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Dark Heresy - Haarlock's Legacy (Inactive)

Game Master Nethru

Online to PbP game in session.

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Purchase list:

200 Bullets for autopistols
10 charge packs for long-las
200 shells for combat shotgun
75 man-stopper rounds for autopistols
5 hot shot charges for long-las
5 frag grenades
2 krak grenades
2 photon flash grenades
1 cameoline cloak

Total cost 1005 thrones.

Huntarr sends a quick missive to Master Illidan.

"Master Illidan, I will pay you 150 thrones for the chest plate. You did claim it as your right, and I think it's only fair."

"Sounds like your well prepared. That sounds fair enough I will except your offer."

G emp:

I would like to take the time to exchange the Chest plate for the thrones grab a mesh vest. Spend an hour imbueing this las cutter with psychic glyphs.

Illidan will hit the spaceport whenever everyone is ready.


Let me know what your buying when you get a chance.

You all prepare yourselves and head to the starport to prepare to leave Hive Tarsus. Your greeted by Inquisitor Marr's Psycher and she grins at Huntarr as you all prepare for boarding.

"I will not be joining you but you have your orders. Be careful and may the Emperor's light guide you."

The transport takes you to the Frigate, The Tarsus's Pride, and you are finally off to Sinophia. Your days traveling through the warp are a bit unnerving. Every night you have nightmares and when you leave the warp the nightmares stop as the ship has to make a few hops in and out to get to it's destination. None of you remember what happens in the nightmare just that you wake up sweating horribly.

It takes two weeks to reach the planet. Once the ship reaches orbit your team is deployed to the surface without delay.

The small shuttle bucks and vibrates as it descends through layers of gun-grey cloud cover. Through view ports smeared with thick runnels of rain, you catch glimpses of a soaked landscape revealed in the half-light of a cloud-shrouded dawn. You are the only passengers in the cramped cargo compartment, and the door to the cockpit swings back and forth with every shudder and roll, allowing you to hear the pilot’s curses and oaths. The shuttle banks sharply, sending stray equipment skittering across the floor. Through the viewports, you can glimpse the outline of a jagged looking city of greyish green buildings the colour of corpse flesh by an iron-black sea.

With a series of jarring twists, the shuttle settles into a vertical landing on roaring thrusters, skidding in the air like a leaf on a storm wind. A sudden thump vibrates through the floor as the shuttle settles onto the ground. The pilot shouts something inaudible and the back hatch and ramp hiss open. A chill wind gusts in, and you feel the wet spray of rain on your skin. Out of the open and beckoning hatch you can see impression of low buildings beneath a solid layer of dark clouds: rain is falling in thick sheets. “Welcome to Sinophia Magna. May the Light of the Golden Throne shine on you!” sneers the voice of the pilot.

There does not appear to be anyone here awaiting your arrival. Once you leave the shuttle with your belonging it takes off immediately leaving you behind in the cold drizzle on a seemingly deserted landing platform atop a twenty metre rockcrete column partly covered with mildew and moss. There are about a dozen such platforms seen clustered about in your area.

Sinophia Planetary Data:

Population: No reliable estimate (estimated to be fewer than 150 Million, from a recorded previous height of 2 billion).
Tithe Grade: Exactus Minoris (planet unable to maintain regular tithe and placed under special measures as of 017.M41)
Geography/Demography: Temperate but unstable climate, remaining habitation centred on northern continent (Sinophia Magna: capital/starport, Karib City: lesser hive and industrial zone; population levels failing, Hive Argopolis: abandoned/unsafe). Sinophia also possesses extensive fertile wetlands and plains formerly cultivated but fallen to wilderness, lawlessness and widespread disuse. Sinophia’s southern continents are currently evidencing extensive volcanism and seismic activity, leading to a planetwide increase in precipitation over the last several centuries.
Governmental Type: Oligarchy (Quorum of Noble Families)
Planetary Governor: The Judiciary Evandus Idrani, Seventh of his Name
Adept Presence: Adeptus Administratum, Adeptus Ministorum, Adeptus Arbites—All Minor (presence much reduced from former levels)
Military: The Provost Defence Army (Organized as a PDF or Planetary Defence Force, low/medium, declining, not considered fit for purpose under most recent sector strategic review), private armed cadres of the noble houses (small/medium)
Trade/Economy/Addendum: Legitimate off-world trade with Sinophia is limited. There is a long-standing boycott of the world by the Calixis Chartist Captains, although dealings with minor cartels and independents are frequent, if erratic. Thanks in part to its dwindling population, Sinophia is largely self-sufficient in terms of food and industry, particularly in scavenging resources of its former sizable infrastructure, although the heavy tax burden imposed on the population by the local government has led to rampant criminality and corruption, further undermining civil and economic stability.

G E:
Tonight I will get to it, send me a revised character sheet, I will also update my online character sheet.

Huntarr hoists his backpack and heads for the exit.

I don't like this place already...

The grim adept could not help but mutter his thoughts before slinging his work sack over his shoulder with one hand and following the assassin down landing pad.

"How nice of them to roll out the Royal Welcome."
Illidan Shoulders his back pack and gets ready to mobilize

"Now we have to find our way to the Haarlocks Folly"

Shouldn't be hard... We just look for the giant tower

Nihil replied to the psycher in a rather sardonic joking manner, turning around as he spoke and walking backward for a brief moment before turning back.

Illidan motions to Auraxis " Time to earn our stripes."
Illidan follows Huntarr and the Genius towards our rendezvous

"What do you supose the natives are like ?"
Psyscience Test... 1d100 ⇒ 5

Checking for any psykers, demons, psychic disturbances can never be to carefull.

Once outside the landing area, Huntarr looks for public transport large enough to accomodate the group, directing the pilot-servitor to take them to the Arbites precinct-house at Haarlock's Folly.

He ignores the banter for the most part, his mind already focused on the mission ahead.

Auraxis grunts in response, "If getting blown up did not earn me my stripe than nothing will". The Arbite loads hellfire rounds into his shotgun and checks disgnostics on his new Cyber Mastiff "Terror".


You sense stronger than normal warp energies coming from Nihil. Every human has some warp energies but his is a bit higher. Nothing else.

Before making it to a public transport someone finally comes to greet you. He waves his hands a bit as he rushes toward you, he is dressed in robes of the grey robes of the Administratum and is utterly soaked beneath a wide uumbrella riddled with holes.

"My name is Charon apologies for being so late. It appears your scheduled arrival at this time was not provided and was not expecting you today."

He seems a bit nervous around you guys.

"Charon bring us to where we need to go. The arbites have requested our help and by the Emperor's will we shall see it done". Auraxis speaks with an air of authority clearly dissuading any small talk.

Illidan eyes Nihil with curiosity but says nothing. thinking to himself .oO(What a strange man he is)

Illidan surveys the land but says nothing

Huntarr follows Charon without comment. He wants to see who else seems to be interested in their arrival without looking like he's looking.

Raising a curious brow, Nihil shifted in his position, at ease with the rain that poured from the sky.

"Now hold on a minute... And who sent you, exactly? Because the report stated nothing about meeting any sort of escort, and quite frankly, I've never seen a bloody Adept running around as an errand boy for Arbites..."

Illidan grabs his autogun strap ready to sling his gun into position, on the same uneased wave length as Nihil
"Further more if you didn't know we were coming why are you here, why apologize for being late if you weren't expecting us. Why does your umbrella have so many holes. I don't like this one bit"

He looks a bit nervous and says "We were not expecting any crafts to arrive this day, very few ships land craft on Sinophia these days, and things being most irregular and out of my hands, you understand? I am no errand boy for the Arbites this is my station at the star port you see? But the Arbitrator Adjutant did ask for your lords assistance yes?"

"If this Charon leads us into a trap so much the better. A swift resolution to this issue is welcome by me. Why do you think my shotgun is pointed at him?"

Huntarr chuckles at the paranoia of his associates. Of course Charon was not going to lead them into a trap. It's not how things were done. If someone wanted to eliminate them at this stage, they had already sacrificed the perfect opportunity to do so, in the wide open spaces of the landing zone.

"Harangue the man after we're out of the rain. Tell me, Charon, have you thoughts on the matter that brings the likes of us to your world? You may speak freely, by the authority that we bear."

Illidan keeps moving and remains quiet letting the scholars and nobles do the talking.
if it were up to Illidan charon there would be looking just l like his umbrella

Charon looks around cautiously as if someone was watching them and then says "Well, there have been three deaths in the last week and the circumstances were so horrible they defy imagination!. Apparently the last fellow ripped himself apart, and the Adeptus Arbites are trying to cover it up. But you didn't hear that from me."

He beings to lead you off the landing platforms.

Huntarr nodded, knowingly.

"Discretion is assured. Any idea who might benefit from such gruesome displays of unholy violence?"

"What happened to the first two?" Illidan says with a hint anger rising... thinking to himself .oO(Sounds like the inner workings of demonic presence. Who would "rip themself apart"?)

"I'm not quite sure as the Arbitrators are keeping things under wraps but I heard it was horrible..."

As you guys leave the port area you can see the city streets from where you stand. This place was probably a paradise at one time but now it's a city falling to pieces. Garbage litters the streets, the walls of buildings are peeling and a slight mist of fog covers the city. Doesn't look like there has been any upkeep on this city for quite some time.

"I'm assuming you wish to go to Haarlock's Folly to meet with the Aribtrators? Unfortunately the streets are blocked by collapsed arteria bridge. We can loan you one of the starport's motor skiffs and a pilot to take you to the city proper by water if you would like. Of course your free to walk across the foot bridges on your own if you wish."

"We'll take the skiff. Time is not on our side."

Huntarr waits for Charon to arrange things.

Folding his hands across his chest, Nihil remained silent. He still didn't trust the little man...

"what kind of risk can we expect from the foot bridge"

"Getting lost, for one. We don't know this world, and we will not have a guide. It may behoove us to arrange for one while we're here."

"Sure hire a guide Huntarr. I say we walk better to get a feel for the city".

Charon looks at the 4 of you a bit confused.

"Should I get that skiff or will you be walking?"

"I prefer to get my feel after I get my briefing. I'll ride. I'm certain the Arbites are waiting with bated breath...."

"Let them wait. They have requested our help not the other way around. Let's get something straight here, one of us has to be the leader and call the play, if we work individually we are not going to make it very far. I have been on the beat handling cases like this for years. What makes you more qualified then me to deal with this situation?"

At the moment Auraxis is finished speaking your dataslates beep indicating there is a message on them.


SUBJECT: Recent Occurrences in Sinophia Magna

Continued from previous transmission...

Data lost in transit...

Data retrieved...

Re-sending data...

Due to the nature of this mission I am placing Auraxis Auralious in charge of the cell due to his experience with these type of situations during his tour as an Arbitrator. Take his word as if it was coming from me. Any questions please feel free to come see me before you depart. May The Emperor guide you to the truth of these matters.

End of message.


Well then, I suppose we're walking then... Besides, we already have a guide, isn't that right Charon?...

Nihil faked a smile as he gently patted the hunched adept, his tone dripping with the venom of a threat.

"Pardon me, my lord. I guess I didn't get the memo that Silas Marr placed you in charge. By all means, lead the way."

Huntarr bowed low at the waist, but he never took his eyes from Auraxis.

"His lordship wants to walk, so I guess we're walking, Charon."

I suppose learning to prostrate oneself and kiss another's boot is part of the assassin code?

The nobleman chuckled.

"When our job is to sanction somebody you can be in charge Huntarr and don't call me "My Lord". Lead the way Administrator".

Auraxis will observe his surroundings carefully to get a feel for the people and the streets the group moves through. His shotgun will be in hand.

"When I decide to sanction someone, you'll never know."

Huntarr follows along, his eyes ever forward, his back ramrod straight, his rage a slow burning wick.

Charon watches the group wide eyed as they go back and forth between each other.

"I'm sorry sir but my duties are here at the port. I can fetch someone that will be able to assist though."

Before anyone can say anything he scurries off really fast and a few moments later he returns with a young looking man in a uniform that appears to be of someone who should be working at the port.

"This young man Reginald will escort you through the streets to Haarlock's Folly."

The young man looks the group over and nods. "Well we should be off before we get sick from the weather."

" I'm in no rush... It reminds me of home."

For once, the young nobleman gave a rather genuine smile, tilting his head up and closing his eyes as he savored the rain splashing across his cheeks.

Huntarr says nothing, moving when Reginald does, and stopping when Reginald does.

Illidan snaps a picture of both Charon and Reginald with his pict recorder."Incase I need to find you." Illidan speaks to Reginald
"If you are worried about the weather Charon has a wonderful umbrella that wil shield you from the rain."
Illidan walks off into the rain laughing amused by his joke, not fazed much by the downpour.

while walking Illidan will question the Guide
"Reginald how long have you been in service and how well do you know know these streets and the locals?"

You all head into the city following your guide Reginald. He makes small talk with you and has lived here all his life. He's of common birth and does what he must to server the Imperium.

As you make your way through the almost ruined city you are confronted with a scene of ongoing battled. A rusted crane arm has crashed into the water across the canal in front of armoured cargo barge, which is now being attacked and boarded by several smaller craft, and snipers are firing down from nearby rooftops at the crew defending it. A fierce gun battle, drowned out until now by the sound of the manufatorum is, raging between the barge and its attackers, and as you watch a firebomb explodes on the barge's rear decks, sending a plume of red flame and oily smoke into the air.

For those of you with auspex:

The crew on the barge are wearing some sort of uniform faded powder-blue flak vests whilst their attackers are a ramshackle lot of festooned in tattoos, crude cobbled-together body armour and mismatched weapons.

You are to far away to do anything at this time.

Illidan grabs the strap holding Olivia (Illidan's Autogun) Turning towards Auraxis stopping in a military stance of attention awaiting for orders, yet keeping his attention to the battlefield

"Should we engage SIR!??"

Technically there is no way for you to engage as they are out in the water very far away

"We are here for a specific mission not to get involved in every fracas we see Illidan. Besides it is the military's job to handle rebels. If our investigation leads us in that direction then woe to those who oppose the will of the Emperor".

You continue on leaving the battle to finish on it's own and see your destination in the distance. Haarlock's Folly is a tall, squre-sided tower of black stone with a needle-like roof of tarnished bronze that points at the leaden Sinophian sky. It exudes power overlooking the city. Its form is much at odds with the mute colours and ornamented architecture of the rest of Sinophia Magna.

Haarlock's Folly sits on a promontory of rock a short distance away from the cliffs overlooking the dark waters of the Satin's Mouth and is ringed by newly raised wall made up of prefabricated rockcrete slabs topped with armoured walkways, barbed wire, and a gate watchtower mounting a heavy stubber and searchlight covering the approach.

As you pass through the gate, you see a tall figure in a black armoured greatcoat with a low-slung bolter. He has the rank insignia of a junior marshal and moves toward you with purpose. He draws close and introduces himself as Fihad Constantine, Adjutant to the Arbites Proctor Marshal of Sinophia, saying:

"Welcome, honoured ssrvants of the most Holy Ordos, to Sinophia Magna. I can only offer my regrets that I was not able to meet you in person with delegation at the starport, but miscommunication and operational emergency here prevented it. The Marshal has appointed me to be your contact here and offer you whatever assistance in this matter I can, my pressing duties permitting. I am honoured to play what part I cna in your divinely appointed work to root out heresy and purge the unclean."

Constantine is a slim, vigorous young man with dark eyes and blonde hair.

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