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Dragonvale Academy (Inactive)

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M Half-elf Alchemist 10

Headmaster, I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean by "procure"? Are we not in control of the entire facility? Is there some challenge to overcome in order to use the whole Academy? Rubedo strokes his chin thoughtfully.

"Oh you do have access to the entire facility. But I'm assuming each of you will also teach your specialty, especially to advanced students. And that may require a suitable space to do it in."

Vertius walks along, the red crystal orb in the dragon's head staff glinting in the sunlight.

"Most of the towers are indeed completely empty, waiting only for the right instructors to come along and mold them to their content."

"I will take that one. It would make a great and sizable workshop." Wysteria points at one of the towers, a simpler one with a balcony all around at each level.

Male Human Wizard/6 Storm Kindler/4

"I require open air for my experaments and classes. Or, preferably, if I could obtain a knoll of some sort. Perhaps with a river besides it. Tell me, is there anywhere near here that is like that?" Apollos asks the Grandmaster.

M Half-elf Alchemist 10

Alchemic labs are safest and most reliable in places of stable temperature and controlled airflow--perhaps a basement? A tower laboratory would work equally well, if it were well insulated and magically climate controlled, and would have the advantage of being more easily vented and not taking the whole castle with it were an experiment to explode.

Anticipating some looks of "are you planning doing stuff that dangerous?" Oh, not that it's a likely situation. I'm just trying to be prudent. Give young students access to magical reagents and accidents are bound to happen, even among the most sensible students.

As they continue on their way, they find themselves heading towards a balcony 'floating' between three towers, connected only by three platforms. The balcony does not seem architecturally possible, but then again, there are many things at Dragonvale Academy that does not.

But however intriguing the balcony itself was, it was nothing compared to what was on it. Three huge majestic dragons were waiting patiently, their wings wrapped around them to shield them from the wind that sometimes coursed through the vale.

"Ah, they've been waiting. Colleagues, before you on the balcony stands one of the Powers of the Vale. The dragon triumvirate Askalthax, Ternxitl, and Braxvinq. But I would not try to use their names with them. Generally I just call them each, Great One. Simply nod your head or bow to the one you are speaking to. At least that is what I have done in the past."

Vertius makes his way up another set of stairs, and steps out onto the platform.

The head dragon Askalthax turns to the magus.
[spoiler=Draconic: "Atrath ixchil treneth cardi."] Late is the time of you arrival.[/spoiler]

Vertius nods and bows his head to the dragon, which has a beautiful combination of amethyst purple and red glittering scales. "It's true, Great One. I was preparing breakfast for our new instructors. And they have come with me to be educated in the secrets of the Vale."

::They came willingly before us? Most mortals tremble at our appearance, hardly letting us greet them before they flee into the wilderness.::

The second voice is female and melodic and rings forth in your minds as some form of telepathy. It seems to be coming from Ternxitl, a majestic dragon with gold and silver scales.

M Half-elf Alchemist 10

Great Ones, I cannot lie, your power does indeed awe me--, Rubedo nods and bows to each of the Great Ones in turn. My life has been spent in studying sources of power, however, and my curiosity and trust in the headmaster, leads me to keep my feet where others might flee.

Male Human Wizard/6 Storm Kindler/4

"Greetins, oh Great Dragons. I am Apollos Skyborne, Air Elementalist and soon to be instructor here at this... institution."

"Greetings, I have long ago forgot how to give in to fear, and many times of finding rewards at the end of fear have diminished such emotions." Wysteria does a mild but polite curtsy.

"And this here is Kit, my assistant." Kit floats down turning in a motion and bows.

"Eet is a pleajure to meet you all. I'm jure." The third dragon, Braxvinq, was a mass of beautiful green and blue scales. He spoke in a somewhat sharply accented version of common, finding it difficult to force his tongue to cooperate with the numerous fangs in his mouth. Still, the voice rang with an ancient wisdom.

"But, vee must end sssoshalties and get to the matter at hand." Braxvinq pauses here, nodding his head towards Ternxitl.

::What he means to say, is, there is a reason for our visit today. While it is all very good that you introduce yourselves to the Powers of the Vale, as it were. We must discuss a matter of some extreme importance. There are.... strange occurrences that are having an effect on the lesser dragons of the Vale. We have always attempted to guide the others in the paths of wisdom, honor, and a fair sense of justice.:: Ternxitl's telepathic message again hums through your heads.

Vertius is obviously unsettled by this news. "What has happened, Great Ones? Is something else interfering with the lesser dragons?"

::It is difficult to tell. We can sense a growing darkness. An influence we cannot determine. In the visions I have called for I have seen both the moon and shadows, stars and darkness, and darkness.::

Askalthax interjects more draconic here. "Trekseth calrathis deterr."

Ternxitl nodded in agreement. ::And death. A stench of death is rising up from some of our deeper caves, the darker recesses of the forest. It is most unusual.::

Braxvinq lifts his head and tilts it towards the forest, his nostrils flaring as though he can still smell whatever the other dragons are sensing.

Male Human Wizard/6 Storm Kindler/4

"Is there a problem I should know about? And if there is, what am I able to do to help?"

Vertius looks over at Apollos. "These matters are news to me. I had of course visited the Dragon Enclave, but never had this been expressed before to me. It is alarming and baffling."

::To us, as well. These sensations first occurred a week ago, but we merely thought it to be a passing feeling. Sometimes sour winds blow through the vale. But this remained far longer. Something is coming, Vertius.:: The gold and silver scaled dragon looked around at the others, her eyes bold and apprehensive.

M Half-elf Alchemist 10

Great Ones, what can we do to help? My talents as an alchemist are, to be sure, considerable, but surely when weighed against a Power of the Vale... Rubedo sputters, humbly. But if there is anything we can do, Mr. Skyborne and I are agreed--I cannot speak for Ms. Saviz--we will do it.

Male Human Wizard/6 Storm Kindler/4

I feel pity for anything they wish us to deal with. There is no doubt in my mind, it would be over in seconds.

The gold and silver scaled dragon nods her head in gratitude.

::I am glad to hear it. We are hoping you can help us since... and please do not be offended, you are smaller than we are. Your senses are more refined in some ways. And as I believe this to be some type of magical force, I believe you are also best equipped to deal with it.::

She blinks slowly and turns to look at everyone.

::If you can deal with this threat, whatever it is. Determine what it is and put an end to it, we three will aid your endeavors here in what ways we can.::

Male Human Wizard/6 Storm Kindler/4

"Whenever you wish it done, it shall be completed."

M Half-elf Alchemist 10

I suggest we take some time to prepare ourselves, and then head to the forest to investigate this matter. Rubedo twirls his rod in his fingers nervously. Fortune favors the bold, eh?

"And here I figured, with four arms, you would be the always prepared type." She says in a playfully mocking fashion.

"As for the trouble brewing, well it'll be nice to get a little excitement in, I haven't had any since I started work on Kit." She her arms a bit like she's warming up for some exercise.

Male Human Wizard/6 Storm Kindler/4

She her arms a bit? Maybe... rubs? Waves? Removes? I think you missed a big word there! :P

"I shall reside in my lab till you all are prepared to set off. We shall discuss where we shall head to first later. In the meantime, what can you tell us about this situation, oh Great Ones? Where is the worse of the issue, and what do you think would be the greatest course of action upon arrival?" Apollos asks the dragons.

Oops! That's what I get for getting a 12 hours each day job and trying to post all my games in 30 minutes when I get home. I meant "stretch" btw :)

I had thought the thread died... lol. Give me a chance to get my notes organized. I'll have something up tomorrow.

Male Human Wizard/6 Storm Kindler/4

Listen, Arazni, never forget. Just believe in yourself. Not in the Arazni that I believe in, not in the Apollos that you believe in, have faith in the Arazni that believes in you! Now, let's see you GM Post!

The gold and silver dragon looks again at you, her eyes an expression of gratitude.

::You have our thanks, mortals. There are many caves we cannot enter due to our size, and some copses of the forest that are also dense where these scents are strong. If you could research them, find out what is creating this scent, it would be of great service to us.::

Vertius nods. "We will see what can be done, Great Ones. May your magic never fade."

The last seems to be part of a ritual saying, but he does not take the time to explain it to those gathered.

The dragons all nod in gratitude, and launch themselves into the sky, heading towards a large nearby mountain.

"Well, colleagues. I suggest that we investigate this at the nearest opportunity. We should retreat again to a lower floor to discuss this. The library again? Or perhaps the dining hall?"

Male Human Wizard/6 Storm Kindler/4

"I would much prefer the library, though it matters not to me." Apollos says.

"As you'll soon discover, excitment means I'm hungry. To the dining hall!" And she heads to the dining hall without waiting to see what everyone else thinks about it.

M Half-elf Alchemist 10

At Wysteria's remark, Rubedo smiles. In general, yes. I'm prepared enough for a downright emergency, but I would like to brew a new mutagenic potion. The one I have ready will increase my intelligence, perfect for a day of laboratory work but I fear that what awaits us in the forest may be something for which I might want to increase my reflexes or fortitude. It will require an hour at my alembic to prepare.

Rubedo, smiling, will head after Wysteria to the dining hall.

The dining hall seems empty without the buffet set up.

"The kitchen is just through those doors, so please feel free to help yourself to food if that prompts your intellect." Vertius says, though he himself simply heads to the long table reserved for the school's staff.

"This is still a little unnerving for me. I have to think on it a bit more. But I am definitely in favor of finding this... whatever this is... before it has any effect on the students when we finally receive them."

"Of course, we wouldn't be good teachers otherwise. How long till students come for the first semester?" Wysteria asks from the kitchen while she makes herself a sandwhich so big, one would wonder if it's held together with magic.

Male Human Wizard/6 Storm Kindler/4

"I should hope no time soon, as strange as it sounds. I need to prepare my courses."

"Student Applications have not yet been accepted. I wanted everything to be perfect here before sending them out."

Vertius looks over at the others. "But about this... whatever this is.... I hope we can come up with a plan quickly. I am a little sickened by the thought of some dark magic invading the Vale. What do you want to do, colleagues?"

Male Human Wizard/6 Storm Kindler/4

"I should hope we do it as quick and efficiently as possible. Perhaps we should rush them befor they suspect anything from us. Who ever is controlling this should know that a single wizard is extremely powerful. Imagine 4 of the best." Apollos says with a large grin on his face when he mentions 4 of the best wizards.

"What spells should I memorize? Conjuration, Evocation, Transmutation... what indeed..." Apollos trails off as he contemplates what to do during such a siege.

Ah, the agressive route. AKA My favorite route. Quick question, is it alright to assume that I'm the primary Arcane Artillary? Or am I forgetting someone else who also fires high level spells from far away?

M Half-elf Alchemist 10

Rubedo's bombs have a range of 20 feet, but that's it for his ranged magical ability.

Rubedo gets out his alchemist's kit and pulls out a small alembic: two vials about the size of a coffee mug with stoppers connected with a thin glass tube and sets it up at a nearby table. He opens the stopper on one and places it on a small stand, pours in a few small vials of clear, green chemicals and dumps them in, and then puts a few drops of a turquoise potion into it. Then he places a small canister under that vial, lights a tindertwig, and touches it to the canister, a small blue flame licking the bottom of the vial. The blue-green concoction darkens, but as it boils, clear bubbles rise to the surface, the vapors obviously traveling through the tube and condensing, drops of a bright purple potion falling into the second vial. Rubedo is brewing a Dexterity-enhancing mutagen.

Mutagenic potion. It will enhance my defenses, reflexes and aim with my bombs. I'd brew enough for all of us, but I can only maintain one dose at a time--those catalysts are imbued with my own magical power--and these potions destroy the stomachs of nonalchemists. he taps the glass, examining the hue of the distilling potion, and smiles, satisfied. There, I'll just need to add a few more reagents near the end of the hour, but it should get along just fine on its own while we plan. Now, how far exactly is the forest? And what dangers does it hold that you know of, headmaster? Best prepare for the mundane threats in addition to this new one.

"The forest? Its mostly peaceful. A few bears and wolves, but they will leave us alone if we leave them alone. There are, of course, a few living trees, awakened by the magic of the Vale. I have not been in the thickest copses, yet, though. I know not what could be alarming the dragons."

Male Human Wizard/6 Storm Kindler/4

Could I roll a Knowledge check to see if I have the slightest hint towards what could scare a dragon? Perhaps Knoweldge Nature, or Knowledge Planes?

Does anyone have a spell or other device that might give them the Scent ability? Perhaps polymorphing? If so, then you might be able to determine something from a Perception check. For the most part, what the dragons have described is a combination of an unusual smell from the places of the Vale they cannot reach, and an uneasy feeling associated with it.

M Half-elf Alchemist 10

Rubedo's Altered Form WoP formula can give him Scent for 1 min/lvl (10 minutes), double that if he uses the Lengthy meta word.

The dragons mentioned a bad smell, did they? Well, I can mix up a simple extract for altering my form and giving me the nose of a bloodhound for 20 minutes at a time. Might be able to pick up a scent trail that way! Rubedo muses.

Wysteria nods, "And I can fly us around to locate these scents quicker."

Kit claps cheerfully, "I love when we get to go flying!"

Vertius nods. "An excellent plan, Rubedo. I myself have an alternate form that might be helpful as well."

Male Human Wizard/6 Storm Kindler/4

"Air and wind magic is not a toy, Ms. Saviz. Although, I won't lie. Flying is quite enjoyable. Just let it be known that while I cannot track enemies quite as easily as you, I am able to... dispose of them quickly." says Apollos.

Wysteria laughs. "Life is meant to be enjoyed! No matter how long you could live, your life can be taken anytime by mishap, illness, or combat. Enjoy it while it lasts, for life is never long enough. Dangerous just means take more care with it. Only cowards shy away from pleasure or excitement because of 'maybe's and 'possibly's. Besides, it's Kit's favorite pastime! And mine!"

M Half-elf Alchemist 10

Indeed, Miss Saviz, indeed. I can whip up an extract of Volans and also enjoy communion with the skies. I do try to avoid frivolous risks, though. Life is short. One of my aims to is to defeat that tragic curtailment we call Death. Best not tempt the Reaper for a cheap laugh one could easily replicate with a few tankards of ale.

Jumping forward to the end of the hour, but if anyone has more to add in that time frame, feel free.

Near the end of the hour, Rubedo is left with a rich purple potion. He quenches the flames in the canister with its lid and holds up the vial to the light. Though he seems satisfied with its hue, he isn't done apparently. He removes a mortar and pestle from his kit and begins grinding a sprig of peppermint, crocodile scales, a pine needle, and a spoonful of sugar from the bowl on the table everyone else was using for their tea. Once ground, he slides the mashed up contents into the vial. The powder dissolves rapidly in the potion, which turns to a pale blue and bubbles in its vial as if flowing like whitewater rapids.

It's finished. The Dextrous Mutagen. I find the crocodile scale adds a nice toughness to the drinker's skin for the duration. And this vest--a gift from a former colleague--has magical properties which protect the drinker's mind and counteract the potion's most debilitating side effect of dulling the drinkers' willpower and judgment.

Vertius gathers up a few supplies and heads towards the Grand Staircase of the school, his dragon-headed staff held before him, and the strange ensemble of lights and crystals at his shoulder.

"Alchemy must be an interesting profession, Master Rubedo. I must profess I thought it mostly dealt with potions. But I see now that it incorporates many different types of products."

He looks around to see if the others are ready. "What was our decision? Should we investigate the forest or the mountains? The forest will be closer, of course."

"I say we start with the trees. I like trees better then rocks." Wysteria smiles pleasently, and seems to have forgotten all about her sandwich about halfway through.

Male Human Wizard/6 Storm Kindler/4

"We can see easier from the skies the rocks than the trees. Though, I don't think that should be too much of a problem."

M Half-elf Alchemist 10

One of the misconceptions of the field, for sure, although not without ground. One of the first maxims one learns as an alchemist is 'Perform no operation until all be made water.'

Rubedo strokes his chin thoughtfully, I must agree with Ms. Saviz that we should start with the trees, that is, the forest. If the threat could be seen by air, surely the Powers of the Vale would have seen it.

"Very well then, let us head to the most dense part of the forest, and see if we can find this scent that the Powers have told us of, then determine it's source."

Vertius walks down the stairs towards the statue of the great dragon in the central hall. As soon as his feet touch the floor, he says some magical words while waving his staff in a small circle, and abruptly turns into a black panther. He bolts out the door with supernatural speed.

Male Human Wizard/6 Storm Kindler/4

"Well then. Give me one moment as I head back to my room to prepare my spells for the day." Apollos says without looking at the rest of the group. He swiftly heads to his room to start opening spell books and memorizing spells.

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