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Dark Heresy - Haarlock's Legacy (Inactive)

Game Master Nethru

Online to PbP game in session.

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Scrutiny on the Administrator we first met 1d100 ⇒ 82
Scrutiny on Constantine 1d100 ⇒ 55

Search in our current location 1d100 ⇒ 80

Ask Illidan if he senses any warp disturbances.

Examine the body to determine if the wounds look similar to what was described in the deaths we were previously briefed on.

If no one else has unwrap the piece of plastic that appeared to have something inside of it.

Examine the second body.

If I see Huntarr run off I will send Illidan to assist him on the ground trailing in case the suspect comes down off of the roof.

Perception 1d100 ⇒ 47

Look for identification for both bodies to figure out who they were. Pry up any loose floor boards look for soft spots in the walls where something may have been hidden especially in spots where there may be patchwork repairs. Inspect the books for notes or to determine if the covers are hiding a different text inside.

Illidan has his pict recorder captureing the mysterious person
Illidan obtains his orders and tracks his target on ground level.
"Roger that"

while giving chase Illidan pops up a 3d schematics of his current location finding the streets, pathways, alleyways to track the unknown figure.

Glimpse 3d10 + 5 ⇒ (9, 7, 9) + 5 = 30 vs 18
Fate point 2/2

Glimpse 3d10 + 5 ⇒ (1, 6, 7) + 5 = 19 vs 18
peering down the infinite realm of the warp Illidan attempts to track his target and anticipate his movements.

Dowsing 2d10 + 5 ⇒ (1, 10) + 5 = 16 vs 11
Psysciensice test 1d100 ⇒ 51 vs 70 {psychic tracking}
"Target Acquired, psychic tracking locked on" Illidan speaks into the micro bead

G Emp:

That's actually 51 vs 75 he is within 100m +5

2 dos

The specific direction of the subject and exactly how far away it is
It-shirts sustainable and I can track someone who is actively trying to evade me

Seeing Huntarr jumping out the window, Nihil blinked slightly in confusion but, paid no heed after a brief moment.

Instead he returned back to the corpse, motioning to his servo skull that floated quietly behind him.

Run a diagnostic scan. I want to the the cause of death, time of death, and a superficial autopsy.

Nihil ordered the servo skull before focusing his attention on the markings.

medicae test 1d100 ⇒ 23

spending 200 experience points to purchase medicae

Does my cyber dog have heightened sense to track things with Caps?


As you examine the bodies it reveals that the corpse died at least three days ago. The shotgun blasts that felled it were both much more recent and, curiously, post mortem. The arms and hands are covered in bloodless cuts and splintered wood.

Illidan, Huntarr:

Your able to track the man as he's running away down the building and through the alleys.
Please make Agility and Toughness checks as you all move as the same speed.


You believe everyone you have spoken to so far has been truthful with you. You don't seem to find anything else in the room or alley with the other body than what was already discovered. The Aribtrators are getting very restless and want to wrap this up and do not give chase to the man since they saw your two guys doing so.

(Huntarr did not jump out of the window. Huntarr and Illidan were outside in the alleyway.)

Agility 1d100 ⇒ 45
Toughness 1d100 ⇒ 3

Don't know what agility is for but my toughness hopefully will allow for me to hunt him down and with my psychic tracking in place.

Illidan keeps huntarr in radio contact of his movements and the direction this man/woman of mystery is moving


Agility 1d100 ⇒ 21
Toughness 1d100 ⇒ 100

Fate Point 1/3
Reroll Toughness 1d100 ⇒ 97

Would acrobatics make a difference?

Huntarr & Illidan:

Your able to catch up with the guy what do you want to do? He's still trying to run away from you.

Auraxis & Nihil:

You may questions the locals that also live in the hab with an Inquiry roll if you would like while the two goons chase down the other man.

Illidan will take out his autogun free action and tell the person to stop
"STOP!, we mean you no harm we just wish to speak with. Do not run. Place your hands where we can see them."

Illidan radios into Nihil and Auraxis "Target Acquired, would you like to question him Auraxis we can keep him here. He was a tricky one to corner. We have nothing to restrain him at least I don't but have these man shoppers that won't let him move. Illidan gives the team his coordinates and begins his questions.

"who are you?, what where you lurking about around the scene of a crime?. Do you have any information as to who is responsible for this?

ILLIDAN looks at Huntarr with a motion to jump in at any time

"So this man has been dead for nearly three days... All these wounds are recent though. These marks on the hands do not make sense. The lacerations and splinters across the hands are recent but completely bloodless, as is most of the shotgun blast...

I want to make a test to determine if there was any sort of post mortem possession. I have a bunch that it was this corpse that killed Bal but he has indeed been dead for three days. I want to check for any signs or reminents of sorcerery. Also, can i determine the original cause of death?

The man in the hat and coat puts his hands up and turns toward you with a frown on his face but says nothing.

"listen I have some friends coming thine way it may be to your advantage to answer some questions before they get here or they will get the info we need from you... the "EASY" way. I repeat we are not going to hurt you just want some answers. Will you cooperate?

He just continues to stay quite.


Most likely the real cause of death are the cuts in the arms hands and he was bled out. Make a forbidden lore daemonology roll.

Illidan speaks into the micro bead to the group.
"Huntarr you have any restraining devices for our friend here? Auraxis you coming?

Two of the Arbitrators watching the bodies hear the message and head to where Illidan and Huntarr are. When they reach the location the immediately notice who the man is or at least who he works for.

"This man will be released immediately." one of the Arbitrators says. "He is one of Enforcer General Khan's men."

Forbidden Lore Daemonology 1d100 ⇒ 94 vs 72

spend a fate point to re-roll.

Forbidden Lore Daemonology 1d100 ⇒ 18

"The Enforcer General's men commonly skulk around in the shadows without identifying themselves? Stupid. We could have killed you."

"how did you know where to find us. I only gave locations through our micro Beads. who sent for you two, the com frequency was only set for our four man team to hear? Are you watching us? We are not done questioning him by the power of the Holy Ordos we demand answers."


Definitely daemonic powers at work to reanimate this body.

After a few moment of going back and forth with the Arbitrators and the Enforcer a huge man with an group of about 20 men come marching down the Hab street all wearing Enforcer gear. The large man walks forward as they stop before you.

"Release my man Arbitrator" He seems to ignore Illidan and Huntarr.

Huntarr steps forward.

"Enforcer General Khan, I presume? My name is Huntarr. Your man is actually in our custody, and not that of the Arbites, but I'm certain we can straighten this situation out with just a moment of your time. After all, we both want the same thing...."

Enforcer General Khan stares at Huntarr.

"I know who you are and why you are here. I didn't get my rank by not knowing what's going on this planet. This man is not in anyone's custody as he had done nothing wrong. Perhaps we can talk later but now is not the time."

He motions for his man to fall in with the other enforcers.

"Sir, if you know who we are and why we're here, then you know that time is of the essence, and may well be in short supply for your world. So, how long do you think you have?"

"The protection of the people here is our responsibility here and I will not have outsiders budding in. I know the Arbitrators called you in and I could care less. We are leaving."

He heads out leading him men out of the hab.

"We are here and we will do our jobs with or without your countenance, as the Throne of Terra expects. If you will not allow us to work together, then stay out of our way. We will find the murderers of Bal Grey and the others, and if there is warp taint involved, the Inquisition will behave accordingly. Such is the Will of the God-Emperor."

illidan detectives his picture recorder burning Huntarr s appeal to the general and projects 3d images of the dead from his data slate picture recorder combo. For the General
"Keep up the good work"

Illidan makes his way back to the others still inspecting the bodies while mentioning to huntarr
"You know that was some messed up, nonsense, next time we shoot first ask questions later"

Huntarr merely shook his head.

"We're not here to make war with the Enforcers, Master Illidan. Besides, the Arbite is in charge, so I will conduct myself as such. No shooting until we have identified the target, or it has fired upon us. Then it dies."

Huntarr returns to the rooftop where the Enforcer was watching from, and took a long, hard look around with his magnoculars.

Illidan is going to scan the perimeter of the building looking to see if there are signs of a getaway or for cameras on buildings that would capture the alleyway or entrance to the building that the murder took place in.

"Ah, good to see you returned from your little foray in the streets. I trust you found the elusive Ork hiding in the gutters?"

Nihil said with a slight smirk as he stood up from the corpse he had just completed examining just when Illidan began to walk in his direction.

"We found him alright, but before we could extract any Intel there was someone by the name of General Khan who took our suspect away." Illidan shakes his head "seems offly odd how they came out of no where. How they found us? Its lIke we were beIng watched. Illidan points to the dead guy "did he tell you anything?

"These are the Arbites and Enforcers, Illidan... If they're not watching us, they're not doing their job right..."

Nihil patted the psycher on the shoulder after wiping the blood from his hands with a rag.

"He's been dead for over three days but that's our killer alright.... The body was manipulated with necrotic sorcery. Crude work but, it gets the job done if you want someone dead..."


There is no surveillance equipment in the slums.

Illidan crosses his arms with his right hand pinched on his chin. Trying to absorb Nihil's explanation. Obviously failing

"Necrotic Sorcery, of course."Trying not to look stupid
"Wait a minute, does this have anything to do with Demons?!?, I didn't sense any unusal disturbances..."

Sighing quietly in dismay, the Adept closed his eyes and ran his fingers across his eyelids to sooth the pain. He could already tell he was going to get a headache...

"Yes, sorcery draws power from the warp but, not everything has to do with daemons. And its pronounced 'Daemons' not demons. The reason why you wouldn't sense anything is because there is no psychic presence to detect. Sorcery draws from the warp while it is active but it does not linger there. Whatever power that controlled this corpse before was gone before we even arrived."

Illidan's expression is that of PAIN and RAGE!!!
"DAEMONS, DEMONS WHO GIVES A <Enter 41st Millennium Curse word here>!!! I will not suffer the lot that entertains summoning these fouls denizen of the warp."Illidans breathing has become erratic, loud through gritted teeth.

"What is out next move?!!!

"Our next move is for you to please stop yelling..."

Huntarr came down from the roof, his vigil noting nothing out of the ordinary. He sought out Arbite Constantine.

"Marshal, were there other bodies found at any of the murder scenes that seem to have been dead for longer than the crime scene would indicate?"

Illidan seems to be drowning in a sea of anger to notice Nihil last comment...
Gripping on to his psy focus, (which a string of bones, sharp teeth belonging to some beast like predator, and fragments of sharp objects) mutters some sort of prayer or ritual to subdue his resolve.

"*** pIg ^^^ ### ox #^$&$ boar @*$&^ !(#*$& snake@,$&/^ dragon
sounds like a bunch of nonsense

Did you answer all of my questions there God Emperor? Once you confirm I can post now that I am caught up on the thread and work is under control!


The bodies are similar in their ways of death from the previous ones except for the one outside.

You don't have a cyber mastif you spent most of your money on other things

The cloth in the piece of plastic is just that a piece of red cloth. Nothing else inside of it.

Do you want to ask the locals of this hab if they saw anything or about the man murdered? Make an Inquiry roll if you do.

Good thing I opened that Spoiler it was for me!

God Emperor:
I thought the Cyber Mastif was part of what I spent my money on? I have like 6,000 Thrones.
I will hold onto the red cloth just in case it becomes a clue later on. What material is it made out of?
Inquiry Roll 1d100 ⇒ 40


My bad on the spoiler! You only have like 560 thrones left from everything you bought.

After talking to some of the local hab residents you gather the following information.

Bal Grey was a junior boss or sometimes called Rag-Baron of the Undertow. However most peopled liked him more than others, he was no rabid beast or crazy killer. He was an ex-PDF (Planetary Defense Force) Sergeant and ran his own crew and primarily was doing muscle for hire and making sure trouble stayed out of his area.

One person saw four figures in cloaks and hoods were seen in the street going up the stairs shortly before the sounds of violence and gunshots started. Afterward, the four men came out again, as calm as you please, and one staggered off round the side of the building—but the others paid him no mind and disappeared into the rain just afterward.

An old man that lived under Bal Grey's hab talks your ear off.
"Was another of them you know? A Rag-King and a bad one; a buyer and seller of meat if you catch my drift. There was bad blood between them there, but they did some deal and Bal got paid off with something flat all wrapped up in red cloth. Used to be some real tension between the two of them; a few of Bal’s lads cut up one of Priator’s, and Priator’s skinners gave one of his Bal’s best girls to the Saint—but all that was sorted out, best of friends now, everyone was talking about it."

Constantine answers Huntarr.

"No this is the first time we have seen anything like this. In other instances there have been whole households slaughtered but not like this."

"Any damaged weaponry at the other crime scenes? Particularly anything damaged in the same manner as Bal Grey's shotgun?"

"No, everything that we have is in the reports that were provided to you Acolytes."

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