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Desna's Chosen

Game Master MythrilDragon

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Mid Morning Day 2 Total earned XP: 15,000

It seems the goblins are eating my last posts; Where too next?

Sovereign Court


Lost my dot. Redotting...

Enchantress 11 | AC 14/14/12 | HP 84/84 | Init.+7 | Perc.+12 | CMD 16 | F+8, R+8, W+11

Lets go down the to the next room in the hallway. If there are no others, let's head upstairs.

Mid Morning Day 2 Total earned XP: 15,000

Wren these rooms are upstairs on the second level of the house though you can tell there is an attic level above you.

The group heads to the northern side of the house, bypassing the room beyond the gallery for the time being. Eponine heads to a door toward the east, inside she sees an entire bedroom caked with a thick, spongy layer of dark green, blue, and black mold. Nuri takes the next door and opens it to reveal a wash room. Inside sits an iron tub in the middle of this room, the floorboards around it sagging with the tub's weight. Victor opens another door. This once fine chamber has been destroyed. The bed is smashed, mattress torn apart, walls gouged as if by knives, chairs hacked apart, and paintings on the walls torn to pieces-with one exception. A portrait hanging on the northwest wall seems to be untouched, although it hangs backward, its unseen subject facing the wall.


Do you wish to enter any of these chambers or do anything specific before I post more?

Female Human (Varisian) Cleric 6

Knowledge (nature) on the mold, Eponine?

"It's not a ghoul or a necromancer," Nuri responds to each of the rooms. "I say we leave it alone. Everything we investigate in this place seems to attack us in some way."

Enchantress 11 | AC 14/14/12 | HP 84/84 | Init.+7 | Perc.+12 | CMD 16 | F+8, R+8, W+11

"I'm afraid that painting is something important, that might even tell us more about this place. But, like you, I'm sure it is possessed by some evil spirit and nothing good could come from disturbing it. What do the rest of you say?"

Regarding the mold... Knowledge (dungeoneering or nature) 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (8) + 8 = 16

"I'm not sure that messing with the picture would benefit us either."

Assuming the mold doesn't block the way to the bathtub, she tucks a hand into her pouch and pulls out Camlo. "Hey buddy," she murmurs to the monkey. "Can you carefully go over to the bathtub and see what's in it? If it is small and you can get it, go for it."

She will unravel her reinforced scarf from around her leg, tie one end to Camlo and send him off.

Sorry for the delay; work unexpectedly consumed the last several days.

Mid Morning Day 2 Total earned XP: 15,000

Pont of clarification, I posted three rooms to help speed up the thread. Eponine's was a mold filled bed room. The bathroom that Nuri found has sagging floor boards but no mold. The third room is ransacked except for one painting. This is the one victor opened. Sorry if that wasn't clear..I'll separate rooms by paragraph as we go forward.

Mid Morning Day 2 Total earned XP: 15,000

Camlo scurries across the bathroom floor, scarf dragging behind him. The boards creek and some chunks of wood collapse and fall through. He leaps back and is okay, but you can tell the weight of someone large would send the floor crashing into the room below. The tub is empty of anything but dirt, grime, and what appears to be a fresh blood pooling around the drain.

Before exploring the ransacked room, while Eponine is at the washroom door, Victor tries the only other door off the hall way but finds it is locked shut.

Not wanting to stand around idle, Wren and Roakkad return to the gallery and pass through the cobweb covered paintings to the other double door. Beyond is a large bed room. The furniture is dusty and unkempt, but does not exhibit any major signs of water or mold damage. However there is one exception that stands out. There is thick dark stain on the desk near the northern window that catches your eye.


Mid Morning Day 2 Total earned XP: 15,000

Deciding to let these rooms remain untouched for the time being everyone gathers in the hall as Eponine sets to work on the locked door. Disable Device: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (10) + 12 = 22 The lock finally turns with a loud clank and the door is open to reveal a stairs climbing up to an attic level. Ascending you find a narrow hallway with several doors opening of of it.

The first (B19) contains a large number of wooden planks, rope, and other repair supplies. The ceiling above sags noticeably and in several areas patches of the sky above are visible.

The hallway turns and there are doors on the north and south walls. Four of them (B20) are being used for storage. They are stacked with old furniture, sheets and linens, boxes and crates, and other bits. Nothing of value can be found inside them.

The last door on the southern wall, where the hallway turns northward again, opens to reveal a slightly larger room.(B21) The ceiling of this room angles down steeply, leaving only four feet of headroom to the southeast. A low cot and a dresser are the room's only furnishings.

Suddenly from down the hall comes the sound of an agonizing shriek which echos through the attic bringing everyone back out into the hall from examining the rooms. The sound wails again, obvious coming from behind the northern most door on the right wall.

Mid Morning Day 2 Total earned XP: 15,000

Attic Map

Male Human Fighter 6
Hp's: 64/64; AC: 18/14/13; Fort: +6, Ref: +6, Will: +4; Perc: +12; Init: +4

Victor pulls out his bow at the sound of the scream. "I must confess, that does not sound good."

Enchantress 11 | AC 14/14/12 | HP 84/84 | Init.+7 | Perc.+12 | CMD 16 | F+8, R+8, W+11

"Yep, not good at all. I'm sure it's a trap, but I don't think we have a choice." Wren groans as she heads toward the awful shriek.

Eponine leads the way toward the cry, blade out and her eyes scanning for traps along the way.

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