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Den of the Slave Takers (4e)

Game Master Rev Rosey

4e adventures in the Chaos Scar set in Yorkshire turned up to 11.

My low level 4e campaign just lost their defender and leader due to real life issues. The game started as a taster for 4e, but has proved to be fun and the remaining players want to carry on. This may be tricky without a frontliner and some kind of leader type.

The setting is a mixture of homebrew and the default points of light and I'm using adventures from the Chaos Scar series. It is basically Yorkshire turned up to 11 - with accompanying accents in some cases. The heroes have strong local ties for the most part and are finding their way in the world.

The group has just hit level 2 and are about to embark on their second adventure.

Game thread

Discussion thread

Let me know here if interested or if you have any questions.

I've a character who might work in either role, though he wasn't actually created for D&D. A Norse warrior-poet, who could work either as a Fighter or a Bard - hence, defender or leader. As long as he can hit people with his spear, he'll be happy.

Sounds very promising. Head across to the discussion thread if you'd like to go with him.

Dark Archive

Hello Rev, do you need another player?

Hiya Rad :) If you're around regularly, with pleasure. Take a look at the threads to see the setting and feel. Be nice to have you back.

Dark Archive

Thanks, I can play a two-weapon fighter or a cleric, whichever is more needed.

How about warlord? Covers both areas. Or a paladin.

Caine will do nicely if you need a warlord. I just need to edit his stats.

Eating dinner where I am by the way. Our president was in London a few days ago. He says he's bringing home billions of investment hehehe

Good old Caine. Nice to see him again. Could be his son perhaps?

EDIT - head on over to the discussion thread and introduce yourself. Link in the first post.

LOL; that implies the Brits have billions to invest :P

The Exchange

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber

Billions of pounds or Philippine pesos?

Dark Archive

2 billion pounds = about 100 billion philippine pesos

The Exchange

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber

I stand corrected. So what is it your company does? I know you work in the legal sphere so I was wondering what was coming your way - outsourced financial services or something like that?

Dark Archive

Oh I was referring to the President of the country.

I think the investments will be in oil exploration and various mineral and power generating projects.

The conglomerate I work for has interests in tobacco, alcohol, beverage, real estate, banking and airlines. It's owned by Lucio Tan.

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