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A tale that is older than time itself. A place, part-myth, party-imagination, part-truth, that is filled with wondrous treasure and incredible peril. This place could be the top of any adventurer's career, or the end of it.

Some of the stories say it overflows with jewels, gold, and magical items. Others say it isn't guarded, but still others warn against the incredibly powerful forces that guard the entrance. None of the stories seem to match.

Located at the edge of all that is known, it appears to change where it is located, and sometimes not be there at all. No one is certain when it will come back, or where, but they know they want to be there when it reappears. They want what it can bring them, regardless of the danger. They want Dragon Mountain.

Marching Order
Lands Around the Mountain
Harker's Ferry
Twin Forks

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GM Banesama wrote:

*lol... I find it funny, only one Cleric entry though there are some Bard/Oracle entries.

I like oracles more than clerics - they mostly get better hooks for RP and with life link they tend to be better healers in combat at every level except 11. Out of combat the cleric can push more healing in the levels they're a spell level ahead, but once you're out of combat wands are more efficient. Since you both just use wands of CLW anyways, might as well have the more interesting RP. (This is why clara has two wands, as do a few others). To be fair to clerics there's that one bump when the cleric has heal but the oracle doesn't at level 11 where it's clear the cleric has a better kit, but every other level feels better to me as an oracle.

Anyways, fluff before crunch is way more important to being invested, so I tend to make oracles. Although after the comment about dwarf running for god I'll probably try a travel domain dwarf next time I do a cleric. The surly "But my god says it's good for me" routine sounds hilarious.

How can you not convert people to your religion when you run 160' in one round in medium armor? ^^
Also you can outrun heavily encumbered horses if you need to for any reason...

I forgot the details of how I did it, but back when D20 system was relatively new, I was in a game playing a monk that at level 18 (started at 1st) he had a base movement speed of 240' a round. I remember using the Oriental Adventure book and had a magical item that gave me a boost. I was playing a Monk. After that, the DM wouldn't let me play a monk again. :P Which was fine, we were still testing out the system.

I played a 12 year old girl prodigy wizard after that, who loved tossing fireballs around.

That's beautiful... Amy's agility patron familiar ability gives her aether elemental body an 80 foot flight speed, letting her zoom around the battlefield to her heart's content.

I love these speed builds! At level 12 a druid can simply fly around 120 feet perfect with elemental body IV :) Hasted, 150. If we enter the mythic field, haste could make it 150 or even 190... That, besides Impossible Speed, which could potentially make it 340. 340 flying perfect!

After careful selection, here are the 8 characters I have chosen.

J' Victus

Those 8 people report here:
Discussion Thread

For the rest, I will put on a waiting list if someone doesn't show up or has to drop out.

And Thank You for everyone that showed interest.

Sovereign Court

Good luck you guys!

Have fun storming the castle.

And remember "Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus."

Good luck all ^^

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