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Dark Heresy - Haarlock's Legacy (Inactive)

Game Master Nethru

Online to PbP game in session.

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Inquisitor Marr just stares at Illidan as he speaks and the Psyker next to him laughs a bit trying to hold it in and she speaks softly.

"Yes it will be your honor to serve the inquisition but you do not make any requests for equipment. The Emperor and his holy servants provide what is required and using "Big Ones" as you indicate is not how we operate young neophyte, unless absolutely necessary. More subtle measures usually work best for our operations."

Inquisitor Marr coughs again with a little more blood trickling out and she cleans him up with a napkin and then speaks to you all again.

"Show me the steel clock and what happened inside. I want to see this for myself before we leave this planet."

Auraxis points to Nihil, "He seems to know the most about it. Mind telling me what you know Inquisitor? Once we put all the facts together perhaps we can figure out what is really going on".

Auraxis will share his tale thus far. "So you see what I initially thought was some sort of blood cult kidnapping people for sport is obviously something muich more troubling".

Illidan rises

G. Emperor:
that's my overwhelming love for the inquisition

"Any materials you provide us with will be most beneficial"

Inquisitor Marr nods to Auraxis as he relays his story and they head into the building.

"Indeed there is more to this than meets the eye. These Pilgrims of Hayte were just pawns in a greater plan even if they thought they were in charge. What i'm after and what your fates have put you in line with are tied together now. Ermanus Haarlock is what is troubling all of us I believe. I do not believe he is dead and have my suspicions that he may return and based on what you told me seems my suspicions may have been correct. Many of my colleagues think i'm crazy for following Haarlock's trail for so long and am getting to old for this line of work. I do not care for what is said I know I am right and you all will help me."

When he enters the building to look at the wreckage he motions for Auraxis to come over and his Psyker.

"Please get the jar from the back and have this good Arbite collect the Widowers face inside of it. Do not be afraid it can not hurt you any longer."

Inquisitor Marr turns to look at Nihil.

"May I see the stone? You can keep it I just wish to examine it, besides it will be more useful to you i'm sure when the time comes."

The young adept instinctively pulled the stone heart behind him as if he somehow imagined he could keep it from the Inquisitor.That childish reaction slowly subsided as he realized just how foolish it was. Without a word, he walked up to the Inquisitor and gently handed it to him; not wanting to damage the object.

If I many interject my own theory on the subject, my Lord... I believe you are correct on the assumption that the Pilgrims of Hayte were nothing more than pawns. The Widower, as you call him, spoke of ending his life. It is my belief that this tortured creature cannot normally be killed by natural means and sought out to use the Tyrant Star to destroy himself, along with this planet...

He also spoke that this was to herald the coming of his master who has returned. I must confess that I was once a great admirer of Eramus Haarlock as a young boy and have since been searching for answers to his disappearance, along with my other research... That was what lead me here tonight...

Inquisitor Marr nods to the young adept.

"Then we are on the same path my young friend."

The White Scholar jumps in.

"My lord, I believe this man may be much more suited for this than I would be especially at my age. If you would permit I will take my leave for now and be available to you if needed but with this group (he looks around to all of you) I believe you have everything required going forward."

Inquitor Marr nods to the White Scholar.

"You have done a lot for me over these past decades good friend and you are free to go."

With that the White Scholar nods to everyone and vanishes into the city.

Then I have his position now?...

Nihil asked, rather perplexed by what just transpired.

The psyker smiles at Nihil as Inquisitor Marr tosses the heart stone back to him and then turns his attention to Auraxis as he's handed the jar to do as he asked.

"You are now our lords new Adept. Congratulations." she smirks a bit and turns her attention to Illidan.

"What discipline are you attuned to Psyker? I need to keep records of all those with powers of the warp on roster and what they are capable of."


Her kind of slinks into the darkness as all this is going on not interested in conversation with the Inquisitor or his Psyker b@+#$.

"seems you know more about the current situation, looks like I will have to follow your lead. You do the talking I'll do the shooting." Illidan pointing at Nihil... Illidan turns to the inquisition
"Awaiting your order Sir! Illidan is clearly not the thinking type give him an order point him in the right direction and get the !#$/ out of the way
Illidan turns towards the Psyker
"My thoughts are of a divine nature I can see the infinite possibilities of the near future and tracking of individuals places or things. And a list of minor abilities and your self I am interested in any knowledge and skill set you could teach me"


Just in case you didn't see it Inquisitor Marr asked you to place the face of the widower in a jar that was handed to you. You can easily scoop it up.

Auraxis does what he is asked to do without complaint and without further comment.

The Psyker woman just stares at Illidan as he tries to question her and seems to take a mental note.

"Ok, so your a Diviner. Good enough."

She makes her way to Huntarr and looks him over.

"The silent type huh?" She moves in closer. This woman is not very attractive but has a slender athletic body. She looks at the equipment Huntarr is wearing.

"From the looks of it you look like either a soldier or a mercenary. Either way it doesn't matter."

She moves in uncomfortably close and you can smell rose pedal perfume on her skin and she whispers in Huntarr's ear.

"After we are done here and we move to the ship you will come with me."

She then turns and moves back toward the Inquisitor.

While Auraxis bends over to place the face of the Widower inside the jar the face continues to whisper incoherent nothingness and continues to do so when it's in the jar. It looks rather disturbing but not as grotesque without all the goo around it.

Inquistor Marr smiles as you hand him the jar and he examines it as he examined the heart shaped rock.

"Thank you Auraxis Aurillious of House Aurillious Scinitilia. I knew your Grandfather. Very useful man in his youth and helped the Ordo's out greatly before finding a wife and making his fortune through her. It's good to have another member of your house on board in the Ordos together we will come to the conclusion of what is going on here and put a stop to it."

My Lord, I might ask if I may also have the remains of that creature, once you are done with it. I believe it may be useful to my research

Illidan takes a mental note .oO(this bytc#)

As your all talking you notice the body of Melua on the ground dead. Whatever powers were keeping him alive must have died with the Heron Mask.

(Huntarr scooped up the autopistol and the needler. He placed them both in his rucksack.)

Huntarr doesn't say anything during the Inquisitor's statement that they all work for him now, nor did he interrupt during the retelling of the tale. He left these matters to others.

Nor did he discuss his interactions with the Meluas.

The woman getting close to him didn't bother him in the slightest. It was akin to two very dangerous dogs sniffing at each other. It didn't even matter much how she looked. After all, every woman looked like Godiva when your eyes are closed.....

At the mention of the ship, however, the need to interject becomes overwhelming.

"Larax Melua is missing his heart. Get him back to his family with a good word about us, and I'll kill whoever needs killing."

This was whispered just as softly in response.

Anyone taking the chainsword?

Inquisitor Marr addresses Nihil "Yes you may utilize it for research. Anything that gets us closer to the truth and safety of this sector and the Imperium is worthwhile."

He turns to address the whole group "If none of you have any further questions then we will be off this planet."

At that the servitors return with the throne and help him up and lift him effortlessly and they leave the manse toward the star port. The female Psyker follows him looking back at the Acolyte and motioning to follow them.


If there are no questions.

You reach the star port and there is a transport there that takes you into orbit to a Light Cruiser named The Emperors Mercy and you all board without any issues.

The flight to Scintilia takes approximately 5 months (all of which you will get your standard pay during that time) and when you reach Scintilia the Inquisitor takes you to one of his retreats in Hive Sibellus (Aurauxis your home Hive) where you guys will have a place to stay until he is ready to send you off on a mission.


Please let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to do during your downtime. You are ordered not to leave the Hive because he wants you available as soon as he is ready but the Hive is HUGE so lots to do.

Illidan's only known comfort is WAR!.
Illidan will begin preparations for what's to come.
selling items like the chest plate armor, the chain axe if no one else lays claim to it and buying tools, gears, gizmos and etc

During my down time I would like to learn how to master the basic flame weapon. Give a little background as to how I acquired new skills and talents quick draw, basic flame, and cleanse and purify. So a lot of time at gun ranges is where I would be and trading.


Make a trade roll to see if you get better price for the gear your selling.

Nihil spends nearly the entire 5 months locked away in his study within the confines of of the Inquisitorial fortress. There he spends every waking moment pouring over every scrap of information he can find in the archives about Eramus Haarlock, his estate, and information on Chaos Cults, rituals, and daemons. Any time he's not studying, he spends thoroughly examining the stone heart and recording the gibbering nonsense that comes from the Widower's face that sits in a jar on his desk, also taking tissue samples from the flesh with his new Medicae Servo Skull he purchased. He also learned the basic ciphers used among many of the cults in the Calixis Sector.

He's a busy boy.

Random Day:
Illidan finishes his day training through the out doors facility whose obstacle course has improved his dodging abilities by simulating actual combat simulations. Day in and day out training, piecing together his autogun taking it apart and practicing how to reload it blind folded. RAPID RELOAD for 100 holstering and drawing his weapons which can now be readied in the blink of an eye. along with all the harsh training in the gun range and outdoors training facilities Illidan not only mastered thesee basic skills but also tamed the flame weapon which is now ready to reduce the enemies of the emperor to ash.

Illidan stops in the merchant square
Illidan takes a minute to rest getting some food and drink gathering strength
Invocation 1d100 ⇒ 68 vs 57

Illidans eye fade to shade of black darker than death while he scans and targets merchant that would provide him the best deals for his trades and purchases
Glimpse 3d10 + 5 ⇒ (7, 3, 3) + 5 = 18 vs 18
Merchant roll 1d100 ⇒ 33 vs 61

What kind of deals do I get buying and selling


50% sell prices and 85% buy prices for you in Hive Tarsus.

Huntarr spent most of his downtime familiarizing himself with the Hive's less reputable elements. After all, work was work, and he would take it where he could find it.

(Any money-making opportunities out there?)


Most of the stuff you find out you already knew about Haarlock. Most of his financial dealings were well known and cataloged with the Adepts of the Imperium in this sector. Those of particular interest to him in his later days included the mortuary complex known as the House of Dust and Ash on Solomon and a strange folly he had built outside the city of Sinophia Magna on the planet of Sinophia.

The Widower Face does not really provide any useful information. He does say he's returning every few weeks but that's about all.

For the heart rock please make a Forbidden Lore Daemonology roll.


The 5 month trip on the ship is kind of a blurr as the Psyker Girl has a very big sexual appetite and doesn't allow you to leave her sight for to long. Seems very possessive but you probably don't mind much.

By time you get to Hive Tarsus there is only 1 month downtime before the Inquisitor reaches out to you all so not really enough time to get any good leads on jobs or the likes. Just enough time to sell/buy what you want while your there.

On saturday I will let you know what I do, don't have the time the rest of this week.



Just few things the Inquisitor knew your Grandfather who was the man who made riches for your family to become a Nobel. If you wanted you have enough money to get a cyber-mastriff which is basically a mechanical dog arbites utilize. They are pretty mean :)

forbidden Lore Daemonology 1d100 ⇒ 62 vs 52+20

(edited because I just remembered im also talented in the skill)

Huntarr will sell his hand cannon, pump shotgun, and hunting rifle (stripped). He will purchase a combat shotgun and a long las with 2 charge packs.

Sell total: 60
Purchase total: 280


The stone is definitely has some kind of daemonic essence. Haarlock must have been a bad busy boy like you to have something like this created.

Can Nihil find any specifications about how the stone heart was created? What kind of ritual it was, what cults have been known to perform such rituals, and where they are located?


Whatever he did to create this is very advanced stuff and you aren't able to determine how it was done. They keystone heart and the widower are connected the steel clock is what was keeping it in a physical form that it could sustain but now it's just a face.

Melua Ring Imprint:
before heading to km now mercchants Illidan has foreseen Illidan finds a private location and spends a little time in meditation infusing the ring of Mulea with his psychic print and goes on a shopping spree 1 hrs of time will need to pass


Flak Jacket / 50 thrones
Chainsword {no one else claimed} / 137.5 Thrones
Ring of Melua / 150

337.5 + 607 = 944.5


Explosive collar 1 55
Photon Flash .5 60
Hallucinogen Grenade.5 40
Krak Grenade .5 50
Fuel 2x 3ful clips weight negated 20
Man stopper bullets weight negated 15
Cameleeoline Cloak .5 500
Psy Focus weight negated 100
Auspex/Scanner .5 145

buying 85% = 837.25
107.25 thrones left
3.5 kg added

Illidan hails a transport and soon as he is out of sight of shopping district: Illidan will summon Melua Ring back to his possession and head to the HQ/Hideout/Whatever

Call Item:1d10 + 5 ⇒ (1) + 5 = 6vs 5
A golden light lights up Illidan hand as the ring is safely returned to his possession.
Mental Note: .oO(F^*@ that psyker chic. If she cant get what I need to get the job done. By the emperor light I will aquire it on my own accord and Accomplish the mission)

HUNTARR Beep*Beep*:

Any action on this hive planet? Any R&R joints to hit? I''ve been preparing so long I almost forgot what it's like to have fun.

Auraxis Beep*Beep*:

"How are you feeling, took quite a spill in this last go around are you back on the beat yet? Let me know if you need help taming the criminal elements around here live action is best experience for WAR!"

Nihil Beep*Beep*:

"Hello Egghead where have to been. Couped up with your pet rock I Suppose. What's up with that thing anyway it's was almost as if it was possessed. IT'S NOT POSSESSED IS IT PLEASE TELL ME IT'S NOT? Anyway have you found any leads on our missing person?. Come out of hiding and get some sun once in a while practice some shooting.

I do not associate with idiots.

Nihil data slate msg:

"Now that's not playing nice is it. I won't tell Huntarr or Auraxis you called them idiots"

Huntarr responded to the comm call.

"Sorry, Master Illidan, I have been seeking connections. Not having much luck, though. Perhaps a break is in order?"

huntarr data slate msg:

"I hear you have you connected with any of the other acolytes, I am beginning to think Nihil takes me for a fool.

G. Emp:

You said there was list to do what can be done in the meantime?

Huntarr responds:

"I have the same opinion of him. So, no. I get paid by people like him to kill people like him. And his undeserved arrogance is grating. I may kill him for free if he doesn't learn to moderate his tone in my presence."

I don't like being interrupted while I work. I am a scholar first and foremost, that is all. I may join you when I'm done with my work. You can find the answers to your questions in my report to the Inquisitor.

Message to Inquisitor Silas Marr: Carbon Copy Sent to my fellow acolytes:
My Lord, after four months of research, I present to you my most recent findings.

Concerning the key stone heart, I have been able to obtain only superficial knowledge of this subject. I can confirm that this device is of daemonic origins and that Harrlock created it through an advanced ritual that is beyond my knowledge. My current hypothesis on this device is that it serves as a warp conduit. As the Widower is of some daemonic transfiguration, the instability of the warp also no doubt plays into effect. The Widower must require a constant connect with the warp to sustain it's strength and the stone heart served that purpose.

As a double edged sword, it is my belief that Haarlock used this warp conduit to bind the Widower to the clock, sealing the stone in the clock so that the Widower may never leave the planet and if he ever attempter to remove it, the clock would explode just as it did to us and would cut off the connection with the warp, thus severing the Widower's powers.

My second finding is that I have obtained two leads that may further our investigation. A mortuary complex by the name of The House of Dust and Ash on Solomon and a folly built on the outskirts of Sinophia Magna on the planet of Sinophia. If I may interject my own opinion, my gut tells me to investigate this mortuary complex first. It is my belief that the death of Haarlock's wife and child were what brought him too such grief, where better look than where death and grief are most sacred?

That is all I have for you now, my Lord.

Educate men without faith and you make them nothing more than clever devils.

"Since the floor has been opened to opinions, I suggest we go to Sinophia first. There's no reason to believe that the dead have any tales that they will share willingly."

You all receive a message on your Data Slates.

Data Slate Message

DATE: 5301815.M41
SUBJECT: Recent Occurrences in Sinophia Magna
My Loyal Acolytes,
Contained herein this astropathic message is a report received by the court of the Arbitrator Lord Marshal via astropathic transmission from the world of Sinophia.
The report is from Fihad Constantine, adjutant to the Arbitrator Precinct Marshal of Sinophia. The report attached outlines a series of violent attacks on members of the Sinophian nobility.
As you may well know, under usual circumstances, the murder of a prominent citizen would not be worthy of a priority astropathic transmission—nor of the Holy Ordos’ concern or of your involvement. However, the nature of the attackers might indicate a malefic aspect to the crimes, and Sinophia’s past means all is suspect. Furthermore, there are other reports from this long troubled world indicate that it tips ever closer the abyss of misrule and calamity, and these murders could provide a cataclysm for civil disorder and rebellion between the city’s ruling factions.
Mark the details of the attached report and take every inference to heart. You have my authority to lay open this matter, investigate whether these are simple murders or the shadow of a greater heresy in the making, and take actions such as are necessary for its removal. I am also granting you use of the rosette if it is deemed necessary you must reveal your actions to the populace at large; the Arbites are aware of your impending arrival and your association with me.
A frigate is awaiting your arrival and will transport you to the planet. You have 1 day before departure so gather your belongings and report back findings.


Arbites Summation Reports
Source: Sinophia Magna, Sinophia
Subject: Murder of Viscount Hiram Sur’Seculo
Summary of occurrence:
Viscount Hiram Sur’Seculo was the head of House Seculo, a worthy and renowned house of Sinophia. The Viscount and his party had returned home to his manse in District VII just after nightfall, when it appears they were attacked without warning. From the destruction at the scene, it is clear that the attackers ripped through the doorway with force and it is possible they may have sustained some damage in doing so, though no blood from the attackers could be found at the scene.
There were no surviving witnesses, though it can be deduced that there were at least four to eight attackers in the murders. Psychic auto-séances confirm this.
The Viscount, his bodyguard, and five servants were killed by being beaten and/or torn apart, evidencing a level of physical force greater than that of normal human limits. The attackers also looted the personal rooms of the Viscount. The destruction was considerable, and it was unclear what the attackers were seeking, nor whether they succeeded in finding what they sought. Many valuables were left scattered in disarray in the premises, some of considerably high value.
Various security devices and recording equipment at the Viscount’s manse inexplicably failed during the attack, only to resume working the attack had passed. Tech-adept examination can offer no explanation for this.
Cross reference addendum to report:
There have been at least two further attacks on members of the Sinophian noble and mercantile class. In both cases, the victims were beaten and rent apart, and in at least one other, there has been an attendant robbery.
We are asking for the Holy Ordos’ investigations in this matter, and I am sending this report per regulation regarding such matters. Upon arrival on Sinophia, agents of the Conclave need only seek me out at our newly-acquired precinct hall at the tower known locally as Haarlock’s Folly. I await your guidance in this matter.
I remain a loyal servant of the Imperium and the God-Emperor, Arbitrator Adjutant Fihad Constantine



You can provide me whatever you wanted to do during downtime and equipment purchases when you have time. Wanted to move the story along.

"Not on the beat. Just visiting with the old comrades. I am going through training to ensure that my time as an Acolyte is successful. I will meet up with you once the Inquisitor contacts us. I am doing well thank you for asking. Looking forward to working with you again, if not the others".

Acolyte Team:

"Alright ladies, we have our Mission specs let's get ready to move out. As you already know we have less than 24 hours. We need a plan of attack, supply check, and delegations of roles.
We are the hand of the Emperor who will bring the hammer of justice down upon the heretics.Over.

Illidan snaps a photo of his gear, tools, weapons he is hauling uploads the photo to data slate and sends with the following transmission.

Acolyte Team Supply check via Encrypted Data slate:

"Listen up squadron, I have acquired some effects that would grant higher success rate of our mission.

Weapons on hand.
1. Hand cannon,
2. Auto gun clipped with man stopper bullets.
3. For the most unclean I have a flamer.
4. Grenades. 1 Photon flash, 1 krak, 1 hallucinogen. 1 explosive collar.

Gears and Tools
1. Data slate and micro beads for communication.
2. Photo visor,
3. Pict recorder
4. Respirator mask.

Group Support
Nihil if you will accept a strummer it's light 2kg it will make you stealth like. You being the most knowledgeable of the mission specs need you to be as ghostly as possible.

Also if anyone is interested in a Carapace chest please let me know it's the best of its class (6ap) if not I will trade it in the shops for a mesh vest before departure. "

***Note*** "I am a little encumbered if anyone has a little extra muscle could use the hand. OVER!

I will accept this gift

nihil quickly responded before back up his gear. He also made sure to pack stone heart safely in my pack as well as the Widower's remains in a soundproof container. Who know's they may be useful...

Auraxis responds, "You need a sertivor to carry your gear Illidan. We will have to see about requisitioning one for you. I will be at the rendezvous point when necessary".

"The psyker of the inquisitor, Marr, said not to request anything they will provide what we need. I have been on enough missions to know I better bring my own gear if any chance of survival"

G emp:

If Huntarr does not wish to have the armor chest plate I would like to sell it. Its worth 600thrones I have 107 I need 43 at least to get the mesh armor I will make a merchant roll to buy and sell for this trade. Merchant roll 1d100 ⇒ 70 vs 31
Let me know the buying and selling prices for thsee items. This will relieve me of a great deal of weight but reduces armor :(

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