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Sinophia Planetary Data:

Population: No reliable estimate (estimated to be fewer than 150 Million, from a recorded previous height of 2 billion).
Tithe Grade: Exactus Minoris (planet unable to maintain regular tithe and placed under special measures as of 017.M41)
Geography/Demography: Temperate but unstable climate, remaining habitation centred on northern continent (Sinophia Magna: capital/starport, Karib City: lesser hive and industrial zone; population levels failing, Hive Argopolis: abandoned/unsafe). Sinophia also possesses extensive fertile wetlands and plains formerly cultivated but fallen to wilderness, lawlessness and widespread disuse. Sinophia’s southern continents are currently evidencing extensive volcanism and seismic activity, leading to a planetwide increase in precipitation over the last several centuries.
Governmental Type: Oligarchy (Quorum of Noble Families)
Planetary Governor: The Judiciary Evandus Idrani, Seventh of his Name
Adept Presence: Adeptus Administratum, Adeptus Ministorum, Adeptus Arbites—All Minor (presence much reduced from former levels)
Military: The Provost Defence Army (Organized as a PDF or Planetary Defence Force, low/medium, declining, not considered fit for purpose under most recent sector strategic review), private armed cadres of the noble houses (small/medium)
Trade/Economy/Addendum: Legitimate off-world trade with Sinophia is limited. There is a long-standing boycott of the world by the Calixis Chartist Captains, although dealings with minor cartels and independents are frequent, if erratic. Thanks in part to its dwindling population, Sinophia is largely self-sufficient in terms of food and industry, particularly in scavenging resources of its former sizable infrastructure, although the heavy tax burden imposed on the population by the local government has led to rampant criminality and corruption, further undermining civil and economic stability.

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Fate Spending Options
*Re-roll any failed Test. The result of the re-roll are final.
*Count as having rolled a 10 for Initiative.
*Add an extra degree of success to a Test.
*Instantly recover 1d5 Wounds.
*Recover from being Stunned.
*Get an extra Parry or Dodge Reaction.

Attack Actions:
All Out Attack: Full - +20 to WS, cannot Dodge or Parry.
Charge: Full - Must move 4 metres, +10 to WS.
Defensive Stance: Full - Enemies -20 WS, you cannot attack.
Feint: Half - Opposed WS Test, if you win, your next attck cannot be Dodged or Parried.
Full Auto Burst: Full - +20 to BS, additional hit for every degree of success.
Grapple: Full - Make a Grapple attack (see page 197).
Guarded Attack: Full - -10 WS, +10 Parry and Dodges.
Knock-Down: Half - Try and knock an opponent to the ground (see page 190).
Multiple Attacks: Full - Use Swift Attck or Lighning Attack talents to make multiple attacks.
Overwatch: Varies - Shoot targets coming into a set kill zone, targets suffer -20 to Pinning Test (see page 190).
Semi-Auto Burst: Full - +10 to BS, additional hit for every two degrees of success.
Standard Attack: Half - Make one melee or ranged attack.
Stun: Full - Try and Stun an opponent.
Suppressing Fire: Full - Force opponents to take cover, -20 to BS (see page 191)

Move Actions:
Disengage: Full - Break off from melee and make Half move.
Manoeuvre: Half - Opposed WS Test, if you win move enemy 1 metre.
Move: Half/Full - Move up to your movement as a Half Action or twice your Movement as a Full Action.
Run: Full - Triple Movement, enemies -20 BS and +20 WS.
Stand/Mount: Half - Stand up or mount a riding animal.
Tactical Advance: Full - Move from cover to cover, gaining Benefit of cover throughout.

Miscellaneous Actions:
Aim: Half/Full - +10 bonus to hit as a Half Action or +20 to hit as a Full Action on your next attack.
Delay: Half - Before your next turn take any Half Action.
Dodge: Reaction - Test Dodge to negate a hit.
Focus Power: Varies - Use a Psychic Power.
Jump/Leap: Full - Leap or Jump (see page 214).
Parry: Reaction - Test WS to negate a hit.
Ready: Half - Ready a weapon or item.
Reload: Varies - Reload a ranged weapon.
Use Skill: Varies - You may use a Skill

Two-Weapon Fighting Rules: Full Actions
*-20 Main, -40 Off Hand without Ambidextrous/2-Weapon Fighting
*-20 Penalty both with 2-Weapon Fighting and without Ambidextrous
*-10 Main, -30 Off Hand with Ambidextrous and without 2-Weapon Fighting
*-10 Penalty with both learned.
*Swift Attack and two-weapon fighting will give you 2 attacks with main and 1 with off
*Lightning Attack and two-weapon fighting will give you 3 attacks with main and 1 with off
*Ballistics allows you to do Semi/Full-Auto in both hands when shooting with 2 pistols.
*You can do swift/lighting with main hand and Semi/Full with off hand with a pistol
*When doing two weapon fighting with multi-attack actions all attacks are at -10 to hit.