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Doug M's Way of the Wicked (Inactive)

Game Master Douglas Muir 406

Follow the Way of the Wicked, the award-winning AP from Fire Mountain games.

The wickedness continues in Way of the Wicked Part II: The Dark Tower!

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Lord of Darkness 5, Cavalier 1 INIT:+4, AC:21 (23w/Shield), HP:64, F:+10 R:+5 W:+6, Perception: 5

I asked about squire Timon coming under my charge above.

M Tiefling Magus/Rogue;
HP 40/51; AC:21/16/17; Saves: +9/+11/+7; Init +5; Per +8, AP: 4/7

Jax, even with no Charisma bonus, will totally nab leadership to get a group of thieves, informants and such under his command. Plus, a cohort is -always- helpful.

M Tiefling Magus/Rogue;
HP 40/51; AC:21/16/17; Saves: +9/+11/+7; Init +5; Per +8, AP: 4/7

With Irin helping Cimu, and the Suggestion making him think nothing of importance is being said, he's going to return to the Commander's room to grab that green book and finish looting it.

Nobody said the book was green. In fact, it isn't. It's just a big darn book of Mitran holy scriptures, with the Havelyn coat of arms embossed on the front. (Making it look gorgeous, but also annoyingly difficult to fence.)

M Tiefling Magus/Rogue;
HP 40/51; AC:21/16/17; Saves: +9/+11/+7; Init +5; Per +8, AP: 4/7

I read book and just got excited :-\
But something big and shiny and pretty definitely attracts Jax's attention. He'll retrieve it carefully, being sure not to damage it, and wrap it up in a scrap of sheet from the bed. Jax will also take the bulky, awkward painting. "...Grumblejack can totally carry this."

He'll then continue to search through the room.

"Even if I can't fence these..they'll look great somewhere."

The last bit of loot that remains is the Magister's (as yet unopened) spellbook. Otherwise, we're just about done.

M DEAD!! KILLED BY EVIL EVIL DMDM!! Rogue1/Barb (Feral)1 temp hp 14/17 and 9 con (HP 24/25+4 when Raging; AC21/17/15(-2 Raging) ; CMD 16 (18 Rage) Fort +4(6); Ref +8; Will +1( 3); Init +6; Perception +5/6 for Traps; Darkvision

Is this the same thing dmdm as the spell book?

-- A locked strongbox that was pushed under the Magister's bed. It's about 2' x 2' by six inches thick, and weighs about 20 lbs. The lock looks pretty strong. The strongbox bears the trefoil symbol for "magical hazard".

It also contained some gold and powdered diamond dust. The box was locked but not trapped.

Okay, then -- the Cardinal is checking out. You guys will travel west with Sakkarot's army for a bit, meet the Eighth Knot, then peel off and head southwest to Farholde. "As to your destination, it has been known by many names over the years: the Horn of Abaddon, the Catademnon, Night Hill...

"...the Dark Tower."

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Male Human Oracle (FC) 6 AC:18 Perc: +0 F:+4 R:+5 W:+7 HP:49/49

Sounds like a place Dren can really get into to!!!!!!!!

Male Dhampir Summoner/6 [HP -8/47; AC18,T12,FF16; F+2,R+4,W+6; Per+8; Init +4]


. . . . .

Hmmm, that just has a very different ring than using light in the phrase.

Female Aasimar Wizard 6 (HP 53/53; AC 18/18/15; CMD 16 Fort +5; Ref +7 Will +8; Init +3; Perception +11; Darkvision 60 ft)
Douglas Muir 406 wrote:
The Cardinal is not going to hang around for long -- whatever he's using to spoof scrying has a limited time duration. So he and his posse will be heading out. If you have questions, requests or anything else to say to him, Irin or Tiadora, talk fast.

Sorry did not get to post the last two days, Cуровую would have some very important questions for Irin. And following that possibly two for the cardinal. If there is a chance for that she will definitely take a brief council with the two dark personalities.

Okay, everyone -- this thread is officially closed. The new campaign (Way of the Wicked II: The Dark Tower) can be found here: mp;a mp;page=last.

Thanks to everyone for playing!

Doug M.

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