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RPG Superstar 2008 Top 16

Hey friends hate to put a delay on things but I am doing another funeral in the morning. Might be Thursday before I will have time to post again. Also my wife is do sometime in the next four weeks, it's our third so he might come early. If I vanish for a few days it might be because we are welcoming Zacahary into the world.

RPG Superstar 2008 Top 16

Baby is scheduled to be delivered on the 29th, but he just might be trying to come out early. MY posting may be intermittent for the next several days.

Thoughts to you, MD. Hope the young'un process turns out great...

RPG Superstar 2008 Top 16

Zachary Thomas wa born at 12 today. He and mom are fine, but I might need a few days before posting again.

Congrats, DM!

Congratulations, Andrew! I'm glad they're both doing well!

Male Humanly Awesome 'n Totally Rockin' Paladin of Greatness

Congrats, bud! Good to hear both are doing fine.

Evening Day 1 Total earned XP: 13700

Okay thanks for waiting on me. Baby boy is doing well and mom is recovering from the surgery. We had some family visit and things are now getting back to normal.


HP 57/57, AC- 21 T- 14 FF- 18 CMD- 19, F +6, R +9, W +5, P +10, In +4, AOO +8

This should be a good write-out. Belril is better off (undead with the huge sling nerfs that were about to hit him. The amazing HP rolls I averaged with him should make up for the fact that his HP is now based off charisma :P.

Evening Day 1 Total earned XP: 13700

Giving this a bump to see if everyone is around.

AC 13, HP 34/34; F+3, R+3, W+5, Per+4, Init.+2, AoO+2

I'm still here.

Elven Rogue 3/Ranger (Guide) 1/Wizard (Diviner, Foresight) 1 HPs 39/39 AC 17 FF 13 T 14 CMD 17 Fort +6 Ref +9 Will +4 Init +5 Per +10 (+1 vs. traps, +2 w/familiar)

Still here. I was waiting to see if anything Roakkad does affects Eponine's actions.

Male Shoanti Thundercaller, HP-59/59, Init-+6, AC-20, FF-18, Touch-12, CMD-17, F-+4, R-+6, W-+4, BP Used-2/18, Spells Used-0/4 Lvl 2, 1/6 Lvl 1

Sorry, best to bot me for now please DM.

Evening Day 1 Total earned XP: 13700

Okay, will do. AK Take over as soon as you can, send me a message if there is a tactic you might want to use that I over look.

Evening Day 1 Total earned XP: 13700

I have posted a DM action for Roakkad.

Kern is up next, but Navior has just put his own games on hiatus as he's gone back to school this year. I don't think he's any more available than AK is atm.

What Joana said. I do hope to stick around, but if I'm slow responding, please bot me. I don't want to hold things up.

Evening Day 1 Total earned XP: 13700

OK Navior, Good luck with classes I will insert a DM action for you when necessary...feel free to suggest actions via messaging me if you don't have the time to actually post and I will proxy it for you.

Same goes for AK, if either of you read and want just send a simple note like: Make me start attacking with my XXX or I would go after XXX target first. that is fine by me.

Evening Day 1 Total earned XP: 13700

I will DM Post for Roakkad and Kern on Monday, unless they happen to have a moment to do it themselves before then. I won't have time until then unfortunately.

Evening Day 1 Total earned XP: 13700

Sorry I wasn't able to make a post today, a funeral came up. I will update as soon as I can.

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