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Dark Heresy - Haarlock's Legacy (Inactive)

Game Master Nethru

Online to PbP game in session.

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Awareness 1d100 ⇒ 9

1d100 ⇒ 58 Blissfully unaware

ANd by the way, I gut her!!

1d1d100 ⇒ 46 vs. 77

1d100 ⇒ 60


The girl stick her knife in the hysterical woman's stomach and she goes silent. Nothing else to see here...

You hear nothing else and have gathered what is of value from this room. Waiting for some time nothing happens and you have no way to utilize the elevator so you must move on.

Moving past this room you travel cautiously with your near gear and a sense of more security for some time without any interruption. The area is much the same as you have seen before, winding metal corridors with a lot of banging and hissing sounds of the machines.

After some time you finally see flickering lights up ahead from one of the junctions and hear a different type of noise. Someone is talking.

if Illidan is close enough to hear what's being said without being seen then Illidan would like to hold his position and gather as much info. Like how many people are there, what news they are talking about hopefully how to leave.

"Damn impatience. She didn't yell long enough to draw them in, and now we have to go hunt them down and possibly get separated from the elevator. You people are becoming a liability with your short-sightedness."

That was said before they left the room.

Huntarr would change into the remaining flak jacket before leaving the area.

Once in the area of the talking, Huntarr places his back against the wall of the corridor and listens.

all 3 flak jackets were already picked up so your still in the feudal plate huntarr.

Make awareness check to try to understand what they are saying

1d100 ⇒ 19


It sounds like someone is complaining about some pain and he needs to be careful.

Her turns to Huntarr, and scowls. Then softly speaks, so as not to draw unnecessary attention.

"You listen to me, I will kill every person in here if I have to, including you!! Now start pulling your weight around here, and stop letting me do all the work! That goes for you two buffoons too!

Illidan chuckes at her and raises his hand to his head in a salute "sir, yes Ma'am... I take it you weren't impressed by my legendary combat skills. illidan whispers not to alert the guards and continues to listen in " what's our plan?

Awareness 1d100 ⇒ 79

Huntarr looks at the woman for a moment, seems to decide something without saying a word aloud, and then slides along the wall to see if he can get a headcount.

Auraxis glares at her, "I don't know who you are woman but I suggest you watch your tone with me. To say the least this primitive axe is not my weapon of choice. The hand cannon is not much better but it will do. Now reign in your bloodlust just a bit until we are out of here, then you can go back to doing whatever it is you do".

He then look at Huntarr, "And I suggest you quit lumping people together in one category".

Auraxis then remains silent as the group moves forward hoping this will be it so he can get out of here and back to where he belongs.

illidan would like to take a minute or to to meditate ... See if he can connect to the energies of the warp.

"!@# ~~^^~~ **%** !@#" illidan utters some words in a language of the elders

am I still nerfed ??

Illidan your connection to the warp is still clouded by the drugs.

Those who made awareness checks only heard one person speak but it's probably a good guess based on what he said there is more than 1 person there.

If you plan on sneaking up around the passage please make silent move checks.

Knowing that moving silently is not his strong suit Auraxis hangs back.

She scoffs at Auraxis, knowing that 2 shots with the axe and he will just be another memory. Then refocuses at the task at hand.

1d100 ⇒ 50 vs. 57 Silent move

"I don't sense $#!+"
Illidan readies his hand cannon

The girl moves quietly town the passage and around the bend. You make it to where the noise is coming from and it appears to be some sort of medical facility and you spot a man sitting on a table wearing tattered leather like armor and what could only be a tech-priest attending to some wounds on the man.

You see the man scold the tech-priest to be more careful with his stitching but the tech-priest just ignores him and continues on with his work. The man is facing the direction your coming from so getting past him without being noticed is nearly impossible.

1d100 ⇒ 50 vs 44% Silent Moves

illidan sees huntar trying to sneak unsuccessfully and decides to run into the middle of the room towards the men weapon drawn but not aimed at anyone to gain the men's focus and doubles over as if he is out of breath panting

"You" Illidan points to the wounded man " have you seen any unusual characters run by? the party for the Vips have been compromised. " Illidan turns to the tech priest. "Do you have any chems here to nullify a psyker. This guy in tatters runs in as if he was in the pit. And vanished in plain sight. Very spooky $#!+"

I am trying to work around to getting an antidote or at least know how long these drugs will last. If I know he has it then he should know how to treat it or I can at least try to find who drugged me and why.

make a deceive roll

1d100 ⇒ 46 decieve

any bonuses for being completely covered from head to toe plus knowledge of the party plus the pit of death? My story is not false at all just about me so technically I'm not trying to lie to the guy.

The Tech-Priest turns toward you momentarily looking you up and down and then moves back to his work in stitching up the other man.

The other man is obviously some kind of fighter of the pits based on how he's dressed.

"Get outa here before the Jackal has your head idiot!"

Dear GM, is this guy in any form of armor? And how close am I? Would I get the point blank modifier +30 to hit ? What exactly is in the room?

illidan thinks to him self. .oO( have to stay clear of this Jackson character)

Your not in point blank range 3m but you are short range +10 to attack. The tech priest kind of hard what he is wearing but the warrior isn't wearing any armor right now but you do see some melee weapons off to his side

"Yikes!!! Don't want to feel his wrath I better get back to the party"
illidan runs around the bend and inform huntarr and Auraxis as to what's in the room quietly" "the tech priest is healing an injured man. With melee weps. Should we kill them all?!?"
illidan looks around "where is her ?!?"

"Let's give her a chance to do it since she is capable enough to handle such things on her own".

Is there another way to go?

"didnt see one just ran it scoped it briefly and ran back I say we keep tech priest alive maybe he has a detox or we can get some info.

"Better put Her on a leash if you want to keep anyone alive in here."

Huntarr draws his pistol and prepares to shoot the fighter in the head.

LOL ok who's heading in?

(I'm not heading in. That's the point of ranged weapons, to kill people at a distance.)

After some time you guys hear noise coming toward your location (since no one took any actions). Eventually you see the Heretek and the fighter with a large axe in his hand enter the passageway where you were all hiding.

The Heretek scans the area with his optical mechandrite.

What do you all do!

illidan hears footsteps approaching "... WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU LOST HIM" Illidan tries to sound authoritative and decieve those approaching as if they are guards in pursuit of the psyker. "we need to find him now before the Jackal finds out or we are good as dead" illidan readies his weapon. "be on guard someone's approaching"

(I think there is some confusion. I was waiting for other people to answer your question, or for you to call for dice rolls. I wanted to shoot him before he armed himself.)

I took was waiting for the others to go or for her to make a move if not I was going to re enter the room and shoot the unarmoured guard. But I'm cool with the turn of events either way.

Well i'll give guys one free action each before initiative

I guess I would shoot these guys even though I would have liked to take care of it more quietly. Not sure where Lou has been.

1d100 ⇒ 53

What is the damage?

hand cannon is 1d10+4 2pen

There was no way I was sneaking in right in front of them. I will charge one of them though, if I can.

Yes you can. Charge is +20 to attack

Did that hit?

illidan shoots at the pit fighter aimed 1d100 ⇒ 70

how close am I to these guys ? 4 shots left before reload

You guys are in short range so get +10 to hit plus standard attack/aim gives total of +30 believe you both hit roll damage. Which were you shooting Auraxis?

Damage 1d10 + 4 ⇒ (9) + 4 = 13

Illidan shoots at the fighter and being he has no armor on the bullet pierces his fleshy skin without trouble causing him to leak blood! He does not however fall down.

The heretek.

1d10 + 4 ⇒ (4) + 4 = 8

Huntarr, upon seeing the pit fighter continuing to remain upright, decided that a little shooting might be in order.

1d100 ⇒ 84 vs 77

Spending a Fate Point to reroll.

1d100 ⇒ 82 vs 77

Auraxis shot plunges deep into the Hereteks body causing black oozing liquid to pour out as he slumps to the floor.

Huntarr's shot goes wild missing the fighter.

After this battle and little scene is over we will hold off on play by post until after this sunday's live game! I will have all equipment updated on maptools so it's all in sync.

201 to 250 of 4,124 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | next > last >>
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