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Dark Heresy - Haarlock's Legacy (Inactive)

Game Master Nethru

Online to PbP game in session.

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1d100 ⇒ 25 vs 14



Shock Table Roll 1d100 ⇒ 79 +10 for 1 DoF 89

Panic grips you. You run as fast as humanily possible out of this place and do not look back. As you run away you hear the screams of those left behind.

Insanity 1d5 ⇒ 4

You also gain 3 corruption from seeing the vile daemon spawns.


Follow up WP. 1d100 ⇒ 70

Illidan + Auraxis:

There is just about anything in the dark heresy book here in common quality except for power armor and power/force weapons.

Around the area are different types of games. Pit games of all kinds and some card games.

The streets are very busy and you can always hear people cheering and booing from the pit fight areas.


You keep running and running until you can't run no more and are so far away now your almost at the end of the Collapsed Palaces now.


Huntarr will stop and catch his breah before returning to the hideout of the priest. If anyone survived, they would likely turn up there.

Illidan + Auraxis:
I would like to sell the following items The Baton, Chain Blade, Knife and the Second shotgun I picked up the empty one. how much thrones would I get with that?
"So what will it be? "
Illidan is awaiting the merchants reply
"I'll tell you want give me a fair price for these items while you ponder it over. If you can give me a good price I will do business with you if not. I will move on to the next."
Illidan gives the merchant a list of the 4 items he wish to sell first

Illidan + Auraxis:

Make a merchant roll, I believe you have this to try to get better price for the gear.

Both of you please make Awareness checks as your dealing with the other merchants.


How long do you want to wait?

illidan + Auraxis:

Awareness 1d100 ⇒ 37
Merchant 1d100 ⇒ 20

do we have access to our starting thrones?

Brother Constantine:
"Death to the Heretics!

Awareness 1d100 ⇒ 20

I will re-read through that long pos tomorrow and respond with what I want to do.

Illidan + Auraxis:

You both notice a man dressed in red robes with a flamer and chain sword strapped to his back. Obviously a member of the Ecclesiarchy of some sort (you can make Common Lore Ecclesiarchy to figure out what kind if you have it). He looks completely out of place here. You guys haven't seen one priest here yet since you got out of the cages.

Illidan you made your Merchant roll so you will be able to get 50% of book price for the items you have and buy new items at 75% of book cost for common quality.

No your thrones are not available to you here.

Illidan + Auraxis:

Best Prices you can get for your gear.

Baton - 25
Chain Axe - 225
Knife - 3
2 Shotgun Pump - 75 for the 2

Total: 328

Auraxis want to try to sell anything through Illidan since he's making good deals with these goons?


Huntarr will wait at least three hours. At that point, he will start a systematic search of the entire room. Waste not, want not.


You wait around nervously still a bit shaken from your encounter with the daemons. No one comes to the shelter and the daemons do not seem to chase you down.

There isn't much in this place except a few cans with some edible soup foods and some improvised weapons like lead pips and sharp objects.

Illidian and Auraxis:
Auraxis will flag down the priest. I don;t have the appropriate common lore. "Brother what brings you to this place?"

Illidan + Auraxis + Constantine:

Constantine the man you have noticed that is covered in tattered armor and blood approaches you and asks "what brings you to this place" while the other still appears to be making deals with the merchants.

Illidian & Auraxis & Constantine:
I assume this is the priest right?
"I seek information Brother. I am simply analyzing my options while my companion procures some wares. Perhaps we can help each other, what is it you seek?" Auraxis scans the crowd to see if anyone is watching the exchange too intently.

I want to find out/do the following things once the conversation with Constantine is concluded:

Who is the Spider Bride?
Who is Gabriel Chase?
Visit Ashtear Starport just to look around and check on security and to see if we can find the Inquisitor's ship.
Who or what is the Widower?
What is the Steel Clock?
Visit the Chancel for more background on our masked foes (if possible).

Brother Constantine, Auraxis, and Illidan:
"Hail, and well met! I am sure you do not get this often, but you are a sight for sore eyes in this sea of sin! Nevertheless, the God-Emperor has brought us together, so we must have some common goals!!

He breaks out into a rousing song, about the God-Emperor, and killing heretics. Even going as far to sing to some of the people walking by about how they will be flayed alive for their sins!!

My apologies, sometimes I am filled with the word! Where are my manners, I am Brother Constantine!! I seem to have lost my Inquisitor! But right now, I am interested in hearing the tale of you and your friend over there!

Illidian & Auraxis & Constantine:
Is this guy bs'ing us? Can I make a check?
"Who was your Inquisitor Brother?"


Make an Inquiry roll once your done with Constantine

Make a Scrutiny roll to see if he's lying.

Scrutiny 1d100 ⇒ 77


As far as you can tell he's telling the truth about whatever he's talking about.

Illidian & Auraxis & Constantine:
1d100 ⇒ 8vs. 45 perform (sing)
Singing:"And the God-Emperor said burn the unclean, and he burned you, and you, and you, and YOU!!!!"

He starts to calm down

"Inquisitor Karkalla of the Ordo Xenos he is! Went missing recently, and I have not been able to find anyone. I went out to burn some heretics and I come back to find everyone gone! But the fates have smiled upon me this day and brought me a brother at arms! And his lowly squire over there!! Tell me, what be your names brother?!?!?!

Illidian & Auraxis & Constantin:
"While this man is my companion he is not my squire. Perhaps we should go and talk Brother, it seems we do have something in common".


Huntarr assumes at this point that no one is coming back, so he heads to the Fates Wheel. Time to make some Thrones.

illidan + Auraxis + constantine:

illidan purchase a few items
Autogun, with sliencer and red dot scope. A backpack with a strummer. Respirator mask. Photo visor. Micro bead. Data slate. Man stopper bullets 30. And 20 regular bullets.

illidan regroups with Auraxis and priest
"It took some doing but I got the supplies I needed." illidan finds another member among our two man cell. " who is this rookie we have here sir"

question the inquisitor the priest is talking about is that the one that I have the rosett from.

Illidan + Auraxis + Constantine:

You have 35 thrones left over from your purchases. Did Auraxis want to sell anything through you Illidan? Can get same deals for him as well with you as proxy.

Yes the inquisitor name is the same one you guys saw mangled and dead in the pits.

I had an extra shotgun and a simple axe I would like to get rid of. If I can get anything for the armor to upgrade I will do that as well.


You can get 48 thrones for the Shotgun and Axe. Probably won't be able to get anything better for armor right now. Maybe get some better ammo for the hand cannon you have?

illidan + Auraxis + constantine:

"Either of you two looking to buy or trade some wares I was able to get some good deals from this vendor."
illidan flashes the content of his backpack and informs then of the deal I was able to obtain
what ya maggots looking to do?!?

can I get an addition % for bring the vendors more business?

Illidan, Araxis, and Constantine:
"Purge the unclean of course!!!! Come friends, let us get out of this mire of miscreants before someone else gets cleansed. Hmmm, Mire of Miscreants, I like that, I shall name my next tune that!! Come, follow me!
He begins to wade out of the crowd, knocking into as many people as he can, and yelling at them! He motions for you to follow

No the % you got is best your going to get here.

Illidan, Araxis, and Constantine:

As Constantine bumps into the people as he passes one of them ends up being a very tall burly man who grabs a hold of his shoulder.

"Hey little man watch where your going!"

illidan + Auraxis + constantine:

Illidan watches a few yards back as the aggressor confronts the priest. In case its about to go down. Illidan focuses his energy with invocation

1d100 ⇒ 84 vs 52

Illidan, Araxis, and Constantine:
"Little man?!?!?! I will have you know that the voice of the God-Emperor sings through me! Perhaps even your heathen ears take something away from this experience! Unless of course you are a heretic. Youre not a heretic, are you???
He laughs maniacally

Auraxis places his hand on his hand cannon ready to shoot this fool if necessary.

Illidan, Araxis, and Constantine:

The big guy looks confused as your speak to him. He obviously isn't to bright and lets out a nice big laugh showing some teeth missing obviously from fights over the years and slaps Constantine on the back.

"Your a funny man! I'll let you live today now get going little man."

Illidan, Araxis, and Constantine:
"Clearly killing you would bring you to a better place. You belong here, among the filth! Good day simpleton!"
Constantine takes the oafs hand off his shoulder, and pulls out a rag from his pocket. He symbolically wipes his shoulder off where he was touched.

"Ugh, riff-raff. Let us get going before people start dying!"

Illidan, Araxis, and Constantine:

The big man returns to what he was doing.

The priest in red robes who calls himself Brother Constantine lead Illidan and Auraxis through the streets out of the Arena Promenade heading west toward the Shattered Palaces. The streets get much quieter out here and you are finally all alone in an alley with very dim lights at the far end.

Illidan, Auraxis, and Constantine:

It's getting rather late now for you guys. Illidan and Auraxis you feel the fatigue really starting to kick in now. Make toughness checks to stay awake. Your both starving.

Brother Constantine you can tell these 2 are very famished.

Illidan, Auraxis, and Constantine:
"You two look like you have seen better days! I am going to take you back to my place and feed you and give you a place to sleep. Also, we can talk! Does this sound good?"


{Toughness Check} 1d100 ⇒ 4 vs 40
"A meal and a cot, sounds mighty fine soilder."
Illidan follows the priest to unknown location
Thinks to himself .oO(He's as good a stranger to follow on an unknown planet as anyone else)

"How long have you been stationed here?"

Toughness 1d100 ⇒ 76

"Rest and a meal would be welcome Brother".

"I have not been here very long. I was moved to this remote area for some tactics that were deemed a bit "harsh" by my superiors. I still maintain that that school was a heretic hideout, which is why I had to burn it down. Looking back now, I think the old Inquisitor I served was tainted. How else can you explain how my actions could be deemed harsh?? I sing the songs of the God-Emperor!

Constantine then breaks out into a song, you think is titled Tainted Inquisitor:

Once I ran to you
Now I'll run from you
This tainted Inquisitor you've given
I've given all a man could give him
Take my blood and sweat and tears and then send me to some awful backwater planet to stop some jackal masked heretic that is apparently doing something wrong, but I digress......
Oh...Tainted Inquisitor
Tainted Inquisitor

It really is a lovely song!

Auraxis you feint right away from exhaustion when you get to Constantine's shack so miss out on his singing.

Illidan you eat some canned foods with Constantine and get some rest for the night as your still very tired.

The morning comes and Auraxis and Illidan get 1 life back from resting the night. You all eat some breakfast and are ready for the day.

Now everyone is on Day 2.

Illidan + Auraxis + Constantine:

illidan awakens and lays all his belongings out taking account of his belongings double checking his ammo and weapons. Cleaning the Rosett from the inquisitor

" So Auraxis what's our next move. Is the Priest to accompany us?
looks to the priest "now that you are seperated from your party what plans do you have for your mission?

Illidian & Auraxis & Constantine:
As they are eating, Auraxis turns to Brother Constantine. "Brother, I have a question, what can be found in the ninth sack on Prol."

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