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PaizoCon 2014!

Dark Heresy - Haarlock's Legacy

Game Master Nethru

Online to PbP game in session.

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But.... Life is just one big battle. :P

GM, can you send me a copy of my sheet? The latest copy I have is missing stuff.

Psyniscience +10
Perception (Simple)
Perception (Intermediate)
Armor of Contempt
Dodge +10
Toughness (Simple)
Dodge +20

This leaves 50 exp.

Wow, Mindblade just got mad skillz just watching the auction :-)

he been building up his abilities over the last few months! :)

you need me to send you updated sheet or you good? I updated it on my side.

Good for now. Hang onto it, though. In case my laptop dies.

I need to consult my books before I give an action but I will drop a short line of dialogue....

Does vymer and quill need to make test. Do they have anything visual that would prevent them from going blind too?

Quill didn't go yet and Vymer has augments that make it so he don't go blind from flashes.

Fair enough

Mindblade is doing his thing with them rolls

G emp would you mind answering any of my inquiries

Any other rooms where roj is g emp?

I'll post this evening been super busy last couple days and doing tournament today!

Try not to break any fingers and toes!

Not to worries man. I think we've all been busy lately. :P

my main pc blew up the other day. awaiting new one should have today. i'll post updates this weekend once i'm all situated.

If your a gun user stuck in melee with someone the gun needs to be a Pistol to use it unless you do an Acrobatic attempt (half action) to disengage and then fire. Melee shooting is NOT considered point blank you would need to do acrobatic roll to get point blank firing bonus. And you can't fire semi/full auto at the target in melee with you either.

Guns are PIA in melee.

G. Emp.

Look again at Illidan's Agility roll. He typo'ed. He needs to do it again.

He rolled 100, not 1d100.

'100 = 100' will always come up 100.

Thank you sister

For the lone survivor of the mission 1200 exp.
For Curt and Darrik 700 exp to spend extra on your new chars.
So you both should be at 7200.

I will be helping curt with his new character this week and will continue the story line once he's set. Don't want anyone to miss beginning of next part.

I will be away from the 2ned to the 7th and likely not posting. I will try to send you the list of equipment I would like before I leave.

sorry guys i will post some updates today. Alexander is back in the game as well.

Equipment Requisition Request:

Heavy Bolter + Extra Rounds
Extra Bolt Pistol Rounds
Grenades (10 Krak 3 Hallucinogen)
Light Power Armor (+2 extra charge packs)
Charm (Aquila Sign)
Explosive Collar
Demolition Charge (x3)

I also want to do some research on the Merc that got away during the end of our last encounter.

IN addition, our dataslate had some information which was unavailable regarding the penal colony, namely why it shut down, can we gain access to that classified information?

Your not trained in the use of Heavy Bolter so that is going to be denied.

10 kraks is a bit much. They will give you 3 and 3.

Everything else is acceptable.

Can you add these ability to my character sheet get emp. I have 500 experience left.

Blade master 200
counter attack 100
silent move + 20 100
lightning reflexes 100


according to your sheet you don't have any exp left. Reason it shows less than what you actually have is because Untouchable cost exp to take and doesn't show on that sheet.


Blade master 200 
counter attack 100 
silent move + 20 100 
lightning reflexes 100


Auraxis will take:

Strong Mind (100 XP)
Resistance (Psychic Powers 300 XP)

I still have 150 XP left to spend which I will save for my next purchase.


Forbidden Lore (Archeotech) - 100xp

Security - 100xp

Security +10 - 100xp

Trade (Miner) - 100xp

Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mecahnicus) +20 - 100xp

Graki counter attack is actually 200. which do you want to drop?

Ill drop slient move +20 for lightning reflexes

Command +10
Air of Authority

Finally feels like some accessories paid off. Although I wish it effected more of them but I will take what I can :)

I wish I had faster movement!

That dodge was unreal anyone of those bullets would have hurt...and at least there is one last bad guy to worry about

sorry been super busy with work, jiu-jitsu and home stuff. i'll post updates this weekend.

You suck


Take the time you need, man.

Weapon Jams Such is the capricious whim of the 41st Millennium that many of the ranged weapons that an Acolyte uses will have an unfortunate tendency to malfunction, either through extreme age, maltreatment of their machine spirit, or just plain poor design. To represent these unfortunate occurrences, an unmodified result of 96 to 00, in addition to being an automatic miss, also indicates the weapon has jammed. A Jammed weapon cannot be fired until it is cleared. Clearing a Jam is a Full Action which requires a Ballistic Skill Test. If the Test is successful then the Jam has been cleared, though the weapon needs to be reloaded and any ammo in it is lost. If the Test is failed the weapon is still Jammed, though the character can attempt to clear it again next Round.

Based on tried and true technology, Reliable weapons seldom fail. If a Reliable weapon Jams, roll 1d10 and only on a roll of 10 has it in fact Jammed, otherwise it just misses as normal.

Not saying it was reliable weapon but just saying Mr. Rule Nazi :)

I have to use whatever I can to belp me out. If its reliable make the roll if not then should be jammed. Rules were made for a reason. Im in the middle of a gun fight and I intend to stay alive... for as long as possible GM.

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