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Dark Heresy - Haarlock's Legacy (Inactive)

Game Master Nethru

Online to PbP game in session.

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Illidan Huntarr G.EMP:

Illidan looks around to see if anyone has overheard huntarr's inquiry. Then turns his gaze back to the bartender to gauge his reaction.

I will walk up with one of the servants with Auraxis behind me and request that they take us to the lady of the house.

Nihil & Auraxis:

The servants look a bit confused unsure who you guys are.

"And why would we take you to lady Rolart's estate? Who are you?"

Huntarr & Illidan:

The barkeep just continues to stare at you blankly as you say the name of the person your looking for.

"You got thrones? Maybe you can buy that information from those men there." pointing to the table you were referring to.

G.Emp. & Illidan


Huntarr stares for a moment as if the man has just grown a third eye. For a brief second, he seems to consider giving him one. He changes his tactic.

"What are they drinking? I'd like to buy them a round. Consider it an ice breaker."

IllIdan huntarr e.emp:

Illidan fiddles with his data slate transferring his spycam pict recorder to the data slate and sends it to local arbite for processing.
requesting photo diagnostic: who are these men. Criminal report, any Background information. Frequent location spotted down to their favorite food or color. Need this informational Asap.

I am investigator Dredd of the Adeptus Arbites and this is Arbite Lemartes

Nihil says, motioning towards Auraxis, who I assume is still wearing his usual arbite uniform.

We're here to complete a follow up report on the recent attacks.

Nihil & Auraxis:

"Fine please follow me"

She leads you to the room where the noble woman was slaughtered.

Do you want to ask her any questions on the way?

Huntarr & Illidan:

He shows you a bottle of some cheap alcohol.

The barkeep looks to Illidan as he's typing on the dataslate.

"Mind putting that away down here our patrons don't like that type of stuff in here"

You notice a few of the people in the bar looking your way.

IllIdan huntarr g. Emp:
Illidan puts the slate away.
"sorry I have been working day and night with building reconstruction. If I don't finish this work by the end of the night my boss is going to have my hide, but I will need to finish my drink first. This job is a pain in the @$$ if you know what I mean.
Illidan flashes a smile as some ladies stroll by. Places a few thrones on the table for the drink. IllIdan leans over the bar and ask the barkeep " you know where I can find company as fine as those " Illidan points to the ladies that passed by "but more easier to get friendly with? Illidan points to the thrones on the table for his drink grinning from ear to ear

g.emp. & Illidan:

"Gimme a bottle, then."

Huntarr pays for a bottle and takes it over to the indicated table.

"Gentlemen. The next round is on me, if I can join you for a minute."

He holds up the bottle, meaningfully.

"Do you remember the night of the attack?"

Illidan & Huntarr:

The barkeep ignores Illidans question about the women and passes a bottle to Huntarr as he provides him the thrones.

There are 4 men and 3 ladies at the table that Huntarr approaches and one of them stands up with a hand on a gun at his side as he gets near the table.

He looks at the bottle and takes it from Huntarr taking a quick swig and putting it back down on the table.

"What do you want?"

Auraxis & Nihil:

The lady seems a bit hesitant to talk but then breaks down.

"It was horrible! We heard screams and by time we got there she was in pieces!' She begins to cry a bit and calms herself down.

"I don't understand why anyone would want to do this... There was blood everywhere..."

Auraix makes an inquiry test trying to get more info from the servant.
Inquiry 1d100 ⇒ 60

After a few moments she calms down and opens up to you a bit more.

"Poor Mam´sel Zamura… well, I doubt that she merely was victim to a robbery. After all that happened, it would be too much of a coincidence. But she might not have been singled out as a target by the murders if she had not swaggered about her possessions so much. She used t claim that she owned, and I quote her in this, “a thing that Haarlock himself was proud to look on”. Perhaps that’s why her room was ransacked after the bloody deed."

Illidan and G.E.:

"I'd like to talk to Priator. You gentlemen seem like the folks to ask. I'm betting you can direct me to him or pass along a message. You seem connected."

Huntarr stands in a way that covers the whole table if he should draw. He watches the idiot with his hand on his gun without staring at him. He wasn't interested in challenging the local scum to a duel.

g.e. & Illidan:

Huntarr refrains from killing the man to make a point, though it's tempting.

"I need to talk to Priator. In exchange for my bottle, I'm hoping you'll be kind enough to tell me where to find him. If not, I'll take my bottle and look elsewhere."

Huntarr puts his thumbs into his gunbelt, his fingers tapping a smooth rhythm as he takes on an air of nonchalance, looking pointedly at the other man's gun.

Nihil makes no apparent gesture to comfort the woman. He is.... uncomfortable with these sort of things... He continues once the woman is finished with her grief.

"And you have no clue what this possession was or who else might have know about it? Anyone stand out in your memory that your Mistress 'flaunted' her prize in front of?"

Ill hunt EMP:

Illidan sips on his drink and looks around and sees if there is any entertainment going on. Cards, women dancing

"Two more weeks and I am out of here but have to survive these two weeks cant be all stuffed In an offIce. All fun and no play makes me a dull boy"

Illidan continues to blather to the barkeep about random nothingness

Illidan & Huntarr:

The barkeep just ignores Illidan's rants knowing damn well he's an off worlder by his accent and manners.

When Huntarr mentions the name Priator the man that stood continues to stand and one of the men sitting speaks.

"Who's asking and why?"

Auraxis & Nihil:

"She always prized the ring. She would not show it off or anything but always talked about it to others. She would always stare into the ring for long periods of time."

Team A:

"The name is Huntarr. Why is for Priator's ears alone. I don't tell my boss's business to any drek that asks. Bad for the rep."

Nihil looked cautiously back at Auraxis at the maid's last statement... That was certainly not a good sign.

"Did you ever notice anyone who seemed to covet your Mistress' ring? Someone out of place?"

Nihil & Auraix:

"No, no one.

Team A:

They chuckle a bit.

"Well good luck to you then lad! No one seen or heard from Priator in weeks. Some say he's dead or gone underground. If you want to know where this underground may be it's gonna cost ya."

Team A:

"What's it gonna cost? If it's reasonable, I'll pay it. If not, I'll find out another way."

Team A:

"Throw down some thrones and we will see what memories return to me."

Team A:

Huntarr decides this man amuses him enough to continue playing this silly little game.

1d100 ⇒ 1 Knowledge Underworld - What's the going rate for a stoolie?

Does that count as a critical success?

a team:

Illidan continues to talk about the reconstruction, a building project that doesn't exist. Something so boring and drab no one cares to listen and keeps a watchful eye on huntarr making sure he is not in any conflicts.

Team A:

You know how these dogs work and using your thug instincts and throwing down a few thrones not much they give up some information to you.

The location of his most likely hideout, a nameless, disused fish-gutting plant on the Celestine Wharf. They provide you with some general information how to get there.

A Team:

Huntarr nods and backs away from the table, his eyes on the guy holding the gun. Once he is sure he won't be shot in the back, he signals Illidan before leaving the bar. Once outside, he arranges to rendezvous with their ride and gives the Arbite directions to their next stop.

"Bal Grey was a squared-away, military type. Everything in it's place. The red cloth got me thinking that he was really killed for whatever Priator gave him, especially since it was missing. Honestly, I expect to find Priator in parts just like all the other victims. That item. That's gonna be the key to solving this whole warp-spawned mess."

Illidan huntarr:

Illidan promptly stands up in mid conversation and heads for the exit wading through the patrons of the bar. Exits

"Did you get any information about the item we are looking for or where to begin searching ?"

Team A:

When you tell the Arbite about the location he has never heard of it or doesn't know where it is but follows the directions you were given. This is obviously some deep undercover location that the local arbites have no idea about.

You make it to the area that was provided without incident. The shuttered plant is a sprawling, wreckage-strewn mess, rusted and reeking of rotted fish and industrial effluent. Security is light, consisting of a few chained wire-mesh fences and crudely barricaded doors.

What do you want to do?

"Please proceed."

Team A:

Huntarr directs the Arbite to park in an alley out of sight. He gets out of the car and moves to the mouth of the alley, quietly, using all of the equipment at his disposal to observe the area, looking for people and other possible security measures. He also uses his Auger to see if there is power in the building, and where it's going.

illidan + huntarr + auraxIs + nIhIl:

Illidan snaps a photo of the plant, stamp it with the geo coordinates and transfer the knowledge learned thus far and send to Auraxis, huntarr and Nihil
"Huntarr believes that we are tracking an item through all these killings someone believes this to be of great value. We are in pursuit of those who may know of its whereabouts or seen it last. Once we get a better understanding of what we are chasing I will fill you in. Over."

IllIdan huntarr:
"please feel free If I left any crucIal detaIls out"

Dredd & G.Emp.:
"Is the ring still in the household? It is something that should be taken in for evidence". Auraxis continues forward with the servant getting antsy to get to the Lady of the House already.

Nihil and Auraxis:

The woman answers quickly to the question.

"No, when the body was found..." she wimpers a bit as the though of her mistress all dismembered "there was no ring on her or in her room."

Huntarr & Illidan:

Make search rolls if your looking for any other security measures here.

Illidan huntarr:

Search 100 = 100 vs 20
"looks clear to me"

A Team:

1d100 ⇒ 69 vs 17

Perhaps you are correct. It would seem an item that was stolen during the lady Zamura's murder was 'a ring even Haarlock would be proud to look on'

Illidan huntarr:

Illidan will will enter into the plant with cat like stealth
1d100 ⇒ 8

Nihil & Auraxis:

The servant doesn't seem to have much else to say about the situation.

Illidan & Huntarr:

You make your way past the fenced area and into the plant. Inside the main building is a maze of broken machinery and trash, gantry-ways and hoists, lit only by the weak light and rain coming in from the roof. At the centre of the building looks to have been a dwelling place and work quarters. This area, based around a now-cold drum fire, is strewn with old mattresses, drug paraphernalia, worthless trinkets, mismatched and damaged furniture, spoiled food, empty bottles, vandalised statues, and other random junk. Three twisted corpses lie around the fire drum, all having died some days ago by their level of putrefaction. Around them are broken blades and spent shell casings—but no guns. One corpse, despite its condition, was clearly singled out for worse treatment than the others, each limb having been snapped at distorted angles. Looped silver chains around this corpse’s neck are heavy with fingerbones, runic talismans, and other signs of petty warpcraft.

Illidan huntarr nihil auraxis:

Illidan records his way through the plant covering as much footage as he can with his pict recorder. Illidan then downloads the footage to data slate and sends it to auraxis nihil and huntarr

"Nihil please examine these bodies it you can figure out anything from there tortured methods, bindings, runes and talisman we may know more about what we are dealing with.
Illidan speaks to huntarr through the micro bead.
" Huntarr this place ranks of heavy $#&*, bodies everywhere no signs of the enemy. It's a little to quiet in here watch your step"

Illidan will preform a Psyscience test to see if the warp has been disturbed in this area or weakened by any petty rituals 1d100 ⇒ 33 vs 40

G.Emp Illidan:
Nihil will examine the bodies as best he can through the recorded datafeed. Can you turn the bodies over carefully? Don't use your hands.

[spoiler = Team A]

Huntarr sends picts to the Arbites to see if they can be identified.


Team A:

Please make awareness checks.

GM Only:

Stealth Roll 1d100 ⇒ 15

Team A:

1d100 ⇒ 85 vs 74

Fate point to reroll 1d100 ⇒ 63

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