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Dark Heresy - Haarlock's Legacy

Game Master Nethru

Online to PbP game in session.

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Auraxis shakes his head. "Madness, it is a wonder we still have our wits about us. The Emperor truly protects".

I took wound in the last encounter yes? Can I attempt Medicae to bind them?

your all pretty banged up. see below.

Graki - [Life 6/Faith 1]
Auraxis - [Life 8/Faith 1]
Revanche - [Life 6/Faith 3]

Graki begins panting as he feels fatigue.
"this seems like a good spot as any to rest"

Graki drops to one knee

The 3 of you rest for about an hour as you are very exhausted from your travels and there does not seem to be an immediate danger where your at. Do you want to do anything while you rest a bit?


Graki 1d100 ⇒ 3
Auraxis 1d100 ⇒ 11
Sister 1d100 ⇒ 93

"The question my friends becomes what if anything were those scenes showing us? If my future self is correct, we overlook something when the time comes to confront Haarlock".

Can I make an insight roll of some sort Caps?

Lastly, let's recover all of our fate points :-)

There is nothing you can think of that you guys did wrong at this time.

And fate stays as is. :)

For the medicae rolls I believe you are all beyond lightly damaged so 1 health back to Graki and Auraxis.

As you rest above you the ominous shadow behind the clouds is slowly moving ever closer to the sun.

After about an hour passes a lantern light appears at the edge of the forest and a party of a dozen men and one woman enter the clearing at the foot of the hill. They all appear to be tribal people but are well armed. As they approach they do not appear to be aggressive.

A man walks forward who appears to be their leader.

"My name is Ephraim and we have been asked by the Ol' Lady to bring you to her."

Sister Revanche stands and dusts herself off.

"Lead the way."

All damage done to me is considered light as I took a talent I believe...

Ok so you get your Int bonus in life back :)

Your team follows Ephraim and the party and after a few short twists and turns through the mist-shrouded swamp land the tangled swamp opens before you into a moss-strewn clearing centred around what appears to be the ancient wreck of a space craft. Its belly is torn open and a strange dwelling bedecked in all manner of hanging totems and trinkets has been created within. The shadows of this place are utterly impenetrable, like a rip torn open in the world to an abyss beyond, and a heavy silence rests upon the place.

At the centre of the open-fronted dwelling on a rickety chair sits an immeasurably old woman of imperious bearing, her withered skin the colour of dirty ivory and her hair wild and matted. Under one hand lays a broken servo-skull and a narrow steel canister which she is caressing absently with her long black fingernails, while behind her chair something reddish-black and sinewy coils too deep in the shadows to make out.

"We brought them as you asked Ol’Lady." Ephraim calls out nervously.

The old woman nods slowly and pronounces in a voice that sounds like broken glass over a tombstone, "So you did, Ephraim Ryder, so you did, now go back to your kin."

"So," the old woman speaks "That blind fool Haarlock finally found himself some more fools to walk in his path, eh? Well congratulations, you made it through the corridors of time alive, and ahead oh’him coming back, the choice is yours now."

"What choice is that, exactly?"

She laughs menacingly for a while while watching you all as if she was looking into your souls.

"He came to me when everything else he tried failed, and even then, his pride would not let him beg. No, not that one. Will of iron enough to overturn the universe if he could, heh! He’d walked the past and found he could change ‘nuthin, walked the future and found nothing that wouldn’t turn to dust in his hands.

‘What can I do?’ he asked me ‘Where can I fi nd the power?’ Hah! ‘Hag tell me!’ he demanded!

"He paid my price," she says, tapping the canister beneath her nails before carrying on, "So I told him. I told him the only place that would end his desires would be the black star, and that’s where he went and that’s where he’s reckon’ to return from. Only what’ll walk back wearing his face, not even I knows."

"But he needed someone on this side you see, needed a link of blood and desire to turn the key of his machine, a beacon to light his way across the abyss beyond the Warp, to come back where no-one had come back from before, and you lit that beacon up for him! You an’ the others with your murderin’ and your lying and struggle, all callin’ him back across."

"Now the dark star is rising over this world, blotting out its own sun, just as it did the day he walked into its embrace, and on that hill his foot’s gonna fall again."

"How do we stop him?"

The witch rubs her chin examine the three of you.

"You will each give me something in return for your answers."

She looks to Sister Revanche first.
"Your soul burns brightest of the three my dear. You will agree to give me your immortal soul."

She turns to look at Auraxis.
"Your soul fire is bright but tarnished" she cackles a bit. "From you dear confessor your gift will be forfeit to me."

Lastly she turns to Graki and scrunches her nose.
"And for you abomination. Your right sword hand will be my gift for these answers."

"Do we have a deal?"

"Forfeit? Tarnished? I do not follow your meaning. You brought us here for what, to bargain with us?"

"The choice is yours. If you wish my knowledge you must pay the price but be warned. Time is running out."

She looks up at the sky and you see the dark shape moving closer to the sun.

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