created as part of your background.

But I'd encourage everyone to play races and ideas that would fit into the Keepsake world. (Look for pictures on the internet and get inspired).

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Man, there aren't any good pictures of characters in Keepsake, except for the main character. At least grey is always in style.

I'll get an Alias up pretty soon.

Yeah, they're mostly human... :) There's a talking tree though.

Anyway, you can see what the location looks like, though. So if you can mentally see your character in that location, it probably is a good fit.

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Right fast, how are we going to do health? 1/2HD+1? Roll?

Since combat is not the focus of this game, I was thinking of doing something simple for hitpoints, like using the system from Blue Rose. But that might be alien to a few people. So probably max hp per level.

Lantern Lodge

I think leaving HP average+1 is probably best, since most of us probably don't know about Blue Rose and it's something less important anyway, there's no point in causing confusion (though I would like to know more about this Blue Rose game)

Here's what I'm looking at for character history for the kitsune: According to his human mother he was delivered to her through a wish spell. While he grew up knowing he wasn't the same as the other children he simply chalked it up to his miraculous arrival. This led him to a strong appreciation of the religious institutions he thought were responsible for his being brought to his mother.

It wasn't until after her death that he learned the wish she had used to bring her 'son' to her was the product of a contract with a devil, one that had condemned her soul to hell. This is a driving motivation for him as he hopes to save his mother from her fate.

I'm going to go with the razmira priest as a means to show his religious (and trickster) nature and the rakshasa bloodline to cover his shapeshifting nature. I'm thinking to use a starball as his religious focus and a prayer book (basically a book of scrolls) that he focuses his magic through to cast divine spells. My thought is this will be how the 'razmiran channel' features works.

For feats I'm looking at fox shape as my level 7 bonus feat, false casting as my first level feat and taking magical tail twice. For my last two feats I'm thinking either silent spell and still spell or eldritch heritage(arcane) and improved familiar for a silvanshee familiar (a gift from the church he's associated with).

His specialty as a teacher will be divine spells and such since there aren't too many arcane casters that can cast those as he can. His secondary focuses are enchantment and divination.

Generally he stays in human form. Physically he is slight of build and a bit short, with dirty blond hair, green eyes and a ruddy complexion.

Sorry to have to do this, but I'm afraid I'll have to pull out of this one. Have fun and good luck with the students.


I vote for max hp per level.

This looks really interesting. If you're still taking players, I'd put my hand up.

Alright, I've got a nice little set of bones here for a character. I have all the abilities he has, as well as most of his items. I'll come up with a nice back story for tomorrow.

A Sample of his Lectures:
According to some people, nature is a wonderful and kind spirit that loves each and everyone of us who bask in its glory. I find these people Naive. Try saying that nature is of love on top of a mountain during a Blizzard, or out at sea during a Typhoon, or on the plains during a Thunderstorm. Nature is far from kind. It is most like an army, armed to the teeth with weaponry and armor, while we are but mere peasants standing in its way. During my class, you will be taught to handle all that nature can throw at you, and, more importantly, how to throw nature at other people.

I fear I have killed this thread!!

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So it was you! How dare you kill a thread! *Pounces with teeth bared*

LOL just playin :P

Just been busy and thinking on it.

Dumdeedumdeedum... Oh, Dragonvale Academy intrest check, what dusty forums you have!

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Yep, you scared everyone away with your lecture.

My apologies everyone, I was pulled away suddenly on a business trip and could not access Paizo's website until just now. As for divine casters (I don't know why people want to go to a wizard's school in a valley magically protected from the gods by ancient and powerful dragons and be divine casters), but let's bring it on and see what happens, if people are still interested, that is.

As for silent spells, I'm not sure I think that is fitting with this game. But I did not specify beforehand that I felt we should keep the words of power as actual verbal spellcasting. Perhaps I should work on a system document that espouses the campaign I am interested in hosting before seeing if anyone else is interested.

Sounds like a good plan. My thoughts on a character have shifted a bit. I'm considering a human sage bloodline that focuses on low level magic (a master of the basics if you will) or trying to talk you into allowing my 'infernal contract broker' in as someone that teaches on magical contracts and binding magicks.

Most of my current posting is done via cellphone which has slowed me down, however I should have a labtop soon.

I like the sounds of both, Abraham. The Sorcerer could be used for teaching everyone, not just the cream of the crop, and the "Devil Lawyer" could be the reason why we have obtained such a valuable spot. Both work for me.

Right so I'm really liking the chance to pull out the contract broker more so I think I'll go with him. I am going under the assumption I can change out his feats and skills. Should I stick to his base stats? I'm good with that but wanted to be sure.

For feats:
Dimensional Agility, eldritch heritage, combat reflexes, bodyguard, dimensional assault, dimensional dervish, improved eldritch heritage

Eldritch heritage is for the Rakasha bloodline getting the bluff ability and nondetection ability.

For equipment I'm thinking:
2 inmovable rods (possible in his boots so he can anchor then with his toes)
+1 phase locking living steel long sword
+1 deathless mithral glamoured chain shirt
+1 mithral buckler
+2 cloak of resistance
Hat of disguise
Lesser ring of inner fortitude
Wand of infernal healing
9 scrolls of infernal healing (hand out goodies and tradestock basically)
2,500gp left

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Silent spells could still require the words to be spoken in ones head, but the rules for WOP do have the silent meta word and metamagic feats are stated to work with WOP, I think calling them words is misleading in this sense but as I am unable to come up with something better it is possible that the name was chosen for lack of a better suited term.

I will teach craft maic and theurgy.

Do you think we could get a post from everyone still interested in this? I know DarkLightHitomi, Abraham Spaldin, and I are eager to play, and Arazni is the GM. There were a few others a while back, but they haven't shown their faces in a while.

I'd like to throw my hat in the ring, though I have never played Keepsake. How does everyone feel about an alchemist at the school? I will have to look on the SRD again but words of power work with them, I think.

Personally Ithink it would fit, but that's just me.

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Alchemist should be fine since the game used potion-making to polymorph a character a couple times.

So I guess that means we have Snape. No helping students kill the headmaster please :)

LOL my idea is more Slughorn than Snape, so instead I'll just accidentally poison students by giving them mead meant for the headmaster. But yes you will have a potions master :)

Sweet! Now... if we could only get the GM to join us.

By the way, who will be acting as the headmaster?

Lantern Lodge

I call it!


Who knows, maybe GM has a plan for that. Maybe GM should play headmaster so he has an easy way to introduce missions, events, and objectives.

That was the general idea, yes.

I am working on a resource document for this campaign, as I've made a few rules changes to facilitate an easier game. As soon as it is done I'll share it here and you all can see if you want to create a character.

I had been asked a number of questions about divine spellcasters, for example, and I originally was opposed to the idea, I think I'll allow them with a few exceptions to the normal rules. They will not be wordcasters, for example, but use regular divine spells. (That way we will keep the arcane casters and divine casters different.) Anyway, I'll share the master document once its ready.

I'm very interested, and have been keeping an eye on this thread, though I haven't been posting because I've struggled to settle on a concept (too many options!). I'm stuck between the idea of the mind-controlling enchanter with a shady past, or the inscrutable reality-warping aspiring god-wizard.

(I was a little slow on both the combat-based wizard and the conjurer with access to forbidden knowledge. Doh!)

In any event, I'll look to get an alias up for your inspection in the next two days if there's still room for me :)

This could possibly be taking off... Wonderful... Just as planned...

I have a few questions regarding the Character Creation in the discussion thread (but didn't want to bog it down hammering out the details there).

Arazni wrote:
Character Creation: ...All spellcasters, regardless of class, will be bound to an arcane staff, which may be decorated as suits the character. Four Words of Power may be inscribed on the staff, to enable the spellcaster to cast a Wordspell build on those Words of Power once per day. This ability replaces arcane bond, but is in addition to the familiar ability of an arcane sorcerer or wizard. . .

Are all spellcasters bound to a staff or just those with an option to take an arcane bond? I am applying as an alchemist, and I really can't see an alchemist lugging around a big staff around with his cauldron. Could I flavor mine as a wand? Not a wand "of" anything, just a one handed wand that is inscribed with the words of power. I feel a wand would be much more convenient and fitting for a mage adding ingredients to cauldrons, incanting magic words, prodding the elixir with his wand, then reaching over a pouring more stuff in, etc.

Arazni wrote:
All masters of the school must introduce three texts as discussed in the recruitment thread. These books will be looked over by the masters present, once convened, and we will determine which of these to use in the school's curriculum and libraries.

Also, how much of the arcane texts do we need to present? Will a title and synopsis suffice? Are we going to be "creating" the rules of magic in roleplaying our discussion of the curriculum, or do you have definite rules in mind?

This is CloakedInSmoke's alchemist character! I'll have the crunch up soon but here's the fluff. :)


Hello! Well met. I'm Dr. Rubedo Cupell Grimoire, but please, call me Rubedo. Or, if you're feeling especially cheeky, my childhood nickname of Grim. *chortles* Anyway, I would be perfect as potions master and head of alchemy at your school, headmaster. Oh that? That's my third arm. Got it almost a decade ago now. I'm a pioneer in the field, love experimenting, and that was my attempt to make myself permanently heal quickly from any injury. Added a tad too much mandrake, though, and instead it made me grow another arm! Been thinking of taking a second dose, just to even things out. Dead "hand"y *chortles* for an alchemist to have an extra hand, though. Anyway, that's neither here nor there.

I'm sure you've read the three of my seminal works I've submitted, to remind you, they were the Index of Alchemic Reagents and Inherently Magical Materials, The Alchemist's Way (my comprehensive guide to potioneering, creating magical extracts, bomb-crafting, and the brewing of mutagens), and finally, Stones and Founts: Legends and Lore in Alchemy, in which I relate everything we know of alchemic myths such as the philosopher's stone and the fountain of youth. I think you will find them indispensable for teaching budding alchemists and potioneers of all skills and ages. I am not only a master fit for teaching students, but an active scholar in the field. Just last year I penned an award-winning paper in Journal of Advanced Alchemy regarding mummification and how, by a month-long regimen of diet, exercise, and a carefully brewed, slightly poisonous alchemic tea, you can give a living body key immunities the undead--and now, thanks to the regimen, myself--enjoy. Don't worry, I am quite aware that only an advanced alchemist like myself--one immune to poison due to his frequent and prolonged exposure to chemicals--could have pulled off this and any student who attempted my regimen would undoubtedly kill himself in the process.

I also work well leading others. Much advanced alchemy is a team affair, considering the complex brews that must be completed often simultaneously, and I am gifted at directing multiple assistants and monitoring their work even as I complete my own. I look forward to taking up the post at your school!


I'm tall and stocky with platinum blonde hair and violet eyes (from my mum) and tan skin (from my dad). I wear billowy black scholar's robes with a red and gold stole (signifying myself as an alchemist). His most unusual features are his third arm (under his right arm) and a slightly chapped look to his skin, a side effect of his mummification.


[ooc]Rubedo is consumed--though he would never admit it to himself or anyone else--with overcoming his mortality. He feels a void in his life because his elf mother had a fling with his human dad, thereby consigning him to a relatively short life. He truly enjoys alchemy for its own sake (and thus would not be affected too much in his pursuit of alchemic mastery), but he tends to focus all his research on using alchemy to overcome death. He does not rule out undeath entirely, although he does not have the stomach or the heart to become a lich, but he does study the undead to duplicate their immunities. He is confident, though, that alchemy, and not necromancy, will ultimately enable him to live forever. If he were to have an alignment, he would probably hover between N and CN.

Academic Accomplishments:

  • Index of Alchemic Reagents and Inherently Magical Materials (a guide to every known material that can be used in alchemic reactions)
  • The Alchemist's Way (a guide to every aspect of the alchemist class)
  • Stones and Founts: Legends & Lore in Alchemy (a guide to all known alchemic myths, legends, and their theoretical plausibility
  • Learning from Mummy Dearest (a paper detailing his transformation into a "living mummy"


(coming soon)

Weapons, Gear, & Equipment:

(coming soon)
  • Headband of Mental Prowess (INT & CHA)
  • Handy Haversack
  • Lantern Lodge

    If I recall correctly all students when accepted were given a staff. I think that's what he trying to simulate, though I don't we should be bound to them but that they are just a sign of position and a key to entrance to the various places in the school, like the teacher lounge and our offices. And making then usefull is always a bonus.

    I had my eyes on this topic for a while and kept following *cough*stalking*cough* it and could not resist anymore. It seems to be a fantastic idea plus been brewing some ideas in my mind

    I just had a fantastic idea of a wizard with goofy and clumsy personality with a bit craziness added specializing to time and warp magic.

    "Time is here and time is there, it flows and stop and boom! then goes backwards although I haven't been able to prove it yet.."

    I'll post up my sorcerer this weekend. His specialies will be mastering the basic, abjuration, and magical endurance. He might also end up an elven wizard but we'll see.

    Hmmm.... After reviewing a lot of the submissions so far, I've begun to realize that it may be impossible to have the game I originally wanted in the Pathfinder system. This isn't to say that something similar to what I've described can't be done, especially regarding the characters that have been submitted already.

    Therefore I've decided to sit down and work on a campaign similar to what I described (or find a published one), that the players can enjoy, with the basic pathfinder rules with the Words of Power spell system. I will review submissions over the weekend, make a final selection of four or five players, and try to explain what the campaign will be like over the same time period.

    If anyone would like to play a Magister, Witch, Greenbond, Runethane, or Champion of Magic (or other class) from Arcana Evolved, there will not be a problem with that. I'm going to let the players create a lot of the fluff for this campaign in their character backgrounds, and see what we can get going. If nothing else, it may be a series of random encounters with a story interposed. But it will depend on what I can find.

    Thanks everyone for your submissions and input so far.

    Okay, so I've basically got two finished submissions...?

    Rubedo Grimoire
    Apollos Skyborne

    As to the campaign (I have about 5 levels planned out), there will be adventure, mystery, intrigue with some Lovecraftian elements. So I think it's gonna be fun.

    Yep. How are we doing starting wealth again? Just the two magic items mentioned or WBL or what? Oh and this alias has everything crunch-wise except skills since you were using Runeforged skills.

    Lantern Lodge

    Earlier it was stated standard wealth (but that was like first page and things have changed enough I may have missed update)

    I have character, just am building an alias (my phone makes it slow to do large things and I don't have a computer anymore)

    She is a sorceress7/rogue3 and has Craft Wondrous Item.
    Vara Zin Runecroft has written "Elements of Crafting with Magic" vol. 1-6 working on vol 7, "Useful Spells for the Everyday Mom" co-authored with Maggie Runecroft, "Magical First-Aid for Parents, Teachers and Coaches." Co-authored with Maggie Runecroft.

    Ah, cool. Yes, wealth is standard for your level. And there are a few magic items that everyone in the school has, the staff for example. But you are not bonded to it. But you can be bonded to a staff if you are a wizard or bonded sorcerer.


    Right sorry it took a bit but I'm just about there.

    Its okay.

    I like the picture. The Strength is really low, though.

    A lot of spellcasters aren't meant to have high strengths, or even average strengths.

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