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Dark Heresy - Haarlock's Legacy (Inactive)

Game Master Nethru

Online to PbP game in session.

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"What means do you have at your disposal to identify the body in the alley? I would suggest putting the highest priority to doing so. His identity may well lead us to our killers."

Illidan regains his normal composure if you want to call it normal.
" we are dealing with sorcery, usually there are agents needed for a ritual to take place or some kind of cleansing, possible dietary requirement for one to be a sacrifice or experimental subject. If there is some sort of forensic team that can examine what kind of preparation needed we can either pin point location this would need to be carried out. Or where items were purchased. We could have the arbiters here look into here if no further matters require our attention here."

Constantine looks to the group.

"If we are done here would you like to see the corpses in the morgue or require a ride someplace else in the city?"

Going to say Auraxis informed you of everything he found out from the local

Everyone info from Auraxis:

After talking to some of the local hab residents you gather the following information.

Bal Grey was a junior boss or sometimes called Rag-Baron of the Undertow. However most peopled liked him more than others, he was no rabid beast or crazy killer. He was an ex-PDF (Planetary Defense Force) Sergeant and ran his own crew and primarily was doing muscle for hire and making sure trouble stayed out of his area.

One person saw four figures in cloaks and hoods were seen in the street going up the stairs shortly before the sounds of violence and gunshots started. Afterward, the four men came out again, as calm as you please, and one staggered off round the side of the building—but the others paid him no mind and disappeared into the rain just afterward.

An old man that lived under Bal Grey's hab talks your ear off.
"Was another of them you know? A Rag-King and a bad one; a buyer and seller of meat if you catch my drift. There was bad blood between them there, but they did some deal and Bal got paid off with something flat all wrapped up in red cloth. Used to be some real tension between the two of them; a few of Bal’s lads cut up one of Priator’s, and Priator’s skinners gave one of his Bal’s best girls to the Saint—but all that was sorted out, best of friends now, everyone was talking about it."

"I think we learned all we are going to learn here. We still have several other locations to hit.

- Callisto: (Rag King; believed to be an assassination)
- Mam´sel Zamura Rolart: (beautiful noble lady; torn apart at dressing table; room ransacked) 
- Legate Sen-Ar Dole: (Off-world trader & money lender; entire household slaughtered) 
- Viscount Hiram Sur´Seculo: (Grandee of noble merchant house; household slaughtered) 
Illidan voices to auraxis "on to the next locatIon"

"It's time we saw the bodies in the morgue. Method of death may prove that these murders are indeed connected."

"we should transport his body here too. It can still reveal clues as to what was used in the sorcery incantation used to back track and find our puppeteers"

"Agreed, but the officers here can handle that. We should go now. I have a suspicion that time is not on our side."

Constantine leads you all back to the Haarlocks Folly and down to the morgue where the first 3 victims are located. You see the remains of Zamura ROlart, Senh-Ar Dole and Sur'Seculo.

There you meet Biologis-Adept Talanis and he details the violence done to the bodies and the superhuman force required to inflict it.

All the corpses were nearly rent limb from limb.

Can I determine if the damage was done by hand, as if the bodies were mutilated and pulled apart by nails and hands?

"Master Illidan, can you detect a daemonic residue on these bodies? Maybe you can use it to trace their killer. Although, I suspect he's currently laying in an alley, it won't hurt to make sure."

"Marshal Constantine, I think it's time to inform the Enforcer General that daemonic activity has been confirmed. Perhaps that will entice him to make an opening in his busy schedule?"

Psyscience test 1d100 ⇒ 97 vs 40
"I cannot detect anything abnormal about these bodies."

"Thank you for trying, Master Illidan. It was worth a try."

Caps just DMPC me and have me ask relevant questions, I will post as I am able.

The bodies appeared to be ripped apart.

Auraxis: "I think Huntarr and Illidan should go back to the Sinks and look for more clues from the local dredge there since he was the most recent victim. Try to find out what you can about this Priator as he recently did a deal with him to close up some bad blood. Nihil and I will deal with the Nobles to get whatever clues we can on those murders. Sound like a plan gentlemen?"

"Orders confirmed, will move out at once" Illidan gives Huntarr a head nod to mobilize and head towards to exIt

Sounds reasonable enough to me but, I can tell you, these people were killed the same way Bal was.

Huntarr heads out with Illidan.

"How do you want to do this? We want to talk with the Arbites and find out where the local hangouts are."

LOL, that was what I was going to say anyway Caps! Hopefully this week will settle down and I can begin posting again regularly. Sorry about that folks.

on his way out Illidan grabs an arbite that seems to do mindless task
"Mind if I take this guy here along for the ride will need someone who knows the locatIon to these scum hIdeout.." without waiting for a reply Illidan grabs the lackey and ushers him out the door

Huntarr looks at the others and merely shrugs as he follows Illidan out the door.

Illidan & Huntarr:

You head out with one of the Arbites and he drives you both back down to the Sinks.

"Where would you like to go first?" He looks a bit unease being in the sinks.

Auraxis & Nihil:

"I think we should go to meet with Rolart family since she was the first noble victim."

Illidan Huntarr Arbite:

"I am in favor of seeing the rag tag king's assassination location. But what says you huntarr do you have a preference?, what order were the killings in?

(For some reason, I don't think Auraxis and my spoiler is working)

Illidan and God Emperor


"I doubt the crime scenes will tell us very much, but the Rag King's death scene is fine. Is there any pattern to how often these murders occur? May give us an idea of how long we have to get ahead of this conspiracy."

Illidan Huntarr G.EMP:

Illidan brings up a 3d Map Image of the one he scanned.
"Mark on the map our targets hq, Huntarr and I will do some recon, we need you to watch out for who is watching us. Keep a close beat but do not let anyone detect you. If you see an ambush radio in to our micro frequency. 99.7.."

Illidan devises a strategy with huntarr
"You are better adapt with the common element here. I will let you take lead. I will provide support either in arms or persuasion. Once we have our coordinates we will extract any intel from whatever, whereever and whom ever. the "Easy way" if necessary."

Auraxis & Nihil:

not sure why the spoiler didn't work
Auraxis: "I think we should head to the first noble woman's families house first to see what kind of information we can drag up from them."

Illidan & Huntarr:

The Arbite talks to you a bit as you head down to the Sinks.

"It all started with the death of Callisto. He was a rag-king, a lord of crime. One day, he was found dead. First, no-one paid much attention to this. But then nobles started to die and now word is on the street that the nobles ordered the death of Callisto and the undertow was taking revenge."

Illidan and God Emperor


"Why would the nobles bother? Did Callisto have some sort of hold over them? Blackmail, perhaps?"

Illidan huntarr G. EMP:

"what kind of crime does this particular boss partaking? Drugs, Cardinal pleasures, smuggling? If It Is any heresey Im takIng the whole operatIon down. I wIll not stand for that Bleep Do you know who is head of his gang now? "

Illidan & Huntarr:

The arbite kind of chuckles at Illidan comments a bit.

"If it was that easy to take down crime would have been done a long time ago. Sometimes the crime is necessary to clean up itself but as to your question I believe the Marshal informed you of the 3 bosses already and I have no clue why the nobles would have bothered if it was them."

Illidan Huntarr G. Emp:

"Its not hard to take down crime. Just aim and shoot your target. Done deal. I do it all the time, but I do understand the concept of necessary evil, but Heresy is evil incarnate which nothing will be gained from. Its an abomination.
Illidan starts walking to locations of the rag tag kings final hour
Searching 1d100 ⇒ 4 vs 20 the scene when he gets there for clues about the murder, items around and further Intel

(Are there Verispex Agents assigned to the Arbites on this planet?)

"Works for me."

Huntarr: No

The crime scene is pretty clean by now as it's been a few weeks since the murder.

Illidan Huntarr G.Emp:

"That was a waste"

Illidan & God Emperor


"No harm in trying. Let's go look in on the gentleman that Bal Grey had the issue with. The witness said he was there, so maybe he'll share what he knows with the right motivation. I think Auraxis called him the Priator? Something the old man told him makes me think that we need to know what he gave Bal Grey"

Illidan & Huntarr:

The Arbite tell you that Priator's full name is Juvinal Priator and is known to be a slaver and killer but the Arbites do not know where to find him.

How do you want to try to track him down?

Illidan Huntarr g.emp:

"Let us find one of his base of operations and start inquiring seems the only stright forward way to go."
Illidan fires up the map... mark the destination... follow same plan...
Illidan marches on...


"I respect your verve, Master Illidan, but if the Arbites don't know where he is, how do you know where his base of operations are? Arbitor, take us to the watering hole with the worst reputation. Then stay out of sight while Master Illidan and I make some waves. Make sure that no Arbitors respond to any cries for help until we give the word. Feel free to let any Enforcers through, however."

Illidan & Huntarr:

The Arbite drops you both off as some hole in the wall type of establishment and leaves. Inside you see a lot of dirty hab residents getting drunk and having fun with girls. They don't pay you much mind as you come in.

Nihil & Auraxis:

The Arbites provide you an escort to the residence of Mam´sel Zamura Rolart. Her place is extremely nice being from Noble family. There are a few servants doing some choirs to keep the place tidy.

(A Psyker and an Assassin walk into a bar. How many people get out alive?)
Illidan and G.Emp.


Huntarr stands in the doorway for a moment, looking over the crowd.

(He is looking for the guys at the back table. The ones flashing thrones and that everyone avoids eye-contact with. The ones that the waitresses are extra careful around. Tell me what I need to roll.)

Huntarr & Illidan:

Make an awareness check.

(The Psyker Thinks for a moment ... everyone dies)

Illidan Huntarr E.Emp:

Illidan activates his spycam Pict Recorder prior to entering the establishment, and walks in pushing past Huntarr and makes a direct route to the bar. Dont want to give the impression that we are together.Illdan takes a position where he can keep an eye on Huntarr in case the more delicate approach to gaining intel breaks down
Awareness 1d100 ⇒ 23 vs 40

1d100 ⇒ 26 Awareness

Huntarr & Illidan:

You easily spot the kind of people your looking for in the room.

Psyker and God


Huntarr smiles, and walks over to the bar, a few stools away from Illidan.

"Barkeep. You see that table over there? Who are those men? I want to make sure I'm buying a round for the right people."

Huntarr & Illidan:

The barkeep just looks at Huntarr with a blank expression on his face.

"Depends what your looking for."

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