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Dark Heresy - Haarlock's Legacy (Inactive)

Game Master Nethru

Online to PbP game in session.

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Team A:

"Do you know what Priator gave to Bal Grey to end their growing feud?"

Huntarr holds his ground, awaiting an answer before leaving.

Illidan stands in the doorway waiting for huntarr to finish his inquiry.
Illidan backpack is holding his weaponry items are arrange in specific order in pockets for easier access.
Illidan get a sense of unease and does a Psyscience test 1d100 ⇒ 4 vs 40
Looking for Psyscience presence or warp disturbances. Illidan eyes reflect that he is ready for war.


You would of if you didn't buy the guns/ammo and armor and jazz. After next downtime i'm sure you will have enough again.

Auraxis & Nihil:

The man stops as he sees you put your hand on your gun.

"Please please don't shoot me! It was old Sokken they came for! I used to see him sometimes down by the wharf, shouting that he was 'returning from the dark cold' and 'the sun will burn black' and such nonsense. He was mad you see, mad or that's what I always thought. Not so sure now, no no..."

"THere was three of them; they just piled into the Worm, one from each side, just killing people! Snapping and mangling them in their bare hands, tearing them to bits! But it was old Sokken they were after, his name they called in those awful dry voices, but he wouldn't give it to them, no he wouldn't. No, he wouldn't give that wrapped-up thing of his willingly, even when they crushed his hands bloody for him to let go!"

"I ducked under the table, saw it all, cralwed off before they could catch me and hid, been hiding since. You'll help me won't you? They weren't natural, not at all, I saw one of their faces, there was a hole in his head you see, gunshot, not then but before. You understand they were all dead, they were already dead!"

Huntarr & Illidan:

Hersul grins wide showing filed down teeth into sharp pointed pincers.

"I do not know but I'll tell you this about Praitor. He was a petty warp dabbler and would-be daemon bait, not much use at it though. I'd have gutted him for it if he had been. But he collected all sorts of odds and ends, most of it junk. The fool was no trust sorcerer, but I wouldn't have put him past running afoul of the real thing sooner or later. Now leave."

G. Emp. and Dredd:
"When did this happen? What did this Sokken have wrapped up that these things took. Describe them as best you can remember".

Auraxis turns to Nihil, "We need to find the rest of these items to bring the foe to us".

G. Emp:
Dammit. OK.

Auraxis & Nihil:

"I don't know what it was but it was shinny!"

He kind of just shakes whiles he's standing there always looking around as if someone is hunting him.

G. Emp. and Dredd:
Auraxis turns to the Arbite, "Any idea where the place this man is describing is located?"

Auraix & Nihil:

The man perks up.

"I can show you if you keep me safe!"

Team A:

Huntarr nods and smiles at the Rag Queen in return. He turns and exits the way that he came in, getting well away from that room before turning to Illidan as they walked.

"We'll need to let Lord Auraxis know that we aren't the only players in the game. I'll leave that to you."

G. Emp. and Dredd:
Auraxis draws his bolter, "The God Emperor will keep you safe. It is his will that guides my hand".

IllIdan huntar auraxIs nIhIl... Not the G.emp:

Illidan sends images of the rag queen and a data slate message to huntarr auraxis and nihil. The Rag queen was a bust no useful info there. Yet we are not the only ones in the hunt for these items and murderers.

Illidan checks the data slate for next location to hit.

Not now.

G. Emp & Auraxis:
Nihil turned back to the arbite, drawing his own Hecutor autopistol and checking to make sure he had a fresh clip.
Necrotic Sorcery, as I feared... Arbite, do you have a spare shotgun? Aimed shots won't bring them down. We need to obliterate their bodies until they are nothing more than scarps.

Carry on your end of the investigation as you and Huntarr see fit. It would seem that we have both determined that the source of disturbance is due to our foes searhing for things.

G. Emp. & Dredd:
Auraxis quickly types a message on his data slate. He turns to the Arbite after Nihil makes his comment. "Worry not servant of the Emperor, I have a spare shotgun if you need it. We must hurry! Lead us to where we need to go citizen!" Auraxis exclaims to the survivor.

As we run Auraxis turns to Nihil, "Are we dealing with Cultists or do you believe that we will faces Daemonic forces directly? Based on what we saw in our first encounter together a combination of both would not surprise me".

Auraxis & Dredd:
I have doubts that we will face any sort of daemonic presence unless the enemy becomes desperate. Necrotic sorcery is a very basic form of warp craft but these fleshweavers obviously have mastered their craft, with the level of control they have over the corpses and the amount of power they are able to flow into decaying tissue.

Illidan & Huntarr:

[ooc]So now you guys know Priator was also murdered and there is another "cell" out here looking into the same things. What do you want to do?

Auraxis & Nihil:

The man leads you two and the Arbite to the scene of the crime. It's a run down area of the hive and there you see a rotting body of the man once known as Sokken.

"There see! Sokken is dead!"

The Arbite looks to see if he recognizes the man and nods.

"I have seen this man around before. He was a mad man always yelling crazy things. We payed him no mind as there are always a few crazies running around"

G emp:

Are there any crime scenes left that need invesitgation. - Callisto: (Rag King; believed to be an assassination)
- Legate Sen-Ar Dole: (Off-world trader & money lender; entire household slaughtered)
I believe those two are available if they are I would like to visit one of these scenes the Legate Sen-Ar Dole.

G. Emp. & Dredd:
Auraxis will search the area while Nihil inspects the body.
"Is there anyone close to this man that we cam speak to or is he a lone madman?"
Search 1d100 ⇒ 71

going to inspect the body

Team A:

"Well, you heard His Lordship. I personally think we should find this other group of Acolytes and exchange notes. They might already be closer to the culprits if they've been following similar clues. Besides, the last thing we want to do is step on each other's toes."


Team Dread already investigated Legate he was part of the noble crews. Callisto last area of "known" victims no one checked yet.

Auraxis & Nihil:

As Nihil inspects the body you notice that several body parts appear to be crushed by some something extremely strong. This man went through a LOT of pain before he died. There are a few profane markings on him.

Auraxis is informed this man had no one close to him. He was a loner. A lot different than all the other victims. Nothing else can be found in the area of importance.

Several hours have passed now since the initial investigations have started and it's getting late when you all receive a message from the Arbites headquarters.

Message reads as follows:

"Your presence is requested to meet with the Quorum privately to update on the findings of this case. The meeting will take place at the CLockwork Court the following morning."

The request is coming directly from Margrave Cal Sur'Maywroth.

G. Emp. and Dredd:
Auraxis bends down to Nihil, "I wonder how this loner got a hold of an object that our foes are looking for? Hopefully a search of the Legate's inventory will turn something up. We need to get ahead of this or we will constantly be chasing. We should discuss the best way to deal with these necrotic foes with Illidan and Huntarr".

If there is nothing more here I would like to take our informant with us and head back to the Legate's manse so that Nihil can gain acces to his files.

Illidan huntarr G. EMP:

"I think it may be in our best interest to return to base, report in, get some rest and plan a better strategy to locate this other cell"

Team A:

"Okay, fine. But I think we should check out the last crime scene on our list if we're calling it a night afterwards."

Huntarr will call for a pick-up as soon as they are out of the jamming area.

Huntarr & Illidan:

After some time the Arbite picks you up and you head to the first crime scene which was the death of Callisto a Rag King. His death was probably the messiest of the bunch. At his place you see a few scummy looking people outside and they give the three of you the bad guy eye.

Auraxis & Nihil:

You two head back to Legates estate and try to find out if anything is out of order with his inventory.

Nihil please make a Common Lore Imperium roll at +20 as you go through the documentation.

Illidan Huntarr:

Illidan steps off the transport stretching himself a bit after the ride, activating his pict recorder.

"Shall we go an make new friends?"
Noticing the hard looks he is receiving from the 3 bums and grins

Team A:

"Why not?"

Huntarr walks over to the nearest of the three hardmen.

"We're trying to find out why Callisto was killed. Did you or your friends see anything?"

Common Lore Imperium 1d100 ⇒ 34 vs 72

Nihil & Auraxis:

Being good at what Nihil does (master adept and all) he digs through the paperwork like a mad man and you find out that one item appears to be missing from inventory. A Diadem of House Kettlin as it's labeled.

Huntarr & Illidan:

Please make an appropriate roll to try to get information from these goons. Inquiry, Underground, Intimidation, etc...

Team A:

1d100 ⇒ 19 Underworld vs 27

Illidan will fall back and not engage the targets. Huntarr has a subtle way of handling this type of sum where as Illidan's tactic will foil the whole operation. IllIdan wIll have a look around

G. Emp. & Dredd:
Auraxis turns to Nihil, "Let's head to House Kettlin".

Not waiting for Nihil's response Auraxis turns to the Arbite, "Bring this man into custody, he is a witness to a murder and I would like to keep an eye on him for now".

Nihil & Auraxis:

The arbite looks at Auraxis in confusion.

"Sir, the meeting is not until the morning. Perhaps we should head back to Haarlocks Folly and process this man and rest for the evening for the meeting tomorrow."

Huntarr & Illidan:

One of the thugs steps forward and looks Huntarr over.

"We don't like dealing with Arbites. Why you coming down here with them trying to interrupt our peace. We ain't done nothing wrong here."

The man kind of gives you a signal you recognize as he's talking to you to come back in a few mins without the Arbite.

G. Emp. & Dredd:
Auraxis looks at the Arbite disapprovingly, "Rest? Rest? Do you think the enemies of Mankind are resting right now? NO! They are plotting and acting to bring about our downfall. I will rest when the God Emperor, may he live forever, deems fit to sacrifice my soul for the greater good. Now process this man and when Dredd and I are done we will surely see you at Haarlock's Folly".

Assuming he has been properly chastened Auraxis asks him for directions to House Kettlin before he leaves.

Auraxis & Nihil:

The Arbite looks a bit confused at Auaxis outburst.

"But sir, they will not be expecting you till morning and the rulers of the planet aren't exactly the nicest of people when it comes to people bursting into their places uninvited."

Illidan ~ Huntarr:

Illidan grabs the lackey arbite and drags him back to the transport. "if you wouldn't mind waiting for us, a safe distance we can see about obtaining some new information. that will bring us one step closer to completing our mission objective."Illidan speak to the Arbite in a hush manner
Illidan walks the beat, strolling around the estate of the Rag king seeing if there are multi entry and exit points staying within close range of huntarr incase his new friends get too friendly

Team A:

Huntarr fades from view around a corner, and waits five minutes before trying again.

"Now that we have some privacy, what can you tell me?"

Auraxis & Nihil:

Disregard my earlier post I confused myself!

The Arbite takes you both to House Kettlin. It's a nice hab location and the streets are dead. It is fairly late now.

Huntarr & Illidan:

The thug speaks softly.

"I think the Nobles had him knocked off! Some of them money grubbers knew he has some nice things and wanted it for themself. I'm glad some of them got knocked off in the process. The Rag-Kings doin alright if you ask me!"

G. Emp. and Dredd:
Once teh Arbite leads us ere I request that he take the prisoner to processing. I don;t want his appearance upsetting the nobility.

Once the Arbite and the witness are out of sight we can proceed. I will knock on the door wand await a response. Turning to Nihil, "Based upon the items that he been taken by our foe thus far is there any kind of connection between them you can think of? Maybe once we are doen here we will have something more for you to research, the origin of these items and their purpose I hope".

Assuming I have the time I will send a message to Illidan.

We are following up on one more lead at House Kittlin. We will meet you back at our base of operations once we are done here to compare notes.


"Roger that, huntarr is extracting Intel from the native scum here at The location of the murdered rag king. Once we are done we will return to base."


Is this location a building, resident home, please explain the location

Team A:

"What kind of nice things would that be? Did the killers take something?"


Illidan radios huntarr on the micro bead
"see if you can get any info about the second cell investigating the murders"

"You're guess is as good as mine... We know nothing about these items save for what they are. From a simple glance, all we know is they are common items."

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