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Dark Heresy - Haarlock's Legacy (Inactive)

Game Master Nethru

Online to PbP game in session.

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Did I find what I was looking for?

illidan crawls over to nihil. To assist with healing.
"my body is thrashed but i can still lend a hand if needed"

i would like to make an inquiry to those around me see if i can find more info about those that weere shooting
Inquiy 1d100 ⇒ 95 vs 26 (-5 if they are not void born)

Seeing how badly damaged Illidan is, Nihil nods slowly and accepts the help. After they've done all they can, Nihil will try and fix up the Psycher.

Yes you found the Judicary and it appears they were executed without a fight most likely before all the mayhem broke out.

Make medicae roll to try to fix up Illidan.

I was looking for any items on the bodies of the meat puppets though I suppose finding the Judiciary is fine as well.

Medicae Test 1d100 ⇒ 80 vs 52 + 20 for servo skull.

Nothing that looks like what you believe to be these strange artifacts on the Judiciary or any of his people.

The nobles are scattering like flies as the building is burning and the enforcers and arbites are trying to regain order. Marshal Skarman runs over to where Illidan is resting and Nihil is trying to bandage up his wounds.

"ARE YOU SERIOUS!" he begins to yell. "THIS IS WHAT IS SENT HERE? BAFOONS! You burn down the court and kill countless nobles in the process trying to kill 3 men? The Inquisition is severely lacking in training!"

He is extremely outraged at what has transpired here and storms off after yelling at you.

Huntarr scoops up the body of the Judiciary and carries it out of the burning building in an attempt to preserve any evidence. He lays it gently at the feet of the highest ranking Arbite that he can find.

"This man was killed at extremely close range. He knew his killer. Based on the lack of resistance, I would say he considered them a friend, or at least, not a threat."

Following Marshal Skarman's sudden outburst and departure, Nihil turned his attention back to Illidan and glared viciously at the pyscher but, said nothing as he continued to fix his wounds. His eyes said everything for him.

Auraxis searches where the zombie bodies are and there is nothing to find. Their bodies were blown to bits by the firebomb explosions they were carrying and nothing of import can be found on where their bodies pieces lay.

illidan laughs at the poor attempt of the enforcers to reprimand him
"Hey! Nihil" illidan groans holding his arms away from his body trying not to touch anything "you think i overdid it in there a little ? " illidan turns in the direction of the enforcer " where was he at when people were being shot at by these bodies" illidan spit on the ground and cries in pain

Auraxis exits the building after Huntarr. Looking at the body he is carrying in his arms he inspects the exit wound in the front of the man's head.

"Looks like it is time to strat questioning everyone".

Auraxis begins his investigation while the building fire rages and the Medicae team tries to save those who are dying. Auraxis begins to question the severly wounded first just in case they die, he does not want to lose information they have that may be vital to the investigation. As Auraxis was not present for the Marshall's rant he has nothing to say about it.

I will make several Inquiry rolls, I am looking for information on (1) if anyone saw men with the Judiciary while he and his men were still alive, (2) who saw the meat puppets enter the hall and what their demeanor was, (3) question the guards who let them in to determine what credentials they flashed and what they said to gain entry, (4) question teh Nobles in the room when the meat puppets began attacking to ascertain what they said and did - especially if they attempted to collect any items from anyone.

Inquiry 1d100 ⇒ 40
Inquiry 1d100 ⇒ 35
Inquiry 1d100 ⇒ 35
Inquiry 1d100 ⇒ 37

Once the Inquiries are complete, Auraxis will pull Ilidan aside and ask him to stop playing with fire for a little while, especially when the room is not full of perps.

Not even able to fake a smile, Nihil pressed harder on Illidan's wounds as he bandaged him, bringing him more pain yet ensuring he did not damage the psycher further, which was perhaps more than the bastard deserved.

"When there are a great deal of lives at stake, particularly those who way be vital to our mission, please do not pull the trigger so recklessly... You did more damage than you helped..."

By time Auraxis gets back outside most of the nobles are gone. There are mostly arbites and enforcers outside but what you are able to gather from the people left is this.

The 3 men got inside pretending to be your group. They had valid credentials with 3 of your names on them and you were on the list to this meeting so they were allowed in. According to the outside guards they were there for the meeting. No one is sure who the Judiciary was talking to or even knew he was dead until he was brought out by Huntarr.

As your wrapping things up Enforcer General Khan approaches your group and shakes his head.

"I knew your lot was bad news here when we first met in the alley. I would like a meeting with you all in private in 4 hours at the headquarters of Mandato."

He provides you the locations and leaves with his men.

Illidan wince at he pain bought on by Nihil groaning through gritted teeth
"Arrgh!!!, and here i thought we would never get along.

thinking .oO( my mission is now clear i am to piss off that enforcer every chance i get )

illidan laughs to keep from crying through the pain

Huntarr simply waited for Lord Aurillious to ask the obvious question. While he waited, he looked for any sign that the Masterminds behind this attack were in the crowd, observing their handiwork.

Awareness 1d100 ⇒ 34

Just so we are clear there are 2 main military/law forces on the planet. The PDF (Planetary Defense Force) led by Enforcer General Khan who just asked to meet with you guys in 4 hours and 2 of you met in the alley after examining the first death and there is Marshal Skarmen who is the big boss of the Arbites on the planet that your supposed to be helping and is VERY upset right now.

There doesn't appear to be any clear "masterminds" around anyone can be.

G. Emp. is there a pict recorder system which records what took place in the building that we can get our hands on? If not is there some sort of records where the Judiciaries meetings would be recorded? Perhaps that would allow us to discover who he was meeting with especially if it was a person who knew him which is what it looks like.

"Clearly, there is a breach somewhere in the local government if these men were using our names and identification to enter the building. I guess we need to figure out where the breach is".

In the meantime I will turn to the rest of the Acolytes, "Besides questioning the Nobles who left give me your thoughts on our next angle".

One of the Arbites indicates there is surveillance equipment and when you inspect the data it seems as soon as those 3 zombie goons came here they started acting weird and everything was fuzzy. Same for all of Illidans gear if you were attempting to record.

No footage from the area where the Judiciary was located?

From what you can tell he was mingling with other nobles and when those importers came that's when the cameras went haywire. Not sure what happened after that.

"My first thought is that we should find a quiet place to talk about this, instead of speaking so openly, surrounded by hundreds of arbites, enforcers, and nobles... Just my thought, of course."

Auraxis nods to Nihil, "Good point, once you are done here let's find a quiet place to discuss".

Huntarr sighs and turns to the guards.

"What names did the three intruders use? Exactly?"

"Illidan, Huntarr and Auraxis. They informed us Master Nihil was off investigating something else with some other noble families."

anyway for me to track where the source of warp dabbling came about. Psy test ?

Based upon the Arbites comment us there any way to tell if any Noble families did not show up to this meeting?

Everyone was accounted for that was supposed to show up. Illidan you can make a psynscience roll.

Psy test 1d100 ⇒ 82 vs 40

Huntarr bemusedly followed them to wherever they wanted to talk, but his mind was already focused on where he was going to sleep that night, since this debacle had quite obviously burned a bridge.

If no one else has anything else to say i'm going to assume your all going to meet with Enforcer General Khan in 4 hours.

Between now and the time to meet with the Enforcer General Sinophia goes into a slight case of chaos. The enforcers begin cracking down on the undertow really hard but they don't go down without fights. You see fires blazing in the distances and hear feint sounds of explosions. Little skirmishes erupt all over the city between the nobles and undertow.

Actually I wanted to meet in private with the group before we see the General. Will repost my questions to the group later.

" i don't trust the enforcer or his men. Especially the one that we shadowed that night."

G. Emp. the group moves to a secure location to have this discussion.

Auraxis turns to the group. "We seem to be one step nehind our foes here on the planet. I reached out to our Inquisitor to etermine if he had learned anything more about the items that have peaked our enemies interest and also to know if he was aware of another group of Acolytes working here on the planet. We should check in with the Astropath before meeting with the General".

Auraxis takes a breath, "We don't know much more than we did last night though we can be sure our foe has better intek than we do as he or they know who we are and took advantage of that knowledge. Ilidan, you will need to stow that weapon the next time we are in a crowded hall. No doubt the Nobles will be less forthcoming for the rest of our time here after you killed a number of them. While I appreciate your enthusiasm your approach leaves a lot to be desired. I agree that the General probably can't be trusted bt imagine what he thinks of us now?"

"I was hoping to speak to the Nobles and see if they had any more objects related to Haarlock but who knows if we will get any cooperation now. Going to the Undertow will be rough too now as the Nobles have taken the fight to them and we could be caught in the cross-fire. It's time to start thinking outside the box here. Any ideas about how we can track these men down?"

Huntarr looked between the others, and then back to Lord Aurillious.

"Sorry, Your Lordship. That's above my pay grade. You wanted to be in charge. You got it. What are your orders? If you haven't got any, I would humbly suggest we consult the intelligence sources that haven't already been compromised by idiocy. Maybe you'll get lucky and can salvage something from this debacle."

"What's wrong assassin did I hurt hour feelings? Glad to see that we still have a woman on the team I wad considering replacing Her but you seem to be standing in for Her just fine. Thanks for the suggestion sweetheart. Anyone else want to contribute to the effort or are you all having your time of the month too?"

"I would have to care what you think in order for you to hurt my feelings. Sorry, but I don't. You may be a big-shot arbite judge mucky-muck wherever you're from, but you haven't done jack about husbanding your resources. So here we are. It speaks for itself, I think. You don't have enough information to figure out how to draw your target to you. You don't have enough information to lead you to your target. What's missing in both instances, Chief?"

As your arguing back and forth and licking your wounds you notice 4 people walking toward you. 3 men (at least look like men) and 1 female.

Cell 17

They all have their weapons drawn as they approach as shown in the picture above and you see the obvious signs of Inquisitorial Agents on their equipment. One of them is wielding a force sword obviously a psyker the other 3 are holding bolt pistols, bolt guns and bolt carbines.

The lead man holding the bolt gun speaks first.

"I hope we are not interrupting anything here. Please do not draw your weapons or this may get ugly really fast."

Huntarr turns and is struck silent by the absurdity of the entire situation.

"You are interrupting something actually so I will get to you in a second".

Auraxis turns back to Huntarr, "Work with me here assassin, after this we can go our separate ways or we can art which one of us the Holy Throne favors if that is the way you want it".

Auraxis turns back to the group, " I presume you are the other Inquisitorial team operating here?" Auraxis rests his hand on his bolt pistol but does not draw it yet.

Nihil says nothing as he watches the idiocy unfold, smiling quietly to himself and gently rubbing his cherub's head as it was perched on his shoulder. He peered over to the new Inquisitorial Agents, almost as amused by their get up as he is with the conversation from before.

"Very subtle..."

"You didn't answer the question. Duly noted."

Auraxis turns back to Huntarr, "So its all about you then is that if assassin? You think you know more than I do about leading an investigation? That is fine, I give you leave to do whatever the help it is you want to do. You don't need me and I don't need you. Do your own thing".

Auraxis glares at the other group of acolytes, "Get on with it already, we have little time to waste".

The members of Cell 17 remain emotionless as they watch the argument unfold. The lead man holding the bolt pistol speaks again.

"That was quite a show your team put on back there. We thought it would be a good time to interject and you can inform us of your progress here with the investigation."

The lady with the bolt gun eyes everyone cautiously with her gun at the ready at all times.

G Emp what is the name of our Inquisitor again?

Auraxis stares her down,
"On whose authority are you here? Unless you can prove who you are I don't think I will be answering any of your questions. Besides, that why don't you tell us what you learned first? That would be a gesture of good faith I think considering your approach. I am Confessor Auraxis Aurilious, who am I speaking to?"

Huntarr shook his head slowly, now convinced more than ever that His Lordship is an idiot. These people were exactly what he was talking about. They had information this 'group' lacked. There was no time for posturing and possibly missing yet another chance to get the information they needed without their own unearned arrogance getting in the way.

"You got it, Lordship."

He turned to the new arrivals.

"Good luck to you. If you want to parley with a professional, you can find me. Otherwise, I'll leave you to this.... Acolyte."

Huntarr slowly draws a grapnel so that everyone sees that it is not a weapon and fires it to a nearby rooftop, letting the winch pull him up and away.

As Huntarr slowly raises to the sky the Acolyte with the Boltgun takes aim with such quickness lifting the heavy gun and shoots a two round burst at the assassin.

Attack Semi-Auto 1d100 ⇒ 19 vs 58 (both rounds hit)
Damage Bullet 1 1d10 + 5 ⇒ (10) + 5 = 15 Tearing 1d10 + 5 ⇒ (7) + 5 = 12
Damage Bullet 2 1d10 + 5 ⇒ (10) + 5 = 15 Tearing 1d10 + 5 ⇒ (1) + 5 = 6

Righteous Fury Round 1 1d100 ⇒ 20
Righteous Fury Round 2 1d100 ⇒ 27

Damage Bullet 1 1d10 ⇒ 1
Damage Bullet 2 1d10 ⇒ 2

Total Damage Bullet 1 = 16
Total Damage Bullet 1 = 17

Huntarr due to how you are going up it will be impossible for you to dodge these shots.

The high explosive rounds punch into Huntarr's body causing his body to explode bits and pieces flying everywhere. As the last part of his body hits the ground the Acolyte with the Bolt Pistol still pointing at your team tilts his head.

"I did not say anyone could leave yet we didn't finish our conversation. As to your question Confessor Auraxis I believe I asked first."

He shows a slight smirk on his face. Just as he does you hear the sound of power blades activating and a split second later they can be seen protruding from the Psyker holding the force swords chest. The blades twist to the side and rip him wide open as he falls to the ground dead in an instant from the wound and you see the familiar face of "Her" with her augmented face and slight evil grin of her face as she prepares to attack the next target with her blades!

Please roll initiative!

Wait I am a bit confused, is Her with them or attacking them from behind? Can't I use my Grace to give Huntarr a dodge check? Also can't Huntarr use a fate Point to avoid some of that damage?

Auraxis Initiative 1d10 + 3 ⇒ (1) + 3 = 4

Auraxis glares at the Acolyte with the Bolt Gun, "Huntarr may have been an ass but he was our ass!"

Her just showed up behind them using her stealth and just killed the Psyker holding the force sword. Marr sent her to watch your guys backs and she is doing it now. No Huntarr can't dodge this as he's mid air going up no way to really dodge. He's already OK with the death and working on new char.

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