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Doug M's Way of the Wicked (Inactive)

Game Master Douglas Muir 406

Follow the Way of the Wicked, the award-winning AP from Fire Mountain games.

The wickedness continues in Way of the Wicked Part II: The Dark Tower!

Current Characters

Douglas Muir 406

(9,851 posts)

Kate Case

(8 posts)

(242 posts)
The 'Old' Warden Richter

Wizard 2 (HP 17/17; AC 13/13/10 ; CMD 12 Fort +2; Ref +3; Will +4; Init +3; Perception +7, Darkvision 60 ft)

played by Kate Case (40 posts)

Female Level 7 Buxom Dairy Queen

played by Kate Case (20 posts)
Elven Wizard
Ariana Rosencruz

F Elf Wizard 3/Psion 1 [ HP 3/21 | AC 14 Tch 12 FF 12 | Fort +2 Ref +4 Will +7 | CMD 13| Init +10(+6), Perception +10]

played by DMRaven (505 posts)
Akron Erix
Balthe Synder

Climb+14 Intimidate +11 Profession: Bouncer +13 Perc +13 Swim+14 Stealth+13
Fighter (Brawler)/Monk
HP:79/79, AC: 23 (25)T: 20(20) FF: 15 (17), ;Init+2, F: +9 R: +8 W:+ 9,CMD+22(24 bull/disarm/trip), Speed: 50 Ki 5/6

played by Vuvu (1,093 posts)

M DEAD!! KILLED BY EVIL EVIL DMDM!! Rogue1/Barb (Feral)1 temp hp 14/17 and 9 con (HP 24/25+4 when Raging; AC21/17/15(-2 Raging) ; CMD 16 (18 Rage) Fort +4(6); Ref +8; Will +1( 3); Init +6; Perception +5/6 for Traps; Darkvision

played by Vuvu (1,541 posts)

played by Kate Case (31 posts)
Kerdak Bonefist
Captian 'James T Odenkirk'

played by Kate Case (9 posts)
A Celestial Pain in the Monk

played by Kate Case (6 posts)
Cellia, Lady Sackville's Hand

played by Kate Case (42 posts)
Almah Rovshki
Cуровую зиму

Female Aasimar Wizard 6 (HP 53/53; AC 18/18/15; CMD 16 Fort +5; Ref +7 Will +8; Init +3; Perception +11; Darkvision 60 ft)

played by Kate Case (3,485 posts)
DM Stephen

played by terok (1,790 posts)
Beltias Kreun
Dren of the Dark Tapestry

Male Human Oracle (FC) 15 Init: +8 Perc: +0 AC:24/14/20 F:+13 R:+14 W:+15 HP:124/124 Freedom of movement, Resist Cold/30, Air Walk 30'

played by terok (1,467 posts)
Baron Hannis Drelev
Edmin Al'Roth

LD14, Cav 1 INIT:+4, AC:34 (39)/FF:33/T:16, HP:283/216, F:+24 R:+14 W:+17, P: 10
Bluff+8,Climb+12,Dip+8,Disg+8,Han An+9,Intim+30,Kn(Nobil)+18,Kn(relig)+8,Perc+10,Ride+10,Spellc+4,Surv+6,Stea lth+8

played by Kozaric (1,427 posts)

There were NO female gamers in the 70's! Grognard! Epic Level Curmudgeon

played by baron arem heshvaun (57 posts)
Sargavan Pathfinder
Jax Naismith

M Tiefling Magus/Rogue;
HP 169/169; AC:37/21/29; Saves: +22/+23/+20; Init +10; Per +28(See Invisibility), CMD 42
Effects: Resist Cold 30, Fly 30', Telepathic Bond

played by DMRaven (1,639 posts)
Karzoug the Claimer
Judge Cupcake

Yuu-mmy! 3 Level Pastry/10 Level Prestige Confectionary/Stage 1 Diabetes

played by Kate Case (7 posts)
Karzoug the Claimer
Judge Tohram Quasangi

Male Vampire(former Dhampir) Bard(Negotiator) 13/Anti-Paladin/2 - [HP 209/231; AC43,FF36,T22; CMD32; DR/10 magic+silver; F+28,R+29,W+26; Per+31; Init +12]

played by Tirion Jörðhár (2,314 posts)
Activation Cube
Korean Dice Bot 2000

played by Kate Case (1 post)
Ailyn Ghontasavos
Lady Sackville

played by terok (11 posts)
Arnistolientar Popswicker
Magister Tacitus

Wizard 5 (HP 36/44; AC 18/18/15; CMD 15 Fort +3; Ref +4; Will +6; Init +3; Perception +10; Darkvision 60 ft)

played by Kate Case (57 posts)


played by Vuvu (17,693 posts)

Male Eidolon Disconcerting Shadowy Monstrosity HP: 9/53; AC23(27 w/Mage Armor; 31 w/MA& Shield),T12,FF20; F+6,R+3,W+4/+8; Per+9; Init+2)

played by Tirion Jörðhár (185 posts)
Ragnar the Hound

Init +4; Senses: low-light vision, darkvision 60 ft, scent; Perception +6, AC:32, HP:110/110; SR:10; Fort +12, Ref +8, Will +5; DR 5/good

played by Kozaric (61 posts)
Sallandrya Iramine Thainel

Female Grey Elf Cleric 4/Ranger 3 (HP 40/40, AC 2; Init +3; Perception +16, Infravison 60ft)

played by Kate Case (423 posts)

M DEAD KILLED BY DMDM Lore Warden 2/Arcane Duelist 3
HP 4/45; AC 20(25 w def/CE)/16(21)/14; CMD 19; Init +5; Perception +4; Fort +7 (8 vs Poison), Ref +9, Will +3; Fire Res 1; BP 10/12; Spells Lvl 1 3/4 Initiative +5

played by Vuvu (1,080 posts)

Previous Characters

Sargava Vignette
Silver Crusade Johnny_Panic

(485 posts)
Dr Davaulus
GM Spugly Fuglet

Human being Game Master and all round good egg

played by Johnny_Panic (812 posts)
The Lady of Pain

played by Johnny_Panic (301 posts)

Devil [Outsider Native]

played by Johnny_Panic (195 posts)

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