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Game Master MythrilDragon

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Mythril DM wrote:
Sophy and Eponine found these under Thistletop. I figure you all have had the opportunity to read them, Sophy took them at the time I believe, but she may have even left them for you when she left town.

Sophy definitely left behind the books. She was deputized when she found them so she'd consider them the property of Sandpoint. Leaving behind her library would certainly be the hardest thing about leaving town. I don't know if Orik could compensate for lack of books. Hopefully, she was able to get a position at a library somewhere in the big city.

Approaching Noon Day 1 Total earned XP: 12900

Okay post is up, sorry that took so's been a perfect storm of responsibilities all falling down on me in the same two weeks. On top of my usual work, I have extra services for Lent and Easter and then added to that I had some extra services at local nursing homes. Those are shared by all the local pastors in the communities, I do them in two different neighboring towns, and my week for both happened to fall on the same week (go figure) and a community bible study that I lead every few months also fell during this time....then add a funeral. So a ton of extra things all converging on the same week(s). Most everything now is planned out through Easter so I should be back to more regular posting and that should pick up even more regularly after April 20th once Holy week passes and my vocation's responsibilities ease back to just regular Sunday services and a typical weeks responsibilities. Thanks for your patience, I know we have had a slow start getting back to the swing of things but I look forward to seeing how you all track down the newest threat to Sandpoint.

Not to contradict everyone for heading to the Scarnettis, but I'd totally forgotten about the other dead bodies until the DM posted the reminder. :)

RPG Superstar 2008 Top 16

Just and FYI I won't be able to post again until Tuesday or Wednesday. Easter and some pregnancy issues will be keeping me busy on Sunday and Monday. Happy Easter everyone!

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