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Dm Mathpro's Crypt of the Everflame Game

Game Master mathpro18

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yes he did...he offered you wine while your sitting naked in the pool...should react to that by smacking him or something lol.

Female Succubus touched Ninja 2

But I was not completely naked,
I had on some clothing.

Female Succubus touched Ninja 2

I'm still here

Male Tiefling Ranger(Trapper)-1/Cleric-1

I'm here still as well.

Hey guys sorry I haven't posted in a few days. Girlfriend and her parents came into town on Thursday and her dad ended up passing away while they were here so...its been a rough couple of days and haven't had time to get online.

24/24 HP; AC 18/11/17; Fort +7 Ref +4 Will +2; Init+1; Perception +7

Gotcha. I'm sorry to hear that. Hope everything goes better for you, I'll see you when you get back to posting.

Female Human Paladin 2 HPs 17/21

Take what time you need, the game comes way down to you and your girlfriends needs. Hope you and you girlfriend can draw strength from your friends around you and the immediate family. My thoughts are with you both.

I'm sure we'll be here ready when you return.

Male Tiefling Ranger(Trapper)-1/Cleric-1

Sorry to hear that Math, I hope things have things have gotten better.

yeah things are starting to settle down a little. They're having a yard sale this week to try and get money for mom's rent as well as to clean out some of the reminders from around the house...

I'm away for the rest of the weekend ... DM bot if required

Female Human Paladin 2 HPs 17/21

Next weekend is PaizoConUk ... I'm getting excited ... oh there'll be no posting that weekend... ;)

Just thought, can we deliver a flask of alchemist's fire up to the bats, maybe using a xBow or something? as we have no fireballs etc. Unless our alchemist has something up his sleeve?

Female Human Paladin 2 HPs 17/21

Just to let you know I'll be at PaizoConUK next weekend 20th-23rd-ish and therefore won't be posting. And again from 2nd Aug to 5th Aug at the local Music Festival, so feel free to GM bot for those periods so as not to slow anything down.

hey guys sorry for the long delay. Got hit by a car on Tuesday and have been in the hospital since. Dislocated my knee, broke my tibia and fibula, and fractured my ankle all on my left side as well as scraped up my left arm pretty good. The foot was 90 degrees out of socket when I got to the ER Wednesday. They decided as they were relocating it for the second time that it would also be a good time to pick the shards of glass out of my arm...

Had surgery yesterday to place a plate and some screws in my foot and am on the mend. Got up and walked with a walker today for the first time since Wednesday. Going to be hopefully going to rehab on Monday if we can find a place that has beds otherwise there sending me home. 6 weeks of no weight on my left leg and no driving.

Not sure what my posting schedual is going to be like. I'm borrowing my girlfriends laptop as we speak to finally get you guys an update and if I go to rehab I might see if my mom can bring me my laptop so I can get things moving again.

Thanks for your patience and prayers.

Female Succubus touched Ninja 2

Hope you recover and get well.

Just wanted to just drop by and give everyone an update. I am going to be released to my house today. I'm doing well enough on the walker that I won't be needing to go into a live in rehab place at all. 2 weeks and I'll be in a removable boot and then 6 weeks and I'll be learning to walk again.

The bad part is that I don't have internet at the house and don't know how often I'm going to be able to get out to the libraries now. Not supposed to drive for at least another 6 weeks if not longer. I'll get back when I can to give you updates.

Just look after yourself, that's your first priority. Hope all goes well for you.

I'll be here when you come back, so no worries.

Had a doctors appointment today so I was able to talk my fiancee into taking me to the library after the appointment. Things are starting to heal and if the tingling in my foot is any indication the nerve damage I suffered won't be permanent...needs to hurry up and fix its self though because the pins and needles feeling gets really old especially at 2 AM when you're trying to sleep.

Going in next Monday to get the "cast" off and getting fitted for a walking boot. Still won't be able to walk for another 4 weeks but they want me to be able to shower and for the wounds to properly be taken care of so the boot makes that much easier. Getting more moble every day and I've pretty much mastered my walker.

Going to be looking into internet with in the next week because I'm going mad with out being able to get online. Day time tv gets very old very fast lol.

Male Tiefling Ranger(Trapper)-1/Cleric-1

It didn't show that you posted Math, I am sorry to hear buddy. I wish you a strong recovery and try to keep that sanity.

GEN CON!!!!! I'll be there from wednesday night til sunday so I won't be able to post during that time. Just giving ya'll a heads up and is anybody else going? GEN CON!!!!!!

Female Succubus touched Ninja 2

Looking for video demo ideas

Sorry guys will be another 2 weeks until I can get here reliably again...doing well though and things are healing the way they should.

24/24 HP; AC 18/11/17; Fort +7 Ref +4 Will +2; Init+1; Perception +7

That's fine, mathpro. Focus on getting better, and get back to us when you can.

Female Human Paladin 2 HPs 17/21

Yep goes for me too, hoping your recovery goes well, don't push it for us make sure things are right with your health. Keep on healing Mathpro.

Heal Check 1d20 + 100 ⇒ (6) + 100 = 106

Hey guys. Just wanted to give you a heads up that I should be on on a much more regular basis now. I have been given the all clear to start walking and driving so that means I can start getting online again.

Still having some moderate pain and swelling but now that I'm walking on it again its to be expected. Should be off the walker by Friday but we will see...foot still feels a little unstable for that.

Female Human Paladin 2 HPs 17/21

Glad you're making progress DM Mathpro and hope the physio and everthing makes it all recover. Not to mention, happy to have you back soon to complete this adventure.

24/24 HP; AC 18/11/17; Fort +7 Ref +4 Will +2; Init+1; Perception +7

Glad to hear you're back in action, and happy to hear you're making progress, too.

Like I said in the Academy of Secrets game, you may want to PM the other players, as I know I lost my dot, and it may have happened for others as well.

Just so you guys know I'm going to be in training for a new job I start tomorrow so I don't know how often I'm going to be able to post...I'll still try to get on daily it just depends on my training schedule.

Female Succubus touched Ninja 2

You'll need to re-dot any campaigns your in as the system has wiped them out to a degree

Female Human Paladin 2 HPs 17/21

Sorry, been hit by man 'flu this week, since returning from last weekend away at CrispyCon. I did leave a note on my main profile 'Deevor', if I haven't left you a note to say what's happening. Will be back with you tomorrow, 23rd.

Female Human Paladin 2 HPs 17/21

Hi guys, are we waiting on something?

Female Succubus touched Ninja 2

Your not the only one who's been waiting

Male Tiefling Ranger(Trapper)-1/Cleric-1

Been waiting as well

Both Martian Level 20 invader

Hey guys I'm here to tell you guys that Mathpro has had a good amount of RL issues and is not likely to return to the boards. I cannot say for sure I just know he has extremely limited access to the net and has closed down all his other campaigns.

I don't know for sure if he won't come back, I just know he's not active right now and has not been for some time. Just don't want you guys to be left hanging.

Male Tiefling Ranger(Trapper)-1/Cleric-1

Thanks Shanosuke for letting us know.

Female Human Paladin 2 HPs 17/21

Thanks Shanosuke ....

Do we want to continue to the end .. we're not far off from completing the module, it seems a real shame to close it so close to the end.

If we can't find a GM, I don't mind running it and one of you can run Tarvinda. Otherwise open to any other ideas.

Male Tiefling Ranger(Trapper)-1/Cleric-1

I'm down!

Female Succubus touched Ninja 2

Thanks for the heads up, Shanosuke.

Tarvinda, you could GMPC your character until the end.

Female Human Paladin 2 HPs 17/21

Xeros, do you mean to go through to the end if I DM, or do you mean you're out? If you mean to continue, I will start up again, otherwise I fear it is the end.

Male Tiefling Ranger(Trapper)-1/Cleric-1

I'm in to continue, I would like to see this game to the end.

Female Human Paladin 2 HPs 17/21

OK .. I'm really busy over Christmas ... so I'll re-start on Jan 2nd 2013. Probably best to get this sorted out to get us going. You'll see me DMing as DMDeevor ... just so you know.

Female Succubus touched Ninja 2

Happy New year

Sovereign Court

Got a reply from Arpad, he'll be with us soon, unfortunately RL got the better of him.

Sovereign Court

Sorry guys for not posting lately I moved over the weekend but will be back to normal tomorrow.

24/24 HP; AC 18/11/17; Fort +7 Ref +4 Will +2; Init+1; Perception +7

Sorry for the lack of follow-up on that. RL regained its grasp on me for a bit. I'm much more stable now, however. I'm sorry I wasn't here for so much of it, but I'm here now, if I made it in time. :)

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