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Dark Heresy - Haarlock's Legacy (Inactive)

Game Master Nethru

Online to PbP game in session.

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Darkness has taken you, leaving you endlessly falling into an empty oblivion without sight or sound. moments flash briefly into being and fade again; a cold iron table and bright light above you, the mocking voice of a child, the reeking stench of beasts and raw meat, weightlessness, the hammering of great machinery, and finally, fetid black water oozing beneath you and chill winds stirring foul air.

You wake slowly to find yourself paralysed in cold darkness, your voice silent and your body as limp and useless as a rag doll. You are helpless to act or speak, or evne hold your thoughts together, but you can hear the ragged breathing of others in the dark telling you that you are not alone in your fate and feel the bone-deep ache in your limbs confirming that you yet live.

Sickly-green lamps flicker on in the walls, and a dozen figures appear, wading shin-deep through rank waters toward the cold platform on which you and the others tangled forms hang. They wear ragged cloaks over dark body armour, and their faces are covered by grotesque animal masks fashioned from glittering metal and stitched skin. each mask is different, one a hound, one a serpent, another a swine and so on, while the leader wears the gilded visage of a Jackal with crimson teeth.

Chains are released and you are dumped into the ice-cold filth of the water with the others, all equally helpless, heaped up like a mass grave for the living. Each of you is swiftly and perfunctorily examined by the masked men like livestock in a market. The Jackal Mask barks a curt order, and he and the others back away swiftly into the darkness.

Frost creeps across the walls, and the waters beneath you grow cold as the grave, as from the darkness a human-shaped, spike-studded metal cabinet comes into view, pushed along by two stunted and misshapen figures. Another shadowed form, tall and lean, hangs back at the edge of sight behind them.

Horror is heaped upon horror as the iron cabinet opens to reveal the severed head and mutilated torso of a young woman floating within a column of unearthly light. The woman's eyes snap open and cruel white light floods out. you feel the stabbing claws of a vile force invade your mind with its polluting touch as you and your fellow captives finally find voice enough to scream.

The force withdraws suddenly as the iron cabinet snaps shut. A silver-clawed hand rises from the darkness and indicates three captives in turn. The misshapen figures lunge forth and drag them screaming into the darkness where theye are abruptly silenced.

Mercifully you are not among them.

The light fades and oblivion takes you again.

First online game sessions information


Prisoners of who you are unsure you finally awaken groggy, drugged, beaten but all in all able to stand on your own two feet and comprehend what has happened.

You all look around and there are a total of 8 people in what appears to be a caged pit you are locked inside. The room is extremely loud with the sound of metal banging on metal and the stench of rotting meat fills the air.

One of you attempt to climb the cage but it is futile. After some time you hear the distant sound of some form of animals growling coming from one of the ventilation shafts attached to the cage. It grows louder and louder every second.

Some of you grab some bones scattered on the ground as makeshift weapons. The grate lifts up half way from where the sound is coming and it gets louder and the smell becomes even more foul. Above you notice a man appear with a Heron Mask and he stands there ignoring your pleads.

Suddenly you see the monstrosities burst up toward the great and your sanity is checked as some of you flee in fear and some faint out completely. Those of you who are able to maintain your courage stand your ground as one of the beasts makes its way into the cage sniffing out it's first prey.

Spindle Maw

The battle was fierce and several people fell but so did 2 of the Xenos creatures. When the man in the Heron Mask had his fill of watching the fight he moved to a control panel and shifted some switches dropping the escape ladder into the pit. He vanished back into the darkness once this was done.

The remainder of the prisoners escaped up the ladder leaving the Xenos creatures to feast on those already fallen. Up top they looked around cautiously and found a body laying near the control panel with his head nearly severed and a note with a dagger attached to the control panel.


The prisoners collected the dagger and whatever weapons the dead man had on him and made their ways through the labyrinth they were prison to. After some time they heard the familiar sound of the Xenos creatures coming from behind and they started to make haste which caused an insecure location of the tunnels to collapse behind them blocking off the path which they came.

They eventually made it to an open room with a may laying dead with a bowl of blood in front of him and a makeshift totem made of crude materials. The group examine the room and found a dataslate and was able to access the data within but not before one of the members who was a Psyker sensed the warp around him with a Psynscience roll and an Unbound Spirit struck out at him.


None saw the spirit except for the Psyker and quickly informed the group what was happening and the one who read the dataslate realized this as well and they began attacking the totem. The spirit came corporal and tore into one of them but was to slow as the totem was utterly destroyed casting out the spirit back into the warp.


This is where we left off in the online game

Current situation is the four of you are in this room with the destroyed totem and dead man lying in the center of the floor. Hunntar is lightly injured and there are two exits from the room. The one you came in and the one on the opposite side of the room.

"If there is nothing else to be gained here I say we take the fresh tunnel and keep searching for a way out. Make sense to the rest of you?"

Auraxus hectare his axe waiting for a reply.

Illidan Nods agreeing to Auraxis plan then fix his gaze to Hunntar. "Hey Buddy looks like you took a direct hit there. Would you like me to see to those wounds? Just a bit of warp energies will heal that right up.... or destroy us all your Call."

Illidan you do not feel like you could utilize your psychic powers yet. The affects of the drugs are still hindering your abilities.

Huntarr shakes his head at the Psyker.

"I'll be fine. Save your power to use on the enemies. Let's get out of here before that thing comes back. Or something worse..."

If Huntarr sees an exit from the room, he'll move towards it.

"I do not want to spend another minute in this place that we don't have to!" Woman speaks strangely, its almost like she's just learning to speak.......

She starts to make her way to the hallway to try to get out

You cautiously make your away out of the room leaving the totem and body behind you looting what you deemed valuable.

The passages ahead are much the same as those you have passed through earlier. The noise of metal banging on metal is so loud that it makes your movements easier to conceal (No move silent required). The stench is so foul but your body has become accustomed to it that you barely recognize it any longer.

Make awareness checks as you make your way through the passageways. Any order is fine

(Awareness test)1d100 ⇒ 20

1d100 ⇒ 32 She takes lead!

Awareness Test 1d100 ⇒ 35

I notice them notice it.

"I will pull on the damn hatch the rest of you cover me".

Strength Test 1d100 ⇒ 8

Made it!

As you make your way through the passages you spot an access hatch that appears to be rusted. This is the first hatch you have noticed since you escaped the cage.

If you wish to try to open the hatch it is a difficulty Ordinary (+10) Strength test and can use one person for assistance for an additional +10.

She would like to cautiously check out the next area.....

Illidan gets his weapon ready "I have you covered..."

Woman thinks Illidan should check on Michael Santos' status!

Auraxis Aurilious RIPS the hatch off with great ease. As the hatch opens, a breeze of chilling air hits you all. The inside of the duct is dark, only a little light falls down from high above. Hand and footholds line the side adverse to the hatch in easy reach and it appears to head to an upper level.

Do you wish to climb into the duct and see where that leads or keep moving the way you were going?

Back to order and will wait for all responses at this point.

"Anybody got a light? I am willing to go first if no one else is."

"I will take point." slowly and quietly

"I am going to scout ahead down the original path set before us just in case this job in the duct does not workout favorably" Moves as cautiously as possible

Huntarr draws his gun and leans against a wall so that he can look in both directions as well as being prepared to fire into the hole, as necessary.

The woman jumps up into the duct and begins to climb up followed by Auraxis Aurilious. The chill winds pierce through your skin as you get higher up. This must be some kind of air cooling vent of some sorts. When you reach a certain point the duct splits to two sides one going toward a spinning fan which is obviously the source of the chill winds and the other leads further into darkness. The duct opposite the fan leads to you an exit hatch which appears to be another area of this compound.

Woman and Auraxis Aurilious please make a Challenging +0 Awareness test.

Illidan wielding his weapon continues on down the passageway to scout up ahead and sees more passageways zig zagging much like the others they came through previously. It is unknown what lies ahead unless you keep going.

Huntarr keeps an eye out watching both directions prepared for whatever may come.

Awareness Test 1d100 ⇒ 26

Luigi, I have one dagger out, in my teeth.....

Awareness test:1d100 ⇒ 9 vs. 35

You guys are killing these rolls

You both move closer to the hatch which drops down to the upper level you made your way to and hear what sounds like 2 men talking to each other. You can not see them through the hatch grate but based on the voices it sounds like they are wearing masks and are a few meters away from where the hatch would open.

What do you two wish to do?

Huntarr, it has been several minutes and you have no heard from Auraxis and the woman who went up into the ducts. What do you wish to do?

Illidan, do you wish to return or continue moving off on your own?

Illidan turns around and sprints back to the Duct.oO(There isn't anything up that way but more zigzagging... better to stick together then be picked apart)

Auraxis motions to the female to head back the way they came.

She heads back down to the previous room.
"What do we do? I vote for a distraction, followed by me gutting them!" A fire seems to grow in her eyes.....

"We need to keep one alive for questioning".

"FINE!!!!" Woman turns her back to Auraxis, very annoyed!

Huntarr you hear someone running toward you from the direction Illidan went and you take aim but hold when you spot the man that escaped the cages with you. You both look up in the duct and can see Auraxis and the woman up in the duct as they worked their way back shivering from the cold air blowing on them.

"Find anything?"

Huntarr lowers the gun to point at the floor, but he keeps it ready to fire, in case they aren't coming back alone.

"There isn't any up there but Zigzagging passageways. Wouldn't venture to far into enemy territory alone. Any Luck with this Vent?" Waits for the two in the vent to come out

"There is a pair of perps next to another access hatch perhaps 30 meters up the shaft. Woman here wanted to take them both but we need one alive to figure out what the hell is going on around here. Much as I hate to admit it she is better with her weapon and you with your gun then I will be with this axe but I will appear to be the bigger threat so I will go in first. The rest of you concentrate on let's say the perp on the left then together we'll bring down the guy on the right hard and get some answers. Sound like a plan?"

Huntarr merely nods in response.

Acknowledges the plan to be sound and gestures in agreeance.

The prisoners all agree with Auraxis plan, albeit the woman was a little reluctant with keeping one of them alive they all move up into the cold ducts and make their way to the hatch that leads down to where the two men were talking.

What are you all going to do? Please roll initiative to determine order of actions. The hatch is about 15 feet off the ground in the ceiling above where the men are standing. You will have surprise first round

1d10 + 4 ⇒ (10) + 4 = 14

Her would like to get behind one of them and take them out as fast possible.

Auraxis trurns to Illidan whispering "Can you open this access panel?"

Initiative 1d10 + 3 ⇒ (10) + 3 = 13

Surprise Round Action:
Auraxis will charge at the one on the right with his axe.
Weapon Skill 1d100 ⇒ 11

I will attack the one on the right also. Swift attack 2d100 ⇒ (79, 6) = 85

Auraxis Aurilious wrote:
"There is a pair of perps next to another access hatch perhaps 30 meters up the shaft. Woman here wanted to take them both but we need one alive to figure out what the hell is going on around here. Much as I hate to admit it she is better with her weapon and you with your gun then I will be with this axe but I will appear to be the bigger threat so I will go in first. The rest of you concentrate on let's say the perp on the left then together we'll bring down the guy on the right hard and get some answers. Sound like a plan?"

Didn't you agree to attack the one on the LEFT?

I never agreed to do anything, Luigi said that. I typed right instead of left, sorry. Perhaps next time you shouldnt speak for me Luig!!!! last I saw I turned my back to Auraxis, annoyed.

Sorry, you can kill him AFTER we're done with him. Feel better?

Illidan nods as he moves into position. "get ready " Illidan whispers back and opens the hatch as quietly as possible not to alert the guards. (Initiative) 1d10 + 3 ⇒ (2) + 3 = 5


Huntarr pointed his pistol at the two masked individuals as soon as he hopped from the vents. He held his fire unless either drew a gun or the woman failed to eliminate her target.

1d10 + 3 ⇒ (6) + 3 = 9

Initiative Order:
Her - 14
Auraxis - 13
Huntarr - 9
Illidan - 5

Illidan opens the hatch at delicately as possible and the woman jumps down first and lunges at the man on the right followed by the rest of the team.

Both men are wearing Feudal Breastplate with chain axes attached to their hips and boars head masks. They are both caught completely by surprise!

Behind the 2 men appears to be some kind of access elevator.

Her I need you to do 1 roll of 1d100 for your attack since we are going to use BC rules for combat.

Everyone should do their attacks and damage rolls in the next post except for dennis just your damage roll because you did your attack right.

1d100 ⇒ 5
How does this effect my swift attack?

If woman attacks the guy on the right I attack the guy on the left. We want one alive to put to the question and one dead.

I want to use the blunt side of the axe. 1d10 + 6 ⇒ (8) + 6 = 14

Her: Swift Attack is for every 2 degrees of success it's one extra hit. Since you had to jump down which is half action and then swift half action your at a +0 bonus on the attack so 47 WS. You rolled a 5 so that is 2 DoS so 3 hits total on that guy. Roll damage 3 times with your mono dagger and don't forget to roll damage 2 times for each hit because of tearing. Which guy were you hitting left or right?

Auraxis: The Axe only does 1d10+3 damage with your strength included so you did 11 Damage total. You whack the the left guy with the flat of your Axe very hard but he is still standing and looks very startled at the attack.

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