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Game Master MythrilDragon

Current Characters


Elven Rogue 3/Ranger (Guide) 1/Wizard (Diviner, Foresight) 1 HPs 39/39 AC 17 FF 13 T 14 CMD 17 Fort +6 Ref +9 Will +4 Init +5 Per +10 (+1 vs. traps, +2 w/familiar)

played by markofbane (510 posts)
Eagle Knight
Kern Bevaniky

Male Human (Chelaxian) Fighter (Weapon Master) 5

played by Navior (229 posts)
Nuri Besnic

Female Human (Varisian) Cleric 6

played by Joana (97 posts)
Akron Erix
Roakkad "Tames The Skies"

Male Shoanti Thundercaller, HP- 67/67, Init-+6, AC- 20, FF- 18, Touch- 12, CMD- 17, F- +5, R- +7, W- +5, BP Used- 0/20, Spells Used- 0/5 Lvl 2, 0/6 Lvl 1

played by Alexander Kilcoyne (47 posts)
The Rake
Victor Montoya

Male Human Fighter 6
Hp's: 64/64; AC: 18/14/13; Fort: +6, Ref: +6, Will: +4; Perc: +12; Init: +4

played by Javell DeLeon (543 posts)
Wren Chavali

AC 13, HP 41/41; F+5, R+5, W+7 Per+4, Init.+2, AoO+3

played by Gerald (671 posts)

Current NPCs

Mythril DM

Mid Morning Day 2 Total earned XP: 15,000

played by MythrilDragon (1,711 posts)
Bag of Holding
Mythril DM Treasure

played by MythrilDragon (11 posts)

Previous Characters

Ekaym Smallcask
Sovereign Court Alexander Kilcoyne

(4,652 posts)
Sky Dragon

(1,477 posts)
Divine Crusader

(7,976 posts)

(1,874 posts)
Bronze Dragon

(1,531 posts)
Silver Dragon

Male Human (Fantasy Geek sub type) Husband 10 / Father10
(2,599 posts)
Tongue of Rebuke

(4,716 posts)
Liberty's Edge Belril Leokas

HP 57/57, AC- 21 T- 14 FF- 18 CMD- 19, F +6, R +9, W +5, P +10, In +4, AOO +8

played by Alexander Kilcoyne (408 posts)
Brock AKA "Bones"

Male Half-Orc

played by Lucendar (154 posts)
Man in Mask
DM Alexander Kilcoyne

Your Humble Narrator

played by Alexander Kilcoyne (7,325 posts)
Female Human
Sophy Cassell

Female Human Lore Oracle 5

played by Joana (593 posts)

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