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Dark Heresy - Haarlock's Legacy (Inactive)

Game Master Nethru

Online to PbP game in session.

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i cannot carry to many weapons and my wepons skill is low having a sword would be very difficult to hit for me plus strength isn't nothing to brag about either. You can take the pistol if you need it i was under the impression that the gear and the hat was "all you wanted". I am more in need of a better melee handgun than the carbine but need before greed, Take what you need i wall grab what i want afterwards.

Illidan hands Nihil the bolt pistol he scavenged
"don't let that hit you in the face when it kicks back, hahaha"!

gear means weapons too. If I had just wanted his armour, I would have said that. Also I've been holding the bolt pistol for a while.

Nihil looked confused at Illidan As the witch attempted to hand him nothing, having been holding the bolt pistol for the last few minutes. Perhaps the psycher got a nasty hit to his head during the battle.

illidan shakes his head as he realize there isn't any thing he is handing over to nihil... has a seat on the ground looking at this bolt carbine wondering if this is going to disappear to

my fault i didn't realize you had the bolt pistol already i thought it was still on the bodies on the ground

Mindblade keeps the Force sword, since he is the only one who can use it to full effect.

"First off, don't call me 'Lord'. I work for a living. Secondly, you can use the place where Her and I were crashing. It's got privacy, and a decent view."

Mindblade starts to walk through a nearby alley.

"Somebody pick up the trash and follow me."

illidan stands and dusts himself off and follows the new psyker
grabbing bolt carbine and photocontacts to replace photo visor

nah i should pay closer attention. Thought it was funny actually

will wait for auraxis ...

I think we should wait for Auraxis to post before we continue, guys.

Its all good man, I was just trying to think of a way to respond to it in game. I hope I didn't sound like an ass about it.

Nihil Dragorus wrote:
"Now then, 'Lord' Auraxis, as our dear little assassin is now nothing more than a splatter of gore on the floor, I think its time you stood down from your position, unless you want to get Illidan and myself killed next. Perhaps if you listened to him instead of having your head up your ass, you might have comprehended that dear Huntarr was right and you're barking up the wrong tree. For all their shady nature, I'm certain the Planetary Defense Force of this meager world has nothing to do with this endeavor. Instead we should be looking to your dear comrades, the arbites. They are the only ones who would have our records and actual identities on hand and do you seriously think the PDF would have the skill and tools to steal Arbite records? How else would the enemy be one step ahead of us every time if they didn't have their eyes on us everywhere?"

"Stand down from what position? You assume much "Lord Dragorus". Barking up what wrong tree? In one day I have advanced the investigation quite far despite your arrogance, the dead assassin's obtuseness, and Ilidan's borderline insanity. We have discovered what our foe seeks. We have discovered that our foe has infiltrated the government. We have also discovered that the other Inquisition cell were Radicals who needed to be purged.

You assume the arbites are the leak perhaps they are but I would not rule anyone out, not even the planetary defense force.
Clearly these Radicals know much, you will discover their secrets and we will know what they know. I stand down from nothing, I will move forward with the aid of the God Emperor Himself, may He live forever.
Poor Huntarr needed to work alone to be effective so I gave him what he desired. I assure you I did not wish to see him killed but neither would I shirk from my duties of leading this investigation. Remember who the Inquisitor put in charge "Lord Dragorus".
Now, as I was saying earlier before we were rudely interrupted, besides interrogating this Radical, what other ideas do you both have for achieving our goal of locating our perp?
Auraxis turns to Mindblade, let's continue this discussion at your humble abode and see what new insight you can grant to us. With the departure of our assassin I will be glad to have your help."

I will take Jonas' gear.

Getting to Mindablade and Her's hideout is not hard. It's actually quite close to where you guys are now. It's about 3hrs not until the Enforcer General would like to meet with your cell if you so desire to meet with him.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

"Ahh. You have discovered what they want? Care to share?"

Mindblade listens most attentively.

Nihil didn't even bother to hold back his laughter but, he said nothing in response until they got to the hideout. The useless arbite was talking out of his ass. He hadn't found out a damn thing and they all knew it. They know nothing about these acolytes so to assume that they were radicals was simply a blind accusation. The only reason they found out that the enemy had infiltrated the government was at the cost of dozens of lives and they simply found out from their failures. And he sure as hell didn't find out what the enemy was after, none of them knew yet.

Nihil couldn't care less if the Inquisitor picked Auraxis, men make mistakes. It was easy to mistake idiocy for fanaticism...

"Oh please don't let him fool you. We haven't found out a damn thing On our quarry save for the most basic leads..."

"I believe that the refuse can fill in some information on your quarry's desires. What preparations do you require to begin your... interrogation? A sharp implement perhaps?"

Mindblade paid little attention to the infighting as he was not subject to the orders of the group. His mission was essentially complete, hence Her's departure. He would do what he could for the group until he received new oders to do otherwise.

Auraxis glares at Nihil. "This bickering is useless and I tire of it. I cede my command to you Dragorus, now you can call the shots since you know better than I".

Auraxis turns to Mindblade. "Prior to being chosen by the Inquisitor Ilidan, Huntarr, Her, and I were all taken captive and trapped in the red cages. We were able to escape those bloody halls and found ourselves in the middlw of a grim festival. At the height of the festival our tormentor the Heron Mask did battle with an entity known as the Widower. This thing was a construct created by the ancient Rogue Trader Haarlock.
The creature was attempting to free itself through the destruction of the steel clock which thanks to Lord Dragorus was accomplished. After put success we were picked to ne Acolytes and sent here to investigate recent murders. Our group has discovered that items of significance to Haarlock himself reside on this planet. Huntarr's theory, shared by me, is that these items were being collected because together they would serve some nefarious purpose set into motion by Haarlock.
Put for has collected most if not all of what he was looking for based on the body count here.
I believe the attack this morning was triggered to throw us off of the scent. However, it does prove that our petp has contacts inside the government here which thy are using to keep one step ahead of us.
Lord Dragorus, I suggest you question this Acolytes who I believe to be a Radical to ascertain what knowledge he may have. If you brought the remains of the Widower perhaps that will also shed light on our situation here, a longshot but who knows.
If there are no other suggestions Lord Dragorus I bid your leave to contact the Astropath to see if the Inquisitor got back to me on my query. Then I will meet with the PDF while the rest of you continue the investigation. I will take responsibility for what happened today after all I wad in charge.
Do you have any news based on what I have stated Mindblade?"

"If the Enforcer General wishes to meet with you all together, I suggest you don't disappoint him. You can ill-afford to antagonize yet another power bloc on Sinophia."

Then he glances at Nihil.

"If you believe these items are connected to Haarlock, have you been able to do any research into his holdings on this planet, or any other?"

"The Arbites hq is known as Haarlocks Folly, one of the questions I posed to the Inquisitor is the very same question you just asked. Nihil found nothing in the planetary records when I bade him to search them".

"I suppose going to the general all together is a good idea. I fear a crimp in our investigation if he retains us all for too long though, things ate in motion and we need to move quickly".

"I think that it has been proven that rushing while blind causes you to crash into obstacles that you could easily avoid if you had only seen them in advance."

"Lord Dragorus, you should indeed prepare to interrogate your prisoner."

Mindblade picks the prisoner up and seats him in a metal chair with his hands manacled behind his back and to the chair itself.

"And by all means, do not feel the need to be gentle. There are fates much worse than death for one such as him."

Nihil stayed for a brief moment to continue speaking with the group. Despite his dissatisfaction with Auraxis' leadership, it was necessary to discuss these things.
"I've never had the opportunity to look through the files to begin with. As soon as we arrived at the Arbite's fortress, we were called to investigate the dead man in the hab unit and after that we split into groups to investigate the nobility, which proved somewhat useful.

Based on the information we have, it is indeed obvious that the enemy seeks items that were once of value to Haarlock or connected to him. However, there were overlaps in the alibis. Almost everyone we spoke to, spoke about how these former owners of the items stared at their items for long periods of time, slack jawed and dead eyed. The items, as Auraxis said have no doubt a connection and I perhaps believe that they are pieces of something much more powerful.

The difficulty we face is that it is painfully obvious we are outclassed by our for. This individual or group we seek has the powers of sorcerery I've never even seen possible. He is able to control the undead in very advanced forms of necrotic sorcerery and as we saw at the hall today, can perform advanced rituals of shrouding over the undead. Someone with this level of power will prove difficult to track...

Not only that, but they have been covering their tracks very well. Every assassination has been made on either one of the nobility or of this gang known as the 'rag kings'. The already present tension between these two groups has given each side to believe that the other party is responsible and if this goes unchecked, we may have a civil war on our hands, gentlemen. Whether this is simply to be used as cover or one of the main goals of our quarry, I can't say but it doesn't bode well, either way.

I do not want your position, Arbite, I just pray you dont get us all killed...

Now, if you excuse me gentlemen..."

Nihil mutters as he gets up from his seat, brushing off his coat before dragging the bound and now seated acolyte with him.

"Shall we go, good sir?"

He takes the acolyte by the name of Hellios down several rooms away, closing and locking the door behind him. He didnt need them seeing this. Nihil checks Hellios once over, connecting the bindings to the back of the chair so he couldn't get out before grabbing his own seat and sitting casually several feet away bolt pistol in one hand and detonator to the explosive collar in the other.

"So... How are you?

He said with a child-like smile.

Hellios stares at Nihil as he starts to talk to him and a slight smirk crosses his face.

"Your friends were foolish to let you alone with me."

Not long after Nihil takes Hellios in the room an extremely loud screech can be heard and makes your ears burn and all glass in the rooms shatter in an instant!


Focus Power Test Dominate 4d10 + 4 ⇒ (1, 8, 8, 9) + 4 = 30
Opposed Willpower Test 1d100 ⇒ 40 vs 43

Psychic Phenomenon 1d100 ⇒ 62
Banshee Howl Tough Test 1d100 ⇒ 46 vs 43

Hellios is Deafened.

Everyone needs to make Toughness checks or be deafened this is 1KM radius.

Deaf 1d10 ⇒ 5 Rounds

Opposed Willpower Test 1d100 ⇒ 52 vs 60

Toughness Test 35 = 35

re-roll opposed wp test 1d100 ⇒ 64 vs 43

re-roll Opposed Willpower Test 1d100 ⇒ 8 vs 60

Hellios grits his teeth as blood flows from his ears.

Now see what happens when you don't play nice?... "

Nihil chuckles in amusement, knowing the acolyte wouldn't be able to hear him as he twisted his finger in his ear to make the dull ringing go away.

Friggin post got eaten...

This takes place prior to the events listed above with Helios.

Auraxis laughs at Nihil's response, "You pray I do not get you all killed? I am surprised a man as smart as you is so naive. We are Acolytes of the Inquisition of the Imperium of Man. Have you ever heard of an Inquisitor or Acolyte who is retired? It is OUR JOB TO DIE in the service of the God Emperor. The lives of a few dozen even a few thousand are a small price to pay to ensure that the Imperium continues for another 41,000 years Lord Dragorus. If your hope is to extend your life I suggest you find another line of work, assuming I get us out of this mission alive of course. If we are done here I have things to accomplish before we meet with the planetary defense force. I fear Mindblade that if all of us go, the General will detain us and derail the investigation. Should that be the case it will be up to you and Her to continue. I sense that this is a pivotal moment and a mission this sector can ill afford to have us fail".

It is pretty obvious that Auraxis is becoming a hard core Zealot. Oh yes we will die in service to the God Emperor and we will like it! Capra, I was under the impression that Nihil already did the research planet side on Haarlock and came up with nothing , let me know if I am mistaken.

Auraxis heads to the Astropath to see if the Inquisitor has sent a response to his questions from the day before.

Toughness check 1d100 ⇒ 6 vs 35

Nihil only did research in that one nobels house I believe for the inventory of items. No one looked at the Arbites paper works or anything yet.

Alright, that is something we should get done, can I do it or is it something better suited for Nihil despite him having his hands full?

Toughness check 1d100 ⇒ 87 vs 40
sound drowns out from illidans ears as the surge of warp energy ripples through the hq

g emp:
am i able to sense the disturbance in the warp or do i take the windows being blown out and being deaf as sudden side effects?

Auraixs, you can do it yourself your familiar with Arbite documentations and stuff like that.

All you psykers know this was a warp attack that just happened.

illidan readys his auto gun and rushes down the hall to where nihil is gun trainned on the shackled prisoner ... looking to nihil" are you ok in here, nod if you are" he screams cause he can't hear anything

Mindblade moves swiftly, drawing his own force sword.

"Someone's being naughty."

He steps around to face the prisoner. He holds his blade up to his throat.

"Cease and desist or suffer the consequences."


Auraxis heads to the Astropath to retrieve any messanges from the Inquisitor and visits the Arbite HQ to dig up dirt on Haarlock's holding shere on the planet. Especially looking for any references to the collection of items that are being stolen. Also, I thought we had done some research on family trees but I want to check again and see if any of these Noble families have any distant connections to the Rogue Trader or his relatives. Let me kow what checks I need to make.

If at all possible I would like to use Inquisition secutiry passes and my multi-key to get into the HQ without checking in.

Sorry, I wanted to go through the files earlier but I didn't think we had time to when we were there.

Nihil turned to Illidan,seeing the blood oozing from his ears, and nodded calmly.

Turning back to Mindblade,the only other person who isn't bloody deaf, he shrugs.

"I'm fine. He attempted to force his psychic will on me but it was easy enough to suppress. But now we face the issue of a prisoner with psychic powers and I don't think we have a psy dampener... Do you suggest a course of action?"


It takes you some time to get to the Astropath and your trip is fruitless. There are no messages from your Lord Inquisitor and they can't confirm if your original message made it to it's destination. There seems to be some interference in the warp this past day.

When you get to Haarlocks Folly your key still works which is a good sign. They haven't blacklisted your team, yet! As you go in you hear some of the Arbites talking about a situation in the area where you last saw your team. something about a sonic boom and damaged buildings.

You look through the files that were provided to you when you first came here.

Please make an Intelligence roll at +30 since your an Arbite.

Hellios stares at the 3 of you blood trickling from his ear obviously not able to hear what your saying but a slight smile crosses his face. Is he reading your thoughts your unsure.

I ignore the goings on of the sonic boom, not much help I can give them now. Intelligence 1d100 ⇒ 47


You notice some discrepancies in the reports. Some forensic files are incomplete. Some records reflect delays in answering alerts from the murder victim’s homes, evidence misplaced, and so on.

Based on your conversations with the witnesses at the murder scenes tings do not add up. In fact you figure that if Constantine didn't contact the Holy Ordos these reports probably would never have been reported.

Can I determine who was assigned to the case that was allowing these things to slip through the cracks? Ie. is there an Arbite who did this or perhaps a politician/nobleman who was muddying up the waters?

illidan looks at the prisoner in disgust
"I don't like the way that he is looking at us, i say we just knock him out or kill him if he is not going to cooperate"

illidan hinks for a moment are there any drugs that we can obtain that would extract the intel from this guy?

"He still thinks he's getting out of here alive. I think he may have backup. I say we gut him like an Ork and see who shows up to rescue him."


There are different names on them nothing consistent but these documents are only handled by Arbiters.

Hellion smirks at Mindblades comment with the blade against his throat.

"Your all going to die on this planet, it does not matter what you do with me."

Can I do some research on Haarlock now as per my comment above?

illidan rolls his eyes at the dumb remarks made by hellion
"here we go with the crazy again." illidans rage sets in

"We hear that same stupid line once a week" illidan imitates hellion with an over dramatic stupid expression on his face "you all going to die on this planet huhh!! Spare me. Just tell us what we want to know my friend and i promise you won't see it coming. You will slip quietly into the next life peacefully where you can catch up with your buddies and tell them how they got terminated by a superior squad"

Nihil chuckles in amusement, patting Illidan on the back.

"Nice one."


This whole city was built because of Haarlock. His family had major influence here and since his disappearance it started falling appart. There are no direct descendants of their bloodline alive only distant relatives like the ones you met on the other planet. There may be some three time removed cousins or something still around on the planet but nothing close in blood.

Hellios glares at Illidan.

"You first then?"

Initiative Please want to see if he can react before you guys.

Hellios Init 1d10 + 3 ⇒ (7) + 3 = 10

Int 1d10 + 3 ⇒ (7) + 3 = 10

Init. 1d10 + 5 ⇒ (6) + 5 = 11

Int. 1d10 + 3 ⇒ (4) + 3 = 7

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