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Dark Heresy - Saladaris Cell (Inactive)

Game Master Aiunder

Heresy knows no bounds and the inquisition will do everything in its power to hold it at bay.

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Male Human Guardsman/Conscript

JT looks over the dealer trying to determine what he can about the man. he had just a few hits to sell and nothing, but a cheap switchblade for protection. Eyeballing things no one had come to his aid or to defend the sales turf. Is this guy just a small time street scab? probably just selling a few hits to get a meal?

"why all these killings with one blade to the head? Any word on the street about that? And what's your cut of selling this crap?" JT dangles the dope in the dealers face.

WOOT! Posting 101

"Huh? Like a serial killer or something? Haven't heard anything about that. Nothing on the news and nobody's bragging about it. Those are deuces, twelve thrones a hit. That's the party goer size." looking back and forth between Jacques and JT, "So can I go?"

Nicodemus and Octus, why don't you two go see if you can find the others. You can ask them if they want to come back here and see the body.
Over there appears to be an unobtrusive spot to watch the body. I'm going to hide but play partier sleeping it off if found.
Here, take all my gear and weapons except the compact las pistol. I don't want to be completely unarmed, but I also don't want to have anything on me that even looks like it might have cause that type of wound.
If the local authorities show up and take the body or if I don't hear anything from you guys within 3 hours, I will head back to the flat.

Nebdel gives sheath, knife, extra clip, holster, and the rest of his gear to Nicodemus to carry. Including boots, gloves, and anything that might have touched the body or blood. He tucks the pistol at the small of his back.
He then finds an out of the way spot (as hidden as possible) where he can just barely see the body. Then he slumps down like he was out of it after spending time with a prostitute.

Male Imperial Sanctionite

Nicodemus is slightly shocked when the feral-worlder hands him everything but the hab sink. Feeling slightly awkward and like something of a walking arsenal, he fumbles about trying to find places to stuff all of the gear.

"Wait, uhh... Skrate," he calls towards his ally's retreating form in a loud whisper. "It is not safe here to be alone. There is something foul about. The veil between worlds is thin here."

I am assuming you're going to leave him and move on based off of Jacques response but if you have more questions feel free to continue, he's not going anywhere until you let him.

Leaving the dealer in the alleyway with a warning to not follow or come looking for you seems enough to keep him cowering. Moving back into the thoroughfare and following the crowds (more like being pushed along like cattle my the mobs of bodies leaving the district) you spot Octus down an alleyway and begin forcing your way towards him, spotting Nicodemus when you arrive at the alley's entrance clumbsily carrying and shouldering all of Nebdel's gear and looking back farther into the alley.

Male Human Scum (Dreg)

Upon noticing the arrival of his compatriots, Octus hangs his rifle by it's strap over his shoulder, quickly adjusting it so that it hangs behind him as to be harder to notice by the passing mob in front of him. With a weak grin he dryly states, "You're more late than we were."

Male Human Arbitrator

Jacques, appears startled and approaches quickly so as to bring Octus back into the shadows. He stares down the alleyway at the literally downtrodden Nicodemus and turns immediately back towards Octus, his face a mixture of concern and surprise.

"Late? Late how? What are you talking about. Where's Nebdel?"

After they bring Occux, JT and Jacquesback over to the fallen body, Jacques peers around and gapes madly at Nebdel. What happened here, when? As Jacques peers at the body he finds the mark that sends a chill down his spine. [b]"That looks like the mark we've been sent here to investigate. Isn't it the same one that thug described before?"

He turns away from the body, disgusted. "I don't have nearly the proper training to be able to perform an autopsy, and here of all places... it's not going to happen. Can any of you gather anything different? If not, it's best we call it in anonymously. I might be able to get access to the autopsy report on the morrow. We should be able to work off that. We have more to tell you three as well, but this is not the time nor place."

Male Human Guardsman/Conscript

Quick retro.

JT hands the man back his switchblade, "There take this out on these streets you might need it. The Emporer protects those who protect themselves. Here you can have you smokes back too. You had better find yourself a new way to Make some money though, because we are keeping this crap, and if you see us again don't make us chase you. If you want to get your ill gotten cash back, and maybe make some legit thrones, see if you can scrounge up some microbeads. Or if you aren't interested in that let me know now and we won't waste each others time. Oh, and one more thing if some scums or dregs start beefing you or asking too many question, I would tell them it was a drug rip, if they let you go after that, I would relocate myself and not come back here. Got it? "

moving back to now now.

JT looks over what appears to be a dead hooker, "Quess they didn't have a free bed handy to store her under."

Does her face look like she died in terror or anything like that? Any marks anywhere else? Defensive wounds? Personal effects? Does it look like she struck the ground? Any blood spray patterns? Cast off blood?

1d100 ⇒ 26

I'm assuming I didn't see anything while watching the body.

While putting his gear back on, Nebdel spends a few minutes quickly describing what he saw and didn't find.

Thanks for holding my stuff for me Nicodemus.
Looks like they didn't return to the scene. I think it's past time to stalk away from here. We can discuss the situation in more detail back at the flat.
Somewhere along the way, I can give an anonymous call in. Late, Jacques can find out what the locals learn.

Occux kneels by the body, recording pertinent details on his slate ( hair color, height, weight etc) for later collation and analysis.

Standing he scans the area for any Mechanicus access panels.

Perception 1d100 ⇒ 74

You don't see any access panels nearby. This may be due to them being covered up or blocked in some way or due to them being installed interior to the buildings. Also Jacques the victim has tattoos but not the brand you're looking for

Octus from his vantage point near the thoroughfare can see that several of the throng are looking in your direction with obvious apprehension and that apprehension seems to be spreading like wildfire a clear sign that something sudden, like someone seeing the body, could turn this throng of bodies into a panicked mob very quickly. Deciding that now would be a good time to disappear everyone splits up and meets back at the safe-house. Jacques also suggests you skip the anonymous call explaining that resources would be diverted into searching for the caller in case the murderer was the one to call it in.

Feel free to discuss your findings and your plans or find a corner and bunk down for the night.

I'm down 2 thrones for the tram each way, correct?

Well I personally didn't find out much of anything. We were just starting our search when Nicodemus nearly collapsed. He pointed us toward the alley. We went in and found the body in much the same condition you saw. I never saw or heard anything of the killer. So he or she got away fast and left no obvious evidence behind.
I hope you guys were more successful.

While talking, Nebdel consumes a fair amount of food to keep his 'furnace' stoked.

Male Human Arbitrator

Ahh, our mistake. Hadn't figured that they'd search for the caller as well. Good to note then; "Anonymous" doesn't really mean much unless you've the credentials to mask your presence.

As they all enter back into the safe-house, Jacques addresses the entire group.

"Well, I suppose we should chalk that one up as another of these murders, and now, I believe, we have a clue as to who the culprit is. While investigating we 'ran into' a hive ganger. He's just hive trash, not worth a cursory glance, but he did illuminate some of the darker truths in the hive, things people don't seem all too eager to discuss in public.

He told us of a cult infesting the undercity, a group that has already enveloped several other gangs and has expanded its territory. People are afraid to go near them. The ganger referenced 'canabalism' and perhaps cabals of mutants, persons with a strange discoloration of skin and inhuman eyes and mouths. He said that some of their members sported marks similar to the infernal brands we are investigating, though we could discern from him nothing concrete.

They have infested the red light district and its surrounding area, say a kilometer wide and reside in the sewer entrances to the east of there. However, from what Julius could gleam from his, he didn't seem to know anything about the mass killings surrounding current going-ons, and that spells trouble. Perhaps there are two unlinked groups of or single suspects, one using the other's as a guise for their dastardly practices. Either way, this further complicates things."

He then addresses Nicodemus, Octus and Nebdel.

"We need to all get it straight what happened with that murder. Did any of you manage to catch a glimpse of the suspect?" Then to Nicodemus, "What happened to you. Are you alright. You're still looking kind of pale."

The next morning Jacques will get up bright and early to go catch lunch with his 'partner,' Jo, for breakfast, remaining professional all the while, discussing the matters of the case before heading off down to the morgue.

"I will attempt to access the maintenance datastore for the sewer in that area, perhaps I will find localized schematics and topologies." Occux says, setting his weapons down and moving to the exposed mainline access panel.

Bringing his hands to the panel a number of circuits can be seen to emerge from his wrist, interfacing with the glowing cables and conduits of the main line.

Tech Use 1d100 ⇒ 77

"Unfortunately, access to that section is impossible from this location. Once we return to that area I will attempt the same query."

Male Human Guardsman/Conscript

"What would cause Nicodemus to drop like that? Was that hooker killed with mind bullets or something? Or are we dealing with warp using cultists?" Or worse yet, canibal warp using mutant cultists . . . with guns!"

Male Human Scum (Dreg)

Octus leans against the wall across from the door, index finger and thumb rubbing his eyes in a vein attempt to shoo away his drowsiness. "Alright, my guts say we go down in the sewers and torch tha' place, kill all tha' bastards we find... but I got a feelin' that moseyin' around a mutant's grounds in tha' dark is a fantastic way fer' us to get eaten." He takes a moment to breath and glances over each of his compatriots before continuing. "I say we take 'em on our turf, set ourselves a trap. One of us sits out as choice meat, wait for the f&&*ers to come crawlin' up for em', then BAM! Blow away the sad sods, sort out the bodies to find out who they are. You know what I'm sayin'?"

He again pauses to take a breath before resuming, "Also if we can dig up dirt on the symbol we're dealin' with, we might just be able to avoid a whole damned mess of trouble."

Male Imperial Sanctionite

"I am fine, Jacques, thank you. Whoever did this was gone when we arrived. I... I sensed daemonancy." Nicodemus stammers out that last part with fear in his eyes.

Male Human Arbitrator

Jacques wheels about, turning a vitriolic stare at Octus. "Yes, and then after we kill them, we can resurrect the bodies to perform a proper interrogation. Brilliant sir! Tell me, is that the way you have always operated, kill first and THEN ask questions later, because in the realms of investigation, it's often counterproductive!

I will admit however, after they managed to murder another victim right from under our noses, it would be damn satisfying.

He then approaches the man, getting up and personal with the wiry, grey haired gentleman. He speaks in a low, seething whisper.

"And are you honestly suggesting we begin research into the worship and practices of the ruinous powers? Tell me, do you expect to walk into your corner library and pick up the latest daemon worship monthly? The path of the student of the dark arts is a road that leads only to madness and damnation. These are the things we should be working to purge, not understand them!"

Note: I'm not trying to be a dick here. Given that I'm basically the police-guy and you're the street-wise elevated hive-rat, that we might just be a bit opposed. Let me know if you want me to tone it down role-playing wise or leave it altogether. Trust me, I'm not trying to create a rivalry here, just some interesting group dynamics. :)

Male Human Scum (Dreg)

Octus' lips narrow and he nods solemnly, "You're right, sorry. I'm new to this stuff ya' see. I create the bodies, never try'd ta figure out who done em in. And I only meant what the cult did, not the details about the why and how." A wry smile stretches across his face. "But I still think that attempting to take whoever's doing this alive is too shaky a plan. If your dealer wasn't spinnin' ya', then we'll be able to tell if it's one of the muties pretty easy. Then we can call in people with bigger guns than ours... And if it's not, then we got five more corpses we can try again on, don't we?"

Male Human Guardsman/Conscript

"Whoa easy, we are all throwing out ideas here Jacques. I think Octus has some good points. Kill the mutant, burn the heretic, beware the alien right? We are all on the same team here. Plus if there was only one good was to go about this that the local arbitrators knew about they would have already done it. So far the local law enforcement detective approach has failed. So I think we should all try to be open minded especially to ideas from those with experiences and talents outside our own."

"We honestly don't know how many more they have yet to kill, but I fear we might have to try something and quickly to disrupt their killing spree. If there is demonic involvement you can be assured that this thing can bust wide and spread like wildfire. " They kept saying it over and over, "Blood for the blood god! Skulls for the skull throne!" They just kept coming and coming killing one another as much as they did us. It was like they needed as much blood, pain, and gore as quickly as possible. The mutations, the . . .

Occux studying his calculations and projections during the heated emotional discharge begins running simulations to determine how much time before the next killing.

Tech Use (Int) 39+10: 1d100 ⇒ 8 success plus 3 degrees

Based on his previous algorithmic sequences adjusted to factor in the newest killings time of death to within minutes as well as exact location of the killing you manage to fine tune your analysis and come up with the next likely time and location of the killing.

27 days, 14 hours, 34 minutes until next death in sequence (plus or minus up to thirty minutes)
Habitation block 1784, building 26, between floors 6-9 (total search area 426ftx198ftx90ft)

Habitation Block 1784:

Block 1784 is eight hive tiers or levels above you, containing primarily workers registered to the hive's lesser manufactorums (Factories ten to twenty times larger than those found on earth but miniscule specks compared to true Adeptus Mechanicus enclaves or Forge worlds)
Inside a single Habitation Block there can be upwards of ten million residents.
A habitation block is the hive equivalent to a residential city block or apartment complex.

Well, at least we have a spit of time to set-up prior to the next cult murder.
Octus, I’d love a good vermin kill. But, seems too likely that the leader behind would get away to start again. We need to find the mind in the shadows. No-leader cult dies out quickly.
If in sewers would have entrances watched. At least the known entrances.
If Octus and I can ‘aquire’ the right tools, can any of you quietly open this plug to the sewers?

Ideal if we can sneak in, strike the neck of this snake, and sneak back out unseen.

Belike can combine ideas into a scouting diversion…

After a few minutes more of thought.

Having heard Arbites can learn much from bodies, maybe we should give them some to check. Cult not be good little farmers between rituals.
Would need some rival banger bodies and gear for all of us.
I be bait as you suggested Octus. Lure them out of holes then kill them. Yes, Jacques, we grab one alive. Leave behind dead bangers with cultists.
Start them look at bangers not us. Cult – banger war let us slip in and eliminate leader.

Male Human Scum (Dreg)

Octus gives Skrate a confused look, "Ya' know, you think for a feral worlder, I like you a lot. I agree with all of it, but the question remains, how do we kill a bunch of bangers without bringing Emperor god knows what down on our heads?" He pauses, looking thoughtfully at the floor for a moment, "Guess I could pose as a man with money looking for some trigger fingers, Emperor knows I look the damned part." He tugs at the collar of his bright green jacket and pops his shades down over his eyes.

There places where every plant, every animal, and even the planet itself is trying to kill you. In those places you have to be tough but you also have to think. Either alone is not enough.

Male Human Guardsman/Conscript

"Since high explosives, chemical and biological options are currently off the table. I would guess we need to start a gang war, find ways to eliminate them in small groups, find a way to get the leaders to expose themselves . . . or find a way to get on the inside, but that would be risking our souls. What kind of support can we expect out here, what resources can we call in? "

Aside from your monthly stipend you will also be allocated assets based on success but anything not deemed necessary to achieve your objectives would have to be acquired either on site or on your own. You can request resources or asset from your handler, The interrogator, but its up to him whether he decides you really need it or not.

You guys want me and octus to go 'aquire' a lascutter or should we wait awhile on that?

Male Human Guardsman/Conscript

"I am kind of conflicted on that. The plug also prevents us from being invaded. Why don't we find another entry point rather than compromise our "safe house?"

Deal. We'll put removing the plug on the shelf for now. But I think we might want to get the cutter so we have it on hand if we need it?
Occux, did you manage to get any schematics on what the sewer system is supposed to look like?

Occux had been running several analyses of the current data, looking for any more correlations, with half an ear to the conversation.

At Skrate's question his expressionless eyes settle on the assassin , "Access to schematics appears problematic from this location, accessing a Mechanicus interface nearer the cult activity may achieve success."

Occux the pauses, head tilted slightly "A suggestion, in order to foment disunity between criminal associations, perhaps the insertion of subversive and incriminating information on the local data feeds may prove efficacious. "

Excellent idea! Always agree with attacks from more than one direction.

Well I'd say we've all had a long day and longer evening. Suggest we all get some rest and think about the situation.

Suiting actions to words, Skrate heads to his bedroll to rack out for what's left of the night.

Male Human Arbitrator

Jacques hangs his head in shame and turns away from the group. "What was that?! You have more control than that. What, you start working in a situation where you might have to bend the rules and this is how you act! Throne, get a hold of yourself!"

Jacques listens to the rest of the conversation in silence, taking everything in.

"I must... apologize for what I've said, especially to you, Octus. I must admit, I am not used to working with the criminal element. In fact, it was that fact that allowed me to survive the wrath of the Holy Inquisition when I first encountered it. I understand the rules must be bent, for the good of us, for the good of the Imperium, even if it means we work outside the lines of my own predilections."

He turns back to face the group, eyes and face haggard and sullen, but filled with renewed vigor.

"This plan sounds executable. Certainly, we have less than thirty days to accomplish the task, but it seems now that the sidelong route shall be the best route. Tomorrow, I'll be able to visit the local police and find out what they know. I shall also be able to view an autopsy report for the spree of killings. I'll relay all this information back to Occux to correlate.

While I'm out, I think I'll work at gathering us some supplies, means of communication especially. I might not be used to hives, but I am used to people, and I've more than once worked undercover and have made similar kinds of inquiries, even such... large ordeals as a lascutter. Make me a shopping list and I'll spend my time out of "work" looking for the items, given the necessary capital of course."

"In addition, it would be useful for you to use your contacts within the Arbites to glean any information on the criminal organizations within the target area: names, rivalries, recent events of interest. Occux says from where he sits, carefully cleaning his laser carbine.

A lascutter would cost 65 thrones to purchase requiring an easy(+30) inquiry test and 1d10 hours

The group is down a total of 12 thrones (6 to get to red district and six to get back) but you acquired 84 thrones from the dealer.

The six of you decide to put off any more planning until tomorrow and turn in for the night. Finding a corner or stretching out on the rough floor of the hide out and trying to adapt to this hives particular hums, rattles and other background sounds that dominate the otherwise silent room.


Your dreams are plagued by conflicting visions as your unconscious mind grazes and skims the immaterium at one point you find is filled with images of the entire Calixis sector as if you were looking out a viewport on a ship floating outside as you watch each star in the sector die out one by one but the next minute you find yourself somewhere dark and dank, surrounded on all sides by a hard surface like a pipe. All around you you can hear the sounds of something hard clacking and scraping against the surface but the sounds seem to come from multiple areas at once and echo off of the walls. A distinct sense of terror engulfs you as you try to crawl your way through the tunnels to get away but you turn a corner and out of the gloom a vaguely humanoid shape bursts out, and its large drooliing maw rushes towards your face as you are forced awake. Still feeling or sensing a very inhuman presense that slowly fades from your mind.
PLease make a Difficult (-10) willpower check

Male Human Scum (Dreg)

"A shopping list eh?" Octus glances down at his autogun. He admired the weapon in a way, solid gun when s@+* hit the fan in every way. However, concealability was more than an issue. "I've gotta get me something a tid bit more... compact than this. Preference to bullets but I'll settle for las if it's a must. I don't have much on me, but I promise I'll come up with the thrones if you boys don't mind pitchin' in."

Male Imperial Sanctionite

Nicodemus listens to his new companions in silence as they return to their safe-house, feeling rather slightly useless and more than a little violated by his experience.

Male Human Guardsman/Conscript

the auto gun is not that big really it is like an Uzi pistol. Or a CZ Scorpion.

"We can visit a gun shop or harvest a few dirtbags for their weapons. Might be a good way to get you some heat. Or we can get ourselves some micro beads. Maybe Jacques can snag us some throw down guns from work? "


Nicodemus Willpower test 40(-10): 1d100 ⇒ 44
Insanity points gained: 1d5 ⇒ 5
Nicodemus looks haggard and worn out after waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat, hyperventilating and stuttering nonsense. He does calm down after a bit but is too terrified by the incident to to sleep again that night.

As the rest of you wake and prepare for the morning many of you are startled to find Nicodemus already awake and looking like he hasn't slept all night as well as looking slightly terrified.

Unable to take the time to check on him Jacques leaves to join up with his new 'partner' a short way down the hab block. The restraunt he was talking about is easy to find having an Arbites street enforcement car parked in front. Going inside Jo is sitting as a table with a large breakfast in front of him and two large cups of caf sitting on the table. He greets Jacques when he enters but doesnt look like he's in a good mood. "Eat fast mate if you can, we're heading to the Adeptus Mechanicus - Biologus facility. They found another victim this morning and the sarge wants us to surpervise the examination."

Lemme know what you're doing. Nebdel is heading off and wasting the morning finishing off his last unsuccessful search for microbeads but you can still make another attempt.

Male Human Guardsman/Conscript

JT rolls out of bed and press checks his stub pistol to make sure there is a round chambered and places it back in the small of the back holster. He does and quick invintory of his gear and begins donning his hardware. He gives the psyker a sidelong glance and begins looking around the safehouses cabinets looking for a Mr Caf machine.

"Someday when I am in charge I will make sure every safehouse has a Mr Caf, some snacks, or at least a 6-pac stashed somewhere."

if he finds some he will fire it up and make some cups.

Sighing, JT walks over to Nicodemus and offers him a drink if he found some. "Look man I know that you've gotten the piss scared out of you by something. If talking about it will help you then go ahead, I will just sit here and listen. If you don't want to speak about it, but it will help the team then speak up. If there is something out there that knows about you we need to know. I'll be honest and you probably already know it, but psykers make me nerevous as hell, but I have a lot of awe and respect for you guys. I know you are tough as nail and went through stuff that makes my basic training look like preschool, but you are still human. If there is something I can do to help you I'm here for you man. We need you to protect us from stuff that we cannot even phathom. If you need some sleeping pills or something I am sure Octus can dig some up."

@ ARC What are the drugs we took from the dealer? Are any of them useful to us in a pinch?

Male Imperial Sanctionite

Nicodemus offers a weak smile to the guardsman and accepts the recaf. He takes a sip, feeling some of the night's terrors wash away by the drink's warmth.

"Thank you, JT, but I'll be alright. As far as it knowing about me or us, I don't think so. I'm not even exactly sure what hit me out there yesterday. Something residual, I think. Like ripples in a pond long after what caused them has passed."

Nebdel comes back looking irritated.

Well scrags! That was a waste of time. I can't find anything in this packed-in and piled-on excuse for a city. I'm sure there are some microbeads out there since I'm pretty sure I saw evidence of others using them. If someone else want to try to locate them, I'll go with to keep trying to learn my way around a place like this.

I hate places like this with everyone jammed in on top of everyone else. I know it's part of the job and I have to get used to it eventually. But I don't know why anyone would choose to come here on their own.

Hey mystricus man, what happened to you? You look like you lost a fight. Maybe several fights.

"Have no fear, Nicodemus Zarkov, should the barrier between your mind and the Warp twist and fail, allowing a daemon to possess your body, we will not hesitate in performing your summary execution to deny said daemon purchase upon the Emperor's domain" Occux says , holding Nicodemus' gaze then turning back to his dataslate.

Male Imperial Sanctionite

Nicodemus's hand instinctively goes to the small ritual dagger sheathed at his waist, assigned to him for just such an emergency, while he stares at the tech-adept.

"Thank you," he replies, sarcasm that he is well aware Occux will likely not get dripping from his every word. "Your loyalty and dedication to the mission are truly astounding and duly noted."

Male Human Arbitrator

Jacques notices the psyker's troubled state as he makes to leave for "work" early in the morning, but has only the time to offer a few words of meaningless encouragement before he goes to meet his "partner."

"Jacques, sickened at his own guise, feigns disgust and shock at the news that yet another victim has been found. [b]Damn the damned scum. Do you know who the victim was this time? Because, as far as my findings go, I can't seem to find any kind of correlation between these victims. It's as if each was chosen almost at random. The person or more likely group responsible is operating on an entire different logic. Well, we'll know more after we visit the Adeptus Mechanicus."

Before they leave, Jacques also questions his partner about the waiting time necessary to acquire an Arbites provided vehicle, also on the availability of weaponry and specialty items in this particular station.

I plan on, after work is done for the day, going and looking for some microbeads, as well as paying a visit to the district's local police station. I don't think it'd go well to do either on duty with my partner around. I'm going to have to question them about that mark after all. I don't expect to get much out of them though. I'll just make the Inquiry roll now for the search and post the police interrogation later.

Inquiry-44: 1d100 ⇒ 5

Well this is unusual. I'm actually rolling quite well.

The Arbites are stationed out of a planetary police station here so finding time to talk to the locals won't be too hard


While Jo drives through the hive's Arteria leaving you sitting behind the. Controlled of the pintle mounted stubber you question him about having your own vehicle and additional gear. After a bit of a chuckle about upper spires having all the resources he tells you that there is only one patrol car per two man team and the senior staffer is responsible for it, him, in the trunk are standard Arbites riot gear and extra ammunition for when they have to respond to trouble and back at the precinct is a care package for you.
When you arrive at the station and fill out the paperwork you are given a black duffel bag with: a vox-communicator (allowing real time communication across most of the hive), rapid restraints, an Arbites lock breaker and a basic med kit (bandages, ointments, and such) you are also provided with a sidearm (either las or SP) and three clips.
Afterwards you are driven to the A.M.B. Building to oversee the autopsy of the latest body.
The Mechanicus agent directs several surgical servitors in the scanning and when traces of warp energy are found the section is locked down until a sanctioned psyker is brought in. The ancient looking man with steely blue eyes hobbles in, assisted by a mobility executor, and stands there for a while with his hand over the wound. "I can sense two presences. One was very powerful and determined, the other tentative and odd. You are looking for at least one psyker gentlemen, possibly with an apprentice. Whatever they did, there is no trace of this one's soul, it has either been taken or destroyed during the attack." with that the psyker seems to slump as whatever was holding him up seemed to relax. He is then escorted out under guard.
Turning to you Jo asks, "Psyker, have you ever dealt with one? I know I haven't."

Once Jacques returns to the safe house to join up and explain what he found out he then leaves with anyone willing to join him in his search for micro-beads which take him the rest of the day but ends up successfully finding a vendor with stock.

How many micro-beads are being bought? Is anyone else doing anything for the day?

time in hours: 1d10 - 3 ⇒ (10) - 3 = 7

Octus joins the search, with hopes to find a more concealable automatic.

Fel 32
1d100 ⇒ 57

Hmm... Those 2 can easily find the gear better than me. But I wonder if we are attracting any attention yet.

Guys I will hang around you to see if you are being followed. Just ignore me, but make some odd sudden changes in direction or stops so I can see if anyone is watching you.

Nebdel will follow at the point of just keeping them in sight.
But his attention is directed at the rest of the street to see if anyone is following the pair.

Awarness (Per) 26 trained skill 1d100 ⇒ 36

Nebdel you spend the evening trailing Octus and Jacques looking for people following them but aside from a few pick pockets that gave up when the saw Jacques' Arbites badge nothing occurred.
Occux spends the day trying to reconnect the power, and data lines in the building but due to the equipment's state of decay and a general lack of replacement equipment he is unsuccessful (You used two of your spare parts in the attempt) and you are certain now that without a complete unit to install as well as replacement lines from a Mechanicus facility you will not be able to repair the building's connection.
Nicodemus spends the day secluded in prayer and meditation reviewing all of the techniques he learned to defend himself from incursions from the warp and warp energies. repairing and reinforcing his minds defences so that he will not be caught unawares and defenseless again.
Jt spends a bunch of time trying to figure out the effects of the drugs but being completely out of his element is forced to give up and decides to clean and maintain his arsenal in preparation for any coming hostilities as well as guarding the entrance.
Later that night when Nebdel, Jacques and Octus return, Jacques drops down a stack of reports and dossiers on the all of the local gangs in the area as well as gang related activities. The information is divinded amongst the six of you to pour through in hopes of finding clues about the gang that bears the mark. You all pour through the information throughout the night long past when your eyes ache and your backs twinge. Huddled around Occux's glow lamp on the floor this is what you learn:

-The gang call themselves "The illumiated of the Brood" but people just call them "The Brood"
-There seem to be three tiers within the gang; The Blessed who reports indicate are the ruling or leadership group. The family, which are those accepted and full members. The Chattle, non-members and hangers on that haven't earn the right to join
-Moreso than other gangs, the Brood seems to only act at night unless in defence of their territory
-They are known to drag off the dead, both theirs and others, back into the sewers
-The are using the sewers as a means of travelling throughout their territoty unseen which has caused several attempts by rival gangs to fail
-It is beleived that the gang is using anold waste processing plant as their stronghold but any attempt to verify, through servitor, cyberskull or manned missions have ended in failure and an unacceptable loss of resources
-The gang appears peaceful to residents and 'non-combatants' in their territory but exhibit hyper agressive tendencies when threatened

Due to the long session going throught the documents Occux, Octus, JAcques and Nicodemus suffer a (-5) penalty on all checks due to tiredness for the next day


Occux's Tech-Use roll (39): 1d100 ⇒ 74 Fail
Parts used: 1d4 ⇒ 2
Jacques' Logic roll (34/17): 1d100 ⇒ 10 Success
Nebdel's Logic roll (32/16): 1d100 ⇒ 42 Fail
Nicodemus' Logic roll(32/16): 1d100 ⇒ 45 Fail
Occux's Logic roll (39): 1d100 ⇒ 86 Fail
JT's Logic roll (27/13): 1d100 ⇒ 73 Fail
Octus' Logic roll (26/13): 1d100 ⇒ 17 Fail
Jacques' Toughness roll (35): 1d100 ⇒ 59 Fail
Nebdel's Toughness roll (47): 1d100 ⇒ 34 Success
Nicodemus' Toughness roll(32): 1d100 ⇒ 96 Fail
Occux's Toughness roll (31): 1d100 ⇒ 71 Fail
JT's Toughness roll (33): 1d100 ⇒ 7 Success
Octus' Toughness roll (25): 1d100 ⇒ 88 Fail

Hey Jacques. If we are going to try and set up one of the local gangs to seem like the aggressor, then we also need some info on the gangs in that area.

What do you guys think about 1 or 2 of us setting up a watch tonight on the sewer entrances in their territory?

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