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Donato's Planet Hopping Adventures!

Game Master donato

A campaign set to travel the solar system as we know it.

It was strange. It was just another day for you, a relative nobody. Sure, you had some skill, but no more than anyone else you knew. You weren't a mighty warrior, a grand mage, a great thief, or anything else that was very spectacular. However, it seemed the heavens called upon you. You watched as the sky opened up. The clouds parted and the stars themselves aligned themselves, almost as they were calling you. This was two weeks ago. No one else could see it, but yourself. Every night passed with the same event happening, each time the stars seemd slightly brighter, slighlty closer.

Then today, instead of the stars lining up, the sky became bright. It filled with light, brighter and brighter, until it was nothing but white. The last thing you remember is your vision filled with the light and a sense of weightlessness.


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