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Dragonvale Academy (Inactive)

Game Master stardust

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Welcome to Dragonvale Academy.

Now recruiting the first teachers of the academy. Hoping to recruit 6 able-bodied men and women from all races and walks of arcane life willing to teach magic and associated courses to students willing to learn. But first, we must establish a curriculum and begin building the school. And the Dragons of Dragonvale must be contended with. -Vertius Nightingale

Character Creation:

Create a 10th level arcane spellcaster, using the Words of Power alternative to the Vancian spell system. You have 25 points to purchase ability scores. Combat will be mainly Pathfinder in nature. Spells and Magic will be based on Words of Power system. Do not select skills or feats, however you may take on class abilities of the selected levels.
All spellcasters, regardless of class, will be bound to an arcane staff, which may be decorated as suits the character. Four Words of Power may be inscribed on the staff, to enable the spellcaster to cast a Wordspell build on those Words of Power once per day. This ability replaces arcane bond, but is in addition to the familiar ability of an arcane sorcerer or wizard. All arcane spellcasters may eventually claim a familiar as part of the ritual feats system we'll be using.
In addition to the staff, each participant will have a 5,000 gp (or less) magic item and a 10,000 gp (or less) magic item.

Character Conversion:

We'll be converting some of the Pathfinder character rules to Runeforged rules, once they've been built. Add the ability score bonuses from Strength and Constitution. This is the new Body score. Add the ability bonuses from Dexterity and Intelligence. This is the new Mind score. Add the ability bonuses from Wisdom and Charisma. This is the new Spirit score. These scores will be the basis of the Runeforged skill system: Strength, Endurance, and Health based on the Body score.
Society, Intellect, and Agility based on the Mind score.
Magic, Willpower, and Luck based on the Spirit score.
In addition to these base scores, each character has an additional 6 points to spread between the Runeforged skills. (One at first level, and one for each even level).
(Other rules will be posted on the campaign information page.)

Academic Requirements:

All masters of the school must introduce three texts as discussed in the recruitment thread. These books will be looked over by the masters present, once convened, and we will determine which of these to use in the school's curriculum and libraries.

Lantern Lodge

M Human Intellectual Fighter 2, Scientist 1


Didn't realize anything had been posted here until just now.

Edit; Is society the base for our social skill? If so then it needs to be under Spirit rather then Mind. As a mild autistic I am in a unique position of being able to see just how little social communication has to do with the mind.

If you breally want to keep the three skills per score, then put Magic under Mind as magic requires a disciplined mind to use effectively, but social skills, willpower and luck don't.

Otherwise from a fellow game designer perspective, I like it so far.

So how do we use these scores? (Hoping for something other than d6, not that d6 is that bad, just not my preference and I would love to see something unique or at least uncommon)

Forget about the character adaptations... I'll be running a straight Pathfinder game with the Words of Power spell adaptation. :) The type of game is mentioned in the Recruitment thread, and I'll reiterate it here in a little bit.

Male Human Wizard/6 Storm Kindler/4

Woah, I didn't know this was here... Huh.

Alright, where's that Elf?

And the Gameplay thread is up... I still haven't had a chance to look over your character sheets, but if you want to start roleplaying, we are in the prologue.

bump... :)

Nice thing about the castle being already built, I already know where everything is!

Male Human Wizard/6 Storm Kindler/4

You lucky half-elf you. I have to go to the gift shop to buy a WAY overpriced map to tell me what I already know!(That it's a big castle!) After that? I go to my room to find that it's haunted of all things! HAUNTED! I'll need to throw out my entire repetoir of knowledge skills to find out what it is!

In other news... I can't wait to actually start this one!

Gee..I've never seen someone freakout about an unseen servent before. You're not from around here, are you?


Male Dusk Elf Wizard (Thassalonian Specialist(Envy, Counterspell), Spellbinder) 10

Now I have to go dig up where I wrote down all my spell mastery words.

Male Human Wizard/6 Storm Kindler/4
Wysteria Saviz wrote:

Gee..I've never seen someone freakout about an unseen servent before. You're not from around here, are you?


Describe here. It's a very vague term!

M Half-elf Alchemist 10

Hello there! Just noticed this was up :) I still have to go shopping for a few more magic items, but the rest of my character is all done; all the info is in the alias's profile page. I used my feats for extra discoveries and Rubedo now has four arms and spontaneous healing :)

I think I will reiterate the character wealth rules. I am limiting it. I know I originally said one 10,000 gp magic item and one 5,000 gp item. But in addition to that, you may have one 20,000 gp magic item (or less). Additional funds have been spent as part of the travels, publishing costs, other educational costs, etc. These items are in addition to the staves being given to you by Headmaster Nightingale.

So, let me guess someone else is also going to go for black, white, and red, for their staff. Almost made a newspaper joke, but thought better of it.

Edit: Oh! if we all get black, white, and red, then we could be the newspaper gang!

(No that wasn't the joke I originally skipped out on)

Male Dusk Elf Wizard (Thassalonian Specialist(Envy, Counterspell), Spellbinder) 10

Okay, so a 20k a 10k and a 5k -- that's a nice break down I like.

Question, how does that fit in with the 62Kgp from WBL?

Is this only three magic items, a few mundane items and nothing else? (This would result in only about 35.1Kgp worth of stuff and might require a little rearrangement on my part so I'm clarifying)

Oops, sorry about that. I was looking at the wrong row in the list.

Add to your items an item of 25,000 gp or less.

This doesn't include potions or scrolls, btw. Everyone can have 2000 gp worth of potions or scrolls or other spell completion items.

So to clarify.

One item of 25,000 gp or less.
One item of 20,000 gp or less.
One item of 10,000 gp or less.
One item of 5,000 gp or less.
Potions, scrolls, and spell completion items worth 2000 gp.
The remaining wealth was spent on transportation, education, and living expenses.

M Half-elf Alchemist 10

Black, white and red are the colors associated with the three principal stages in alchemic reactions, so that's why I chose them for Rubedo :) Didn't even click they were the same colors as yours, Wysteria: just re-read yours.

Male Human Wizard/6 Storm Kindler/4

Alright, after reading the item cost limit, I've upgraded to a +5 Armor Bracers. Cause that's all any wizard needs

All I have left to do is reread the Spell Words section again and figure out why I would ever leave my nice room.

Hunger is always a good reason.

Armor is real nice to have btw, it works in anti-magic zones and can go higher then +5. :)

Of course I do usually play combat capable casters, interesting since I'm actually a crafting sensei here. Appearently she gets to field test her creations often. (Edit:)Kinda weird though, trying to get the whip feats to make the whip have AOOs yet need also to get more of the creation feats, hard choices.

Will post again on Monday. Things have gotten pretty hairy at work, and life is again temporarily complicated.

Male Human Wizard/6 Storm Kindler/4

Hey guys, I'm sorry I'm not posting that much. I'm being flooded by English homework, and that's taking the fun out of most typing on my computer. :/

I'll see if I can get something posted sometime this week, but I have a handful of essays I need to type up and whatnot.

It's alright. Get the homework done first. That's more important. And if it takes away the joy of typing, we'll make do. This isn't intended to be a fast paced game.

You have english as well? Teusday nights? Writing a 1500 word contrast/compare?

It would be funny if you were, cause that's what I'm working on. Which is even funnier because art class has me writing an 8 page paper, which is bigger then my english homework.

Alright, I know this was intended to be a slower paced game, but I feel very much like discontinuing it in favor of something more fast paced, a traditional post-once-a-day adventure path I've developed. I have no intention of abandoning this thread however, if the rest of you feel inclined to continue.

It feels like the Words of Power system is a lot more paperwork than the original spellcasting system, and that may just add to the length and time required for this particular campaign.

Would any of you care to venture in that direction, into something a little more active where faster posting is required?

Male Human Wizard/6 Storm Kindler/4

More posting is nice. I'm trying to get things out, but I can't think of anything that is needed to be said. I don't really want to post:

Apollos watches quietly.

and be done with it. :/

I'm in the same boat as Apollos, no point in saying I'm waiting, it one of those odd points in a story where the only character that can really push the story forward isn't me.

I do think it is sometimes nice to continue forward and anyone who hasn't really posted can just be assumed to have caught up but just didn't interact with anyone, like the barbarian guy from The Gamers.

Faster pacing would be alright, as for the words of power, I personally find them easier unless I need to prepare spells for the day (which I try to avoid anyway). Though I do have a new character class concept I would like to try.

I also get the idea that somehow, Apollos and I are the only regular check in players. The others seem to check in far less regularly.

Also more players can also compensate some for slower pacing, because more people will equal more posts even without a daily posting requirement. I think that is one great advantage of PBP, it's much easier to handle larger groups.

Just let us know.

Points taken. I'm one of those DMs who likes to paint a detailed story but have everyone involved in the process. Sometimes the two principles are conflicted.

I'm going to change the way I am posting in this campaign so that action will progress every two days whether or not everyone has responded yet. (With the possibility of not including the weekends if most people are posting from work. Feedback requested.)

M Half-elf Alchemist 10

I'd like more regular posting, too. I feel like the pacing of the story would be fine if posts were more frequent. I haven't really felt like Rubedo has much to contribute at this point. We're all waiting--well, I don't want to speak for everyone but I am waiting--for the big info dump so that we have stuff to work with game and role-play-wise.

I also agree that more players would be nice, to keep the post count up.

And I would think that of all methods of RPing, PbP would be the most conducive to WoP, because we're not all sitting around a table waiting in real time for you to decide which words to use. By necessity PbP is slower, so it gives us more time to utilize the greater options for WoP.

I will say though that the alchemist probably suffers more than other casters from the switch to WoP because he loses out on some unique alchemist-only spells (like Alchemical Allocation or Amplify Elixir), but overall I'm fine with continuing WoP :)

Male Dusk Elf Wizard (Thassalonian Specialist(Envy, Counterspell), Spellbinder) 10

So while I'm very much wanting to be more involved my days are typically 14 hours long currently and probably will be for longer than the next month, as is I don't think I'm going to be able to post much more than I have.

I apologize.

Cool, thanks for letting me know.

Male Dusk Elf Wizard (Thassalonian Specialist(Envy, Counterspell), Spellbinder) 10

I've got about a month and a half left until I'm available, but after that point I would love to be back in on this.

No rush, apparently things are progressing, just very slowly. :)

Male Human Wizard/6 Storm Kindler/4

So it seems you cut this off. Oh well. It's such a shame everytime I try to bring this character, it fails or Apollos dies.

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