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Den of the Slave Takers (4e)

Game Master Rev Rosey

4e adventures in the Chaos Scar set in Yorkshire turned up to 11.

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(29/31) Razorclaw Shifter Predator Druid

At Anastria's proclamation that she has no home, Luce hides her aghast expression behind a hand as she brushes a strand of hair from her mouth. 'No home, what who I do? Or me Da! Poor lass.'

The dwarven scholars words cut through her worry; "Old scar, 't is a crater that lies up t' valley. A great big rip on the green pastures. Old lady Batty said it was caused by a rock from t' heavens. So good a place as any - for them as has a religion t' put a church, I suppose." Luce accent returns as she feels more comfortable with these people, "Varis the Wolfman, has been up there more than me. But the winds run wild through that valley there's a biting chill." Hope dawns in her eyes; "Sir, you will accompany us too, I know there is much knowledge in these hills."

Luce looks to the Dragon-borne guard as he agrees to join with them, to protect the town and find her brother. A faint welling up of tears are torn away by the cold weather and she nods in gratitude. "I thank you kind sir, I will not lead thee astray."

Still planning to visit Jangi Blackstream?

(29/31) Razorclaw Shifter Predator Druid

Yep, might as well get his end of the story as well. And make sure that Varis is with us if he isn't atm?

Nervously she brushes away a lock of hair; "Should we go and talk to thee Merchant? Maybe he can tell us a bit more about what 'appened, I know how deceptive the heaths can be at night." Luce asks looking around for the group of Halfling; she sees some tending to their Norfolk Horns. She points towards them and makes a start.

If Varis isn't with us:
Luce sees the Elven hunter still stood where he was earlier, seemingly not moved a muscle - a predators patience. She beckons the others with her; shyly she approaches him. "Sir Wolfman, 'appens that Captain Tiberious 'ere spoke to t' Halflings. My brother Kyle has been taken by a gnoll wit' only 1 arm. Could ye help me find 'im. These other brave folk is willing." Her voice is hopeful, "We're going t' talk to the clan-folk and Jangi Blacksteam, see if he remembers anything else."

Male Wood Elf Rogue 2 (AC: 18, F: 14, R: 18, W: 15 | HP: 20/30 [7/7 surges] | AP: 0 | Init: +5 [+11] | Passives I: 19, P: 21)

Varis turns to the young lady as she approaches, "I heard" as he walks toward the group as a whole. "The tracks will start at the merchant." as if that makes it clear to all where he thinks they should begin. As a fit of anger crosses his face he expounds on his opinions, with a snarl "Gnolls, they are only a step up from wolves themselves... or down if you consider them being smart enough to plan allowing them to do more harm."

Male Human 2nd Level Resourceful Warlord

"Hmph wolves are noble creatures, try not to compare them with gnolls. Gives them a bad name. You all might not like wolves being shepards but we could all learn from them if we stopped to think about it." Tiberious says in reply to the strange elf.

"As to this gathering of this party I suppose that the commander can look after the mundane things until I can return. Though Aurix you and I will need to let him know our intentions and gain his permission."

The newly formed group head by common consent to Blackstream Merchandise. Among the bustle, Jangi Blackstream is easy to spot - indeed he seems to be looking out for Tiberious.

Putting aside his ledger, he hurries towards you.

"Come inside, come inside." He gestures towards a small room where conversation will be possible. Jangi's accent bears little trace of the dialect so lacerating to the ears of the non-locals.

"I've been hoping you'd stop by. I can't deny this latest raid has made me nervous. Very nervous indeed."

(29/31) Razorclaw Shifter Predator Druid

Luce beams; "Thank you, Sir. T' commander must surely let you go." a hopeful and grateful note to her voice.

"Never thought of wolves as noble, tho' I can see where tha' coming from. Just they're bad news, like getting a fox in t' hen-house." Luce says pondering, as she walks over to the group of halflings.

M Dwarf Wizard 2

"Good sir, I am Vondal Brewerson, scholar. I believe you were recently assaulted by a one-armed gnoll."

"No, no, no. Not me. I was not assaulted. One of my cargo teams suffered that fate. They were attacked and most of the guards were killed. The survivors were abducted - mostly members of my own family."

(29/31) Razorclaw Shifter Predator Druid

"Ayup, I'm Luce Winterscliffe; my brother was amongst t' guards. Do you know was 'e abducted, or kil....?" the words tumble from her lips.

"Where did t' attack take place? 'Cos we are goin' t' try and get 'em back." The concern evident upon her face.

HP: 23/25 | AC: 14 | FORT: 11 | REF: 13 | WILL: 16 | Eladrin Warlock 1

Anastria stands behind Luce squeezing her shoulder to show support, she knows what it's like to lose family. "How often to goods caravans get raided in these parts? Any patterns or particular spots?"

Jangi looks both disconcerted and concerned.

"My dear, I am so sorry. Kyle was among those taken. He was attempting to defend my family, so I feel that your loss is my responsibility to some extent."

He turns to Anastria. "Bandits are always a hazard, but we aren't normally taken by surprise. This was a particularly vicious attack. They took some cargo, but in my opinion, that was more for show. I don't believe they were really after the goods at all. I can tell you where the attack took place."

M Dwarf Wizard 2

"Please do, good sir. Um, was it near the Chaos Scar by any chance?"

Male Wood Elf Rogue 2 (AC: 18, F: 14, R: 18, W: 15 | HP: 20/30 [7/7 surges] | AP: 0 | Init: +5 [+11] | Passives I: 19, P: 21)

Varis quietly watches the whole conversation, adding nothing more than a simple "Good" when told they would be taken to the site of the attack.

"The Old Scar? Not close exactly, but on the main route in that direction. Are you interested in the Scar, Mr Brewerson? There are all kind of silly stories about magic items just lying around for the taking. Not at all likely, I'm afraid. Anything lying around will already have been taken, I should think."

M Dwarf Wizard 2

"Ah, really? Hmmm, well, it's still an interesting area for study. Though obviously the safety of your family - and yours, good lady," - Vondal tips his head politely towards Luce - "take priority over any researches."

(29/31) Razorclaw Shifter Predator Druid

Luce smiles softly; "Kyle is kind fellow;" she looks at Anastria for a second. "He new the risks he took, when he accepted the brass. I'll, we'll (?) try and find thee kin."

Vondal words draw a nod; "I'll be in thee debt, for any help. Our family ain't rich like you folk'd have it, but you'll have me debt."

"What were the cargo, if you don't mind me asking? And how far away is the ambush site?" Luce asks, taking no note of the wild rumours of magical devices.

What time of day is it?

Male Human 2nd Level Resourceful Warlord

"Mr Blackstream, did you have any more information for me? I would like to go out to the site soon make sure there are some signs still left over maybe."

"If you can find my kin and Kyle and bring them back, I'll open up the storehouse for you."

Jangi gestures towards the locked door behind him.

"I've got not much more information than I've given you. Nebin, Wayan, Shaena and Lani are all relations of mine. This attack seemed so personal. I wouldn't put it past Nedda or whatever fool name she's calling herself these days to want some vengeance on the family. We didn't see eye to eye on her religious views and were, quite frankly, relieved when she headed out to the Scar. All we've heard since is that she's got more fanatical than ever. Morgana. That's the name she's using now."

(29/31) Razorclaw Shifter Predator Druid

Luce frown deepens; 'Religions and religious people always do strange things. Their actions dictated by the whims of ineffable beings. This isn't good.'

Gently scuffing her well-worn leather boots over the rough cobbles. "So Nedda, or Morgana, is t' black sheep of the family? Where does she live? In the scar? How far is that from 'ere? And what God does she worship." she asks the last producing a cold crawling feeling in the pit of her stomach. Despite of the fact that her religious training was very limited, certain harvest and house-hold Gods. She was too busy on the farm to pay much attention to the Gods and they to her, except when harsh weather draws in or accidents happen. Then she felt the very real influence of these enigmatic powers.

'There's a temple in the scar and a religious lady who bears a grudge against the captives.'

"I can't help you with where she lives now," admits Jangi.

"As I said, we were relieved with she left. Morgana worships The King that Crawls."

Just the name seems to chill the atmosphere.

You will all be aware that The King that Crawls is a title of Torog, the ruler of the Underdark. He is the god of pain, torture and suffering and he created the Underdark as he crawled through it in his agony.

(29/31) Razorclaw Shifter Predator Druid

Luce describes a symbol of protection on her hand and looks away at the name. Visibly shivering despite the warmth of the town, in comparison to the home farm.

HP: 23/25 | AC: 14 | FORT: 11 | REF: 13 | WILL: 16 | Eladrin Warlock 1

Torog!Thinks Anastria shuddering despite all efforts to suppress it. Why would any one worship such a god?

(29/31) Razorclaw Shifter Predator Druid

Luce looks visibly pale; "So we head off towards the scar, along the caravan route. Once we find t' ambush site, we have a gander and find where t' Blackstreams and Kyle were taken."

Luce looks to the sky trying to judge how long the journay may take, before it gets dark.

M Dwarf Wizard 2

"That sounds an excellent plan. A priestess of Torog, eh? Hmm, she sounds an, ah, interesting individual to have in the family. I must say, those of my race have little for which to thank The King That Crawls."

Male Wood Elf Rogue 2 (AC: 18, F: 14, R: 18, W: 15 | HP: 20/30 [7/7 surges] | AP: 0 | Init: +5 [+11] | Passives I: 19, P: 21)

Varis fidgets impatiently, the word was given that they would be shown to the site of the attack. Yet everyone was wasting time discussing religion and the scar that so many waste tall tales on. "We should go, we need to track down a predator, and return some lost sheep to the flock." Varis wraps his cloak around, pulls up the hood, and stands within his own shadows until he can get into the ones on the trail.

If anyone wants to pick up mundane supplies, can you say so in your next post.

It is late morning as the group set out. By mid afternoon, you come to the site of the ambush. Jangi has retrieved his wagons, but there are still some scrambled tracks leading away to the north and up into the woods.

M Dwarf Wizard 2

I'll pick up a week's rations, and maybe some survival gear like a tent. I don't have my books so I can't really go into detail on costs and weight.

Checking out the tracks (though I'm sure someone else is probably better at this than me): Perception 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (17) + 3 = 20, Nature 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (3) + 3 = 6.

Male Wood Elf Rogue 2 (AC: 18, F: 14, R: 18, W: 15 | HP: 20/30 [7/7 surges] | AP: 0 | Init: +5 [+11] | Passives I: 19, P: 21)

Varis immediately sets his mind to finding distinctive tracks and marks that would show signs of an atttack on the wagon, and where they may lead away from the road. He makes a habit of pointing two fingers at his eyes then pointing to little signs he sees here and there. He is out of his element in looking for people though, as he spends more time noticing the tracks of the pack animals. Nonetheless, his techniques still resonate with the group in how to look.

Group reminder [Group Awareness: non-elf allies within 5 sq get a +1 to Perception] Making Vondal's total a 21
Passive 20
Active 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (4) + 10 = 14

(29/31) Razorclaw Shifter Predator Druid

Luces' fingers overtly describe a symbol of protection from evil as Vondal mentions Torog's name. She is a superstitious if not particularly religious woman. "Should I bring Betsy, me 'oss (horse) and t' cart? It's got the ends of t' wool I sold, but could be useful t' bring the people back. You know if they cant walk too well." Luce says optimistically.

HP: 23/25 | AC: 14 | FORT: 11 | REF: 13 | WILL: 16 | Eladrin Warlock 1

Anastria gives the Pub a parting glance after retrieving her travelling gear, lamenting the party she is going to miss. Well never mind... There's sure to be an even bigger one when we return with Luce's brother and the other kidnapped townsfolk.

At the site of the ambush she's to distracted watching Varis work to be of much help.

Perception: 1d20 + 5 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 5 + 1 = 9, Nature: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (4) + 5 = 9

(29/31) Razorclaw Shifter Predator Druid

Seeing the elven performer look at then pub, Luce smiles (inspite of her own hang-over) and places a reassuring arm on hers. "I got a bottle of me Ma's Elderberry wine it's quite sweet."

She takes Betsy an old nag of a horse, although Luce treats her as a through-bred constantly reassuring it around the strangers, from the stables and hooks up the old cart. Steadily they clatter down the road to the site of the attack. Her heckles rises and slowly she prowls around the site. Looking for tracks heading off the beaten path, sniffing and tasting for spores or signs of where they might have been taken.

She tries to ignore the blood on the road, vainly attempting to prevent her imagination from running wild.

Perception (active): 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (15) + 10 = 25
Nature: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (9) + 9 = 18
Perception (passive w/5sq of Varis) 20

Male Dragonborn Fighter (Guardian): 2

Passive Perception: 11
Perception Active Roll: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (12) + 1 = 13+1 if close to Varis

Aurix glances at Tiberious and then back at Vondal as the dwarf dares to bring the name of the King that Crawls into the light and he growls low in his throat. "I'd guard your tongue dwarf, the Burrower is reputed to not take to the naming of him lightly." The Dragonborn represses a shudder going up his spine at the thought of the superstitious rumors he had heard of Torog over the years, a creature that, according to stories, would crawl to the surface to drag any who dared voice his name down below with him.

The Fighter shakes his muzzle then, tightens the straps of his battle-axe he keeps slung over his shoulder as well as his heavy steel shield, and then unslings the two weapons and begins checking on them, readying them for the coming battle he was sure was close at hand. He growls low in his throat, too low for almost anyone to hear as he thinks of the battles of his past and his unsatiable love for combat threatens to surface yet again. Instead, he takes a deep breath and then straps his shield to his strong left arm and attaches his fearsome weapon to his belt for easy access, then turns his golden-black eyes to the site of the attack, one fist on the handle of his axe while he scans the area for any signs of approaching attackers while the ones with the sharpest eyes survey the area. As ever, he stands ready to defend himself as well as respond to any order given to him by the Captain Attica.

M Dwarf Wizard 2

"I am a wizard and scholar. I don't hold to foolish superstitions," replies Vondal haughtily.

Male Human 2nd Level Resourceful Warlord

Passive Perception 10+0=10
Active Perception1d20 + 0 ⇒ (13) + 0 = 13+1 if near Varis
Nature1d20 + 0 ⇒ (6) + 0 = 6

Assuming Tiberious and Aurix gained permission from the militia commander. Would've picked out standard traveling gear, all my weapons and traveling pack from barracks. Also this next part is not to try and take over anyone, I've already had this problem before with diff game so thought id bring it up now, I wrote this character as a leader, as such he will act as a leader trying to take charge, if you have problems with it let me know ooc but IC this is just the guy I wrote up, in no way am I trying to cramp someones style, furthermore my writing style may be a little different than yours so please if you have a problem please let me know and ill explain or something

Tiberious spends some time watching the group and seeing how well it interacts among each other and at the site of the attack decides it best to talk to everyone.

"All right people, I think its time we all had a chat. Now I know some of you have a personal stake in this quest. While others are merely looking out for your community or are mere concerned travelers. However, I would like to make sure we all can work together professionally. Some of you may know more than I in tracking as such you will be invaluable to us, but I want us to go about this journey professionally. That said everyone will pull their own weight, gathering firewood, setting up the tents if they have them, or perhaps cooking. But mainly I need to know that when I am forced to order something you can obey. If not I'd like it in the open now." He pauses then and waits for any objections or words from the others.

M Dwarf Wizard 2

"I would have no objection if the orders are fair."

(29/31) Razorclaw Shifter Predator Druid

Standing up from the spore and disturbances in the ground, she moves over to old Betsy, petting her whilst the Captain talks.

"Me Da orders us around all t' time, so I know how to follow. Elsewise y' get a clip round the ear and deservedly so. I'm a Dales' Lass, we ain't afraid of owt, especially hard work. I'll listen to ye if it 'elps get Kyle back." Luce says with a wink.

Which turns to a uneasy grimace; "Does slightly bring me t' another point, your rambling. I like, don't have owt in't way of brass, I only thought I would be in town a few days. I didn't realise how expensive it were. And like I ain't been in town on t' own. So like, I sort of spent the money me Ma gave us on a couple of drinks last night. And don't have much on me at moment, I was thinking of grabbing some roots and a brace of conies. You know for eating." she explains embarrassed that she hasn't even brought food with her on the trip.

Flushing in the chill wind; "Its alright, I'm a dab hand at cooking and 'unting and this is 'free-moor' around here. I ain't a poacher."

Look at Luces' Equipment :O

HP: 23/25 | AC: 14 | FORT: 11 | REF: 13 | WILL: 16 | Eladrin Warlock 1

I have no problem with this ooc but something tells me Anastria would not like to be ordered around...

Anastria stops in her searching of the ground and turns to listen to Tiberious. After hearing Vondal and Luce's reply she says in the most serious tone she can muster. "Well I have no trouble working as a group, and you can order me around all you like Tibby!" As she awards Tiberious the nick name of Tibby the seriousness is gone and she's grining broadly giggling and winking at him. She turns to Luce, "Well if your sharing your wine I'll share my rations. Either way (hunting or not) we won't go hungry I'm sure."

(29/31) Razorclaw Shifter Predator Druid

Luce stifles a smile at the nick-name. Usually not one for cheekiness, especially in mixed company, she feels comfortable in the songstress' company.

Male Human 2nd Level Resourceful Warlord

He isnt about to order you all to do tons of work or anything like that

Tiberious blinks in what looks like dumbfounded shock at the nick name and blushes for a second unsure of what to say before coughing softly and turns to Luce and Vondal in order to save face. " Everything will be fair I won't shirk from hard work and that’s just what i expect from everyone. If you want Luce, cooking can be your camp chore as I am sure Varis can probably out hunt me before I even manage to string a bow. If that is acceptable the rest of us can rotate around with the rest of the chores of shelter, the cook fire, and taking care of your horse Luce. Though I think you might scare the poor beast to death there Aurix." He smiles genuinely before waiting for the rest to comment.

Working together, Luce, Varis and (surprisingly, perhaps), Vondal manage to identify a set of tracks that could have been made by children. Or halflings. There is one set of humanoid prints mixed in as well. Judging by the set of large clawed footprints following behind them, the gnoll must have accompanied them. There are no signs of any other guardians. The path is narrow, twisted and hard going for Betsy and the wagon, but it is just passable taken slowly.

The trail leads on for another hour or so and dusk is in the air as the group come to a well-hidden dell. There sits a stone tower abutting a smaller building. There are neither doors nor windows in the building, but the tower gateway stands open. Rough battlements have been erected around the top edges, providing cover for any watchers.


Note that dark lines indicate battlement walls. The light is currently dim and it will be dark in another hour or so.

You are currently lurking in the woods with Betsy and the wagon (unless you tell me you're not) and about 500 feet (100 squares) away.

(29/31) Razorclaw Shifter Predator Druid

EDIT: Ninja'd. Nah, Luce is used to it being a heart farm-lass.

She pats the flank of Betsy; "'tis alright, I know, t' best leaders don't faint at getting muck on thee hands. Like me Da. Aye between me and t' Wolfman, I am sure we can scare up supper and keep an eye on where we goin'"

Betsy whinnies gently, "Aye and if any don't want t' get thee arse dirty, then thar's the bed of t' cart. Even bits of t' wool in back, make a good balm that and keep thee warm."

You already have permission to take whatever action you think proper to deal with the problem of the missing Blackstreams. Jangi can (and will) take a message to Anselm Wrathtop, your commander.

(29/31) Razorclaw Shifter Predator Druid

Her heart a flutter at possibly finding her brothers tracks, she calms herself as they enter the dell. 'No other gaolers, except those that can fly... blue demons.'

In the dim light, Luce ferally enhanced senses look towards the inviting tower. 'A trap? Or just not repaired to avoid suspicion?'. Luce pats down the sturdy horse. "There you are old girl." Quietly with practised ease she unhooks the cart and ties the horse to a tree making sure to give her plenty of rope to graze, as well as making certain that there is a ready source of food.

As Betsy starts to chew voraciously upon a small scrubby bush, Luce approaches the others; "So, how do we approach this? I am only average at sneakin' and scouting. Though me eyes are grand in t' dusk, if they got blokes on the top there." She says quietly.

"There is a trick me Gran taught us, I can shift into an animal. I don't lose any weight, so I am quite visible but if the guards aren't on look-out for it... I might be able to sneak closer." Luce speaks to the group.

Male Wood Elf Rogue 2 (AC: 18, F: 14, R: 18, W: 15 | HP: 20/30 [7/7 surges] | AP: 0 | Init: +5 [+11] | Passives I: 19, P: 21)

Delayed from above, Varis doesn't play well with others, no hard feelings.

Varis gives an incredulous look at the human... the one that thinks his markings give him any authority over him. "You can growl all you want, but when 'noble creatures' turn savage they get put down. So, feel free to bark, but don't expect to herd me anywhere I don't already plan to go." When the duty suggestions get passed around, Varis clarifies, "I don't hunt, my prey comes to me. If the young lady knows where to find critters, and can catch them easily from forty paces." he emphasizes by tugging his bowstring.

For some reason, whenever I type his words, I hear Christian Bale's Batman in my head.

As they make it through the woods, Varis can just be seen flitting from tree to tree, not slowed by maintaining his cover and concealment. He immediately takes up a place at the front, using his natural elven fleetness to keep a pace ahead, stopping periodically to make hand signals that may not be familiar to much of the group without experience following targets.

Approaching the tower, he moves back to the group, "When it's dark I can go look, in this light I see clear as day, and they might as well." He gives a good look at the tower to see what he can notice from this distance.

Perception 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (13) + 10 = 23

How large of a clearing is it to the tower, the whole 500 feet?

The clearing is only the size of the map. Beyond that is thick wood, which will provide cover. Tower walls are about 20 feet (4 squares).

Male Wood Elf Rogue 2 (AC: 18, F: 14, R: 18, W: 15 | HP: 20/30 [7/7 surges] | AP: 0 | Init: +5 [+11] | Passives I: 19, P: 21)

Varis will move up to the building from the shadows and cover of the treeline. He will get as close as he can without leaving the treeline, to try to get a closer look for any signs of life or activity at the tower. This stalking and following prey has him out of his element, being used to sitting stationary for so long, that this decision to help the larger flock as a whole finds him using his old skills in new ways.

Stealth 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (6) + 9 = 15

Varis sees no movement of any kind.

M Dwarf Wizard 2

Vondal hangs back for the moment, as flitting between trees isn't his forte.

Male Wood Elf Rogue 2 (AC: 18, F: 14, R: 18, W: 15 | HP: 20/30 [7/7 surges] | AP: 0 | Init: +5 [+11] | Passives I: 19, P: 21)

The elf returns and gives his thorough report of what he found at the tower. "No signs of activity."

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