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Dark Heresy - Haarlock's Legacy

Game Master Nethru

Online to PbP game in session.

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Auraxis shakes his head, "The tech is too alien in origin. At any rate let's come back to this later, it appears we should get going".

Auraxis stands up and marches to the open portal with his Bolt Pistol in one hand. "The Emperor Protects".

He steps in...

Assuming everyone follows suit...

The mirror door opens on to a wide domed corridor, decorated opulently in polished white marble and hung with drapes of deep blue velvet. Along one side of the corridor are a series of wide crystal-glass windows overlooking the void of space. Hung majestically against the black, illuminated in the turbulent light of a boiling white star, is a mighty fleet of vessels at gravity anchor, many Imperial in design others strange and unique to the eye. At the centre of this fleet is a mighty Battleship, decked out in ivory and brass, dwarfi ng all the other vessels around it, its armoured prow mounted with the heraldic arms of a great golden spider.

The door behind you vanishes.

Without warning the livid tracery of weapons fire and explosions bloom in the void as allies become treacherous enemies and the ships try to get underway and scatter before sudden onslaught from their neighbors.

Alarm claxons sound and a door behind them opens. Rushing through it, and through you as if they were not there, comes a stern-looking but beautiful young woman in a bustled dove-grey gown and a high collar of black filigree lace, leading by the hand a raven-haired young girl in her early teens dressed in white, clearly her daughter by the resemblance in their faces. Beside them whirs a silver-plated servo skull which suddenly crashes to the ground and is still, cutting off their conversation and stopping them in their tracks as brass shutters roll down over the crystal windows and cut of the view of the fiery battle outside.

"Is this a memory or have we stepped through a mirror in time wherein we are but ghosts? Thoughts my friends?"

"I believe we are merely shades in these events because they happened in the past, if the Gilded Widow is to be trusted. I suggest we learn what we can to discover why these events are important to Haarlock."

Sister Revanche moves to follow the fleeing women.

In short order, the air at the far end of the corridor ripples and a featureless female form, glistening like oil on water appears, moving forward like lighting, a shimmering grey blade in her hand. The lady stands her ground, shielding her daughter and dies in futile bravery, crimson blossoming across her dress. The girl turns and runs, making it perhaps as far as the your group before the assassin claims her life mid-step.

The assassin fades again from view and from nowhere there is an immense howl of rage, more felt than heard; its passing is enough to dim the light and steal the breath from your lungs. A mirror-door appears in front of you as time seems to speed up. The shapes of naval armsmen and servitors flow around them, moving at blurring speed, as a lean and indistinct figure in a long flowing cloak moves with glacial slowness between them, its shoulders slumped as it cradles the girl’s body in its arms and staggers towards the mirror-door unseeing.

"I deny this, I deny this, I deny this." The whispered words seem to hang in the thinning air.

What was the assassin, a man or something else?

"No doubt the source of Haarlock's rage and sadness".

Hard to tell if it was human or something else. It appeared humanoid though.

"I think we've seen what we are meant to see here. Let's move on."

Sister Revanche moves through the mirrored door.

As you pass through the flickering cold light of the mirrordoor you are greeted immediately by warm and cloying air, reeking of burnt plastek and a greasy unpleasantness like overcooked fat.

All around you, and for as far as the eye can see, are the broken ruins and tangled wreckage of a once mighty hive city. The skeletal remains of soaring spires and lofty buttresses jutting like blackened carcass bones, their bases clogged with mountains of rubble and fallen masonry. A soft fall of grey snow is settling, blanketing everything from a turbulent, storm laden sky. As it falls and powders on your clothes, you realize it is not snow at all, but cinder ash.

An immense dark shape appears through the boiling clouds and the blasted city around you vibrates to a deep discordant drone, breaking what you now realize was an utter, deathly silence. The cyclopean shape in the sky resolves to a obsidian-like disk, slowly revolving and flickering with a baleful crimson glow at its center; a vessel of some kind perhaps more than kilometer across and utterly alien.

As the dark vessel passes through the sky it is joined by another and another, and their progress casts a pall of deeper darkness over the dead city.

The mirrordoor closes behind you.

Auraxis moves forward to see whatever it was we were intended to see through this mirror.

"A xenos invasion?"

(Is the city an Imperial one? Any bodies?)

Charred flesh smell maybe all bodies vaporized?

Graki shudders and watch the ash fall from his garments.... lifting his nose in the air to get a sense of all smells in the air hoping to catch a scent beyond the burning plastek and charred ash


Do you want to explore the city some?

Yes that is what I meant by move forward :-)

As you traverse the destroyed landscape you come to the conclusion this was definitely an Imperial City with fallen statuary, broken Aquilas and so on. It appears to have been destroyed by bombardment and firestorm, but not so long ago, as attested to by still smouldering fires.

After some time you realize this is Hive Sibellus. One thing that is rather disturbing in the waste-scape is the absence of bodies. With this much destruction you would expect to see some bodies.

Refresh my recollection on Hive Sibellus, the House of Dust and Ash?

Hive Sibellus is on the capital planet of this sector, Scintilla. It's also where the Inquisition Headquarters is.

"Is this the past, or Haarlock's twisted future?"

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