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Dark Heresy - Ascension (Inactive)

Game Master Nethru

High Rank Ordo Malleus Campaign

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Deathstroke sat back, and started using his spy mask to listen in on he military's communications, to ensure that there were no nasty surprises waiting for them on the station.

The ship finally docs at the space station and you are greeted by Imperial Navy men as you disembark. The space station is a buzzing hive of activity. One man steps forward obviously another officer.

"Welcome to Casimir Station orbiting Saint Annard's Penance."

The medicae take the Inquisitor off quickly and to the medical bays to see what can be done.

Zaddion steps off the ship feasting is eyes on the fast pace activity


Zaddion says nothing to the man but gives him a nice gesture for the warm welcome

"Thank you. And you are...?"

"many thanks officer" Justine Makes a Pause and take a good look at him, "would you mind telling us where are you taking the inquisitor, it's my duty to protect him and i should know where he is headed."

"I am Lieutenant Grazzi of the Naval Security Defense of this station. We are taking the Inquisitor to the infirmary for treatment. If you would follow me we will take you to your quarters until things are straightened out."

The Lieutenant looks up at Brother Sariel.

"Normally my men and I would be in awe at your presence but we seem to have been in luck with seeing Astartes lately. A few of your brothers are down on the planet, they arrive a few weeks ago with another Inquisitor and his Retinue. Quite a coincidence that your group happened to arrive as well."

"What livery did these Marines wear? Which Inquisitor did they accompany?"

Deathstroke was slightly relieved that there was another member of the Inquisition nearby.

Zaddion ears perk up at the sound of more Astartes being present
"More Astartes you say, more beautifuly designed killing machines here ?!? on this planet ?!?."

Brother Sariel does not say anything when he hears about the other Astarted.

The Lieutenant rubs his chin.
"I am not to familiar with the names of their chapters but one was wearing black and one red. The Inquisitor announced himself as Inquisitor Bramstrok and had a Rossete much like your teams as shown and passed clearance. They were transporting prisoners a big ugly looking renegade marine and few others."

"Five centuries is a very long time. Do you have a Librarium that we can use to catch up on current events? How stands the Imperium?"

Zaddion looks at the garment that he is wrapped in
"After 500 hundred years I know my wardrobe is to be out dated, once we acquire the knowledge we seek I must obtain some new threads I will not make my appearance in this day in age wearing old rags. "

"Haven't you heard? Everything old is new again." Deathstroke said with a slight tilt of his head to indicate that he was smirking behind his mask.

Zaddion chuckles a bit
"So your hairstyle is in I suppose"

"As in as yours...."

Justine simply smirks at their chit chat, it was good to see them this lively since the past event that left the ship drifting for 500 years. "well i think its time to focus, we will have plenty of time to reorganize. its a good coincidence that we found this inquisitor, and i think he could help us get an update on the current events" a small pause as Justine looks back at Lt. Grazzi "Lieutenant Grazzi coud you take us to this inquisitor, if we asked you? and do you mind to tell us if you know his name?"

Zaddion laughs and draws his shiny blade and uses it as a mirror and pats the back of his head
"still got it"
blade is Sheathed again

The officer and his men lead the group though the space station toward your quarters.

"Inquisitor Bramstrok is not here. He went planet side about 3 weeks ago with the other Astartes and his prisoners. There are some terminals in your quarters which you can utilized to get updates on the going-ons in this sector."

The room he leads you to is a small but cozy room. There are 3 total for the 5 of you.

Brim looks between the group and the three rooms.

"Well I guess i'll stay with the Sister here. Someone has to keep her safe!"

He chuckles a bit.

Brother Sariel places his arm in front of Brim.

"You will be staying with me in this room Abhuman. The sister will have a room to herself and the other 2 assassins can share a room."

He gives Brim the stank eye stare.

"Pffft! Whatever! Fine!"

He waddles off into the room Sariel pointed out.

Deathstroke nods, and turns back to the Lieutenant.

"Lieutenant, could you please inform the Medicae bay to inform us immediately of any change in the Inquisitor's status or condition? It is imperative that we are kept apprised, and I'm certain that the medicae would be ill-at-ease with several people such as us tromping through their medbay, not to mention the other patients."

After receiving his answer, Deathstroke goes into his room and immediately moves to the indicated terminal to begin his history lessons.
He filters the most pertinent data about the Inquisition, Bramstrok, and any mention of Clade Vindicare in the last 500 years.

Zaddion Enters his quaters and strips @$$ naked out of his body glove suit and heads stright for the showers...

"500 years I havent enjoyed a warm shower, its usually best after battle washing the blood of fallen foes.... was a sight to see"

After showering and strigtening his hair Zaddion places on the body suit which wears like a extra layer of skin and places some suitable clothing on and finds Clade peering into the terminal.

"Any news?!?"

Justine enters her quarters lets out a sigh or relief, to loosen up the stress and stretches her body to loosen up the tension, she puts some of her belongings on the table and starts looking for information on the planet. the presence of the Ecclesiarchy in this planet, the kind of convicts and criminals this planet handled and the important figures. after finishing looking for this information she laid her clothes and took a bath and got herself ready for the next meeting, then lastly she dedicated to prayer as she waited for their team-mates.

Not going to dump 500 years of data but the war continues against the xenos, heretics, forces of chaos and all that jazz.

The Penal world holds mostly criminals sentenced to life in prison to mine for the Imperium. Cheap labor = no pay labor through prisoners. They range from theft to cold hard killers. None were deemed heretics of chaos.

(Just a note: Clade=Temple Deathstroke Clade Vindicare is the same as Deathstroke of the Vindicare Temple. His name is simply Deathstroke.)

"Nothing relevant thus far. Any chance you left some hot water for anyone else?"

"it takes time and precision to have these locks lay as smoothly as they do, any news on our inquisitor friend?

Zaddion gears up to see what's buzzing around the planet side

"No, not yet. After I get refreshed, I'm thinking about arranging transport to the planet. I'd like to see this Inquisitor Bramstrok for myself."

Deathstroke stands and moves into the refresher. After his shower, he suits up once more, and moves back to the main room to run a complete weapons check and to reload his magazines.

"A captured renegade should have some interesting tales to tell."

After several hours of being on board the space station an alarm begins to ring and over the vox com you hear an unfamiliar voice.

"All security personal to the shuttle bay. We have a Class A breach."

At that you all hear a lot of bustling and running outside your rooms as men and women begin to run down the halls with weapons in hand.

"Time to go to work."

Deathstroke heads out with his duffel and follows the troopers to the shuttle bay.

Zaddion peers into the hall to see where the mass is running to. Turning back to Clade
"should we follow ?"

(Deathstroke is already moving.)

Zaddion peers into the empty room noticing that deathstroke is gone, looking back into the crowd he sees a figure wading through the sea of troopers in a movement only a skilled assassin would be trained in.
Zaddion follows

Deathstroke slipped on his Spy Mask as he moved through the crowd, activating the runes that would allow him to listen in on the comm chatter of the Naval security forces.

(Deathstroke speaks Secret Tongue: Military. What are they saying? What orders are being sent out?)

From what you can gather it seems there has been a major riot and breakout on the planet.

Sariel finishes up his prayers and grabs his weapon heading out into the halls following the troopers.

Brim follows close behind.

Zaddion rushes forward like a ninja to catch up to Deatstroke. head forward arms flailing behind him
"you know anything about this mass gathering"

"Maybe I should have them put me back to sleep on the ship! I don't think I can handle this kind of action so early after just waking up!"

"Uprising on the planet. I figure I can find out more at the shuttle bay."

"for all we know it could be a normal uprising. we should talk with Lieutenant Grazzi, he could give us information on this event" Justine remains calm, and looks around preparing for this event.

"No problem. Go ahead. I'm going to the top of the food chain."

Deathstroke switches to a command frequency to see who everyone is deferring to in the chain of command. Then he will comm that signal privately and offer assistance. All the while, he continues to move towards the shuttle bay with the intention of requisitioning a ride to the planet's surface.

The commanding officer appears to be Commander Frizz and he is sending one company down to the planet to assist with the uprising.

Zaddion's mind switching into combat ready mode, and rushes to Commander Frizz who is barking orders
Zaddion points to Deatstroke

"Commander, I'm Deathstroke, an Imperial Throne Agent."

Deathstroke holds up the Inquisitorial Rosette.

"What information do you have about the uprising, thus far?"

The commander looks between the group as you all approach one after another into the hangar bay and then looks at the Rosette.

"Well it seems we have a major breakout on the planet. We have lost contact with our officers there and as far as we know the entire facility is under control of the inmates. Last we heard they were slaughtering everyone. Sounds like some kind of freakish cult. Good thing you guys are here to figure out this mess after we take control of the facility again."

Brim pants hard as he was chasing after Brother Sariel to the bay.

"what... did... you... say...." as he is having a hard time breathing.

The Astartes gives Brim the cold stare and then turns back to the Commander.

"We will assist with the retake of the facility if you do not mind Commander."

"Brother Sariel speaks the truth of it. We will assist in retaking the prison in a manner that I believe will meet with your approval. Quick, surgical strikes to remove the ring leaders. Once that has been accomplished, things should return to what passes as normal. All we need are maps, a list of likely suspects to engineer such a rebellion, and an Aquila Lander to get us down there. We can start with ground control to find out why contact was lost."

"My blades have dulled over the last 500 years it's time to sharpen them with the iron in the blood of my enemies"
Zaddion eyes glimmer with a intense focus

Justine has been quiet since the mention of heresy."before jumping into the action i think we need more information on the situation. how large is the facility? have you established a perimeter around it? is there anyone inside? where is the center of their activity. have they made demands? and what can you tell me about the other inquisitor. now excuse me if i ask too many questions, but the more we know the better we can help." Justine just stays there calm waiting for the answers, thinking about what else can be planned. before going into action. "also, where is the map of the facility, can you show it to us?"

The Commander motions for you all to follow him. He moves to a console and pushes a few buttons and a hologram of the facility appears.

"We have lost all communications down there. As far as we know all our forces are either dead or imprisoned. The Inquisitor that came before you did not tell us much other than he was transporting prisoners for interrogation and we were the closest military facility to do it at."

He points out a few key locations of where the HQ's are in the facility and then points to where the shuttles will be landing at the port.

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