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Dark Heresy - Haarlock's Legacy (Inactive)

Game Master Nethru

Online to PbP game in session.

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alpha squad:

Awareness 1d100 ⇒ 37 vs 40

Team A:

Neither of you notice what is about to happen. As your inspecting the bodies and sending your messages four men come out of hiding heavily armed with their guns pointed at the two of you and one speaks.

"Put your weapons down and you won't get hurt."

They are wearing dreg type clothing nothing fancy probably from around this area.

Illidan huntarr:

Illidan places his hands in the air free action and speaks I presume they are at a distance away.
"as you see our weapons are not drawn, and we are not seeking a fight. We stumbled on this location by chance and seen these foul twisted bodies we are in search of information once we obtain it we will be on our way."

Team A:

Huntarr straightens up, leaving his hands away from his weapons (as if that mattered) and looks at the weapons the men are covering him with.

Team A:

Looks like Stub Automatics and Revolvers but may have other weapons on them as well.

The man yells again.

"Do not make any sudden movements or else we will be forced to take you down. Keep your hands up. Your coming with us."

Illidan huntarr:

Illidan keeps his hands up in the air looking trying to gauge taking them out or following along[/]

"we will come along you may know the answers we seek. I repeat once again we are not looking for a fight cause if we did then ... " [I] With lightning reflexes Illidan grabs his auto cannon whips it out aims down sight and places it back on his shoulder placing his hands back in the air before the rebels knew what would come to them

"I have been trained for war. I do not fear nor cower. I am on a mission and as you see me standing here I have been 100% successful in completing all mission s before me ajd thIs Is another easy one. and a word of cautIon Do not yell at me again or give me orders. Lead the way to where you were taking us and we will comply. "

Illidan awaits there response

Team A:

Huntarr seems slightly amused and will follow along.

Nihil & Auraxis:

The servant takes you both to the quarters where Lady Rolart was murdered. There does not seem to be anything out of the ordinary here as everything was cleaned up by now.

What do you want to do?

Illidan & Huntar:

The men move in closer and pulls your hands behind your backs binding them and the one that spoke comes in closer and you get a better look at him. He's a burly looking older man compared to the others.

"Were taking you to see Hesul."

The name rings a bell as you have heard it before. Constantine mentioned Hesul as one of the three Rag Kings.

What kind of binding is this and is there a key visible?

Plastic zip ties. If you do not wish to be bound please roll init.

IllIdan huntarr:
Illidan seeing the men encroaching steps back
"I said lead the way not move in"
Initiative 1d10 + 3 ⇒ (9) + 3 = 12


Thug1 1d10 + 3 ⇒ (3) + 3 = 6
Thug2 1d10 + 3 ⇒ (1) + 3 = 4
Thug3 1d10 + 3 ⇒ (2) + 3 = 5
Boss1 1d10 + 4 ⇒ (8) + 4 = 12

Team A:

1d10 + 8 ⇒ (2) + 8 = 10

Illidan & Huntarr:

The boss looks to Illidan as he resists the cuffs.

"We don't want to hurt you the Boss wants to meet with you and this is security procedures. I'm sure you understand."

He keeps his gun trained on Illidan while the others on both of you.

Boss1 - 12
Illidan - 12
Huntarr - 10
Thug 1 - 6
Thug 3 - 5
Thug 2 - 4

Illidan Huntarr G. emp:

"thats understandable your securIty measures and all but I dont want to end up lIke those guys over " Illidan points to the dead bodies with his fingers keeping his hands in the air. I don't enjoy being bound so if that's the only way then we are at an empass.

weapon JInx 3d10 + 5 ⇒ (5, 4, 3) + 5 = 17 vs 8
the two Guns in me and huntarr
Illidan grabs the strap of his auto gun and whips his gun around into his hands but not aiming at anyone.

"please reconsider"

Team A:

Huntarr holde his action, waiting to see how this plays out. He says nothing.

Illidan & Huntarr:

The main guy speaks again.

"We didn't kill these guys here we are watching to see if the killer returns and you goons show up. We don't want no bloodshed but we need to take you to the Rag King."

He motions for his men to back off a bit.

"Put your weapon away no need for that here there been enough death already."

IllIdan huntar GEmp.:

Illidan places his gun back on his shoulder and rubs his wrist
"Please lead the way but before I need to examine this body further it may give signs as to who the killer is and hopefully we can prevent any more death.
Illidan follows the lead of the boss of goons

if permissible by G EMP nihil huntarr auraxis:

assuming I find anything to turn these bodies
Illidan find a level to turn or rotate the bodies and takes a photo of his finding and sends to nihil and auraxIs

"Where was your mistress' body found?"

Huntarr nods his agreement that there has been enough death.

"I intended to have a chat with your boss when we were done here. Maybe you can answer a question. Was any of these men Priator?"

Huntarr continues to keep his hands away from his guns while watching the four men.

Nihil & Auraxis:

She shows you where the body was found. There is nothing there right now as everything was cleaned up.

Huntarr & Illidan:

Illidan flips the bodies over to show Nihil through the pictrecorder but there is nothing obvious other than they were mutilated.

The boss points to one of the bodies indicating that was Priator, the one that was mangled much worse than the others.

G.Emp & Dredd:
"Are you the one who initially discovered the body? Was anyone else with you?"

I assume she knows little and the clue we needed we already received. Once w leave the house, I suggest to Nihil that we investigate the next dead Noble. Perhaps that Noble also had a piece of jewelry that "Haarlock would be envious of".

Auraxis & Nihil:

"Yes, I found her... I was just going to tell her her appointments for the next day and I saw here there..."

She beings to cry again.

The next high born person that was murdered was Viscount Hiram Sur´Seculo, Grandee of a noble merchant house. His entire household was slaughtered.

Illidan Huntarr:

"We have been giving a case to investigate several strange murders and see to these events come to a close by any means. it seems that even murderous racketeering thives and villians have rights to justice."

Illidan walks up to the Thug boss
"Priator, How long ago was he slain? we need to know what recent dealings he has been up to. his connections friends enemies. Seems he caught the worst of it but his corspe tell us nothing, we need to know everything about this man that you know. or else those that have done this may return and cause more havoc."

Illidan gestures for huntarr to chime in with any questions seeing that his interrigation skills exceed his own

God.E & Auraxis:
Nodding in agreement, Nihil will make a quick search of the place just to be sure, and also keep up appearances

Search Check 1d100 ⇒ 57

After this, Nihil will thank the servant for her time and proceed to leave with Auraxis.

Team A:

Huntarr nods his thanks and turns to the head Scum.

"Alright. Take us to see your boss. I'm sure we can come up with a reasonable exchange where everyone comes out happy. But please, understand that this will be a meeting of businessmen. We are not your prisoners. We will conduct ourselves appropriately as long as you do the same. Kindly inform your boss that we would be honored to make his acquaintance. I'm sure that he has the information we seek."

IllIdan huntarr:
Illidan will grab the talisman and runes from the bodies and exit

Nihil & Auraxis:

Not much else is to be found at the Rolart estate so you head out to Viscount Hiram Sur´Seculo estate. The Arbite driving you there informs you that there is no one at the estate as everyone was murdered and leads you inside.

Before you enter the estate a pair of Nobles make their way to the three of you to inquire what's going on. They seem a little on edge with the murders and such.

Illidan & Huntarr:

The boss of the thugs informs you his name is Georg. You leave the Arbite behind knowing it's probably not good idea to bring him down to the undertow boss and they probably wouldn't allow it.

The men lead you down to southern city where you enter what appears to be an abandoned building in the hive. You don't know much about the Rag Queen Hersul (none of you asked about them). Inside they lead you through some passage ways until you finally come to a large room and as soon as you enter a bright light in put on you and the door closes behind.

On the far side you see a tall woman surrounded by 4 men, all heavily armed. She is wearing a fur type cloak and you can see some metal below her robes but unsure what it is.

She motions for you to come closer and you see there are several more men in this room watching you two intently.

Team A:

(Huntarr would have asked Georg about the Rag Queen as far as preferred terms of address as well as preferred behaviors in her court. Do we bow? Do we wait until she speaks? Do we identify ourselves in a specific way? Who, exactly, is she expecting? Anything to ensure this meeting goes smoothly. Will await your reply before posting.)

He tells you that she is very blunt and easily enraged. She doesn't care for curtsies like the nobles.

Team A:

Huntarr radioed the Arbite to tell him to return to HQ, and that they would arrange a pick-up as soon as possible.

Once in the Throne room, Huntarr glanced at the armed men, assessing weaponry and armor, before turning his attention to the Rag Queen.

"We have been charged with finding the killers of Bal Grey, Priator, and several others. While chasing the most promising lead, we met your men. They asked that we meet with you, and we have agreed."

Auraxis & Dredd:
"Just a routine follow up but since you decided to stop by tell me how well did you know the Viscount? Ever seen anyone lurking on his estate before? Did he ever speak of any enemies who may wish him harm?"

As I get them talking I want to subtly hint about whether he or his household ever discussed any unique items that the family owned.
Inquiry 1d100 ⇒ 25

Auraxis & Nihil:

The two look between each other and back to you.

"Don't believe we saw anyone suspicious. But you know those undertow are always looking to take us down and steel our goods! Viscount has a special mirror that he's show off at his parties he said was very valuable. It's a shame his entire estate was slaughtered like that."

G. Emp and Dredd:
"Yes quite unfortunate. We are working swiftly to come to a resolution to ensure the safety of everyone".

Auraxis motions the Arbites and Dredd towards the Viscount's home and proceeds inside looking for a particular mirror...

Auraxis & G. Emp:
"Blood of the Emperor... First a ring and now a mirror? I'm wondering if either of these items have any significant relevance and these fleshweavers are striking blindly...

G. Emp. and Dredd:
"I am sure they are connected. In fact I would be willing to bet the Inquisitor believes they are linked as well else he would not have sent us here. We should search though I doubt we will find that mirror. Perhaps we can ask the neighbors if they saw anyone fleeing the house afterwards, if the mirror is large enough no doubt our perp would have been seen carrying it".

Search 1d100 ⇒ 79

I want to question the neighbors to see if anyone spotted anything the night of these murders. Then I wish to move on to the next Noble house that was eviscerated by our quarry.

Inquiry 1d100 ⇒ 44

Auraxis & Nihil:

Not much else can be gathered at Viscounts estate. The Arbite next takes you to where Legate Sen-Ar Dole was murdered. He was an off world trader and money lender. Again his entire household was slaughtered.

It doesn't take long to get to where his estate was. The streets are a little more busy here with activity as it's in a nicer area of the hive.

Huntarr & Illidan:

Hersul looks you both up and down and then speaks in a raspy voice.

"Why are on this planet? What is your mission? What have you found out?"

She fires a series of questions at you two one after another before you get a chance to answer and then stops and stares at you both.

G. Emp. and Dredd:
Again question the neighbors in a similar fashion dropping hints about any "special" heirlooms the Legate may have possessed.
Inquiry 1d100 ⇒ 64

Enter the house and search as well even though it is likely the trail here has gone cold.
Search 1d100 ⇒ 73
Once done here if there are any Noble houses left I suppose we check them as well to see if our assumed link between the deceased keeps popping up.

Auraxis turns to Nihil, "Can we access records of the Imperium remotely to determine if there is any information about relics from Haarlock's time connected to this planet?"

"I can try... I highly doubt we'll be able to find record of his scattered belongings unless there was some form of auction after his disappearance but I'll look into it."

huntarr Illidan:

"Nobles, Crime bosses Innocent people have been murdered. Normally we do not Interfere but the manner In whIch they were kIlled has caught our eye. The deaths seem to have a super natural approach to them. The foul taint of the warp spews fourth from our previous corpse. That kind of heresy will not go unpunished"

Illidan whips out his data slate and projects 3d images of the previous crime scene and the deaths outsIde

"Our mission is to take investigate these murders, find out who or what is the cause and stop them at all cost"

Team A:

Huntarr cringes inwardly. He hadn't planned to lay everything out for the woman without getting equal measure in return. Now they had no bargaining chip with which to elicit her information in exchange. He hoped Illidan had a plan, and remained silent.

(What weapons/armor do her bodyguards have?)

Auraxis & Nihil:

You learn that half of the nobility in Sinophia were indebted to Legate. Some gave him items in place of thrones to keep him happy till they could provide him with real money.

Inside not much to be found.

Nihil you know Haarlock had a strong connection to this planet. It was his wealth and power that made it thrive. After his "disappearance" everything starting falling apart.

Huntarr & Illidan:

Hersul chuckles a bit as Illidan tells her everything.

"Very good very good. Since you were so candid with me I will give you a piece of information in return. Your not the only cell here looking into these matters. You may now leave I have no more use for you!"

The men are wearing all different kinds of armor from flak down and different types of SP weapons like autoguns, stubs etc...

You both realize now that your coms don't seem to be working down here. Something is jamming them.

Auraxis & Nihil:

As your both leaving Legat's building a man, who is obviously not nobility, makes his way toward you two and the arbite. He looks a bit crazed but not dangerous.

"You need to help me! PLEASE!"

G. Emp. & Dredd:
The Legate did not have any vault where he kept items on loan from other Nobles?

Auraxis turns to Nihil, "Perhaps we can access the Legate's systems to determine who had given him what and whether that item is still in his store houses. That may give us a clue as to whether he or someone else owned an item that our perp is looking for".

As the man approaches Auraxis regards him warily. Scrutiny 1d100 ⇒ 52

"What seems to be your trouble citizen?" Auraxis reaches for his bolter pistol just in case.

I thought I had enough money for a cyber-hound. I would like to revisit that issue when you have a chance to discuss.

IllIdan huntarr:
Illidan stands his ground for a moment
"That information is well aware. As I stated high officials and even ex militant leaders have been crushed with forces that are abnormal. It would be in everyone's best interest to search for those responsible to not upset the balance"commerce actIvIty". from Nobles down to the last Sum should be lookIng leavIng no stone unturned. We were under the impression you would share any useful information to stop this carnage.
Illidan pulls the micro bead from his ear "I see you have a way of blocking our communications if you have any more information that would allow for to aid in these affairs I'm sure you can contact us as well" Illidan places the bead in his ear and snaps a photo of the room and exits at the queens dismissal

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