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Den of the Slave Takers (4e)

Game Master Rev Rosey

4e adventures in the Chaos Scar set in Yorkshire turned up to 11.

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Sheep market day in Downholme is always busy. The flocks throng the narrow streets as outlying farmers herd them towards the market place aided by wiry dogs and beady-eyed shepherds.

Sheep in transit

Taking advantage of the incoming traffic, merchants expect to do good business on market days, with the clannish halflings taking the lead. Blackstream Merchandise is the main shop, selling almost everything from hoes to armour.

Food vendors set up stalls in the market place and Greck Herrel the auctioneer roams the rows of sheep preparing for the sale.

And you are all among the onlookers going about your legitimate business.

Male Wood Elf Rogue 2 (AC: 18, F: 14, R: 18, W: 15 | HP: 20/30 [7/7 surges] | AP: 0 | Init: +5 [+11] | Passives I: 19, P: 21)

Varis hovers near the entrance, feeling the need to scrutinize the sheep. He looks them over for any signs of injury that could be attributed to a wolf attack. He knows most of the herders know him, but it doesn't hurt to remind them that any sign of wolves could be handled by yours truly. The halflings irritate him slightly, like their general good nature reminds him of his days as a naive youth. He decides to stop by a nearby fruit vendor, and looks for a nice apple, "Thanks." he mumbles after he pays.

"Morning, Varis. Wolves keeping off?"

Melly Polesen's father has the largest orchards and vegetable gardens in the area. While sheep aren't their main concern, they keep a few ewes and have had reason to thank Varis in the past.

"No charge to you. You know that."

Male Wood Elf Rogue 2 (AC: 18, F: 14, R: 18, W: 15 | HP: 20/30 [7/7 surges] | AP: 0 | Init: +5 [+11] | Passives I: 19, P: 21)

Despite the kindness, a smile fails to even touch his mouth, he just nods his previous statement in a mild bow. He moves to continue eyeing the animals and eating his gift.

(29/31) Razorclaw Shifter Predator Druid

Luce looks at the procession of sheep as they go to the auction pens, smile crosses her face. Thus dispelling the ache in her head from the previous nights drinking. 'Good, I now have some free days since the wool has been sold. It's always fun to see an auction, even if I am light on coin.'

Luce walks into the market and ignoring the delicious smells of food that waft from the stalls, causing her stomach to growl. Out of the corner of her eye she sees a magnificent specimen of a Dalesbred Ram; she walks up to the proud seller. "That's a grand Ram, Mr Botham. Why you selling it? It could be a prize winner int' fayre." She says with a warm smile approaching an acquaintance of her fathers, she pats the sturdy man on the arm, all friendly-like.

Whilst she starts the conversation, her eyes are darting across the market square looking for Guardsmen.

"Aye. Grand 'un this, our Luce. But be bringing in new blood like. Tha knows must do that, think on. Be spreading seed to other flocks like. Happen tha'll be interested in buying?"

Farmer Botham nods proudly at the ram, which is indeed an imposing specimen. The horns curl high and the yellow eyes look extremely intelligent.

(29/31) Razorclaw Shifter Predator Druid

'New blood, 'ey. Well that's what Ma thinks I'll be doing, but I'm going to disappoint her.' she thinks silently whilst appraising the fine beast.

Luce scratches the proud rams head between it's horns; "Interested yes, but I haven't the coin for such a smashing fellow. Old Jarl sent me down to sell the wool from t' last shearing. Did y' hear that he broke his leg? Traipsing upt' hills?"

Luce asks. "Anyway, what's tha' asking for her?"

"'Im, lass. Tha dad'll larrup thee if tha canst tell tup from ewe. Aye, heared Jarl took damnfool fall. Daft bugger. Tup now, for Jarl and Winterscliffe's be open to barter like. Happen I've eye on one o yourn. Fair and fair alike, I say, that's good dealings."

Botham lowers his voice and adds, "An since we're neighbourly like, I'll tell thee to face not to touch tup wi bargepole. Got reet temper. Grand bloodline, but I'll not run him with my ewes again."

Very, very softly he goes on "Reckon there's summat not right, but can't rightly say what tis, so selling 'im on."

For the uninitiated, that's good Yorkshire dialect.

(29/31) Razorclaw Shifter Predator Druid

Rubbing her shoulder remembering last time she forgot to get the gates properly shut, Luces' hand stops half-ways to the beasts head.

Intrigued she replies; "What's that, summat with tha temperament! Ain't nowt abroad at the moment, or leastwise I didn't see owt as I come on over? Or heard nothing awry with t' watter & grazing down your way." her voice low but not secretively so.

She waits then asks; "So heard owt about the half 'un farmers? They seem a bit keen today. Were wondering if you'd heard owt about Mr Blackstream?"

HP: 23/25 | AC: 14 | FORT: 11 | REF: 13 | WILL: 16 | Eladrin Warlock 1

post eaten twice! Shakes fist at IPad

Walking through the street Anastria was surprised to see Downholme so busy. The inn keeper had told her about the sheep auction of course but it had little prepared her for the sudden change in the atmosphere of the town, as sheep were herded up roads to the market place, which was now lined with so many venders that seemed to have poped up over night. Playing a few experimental notes on her pan pipes as she wandered through the stalls perusing the different foods and wares and looking through the crowd for any familiar face.

Male Wood Elf Rogue 2 (AC: 18, F: 14, R: 18, W: 15 | HP: 20/30 [7/7 surges] | AP: 0 | Init: +5 [+11] | Passives I: 19, P: 21)

As the excitement of the day takes hold of the farmers, and they get into their heavy discussions over the business, Varis is reminded about why his father set up so far on the outskirts. Sometimes, the language is almost painful to an elf's sense of linguistic fluidity, and his father preferred to avoid most of the locals rather than seem rude by not talking to his neighbors.

Too much and I'm going to have to ask for subtitles, much like they did for every Liam and Noah Gallagher interview. ;)

(29/31) Razorclaw Shifter Predator Druid

Luce'll speak with less of an accent when not dealing with t' locals. But generally; larrup = hit, lass = girl/woman, tup = ram/breed, t' = the/to.

Luce continues; "'Bout t' beast, aye, Old Jarl be reet pleased with 'im. And I'm sure he'd swap with one of ours, so if you'd put it aside we'd deal later?"

Off out now be back later.

Male Dragonborn Fighter (Guardian): 2

Aurix stomps into view of the populace, weapons strapped to his back as he eyes the crowd flatly, looking for any sigs of trouble-makers but not expecting to see any. Downholme was a pleasant place and saw little violence in the time the Dragonborn had served and lived here.

He grunts once, smoke trailing from his nostrils in small wisps of dark vapor, and then he looks across the assembled public again in search of others of the town militia. He was not much of a talker, his draconic face twisted into a perpetual grimace by the scars and weathering upon his heart from his time as a pit-fighter, killing for gold and life and only ever greeted by the jeers of the crowd above him.

He gives a sudden snort and shakes his head to remove the foul images from his mind but places a hand upon the haft of his battle-axe just to reassure himself he is indeed free of the Red Pit. He growls low in his throat, then takes up a position to watch over the entire assembly. He had no need to buy a sheep, nor the coin, but he might as well do his job and oversee the matter as the Captain wanted.

Botham nods. "Reet. Speak later our Luce. Best be on way." He leaves the sheep lines to track down Greck Herrel, leaving Luce to her own devices once more.

Attracted by the sound of piping, her attention is drawn to the graceful figure of an eladrin girl, wandering idly among the stalls. Out of the corner of her eye, she spots Varis. The elf is familiar to her - to any farming family. Everyone knows the Wolfman as they call him locally, although his forbidding demeanour means he has few any would call friends.

Aurix props himself against a convenient wall and watches the market unfold around him. A child comes up to him, and stands staring.

"Will tha eat me? Me mam says tha might ifn I'm bad. D'ye want a sweet instead?"

He hopefully offers up a rather grubby peppermint.

Male Human 2nd Level Resourceful Warlord

Tibierous Attica strides into the market square and glances about his chainmail burnished till lit shone in the morning light. Suppressing a chuckle he looks down at the sheep and notices the auctioneer and makes his way to him.

"Mornin' Greck. Any trouble so far?" Tiberious asks as he looks around at the market square. He notices a few new faces though to be fair; his was a relatively new face as well and was still learning about the local populace.

He saw a strange looking elf playing some pan pipes, he made a mental note to keep an eye on her, some music players only pretended to be minstrels as their partners cut the purses of onlookers.

Another elf was in the square looking at the sheep, or as much as he could gather, talking to a townswoman.

And finally the owner of a fine ram was chit chatting with a young woman.

Male Dragonborn Fighter (Guardian): 2

Aurix looks down at the little human and snorts once, looking the child in the eyes and slowly leaning down to kneel, his head still a good height above the child's and he takes the candy very gently between two large clawed fingers and pops it into his mouth. He rolls it about with his forked tongue then nods, grunts once at the child and pats the kid's head with one huge paw-like hand.

"No, I will not eat you. Run along now." he then stands, watches the child scurry off in the wild abandon children possess and then he looks back over the crowd, seeing if there were any other Dragonborn about he might identify with. Otherwise he would begin to feel like everyone assumed he was some kind of monster, if a child's mother portrayed him as the Devourer of Naughty Children...

Without warning the scarred Fighter begins to rumble with a deep basso chuckle within his broad chest beneath his heavy suit of Scale Armor. Aurix "BattleAxe" Rhogar, the Devourer of Naughty Children, the BogeyDragonman of Downholme. Anyone who hears him stops to stare for a second, alarmed for as long as he had been here none had ever seen him crack any sort of smile, much less chuckle, before they hurry along their way.

Aurix sighs and scratches at one of his rough, scaly cheeks with a claw and resumes leaning against the wall.

The child scampers away and is soon in the middle of a game with his friends. "Nay, I'll be dragonman, cos I went and talked to him and I dint get eat. None o'yourn dared."

From his position, Aurix can easily see Tiberious walking the crowds watchful for trouble.

Greck scratches his head and looks up at Tiberious.

"No bother, like. Fewer half'uns than usual mayhap. Seemingly they're frighted by summat. Good stock come down this time. Should be fine sale and that's good for whole town."

He nods across to the lone elf. "Happen Wolfman's been busy. You'll not have seen him afore. Stays up dale with sheep mostly, but he'm good hand with that bow of his. Not many wolves get past 'im. See young Luce got free to bring down flock this time an' all. Funny that. Usually young Kyle."

Seeing Tiberious glance towards the pipe player, he shakes his head at the unspoken question. "No idea who lass is. New to me. Pretty noise she's making wi' them pipes."

HP: 23/25 | AC: 14 | FORT: 11 | REF: 13 | WILL: 16 | Eladrin Warlock 1

Anastria pauses in her playing, feeling a little watched she looks around the market. Spotting Tiberious and Greck I've attracted the eye of the guards already. Samdrin would be amused. Smiling widely she hops up and crosses the market towards them. "Good morning." she holds out a hand in greeting. "I'm Anastria, tell me is there some kind of festival after the auction? It seems the perfect time."

"Not to say festival. More like booze-up at pub."

Greck looks appreciatively at Anastria.

"Were tha planning to play for us, like?"

(29/31) Razorclaw Shifter Predator Druid

Luce nods her head deferentially; "Reet-ho Mr Botham, see thee later." Luce walks away putting her fingers to the bridge of her nose as her head throbs slightly again.

Looking across the market she sees the a small boy try to prove his courage by talking the dragonman guard. 'Aye, remember when I was a bairn, me mates did that wit' old Miss Haskins.' she thinks back to the old 'witch' fondly, then sees a couple of strapping young farmers manhandle sheep into the pens 'They don't really change do they men?'

Luce walks across the square the beautiful pipe music soothing her senses, before she knows it she skips a few steps before suppressing it. A guardsman seemed to be talking to Mr Greck along with the eladrin piper, well Miss Winterscliffe might have to talk to them in a bit. But for now the crisp sunlight and sheltered conditions of the town were a relief, she rolls up her sleeves revealing lightly furred arms.

Luce approaches the elf Varis cautiously, knowing howsharp his senses were. "Ey-Up Mr Wolfman her voice friendly but respectful, 'how's things with thee? I 'eard that there was trouble down wit' thee half-un's? You ken anything about it?" she asks.

Male Human 2nd Level Resourceful Warlord

Tiberious' eyes twinkle slightly as the pipe player comes to them and he takes a look at her. He had never seen an elf like her before, sure they're were many he was sure nestled about in the city but as part of the army he had never run into any of them. He noticed the similarities between the other elf and her but he could notice a few things that stood out, noticeably her eyes. He couldn't tell if they were hauntingly beautiful or scarily eerie.

He takes her proffered hand in his own and bows to place a kiss on the back of his own hand as was proper until such time he was given permission. "M'lady it certainly seems like a festival I will give you that. My name is Tiberious Attica of the local militia. No idea of the ranking system that a Captain would gain going to a local system I was just admiring your playing perhaps we can hear more of it soon." he says the twinkle returning to his eyes as he takes her in once more releasing her hand.

Sorry bout the late post time just seems to slip by sometimes

Male Wood Elf Rogue 2 (AC: 18, F: 14, R: 18, W: 15 | HP: 20/30 [7/7 surges] | AP: 0 | Init: +5 [+11] | Passives I: 19, P: 21)

Varis looks at the young lady for a span, almost as if he hadn't heard and was merely looking through her. His gaze never wavering, until suddenly his eyebrows jump in shock, and his gaze cools. "Trouble. Do I know." he mumbles to himself in understanding, before turning a questioning gaze at the lass. "Halflings? They have trouble?" he asks her for clarification. His eyes darting quickly as thoughts race around in his head, How fast can I get there? Is it wolves or another predator? How am I doing on supplies?

He turns his attention back to the girl, "If they do, let me know." he says as it seems more of a demand than it does a suggestion, but he's not known for his manners.

HP: 23/25 | AC: 14 | FORT: 11 | REF: 13 | WILL: 16 | Eladrin Warlock 1

Smiling at the young guards gentry. "A party at the public house sounds just as good! If you like my music I'll be sure to play tonight. I hope to see you there Tiberious, if your duties will allow it" she winks a bright green orb at Tiberious and smiles at Greck.

I won't be able to post until this evening, so feel free to find ways to meet each other if you haven't already. I'm thoroughly enjoying watching the characters develop.

(29/31) Razorclaw Shifter Predator Druid

Luce smiles thinly, nervously in awe of the elven hunter that has been around since before her fathers' time. A slight awe fills her eyes as she looks at him; obvious that he does not enjoy remaining inactive. "I can't confirm owt for time being. Just a rumour that I 'eard. I'll try and confirm it. Gitting t' thee." she says with a hint of pride that the hunter has listened to her.

(29/31) Razorclaw Shifter Predator Druid

Luce moves around the market place with a cheerful smile; greetings flowing from her tongue as she sees neighbours and those she hasn't seen for moons. "Morning, Mrs Farnham.", "Grand day for it, Mr Miller."; "Hope you doing grand, Mrs Lodge."

She her pace quickens; 'I can help the 'Wolfman', grand! No, don't be so silly lass, you're a proud Winterscliffe. You don't bow down 'fore anyone.' Her smile lingers but there is a firmness to the expression.

SHe approaches the auction block; "How's thee doing, Mr Greck? Grand turnout, t' weather looks like it'll hold." she turns to the piping eladrin and the guardsman. "Good day, fine music you did, madam. I'm Miss Winterscliffe; me mates call us Luce." She nods to the guardman and put her clawed hand out for either of them.

"No need to introduce thesen, Luce. Knows thee since tha was small 'un. Where's your Kyle then? Not like him to miss market day."

Greck nods cheerfully at Luce.

"Saw tha talking wi Wolfman. All fair wi him?"

Male Dragonborn Fighter (Guardian): 2

During all of this, Aurix had somehow ended up in the middle of the children's game, not by his choice in any case, and stood bemused and rather puzzled as the small ones clambered all over and around him, asking multitudes of questions that set his head to almost ringing. He pried one small girl off of his column-like leg only to have another young boy-child jump up and cling to his heavily armored forearm.

Aurix's expression was furrowed with confusion and he kept making small grunts of voice saying things like "Off. Let go. Stop pulling on that." The sight is most likely hilarious to passers-by but for the ex-Gladiator it is nothing short of embarrassing and perplexing.

(29/31) Razorclaw Shifter Predator Druid

Luce winces at the mention of her brother. "Tha knows 'im, quiet and determined. Well, I 'eard rumblings..."

Her relaxed visage tenses slightly as she starts to speak about private matters, her eyes dart to the other two. "Seems, Kyle and our Da' had words" she says quietly understating the shout match that disturbed their household for days. "Kyle took off like, thee knows how he is. Da's a stubborn one too, he didn't say a word afterwards. When I asked where he'd gone...." Luce winces remembering what happened.

"Anyway, been asking around, seems he needed some brass so he took to working for a halfing merchant, Blackstream. But there was some sort of raid? See them tha' alf-un's are very nervous and keeping them-senth ta them-senth." Luce tells the Auctioneer confidentially knowing that he has been a friend to them for years.

Male Human 2nd Level Resourceful Warlord

Tiberious grins looking over the shoulder of the two women to his corporal and nods to the ladies. "Excuse me for a momment ladies."

He strides over putting his hand on his hips and puts on a mock scowl glaring about at the children swarming Aurix. "Whats this then my fierce Dragonman corporal being swarmed by a pack of howling barbarians?! Looks like your doing a fine job of losing this battle Corporal. Maybe we should hire these screaming berserkers into our ranks hmmm? Think you they can make fine militiamen? Tiberious breaks out into a grin and points to a young boy seeing to be the leader of the pack of children.

"You there? You in charge there? Lets get these soldiers into line now. I want you all to go about and check the perimeter! make sure no enemies are sneaking up on our market square. Then fall out and make way to mess hall! Well hop to it solider! Tiberious salutes gravely and waits for the children to react.

(29/31) Razorclaw Shifter Predator Druid

Luce smiles as the guardsman excuses himself to 'rescue his corporal', gently remembering her childhood. Though Old Jarl made sure that they behaved themselves on the infrequent trips to town, there was their salad days on the farm. She spent many a great day messing around on the farm with her brothers whilst 'looking after the sheep'. In her revere she smiles gently before looking back to her companions.

HP: 23/25 | AC: 14 | FORT: 11 | REF: 13 | WILL: 16 | Eladrin Warlock 1

Anastria laughs heartily when she spots the children's antics, she skips after Tiberious playing a jaunty marching tune on her pipes and play marches around the Dragonborn soldier, her eyes bright with the simple joy. As the children move off to 'secure the market' she goes along with them continuing the tune for a minute before breaking off and returning to the group smiling widely.

Greck grins broadly as Tiberious goes to Aurix's rescue.

"Good lad that. Like dragonborn too. Don't see so many of them hereabouts, but he'm welcome in Downholme. And yond lass has real way with pipes."

He waits until the group reassembles and his expression gets more serious.

"Can see your Da and Kyle brangling. Easy to happen when boths stubborn. If'n Kyle took work wi' Blackstreams, he could be in bother. Our Jangi's reet touchy bout raid they had. Tha knows half'uns. Don't fret selves over much but family and they do say was his kin got taken."

He turns to Tiberious. "Dost know owt, Captain? Not being nosey like, but concerned, see."

(29/31) Razorclaw Shifter Predator Druid

Luce winces slightly at the confirmation of the raid, but soon the happy-go-luck mask slides back across her face. "Aye, Cpt, any thing tha knows would be grand." She asks solemly, all thoughts of a celebration sliding from her mind.

"Should at least talk t' Blackstreams, maybe thar'll be forthcoming." Luce adds.

"Happen they might." Greck shrugs. "Hope tha gets answers anyroad. This kind o' things bad for town."

(29/31) Razorclaw Shifter Predator Druid

Adressing auctioner Greck Luce continues "Aye, though shouldn't spoil your day wit' this kind of thing. Tha's got an auction t' preside o'er, fine flock today and good gather. Take it t' securities upto mustard?" Luce says putting a resolute face upon the manner of her missing brother and the attacks to the halflings. She gives a small wink at the two Guardsman.

"Oh, aye. Grand lads our militiamen. No worries there. Best be getting on, our Luce. Can't stand yappin' all day. Sheep to sell, tha knows."

Greck glances at his pocket watch and heads to his stand.

(29/31) Razorclaw Shifter Predator Druid

Luce nods with a smile to the kind auctioneer; "Thanks, Mr Greck. Good day f' it."

She watches as Greck starts to inspect a ewe. Luce turns to the pair of guards, Tiberious and Aurix, a hopeful look in her eyes. Concern for her brothers' safety etched in a fine line on her face, no matter how she tries to hide it behind a happy and resolute facade.

Placing her hand gently upon the elven singers, whilst observing the others. "Would thee accompany me to gander (look) "at yonder halfling folk and see if they'll talk to us? It might be better if it looks official." Luce asks looking for a concentration of shorter folk and their sheep, before approaching them.

HP: 23/25 | AC: 14 | FORT: 11 | REF: 13 | WILL: 16 | Eladrin Warlock 1

As Greck talks about Luce's family Anastria's smile quickly fades and when Luce asks for help she responds "Kyle is your... brother? Anastria is my name, of course I will gladly help." realising she got distracted by the Dragonborn before replying to Luce's introduction. She gives Luce's hand a gentle reasuring squeeze and waits for the two guardsmen to respond.

M Dwarf Wizard 2

"I must say, I do find the local dialect to be most facinating. It shows clear influences from the tribes of Ebargum, which is remarkable this far south," muses Vondal. "'Brangling' - I must write that down. Perhaps I should compose a paper for submission to the Academy. Hmm..."

He nods in a friendly fashion to Tiberious. The dwarf has spent a few days in town, poking around and asking questions about the local neighbourhood as part of his studies. Tiberious met with him, primarily to ensure his enquiries were purely academic and not intelligence gathering for hostile parties, but went away assured that Vondal was simply a curious scholar. "I apologise, always rambling on - was there something about halflings?"

(29/31) Razorclaw Shifter Predator Druid

With a quick nod of thanks to Anastria; "Aye, that's the truth of it. Kyle left t' farm and joined Jangi Blackstream." she says quickly.

"I ain't seen you about 'ere before, though tis the first time I been in town alone, you don't seem local? Goinging on one of those 'wandering quests' that we Ma read stories about?" Luces' eyes flash with a youthful exuberance at the notion of heroes and saving the world.

Male Dragonborn Fighter (Guardian): 2

Aurix breathes a deep sigh of relief as the children all scamper off and he readjusts his armor with a grunt, small clouds of vapor trailing from his nostrils and he nods a wordless thanks at Tiberious before falling into attention to listen to the words of the assembled strangers. He knew little about any of them, Varis he knew was a caretaker of the sheep and a wolfslayer, and so far he almost liked the silent elf. The feral-looking yet pleasant Luce was intriguing as well but her accent grated on Aurix's ears as badly as the children had, but he takes it with a grain of salt and pieces together what she says through careful thought. Tiberious was a good man, a military officer and someone to respect, as well as he was not of the air of a lord's son, which made Aurix like him already. The Eladrin with the pipes was very friendly as well but he could smell something a little off about her, so she was most definetly another newcomer to Downholme. The dwarf was well was a curiosity but it was not Aurix's place to question any of them, as long as they didn't disturb the peace.

He listens to what the others say silently, arms crossed behind his back and gold-black eyes scanning all of them over and over again.

(29/31) Razorclaw Shifter Predator Druid

She looks around and realises that she is surrounded by strangers; she flushes slightly at her folksy accent and starts to speak again in a more 'refined' manner although this time more slowly and self-conciously; "About the Halfings, well it seems my brother Kyle, he joined a Merchant by the nom-de-plume of Jangi of the Blackstreams, an halfling. There are rumours of a 'raid' and I knowest not where he is. Whereas, I heard that a Guard by the name of Tiberious was the last to have seen then, possibly as they left the town. Thus I thought it possible to ask these halfing folk if they have heard any informative information. My name is Miss Luce Winterscliffe by the way." the words flow like molasses, as she puts her hand out to the Dwarven wizard.

'Wow, that was as hard as reading a book, speaking proper-like.' Luce thinks as she tries to unknot her tongue.

Male Human 2nd Level Resourceful Warlord

Tiberious turns serious for a moment gazing around at the others. Then launches into a quick and accurate recitation of his information in military fashion. "What I can tell you is the details that the merchant Blackstream told me. At the moment we of the militia regard this seriously but can not spare the manpower as of yet. If I am able to track down a more thorough lead I will investigate personally.

He turns to Luce and addresses her, "As you have probably guessed I am Tiberious Attica, the merchant Blackstream told me of the kidnappings earlier, members of his family along with your brother have been reported kidnapped from one of his trade routes. We have some description of the main attacker being a one armed gnoll accompanied by 'flying blue demons' as such I don't know the local fauna but I seriously disbelieve of flying little monsters just wandering about."

Turning his head to address the rest of the group "Our only source of the information is the merchant himself and the only remaining survivor of the kidnapping. As such our best lead is a familial tie of Blackstream himself, one such named Nedda Blackstream now Morgana that now may reside in some temple up in the valley somewhere. As this is fairly new information I have unable as of yet to expound upon this and as I said...I am undermanned."

(29/31) Razorclaw Shifter Predator Druid

"D...d...d...Demons." Luce squeaks.

She stands stock still slightly shivering. 'He's your brother, Luce. Even if you have to face demons then you have to get him back...think.' Her voice calm; "You're right Captain, I'm a tracker and I knows me territory. There ain't owt that lives on the moor that looks like a 'flying blue demon'. Gnolls I heard of, but ain't seen any myself. The Wolfman will know about them."

Luce changes her position, her hands upon her hips. "So Captain, I am going to find Miss Nedda and then my brother." Turning to the entire group, "Do any of you want to come with me?"

"This threat will escalate, surely if the kidnappers have the power to summon demons. We may be all under-threat." Luce pauses her skin going pale as she thinks what a demon could want and do with her brother

"You maybe undermanned Captain, but I expect the gnoll is under-armed." she says with a bit of faux-levity.

HP: 23/25 | AC: 14 | FORT: 11 | REF: 13 | WILL: 16 | Eladrin Warlock 1
Luce Winterscliffe wrote:

With a quick nod of thanks to Anastria; "Aye, that's the truth of it. Kyle left t' farm and joined Jangi Blackstream." she says quickly.

"I ain't seen you about 'ere before, though tis the first time I been in town alone, you don't seem local? Goinging on one of those 'wandering quests' that we Ma read stories about?" Luces' eyes flash with a youthful exuberance at the notion of heroes and saving the world.

"I am not from around these parts, no. As for a wandering quest I wouldnt know, I have no home so I share everyone else's." Anastria says shrugging. She nods to the Dwarf in way of greeting, having met him in the Inns common room the night before. He's not wrong about the dialect... She agrees silently.
Tiberious wrote:
Turning his head to address the rest of the group "Our only source of the information is the merchant himself and the only remaining survivor of the kidnapping. As such our best lead is a familial tie of Blackstream himself, one such named Nedda Blackstream now Morgana that now may reside in some temple up in the valley somewhere. As this is fairly new information I have unable as of yet to expound upon this and as I said...I am undermanned."

"Kidnapped doesn't sound good but here is a lead already! If you are to undermanned Tiberious I will go with Luce to find out more from Nedda.

M Dwarf Wizard 2

"A one-armed gnoll? Hmm, I suspect he would stand out in a crowd. And a temple in the valley? Would that, by any chance, be near the Chaos Scar? I've been meaning to visit there as part of my researches."

Luce, Tiberious, Aurix and Varis:
You all know that the Chaos Scar (the result of a meteor strike decades ago) lies further up the valley. Luce and Varis would certainly take a guess that the temple you're looking for might be there.

Male Dragonborn Fighter (Guardian): 2

For his answer, Aurix growls deeply in his throat and looks to Tiberious Attica. "I will go as well" he says in a final-sounding tone and he crosses his arms across his wide chest, legs spread apart as he listens to the rest of the planning to recover the hostages, already planning on removing the one-armed gnoll's other arm to make him limbless, and then finishing the job by making him headless as well. The Dragonborn grunts at the assembling party, and consilidates himself with the fact he will be part of one of the many scorned and jeered upon "adventuring groups" he had heard of back in his days as a Gladiator and also as a paid sword for hire.

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