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DougFungus' Rise of the RuneLords

Game Master pinvendor

Roll 20

Current Initiative:

20: Bruthazmus
18: Zara
16: Goblin Bride 2
14: Silva <- You're up!
13: Damieka/Nicea <- You're up!
12: Goblin Bride 1
11: Davben
09: Goblin Bride 4
07: Orik
05: Samara/Goblin Bride 3

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Male Human Tattooed Sorcerer 4 | hp 30/30

Silva cannot help but to chuckle at the Davben and Damieka's apprehension, their feelings in clear contrast to Zara's enthusiasm. He was not particularly enthused about being immortalized in music himself, but he was more than willing to milk the moment for all it was worth.

"Humble lot, aren't ya? But it can't be helped. People will sing about whatever they want these days, just so long as it raises the mood," he says, stretching out his back, "But I have to admit, the crazy lady with the scythe was right; goblins don't really make for much of an epic story..." He falls silent for but a moment. "...but still, did you see that? She split that little green bugger in two!"

With the danger past them, it was all too clear that the attack had been the most exciting thing he had experienced for some time.

Init +5, HP 22/27HP, Perception +2, Sense Motive +6, AC 16/10/13

That's cool Treppa, provided we see some of the spoils at some point ;p

Zara smiles at the sorcerer, his enthusiasm infectious. "So you said you didn't have any tattoo's, or is it just no butterfly ones?"

She leans over to Aldern; "Could I just have some watered wine? Not much wine, lots of water." she requests softly.

Zara, The Potions have magical properties but none of the other equipment does.

Nicea, most Goblin possessions are poorly hand made. You'll have a difficult time finding a buyer.

Ameiko comes out and announces that everything looks just the way she left it. She takes everybody's orders and returns to the back to prepare everything.

ALDERN FOXGLOVE: "I still cant get over the feeling of this near death experience. Its exhilarating and horrifying all at the same time. I don't know how common Adventurers do this for a living? Being shot by an arrow is really quite painful. I'm just glad that it wont leave a scar thats anywhere visible. As far as I'm concerned I owe each and every one of you my life, and in return I'm going to give you 50GP each and I wont take no for an answer for you modest folk! In addition, I'd like to invite you all on my hunting expedition taking place in TickWood Forrest the day after tomorrow. I'd like to kill a nice juicy Boar before I return home to my estate in Magnimar at the end of the week."

Before anybody can answer the door slams open.

A middle aged Tian man storms in bellows out a sharp command in a loud voice.

Read this only if you can understand Minkaian:

Silva, you'd probably recognize the man as Lonjiku Kaijitsu. You might also notice hes not sick either...

The man looks around the room and immediately recognizes the lot of you. In a fit of jealousy and misguided anger he approaches the table.

MAN: "YOU IDIOTS! Your ill-advised antics at Town Square were completely reckless! You should have left the defense of the town to the Guards and other trained professionals!"

Init +5, HP 22/27HP, Perception +2, Sense Motive +6, AC 16/10/13

She looks to Foxglove delighted at his reward; "So kind dear Sir. I would love to go hunting, though I am inexperienced, unlike yourself? I'm sure." her words are astonished at the generosity.

Standing up the chair pushes away from her with a squeal; "Surely we have done something! People were being hurt, what sort of person could stand idly by and let that happen?" she starts, her words impassioned.

"The guard had to protect the rest of the town! We just tried to help those in the square and the temple a symbol of the towns rebirth. Would you have preferred the House of the Gods defiled?" Zara is aghast at the insinuation.

Male Human Tattooed Sorcerer 4 | hp 30/30

"You're welcome, Lonji," Silva grumbles sarcastically, propping an arm on the table and resting his head on it, "Nice to see that you're alright. I got a little worried when you didn't show up to the festival." And now I'm wondering why...

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Monk Unchained/3 Acrobat/1 | HP 32/32 AC 15, perception 11

Davben nods listening to Damieka explaining the drink choices "Very well, I shall have a Miller's Delight ale I believe." He leans in a little closer to the ranger "Are you well Ms. Damieka? You seemed... unsteady before we came inside. If you are dis-balanced I can perhaps assist."

Finding out what's bothering Damieka might have to wait as an angry man barges in and starts yelling in their direction "I believe we are all well trained, and I don't know about the others, but I must maintain a balance and stop any that are disturbing it. Whether you believe it ill-advised or not, that will not change."

Davben looks at Foxglove the man seemed insistent that he accept the money, he also seemed to imply that due to the group saving his life this was necessary for the man to regain his equilibrium, this made it very hard to refuse "Very well, if it will aid your balance I will accept your offer sir."

Female Half-Elf 4/ HP 37 / 20 arrows left / 13 climb chk

Damieka shrugs at Silva, "Humble, shy, call it what you wish but it was a simple act of concern for others, not a heroic song of conquering above all odds and yadda yadda more racoon skat." She wasn't about to go on about her feelings as that seemed to say it right there. This was no heroic story of great adventure. It was a fight with goblins which many have done and had no songs of might sung about them.

She smiles half-heartedly at Davben but looks down, "I do not know if ... But the door opened and a man came in yowling about them being idiots. She snorted then stood, letting Zara begin the backlash.

"There were no GUARDS or so-called TRAINED professionals in the area. People were being killed, children gutted and the TOWN SQUARE being used as a playground for green, pointed eared mini freaks. Did you wish for more people to die? And by the by, you look rather ill today SIR!"

After being in town for the couple months she'd come and gone she had seen the man before and did know who he was.

The Exchange

Female Elf Rogue 2

To Nicea, Samara says upon looking over the looted equipment, speaking softly, "Trash is what almost all of this is... I know buyers but not buyers who will buy what is not worth a thing." At a request for an introduction, she offers, "Samara Nolien, treasure hunter... at your service..."

When the Tian man shows up, she falls silent and seems absolutely mortified, blanching completely at this confrontation and staring at him with wide eyes. "Please do not yell... yelling is a thing I wish that you would not do..."

Sovereign Court

Human Ftr 2/Barb 2; Init +3; Perception +8; HP 33/43; AC 16/t12/ff15; F+8, R+2, W+1

Nicea takes the gold, potions, and MW horsechopper to the inn with her.

Nicea arrives at the Rusty Dragon in time to grab a seat and place an order for dinner and a drink.

She lets the others speak their peace at the angry Tian man, then nods at Dameika's words. "The archer brings up a fair point. Did you want more people to die? Do you have some reason to wish them dead or the ceremony disrupted? That's the only reason I can see for such anger. Of course, I'm not very smart," she says quite mildly.

Init +5, HP 22/27HP, Perception +2, Sense Motive +6, AC 16/10/13

Looking to the calm Silva, realising that she may be making a fool of herself. Putting her hands palm down upon the table, she leans forward and looks to the older man - trying to see the relationship between him and the similar ethnicity proprietress. Before dismissing her thoughts as racist.

Sense Motive: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (11) + 2 = 13 Upon Lonjiku and his reaction - just anger?

She has to agree with the private elf, that shouting doesn't solve anything. Zara exchanges a glance of apologies to Samara down the table and upon the right.

Lonjiku stands there with his nose in the air as if he doesn't deserve the verbal retaliation these people are bestowing upon him.

Ameiko walks from the back carrying a large serving tray with everybody's drink orders, a large container full of soup and bowls. Her expression turns sour at the sight of the stranger. She marches over puts the tray down and the two of them begin a yelling match in a language that nobody can understand (Minkaian).

The yelling match comes to a climax when the stranger grabs Ameiko by the hair and tries to drag her to the exit.

+1 Temperance to Davben for being so persistent in not wanting fame

Init +5, HP 22/27HP, Perception +2, Sense Motive +6, AC 16/10/13

Zara moves her bowl over to herself and one for Aldern. 'Clan business, it's none of mine.' She thinks as they starts screaming at one another. Sitting down she blows on the hot soup and takes a sip. However when the older man tries to grab Ameiko's hair Zara stands up...

Male Human Tattooed Sorcerer 4 | hp 30/30

This might take a while... Silva thinks, rolling his eyes as the two begin their shouting match. It's a good thing I didn't bring him up before...

The lazy look of discontent on Silva's face peels away the instant Lonjiku lays his hands on Ameiko. "What the hell are you playing at, old man!?" Silva shouts angrily, pounding the table as he stands. "Let go of her!"

Intimidate: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (1) + 4 = 5

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Monk Unchained/3 Acrobat/1 | HP 32/32 AC 15, perception 11

Davben looks towards the man and Ameiko as they start yelling, then towards the food and drink brought to them. He is happy to accept a bowl of soup and mug of ale. He starts sipping at his soup when Lonjiku grabs at Ameiko, his eyes look to his companions who stand threatening to intervene, but he stays seated. Reaching out to steady the mug sloshing from Silva's pounding on the table he decides to take a drink before calmly continuing sipping his soup.

Female Half-Elf 4/ HP 37 / 20 arrows left / 13 climb chk

Damieka is incensed that this man would have the nerve to treat them in this way when they had saved many citizen's lives but once it looks like a domestic altercation between him and Ameiko she blanches, not liking domestic issues. She glares at the man as he grabs the woman but allows the others to stand between them, or at least get ready for a squabble.

Damieka puts shaky hands onto the table figting with conflicting instincts to help the woman or keep well away from the torrid mess.

Sovereign Court

Human Ftr 2/Barb 2; Init +3; Perception +8; HP 33/43; AC 16/t12/ff15; F+8, R+2, W+1

Well. This is not good. One meal ticket is being harassed. Nope, not happening on Nicea's watch.

The tall woman jumps from her seat, balls one fist as she approaches the pair, then thinks better of it and makes a grab at the irate man.

CMB grapple: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (9) + 4 = 13 If he has grappled Ameiko, I think he is flat-footed

"Stop acting like a goblin, old man! Let her go."

Init +5, HP 22/27HP, Perception +2, Sense Motive +6, AC 16/10/13

The womens hands grabbing her hair, scratching her skin as she tries to fight them off. It wasn't her fault - she just wanted to worship her Goddess. The aches and pains of where they had hit her, she is thrown out into the street.

A piece of manure hits the side of her face, as the women jeer and taunt. The men stand back impassively. Zara feels the burning of her eyes as the tears flow down her face...

"STOP!" she calls out. "Sir, you are a brigand! Unhand our Hostess!" her words ill thought out, but the intent is clear!

Intimidate (?): 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (7) + 2 = 9

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Monk Unchained/3 Acrobat/1 | HP 32/32 AC 15, perception 11

Davben listens and watches, but doesn't appear that he's act for either side of this conflict. He continues eating his soup and looks towards Damieka, she looks unbalanced again and unsure what to do. With one hand he reach out to lightly pat her shaking hand, and the other slid a bowl of soup over to her perhaps the hot broth would help her inner harmony.

The Exchange

Female Elf Rogue 2

Samara looks up when the man grabs Ameiko's hair, and her eyes widen even more, if at all possible. "Please do not do what it is you are doing. She is not a person who is doing harm!"

Female Half-Elf 4/ HP 37 / 20 arrows left / 13 climb chk

The confrontation continues and it makes Damieka unsettled. Whore how dare you touch him! You half...

Her eyes close but when she feels a hand upon hers she looks down at Davben after giving a slight jump from being startled. She notices him pushing the bowl to her and she stares at it as if it is something she has never seen before. Her nerves break and she sits, taking the bowl and looking into its depths as she listens to the goings on and tries to eat.


Ameiko shouts as the man pulls out a small clump of her hair.

Any attempt to intervene from the party is ignored by the two. Silva and zara are about as menacing as a basket full of kittens.

LONJIKU KAIJITSU: "We're moving back to Magnimar! This Gods forsaken place is not our home anymore. You'll come with me or be cut out of the will and rejected from this family!"

Ameiko has just enough reach to grab the soup ladle and brain her father with it. Fish stock and potatoes spatter all over Lonjiku's head and cloths. He lets go of Ameiko just as Nicea successfully tackles him to the ground. Lonjiku's attitude immediately turns to cowardices as he struggles against Nicea's pin.

+1 Wrath to Nicea for tackling somebody far less physically abled than you.

LONJIKU KAIJITSU: "GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME YOU UGLY B&+!~! Ameiko, you're as dead to me as your mother! LET ME GO!"

Male Human Tattooed Sorcerer 4 | hp 30/30

Damn, look at her go! Silva thinks with wide eyes as he watches Nicea wrestles Lonjiku to the ground. In his anger, he could not help but to find amusement in seeing the hateful man squirming against her powerlessly. And yet, he knew that there was no need to drag this out any longer. With a frustrated sigh, he approaches the female warrior, knowing that he was going to hate just about every word he was about to say to her.

"Miss, eh, Nicea was it?" he asks, having caught her name on the way to the inn, "That's quite enough, don't you think? Old Lonjiku here is no fighter; a basketful of kittens would probably put up a better fight than him right now. He's not going to cause any more harm, so come on, let him go."

Sovereign Court

Human Ftr 2/Barb 2; Init +3; Perception +8; HP 33/43; AC 16/t12/ff15; F+8, R+2, W+1

Nicea looks blandly at her prisoner. "Come now, sir, I'm not ugly." She stands and picks the old man up off the floor, setting him on his feet, speaking mildly as if to a child in a tantrum. "I don't think you should treat our hostess that way, even if you are her father. Especially if you are her father. We have enough trouble with the little green menaces. No point being uncivil to each other. Right?" She looks to Silva for support, giving him a wink.

She sits back down and tries the soup, tuning out Lonjiku's ravings and figuring her little speech was pearls before swine. "This is good!" She nods at their hostess in gratitude.

Lonjiku storms out of the establishment, making sure to slam the door especially hard on the way out.

Ameiko looks down at the ladle in her hand and picks one of her fathers hairs off of it. She begins to tear up and says through a half sob:

AMEIKO: "I'll need to fetch a clean ladle since Jackass stew is not on the menu."

She rushes off to the back...

Sovereign Court

Human Ftr 2/Barb 2; Init +3; Perception +8; HP 33/43; AC 16/t12/ff15; F+8, R+2, W+1

"Poor kid." Nicea takes a swig of ale and tears off a hunk of bread, dipping it in her soup. "Just as well. Jackass stew is terrible."

Male Human Tattooed Sorcerer 4 | hp 30/30

When Lonjiku flees from the inn, Silva falls silent. There were at least a dozen clever things he could think of to say to try to lighten the mood, but he was sure that none of them would be worth the effort. The mood only sours more when Ameiko leaves the room in tears. Sighing heavily, he smiles weakly at Nicea before following after the innkeeper.

"Ameiko... are you alright?" he would ask her plaintively, well aware that it was a stupid question.

Init +5, HP 22/27HP, Perception +2, Sense Motive +6, AC 16/10/13

Zara bites her lip knowing that she doesn't want to aggravate the situation, she looks to the others without trying to seem callous. Fortunately Silva goes to Ameiko's rescue; to reassure the distressed lady.

"The stew is great isn't it?" Zara tries to make polite conversation with those at the table. "So Sir you said you had an estate in Magnimar? That must be exquisite, I have heard the big cities are full of sights and fine food?"

Female Half-Elf 4/ HP 37 / 20 arrows left / 13 climb chk

Finally the situation is over and Damieka does start to eat the soup instead of just spooning it around the bowl. She looks to the side to Davben and gives him an awkward half smile, "Thank you for the distraction." She says unsteadily but starting to get a bit of equilibrium back, "Domestic situations ... I find them harder than a horde of goblins."

Aldern Foxglove: "The larger Cities are quite impressive, yes. I have been to many places and I can honestly say that the beauty of the sights and sounds of a large city still don't compare to the beauty of a lady."

Ameiko walks back into the room. This ordeal has obviously had a toll on her. Her eyes are puffy and red from crying. She gently places a clean ladle in the soup pot and announces:

Ameiko: "I'm sorry everyone, its been a rough day for me. I'm going to retire for the evening. Just leave your dishes on the table and I will clean everything in the morning. If there is anything else you want just write it down and help yourself. Food is in the back, drinks are at the bar. Thank you for everything you have done today, you're all great!"

at Silva's question

"I'm fine, Hearing those words come from my father just stirred up some old feelings about my mother. I'll be OK."

Ameiko half smiles as she tries to think of a name to brand you with.

"The Goblin Slayers of Sandpoint..."

With that, Ameiko slowly walks up the stairs to her room.

Aldern speaks up:

Aldern Foxglove: "Well, as much as I'd hate to end the day on a dull note I feel I should retire early as well. The days events have left me exhausted and I'm just dying to change into a pair of pants that aren't covered in my own blood. "

Aldern stands up and takes a bow, excusing himself from the table.

You're all free to do as you please

EDIT: Don't forget to add Aldern's generous offer of 50GP to your character sheet

Init +5, HP 22/27HP, Perception +2, Sense Motive +6, AC 16/10/13

Zara smiles politely and returns his bow, which results in obvious shifting of her scarves. "I thank you for your beautiful words and your reward. It'll be a pleasure to meet you again."

After watching him leave she continues to eat very sparingly of her food. "So, that was tense. I take it everyone is from out of town."

Zara will do the dishes before she goes to her room, don't want to get the remnants stuck to the dish.

The Exchange

Female Elf Rogue 2

The elven 'treasure hunter' nods a couple of times in response to Aldern, trying to stay polite to a man who just multiplied her fortunes by a hundred.

"Around here is where I have been staying recently," says Samara in response to Zara, nodding a couple of times slowly. "Knowing many people is not a thing that I do though."

Sovereign Court

Human Ftr 2/Barb 2; Init +3; Perception +8; HP 33/43; AC 16/t12/ff15; F+8, R+2, W+1

Nicea nods. "From out of town and trying to get back there." She tosses the goblin cash and the potions on the table. "I've no idea what these drinks are or what they're worth. Maybe one of you folks can tell. There's about twenty gold worth of varied coins. There's also a half-decent weapon that might sell for something. We're all entitled to even shares once we figure out what that is. Anybody care to figure out what's in these two flasks?"

The Exchange

Female Elf Rogue 2

Samara reaches for the flasks to check on their contents.

Perception: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (19) + 7 = 26

Perception if a second is needed to identify the second potion: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (13) + 7 = 20


I read in the PRD that I guess you use perception to determine contents of potions, but if I'm doing this wrong, I'd like to substitute these for appropriate skill checks...

Init +5, HP 22/27HP, Perception +2, Sense Motive +6, AC 16/10/13

Looking at the elf through thick lashes; "Well, now you know us. I hope you'd consider me a friend?" she says slightly tentatively.

Shuffling in her seat slightly she says softly to everyone; "Sorry about the Lord, sometimes I have that effect. I don't know why." still she's slightly uneasy, hoping that the group doesn't pillory her as has happened so often in the past.

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Monk Unchained/3 Acrobat/1 | HP 32/32 AC 15, perception 11

Davben nods to Damieka as she thanks him "Yes, it was not pleasant to see our hostess treated so, but it is the way of the world... of course even goblins have their place. The good of her kindness counter-balanced with the evil of her father's ire. Nicea stopped him before his evil outweighed Ameiko's good so everything is kept equal."

He looks towards Nicea and smiles "You are quite the warrior, friend Nicea, and his insult was merely the raving of a man uncentered by anger, certainly not true. I'm not from around here either, and don't tend to keep in the same area for long. If you would like a traveling companion when you're ready to go I would be pleased to accompany you."

He looks at the spoils of their goblin fight dumped on the table only briefly, then looks to Zara answering her comment "It is because of the way you dress, and your flirtatious behaviour I believe. Are you going to finish that?" He indicates her soup having already finished his.

Init +5, HP 22/27HP, Perception +2, Sense Motive +6, AC 16/10/13

"No, feel free. I am full." Zara says softly. Thinking upon his words.

Sovereign Court

Human Ftr 2/Barb 2; Init +3; Perception +8; HP 33/43; AC 16/t12/ff15; F+8, R+2, W+1

Nicea shrugs. "Nothing wrong with having that kind of effect on a man. We all do, from time to time. It's a lot more likely, though, when you wear only scarves! Sadly, they do little to block swords or arrows. Leather is a mite more practical." She thumps her own armor lightly. "Of course, leather attracts interest from a different kind of man." She winks at the dancer, then rises and stretches, sauntering behind the bar to see what is stocked.

"Drink is at the bar! This is wonderful! A week's room and board, some lame hunting expedition with that little noble - I'm sure he rarely kills anything more threatening than a basket of kittens - and gold in our pockets. Now if I can just earn fare for a ship south, I'll be out of here for the damned winter."

She rummages through the bottles. "Let's see... elven honey wine, Osirian sunbrew, dwarven ale, and ... hey, Katapeshi brandy. That could be interesting! Something to ease the time as we do the dishes, right? Surely none of you are going to let that poor little thing clean up behind us?" She pours herself a tiny glass of brandy, waving the bottle in offer and jotting the drink down on a piece of scrap paper she rummages out of a bin behind the bar. "Anyone else?"

Zara Yllés wrote:
"I thank you for your beautiful words and your reward. It'll be a pleasure to meet you again."

ALDERN FOXGLOVE: "I trust that means you'll accept my offer to join me on my hunt?"

Aldern looks very excited.

"Remember, its the day after tomorrow. I'll be preoccupied with other business until then. If you cant find me at this inn I'll send for you before the departure time."

Aldern casually turns around and walks up the stairs to his room.

Samara, you successfully identify the potions. One is a potion of Cure Light Wounds, the second is a potion of Cure Moderate Wounds

Male Human Tattooed Sorcerer 4 | hp 30/30

"Well, I suppose that's the least I could do for her," Silva says with a sigh whilst rubbing the back of his head. His depression seems to linger for a moment before a toothy grin peels its way onto his face. "But still, doing the dishes? I'm going to need more than a few drinks to get through that in one piece!" He nods to Nicea. "I'll just have whatever you're having - I'm not picky."

He averts his gaze to their shy elf companion, raising an eyebrow as she takes small sips from the potion bottles. "Okay, so maybe I'm just a little picky. I mean, gods know where those must have been!"

Female Half-Elf 4/ HP 37 / 20 arrows left / 13 climb chk

"Social situations are seldom balanced." Damieka states evenly, understanding Davben's assessment. She looks to the others and shrugs, "I have been in this town a couple months now. Maybe three because of the tanner. Usually I stay maybe a week or two but there has been good money for pelts here. I will go soon though."

The chatter starts to come and she smiles, beginning to be amused by the bunch, "I will take some of that Nicea. It does help one sleep. And I shall help with the dishes as well but I believe that the men should do the drying." She teases bawdily getting herself back to normal.

The Exchange

Female Elf Rogue 2

Samara makes a bit of a face after testing the potions, putting them both back down on the counter. She gestures to the first, "If you are a little hurt, this is a thing that you should drink..." She gestures towards the other, "For if you are a little more hurt. These are things that are good to keep."

Her eyes shift towards Zara at being asked if she considers them friends, and she seems a bit panicked for a few moments, fiddling with her gear to make sure that it is still present and accounted for, all in the right place. "Okay." It's not really a great answer to the question, but it is about as good as Samara will do in this kind of situation.

She stands and starts to help with the dishes, figuring it is the socially appropriate thing to do if others are doing it.

Sovereign Court

Human Ftr 2/Barb 2; Init +3; Perception +8; HP 33/43; AC 16/t12/ff15; F+8, R+2, W+1

Nicea pours out the burning spirits for all who want it and raises her glass. "To the Goblin Hunters of Sandpoint!" Tossing the brandy down, she smacks her lips. "Good stuff! I don't know when I'll be leaving, Davben, but you're welcome to come along if you can get ship's fare. The Inner Sea is much warmer over the winter. But we've got a week to earn passage before our hostess' goodwill runs out, and a noble that doesn't seem too good at protecting himself. There might be some opportunity here."

Nodding at Samara, she examines the potion bottles. "Very handy, these. Maybe we should hang onto them for the hunt, just in case one of us - or our bold patron - is injured," she says with an eyeroll at Lord Foxglove's mention.

Female Half-Elf 4/ HP 37 / 20 arrows left / 13 climb chk

Damieka drinks back her spirits and shrugs at the mention of ships and trips and helps with the dishes but when she is done she backs out of the way and takes a room key, "Those potions will probably be best held for our patron. At least if we get hurt we can deal but he's the money and they expect a certain treatment."

She sighs as she considers the man who wants them to go hunting with them, "If anything though, I believe that Zara would do best as a speaker with him. I don't know about anyone else but I don't feel comfortable around those who think that highly of themselves."

Male Human Tattooed Sorcerer 4 | hp 30/30

"Slayers, not Hunters," Silva corrects as he drinks, before shrugging. "Well, you know. I'd rather not make living out of hunting down little green men. Not exactly the grandiose life I'd expect of an adventurer." Finishing off his drink, he adds it to the pile of dishes, before reluctantly picking up a drying rag. "Speaking of hunting, I'm not so sure I'd be any good in Aldern's idea of a teambuilding activity. Though I suppose the 'Boar Hunters of Sandpoint' would be one step above 'Goblin Hunters.' Eh, what the heck. Count me in."

The Exchange

Female Elf Rogue 2

"Goblins are stupid," is all that Samara has to contribute to this conversation, almost offering it up as a toast. She takes a drink with Nicea and raises her glass once its been drained.

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Monk Unchained/3 Acrobat/1 | HP 32/32 AC 15, perception 11

After finishing off Zara's soup, and that of anyone else that will let him, Davben happily accepts some spirits from Nicea as she offers draining and raising his glass as well. "Great, then I shall save my coin for fare... I suppose I will be needing my share from the goblins in that case. Do you know how much is required?"

He looks towards Damieka and smiles it was rare that someone understood when he talked of balance "Do you seek balance as well I would be happy to offer my assistance? If you are looking to get fare for a ship as well my lady perhaps we can all go together. You mentioned you would be going soon." He realizes he probably shouldn't be inviting people to come along on his own. "That is.. if Nicea doesn't mind" He moves to help with dishes as well, drying as Damieka suggested.

"Hunting with Mr. Foxglove? I can't say I know much about the hunt, but I don't mind speaking to the man, if you would like me to be speaker." It's probably a bad idea, it's too likely Davben will insult, or offend Lord Foxglove. As he dries he turns his head towards Damieka "You mentioned selling pelts, you must be an accomplished hunter. Perhaps you would be willing to teach me a thing or two? If you're not fatigued perhaps we could share some spirits, and you could tell me about the hunt."

Init +5, HP 22/27HP, Perception +2, Sense Motive +6, AC 16/10/13

Zara after listening and think replies; "I was only suggesting I did the washing up, it wasn't an order or anything. Just to help Amieko out."

"But that was not what I was wondering about, I was wondering how the goblins came here. Surely there must be guards on the gates? Unless they swarmed past them?" she taps the table. "I wonder what's happening in the town now?"

Zara learns over to Nicea a shocked look in her eyes; "Do you thing Lord Foxglove kills baskets of kittens?"

Sovereign Court

Human Ftr 2/Barb 2; Init +3; Perception +8; HP 33/43; AC 16/t12/ff15; F+8, R+2, W+1

"'Slayers' is much better," Nicea agrees with Silva and with a nod to Samara for her astute observation, "And you didn't say anything about washing dishes, dancer, I did! And they better help if they know what's good for them!"

She grins at Davben and Damieka. "You're free to go where you like, but if it happens to be the way I'm going, the road will be easier for the company. And no, Zara, I do not think Lord Foxglove kills baskets of kittens. I think the kittens could take him."

Zara's question gives her more pause. "Goblins are awfully sneaky. Maybe they snuck in. Maybe they were snuck in by somebody. That one speaker didn't show up for the ceremony. Do you think he knew there would be trouble?"

Init +5, HP 22/27HP, Perception +2, Sense Motive +6, AC 16/10/13

Zara blushes at her little faux-pas; "You mean Lonjiku? Well maybe....then there was that loud stone the Reverend threw down. Could that have been a signal? I just don't want to be murdered in my bed, especially by a goblin."

Sovereign Court

Human Ftr 2/Barb 2; Init +3; Perception +8; HP 33/43; AC 16/t12/ff15; F+8, R+2, W+1

"So you think the reverend is behind this?" Nicea blurts, "Wow, interesting theory, and very sneaky. Nobody suspects the butterfly man."

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