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Starfinder Society

Dark Heresy - Ascension (Inactive)

Game Master Nethru

High Rank Ordo Malleus Campaign


Deathstroke Clade Vindicare - Darrick
Eisen Odessa - Curt
Sister Justine - Javier
Brother Sariel - NPC Grey Knight
Inquisitor Jack Drakos - NPC Inquisitor
Brim - NPC Squat Mechanic

Saint Annard Pennance
Landing Horde

Ascension House Rules
*You can not purchase unnatural characteristics with experience through the class progression.
*Each Psy Rating gives you 1 Minor and 1 Major power ONLY. You can still purchase more powers based on your normal class advancement options.

Fate Spending Options
*Re-roll any failed Test. The result of the re-roll are final.
*Count as having rolled a 10 for Initiative.
*Add an extra degree of success to a Test.
*Instantly recover 1d5 Wounds.
*Recover from being Stunned.
*Get an extra Parry or Dodge Reaction.

Attack Actions:
All Out Attack: Full - +20 to WS, cannot Dodge or Parry.
Charge: Full - Must move 4 metres, +10 to WS.
Defensive Stance: Full - Enemies -20 WS, you cannot attack.
Feint: Half - Opposed WS Test, if you win, your next attck cannot be Dodged or Parried.
Full Auto Burst: Full - +20 to BS, additional hit for every degree of success.
Grapple: Full - Make a Grapple attack (see page 197).
Guarded Attack: Full - -10 WS, +10 Parry and Dodges.
Knock-Down: Half - Try and knock an opponent to the ground (see page 190).
Multiple Attacks: Full - Use Swift Attck or Lighning Attack talents to make multiple attacks.
Overwatch: Varies - Shoot targets coming into a set kill zone, targets suffer -20 to Pinning Test (see page 190).
Semi-Auto Burst: Full - +10 to BS, additional hit for every two degrees of success.
Standard Attack: Half - Make one melee or ranged attack.
Stun: Full - Try and Stun an opponent.
Suppressing Fire: Full - Force opponents to take cover, -20 to BS (see page 191)

Move Actions:
Disengage: Full - Break off from melee and make Half move.
Manoeuvre: Half - Opposed WS Test, if you win move enemy 1 metre.
Move: Half/Full - Move up to your movement as a Half Action or twice your Movement as a Full Action.
Run: Full - Triple Movement, enemies -20 BS and +20 WS.
Stand/Mount: Half - Stand up or mount a riding animal.
Tactical Advance: Full - Move from cover to cover, gaining Benefit of cover throughout.

Miscellaneous Actions:
Aim: Half/Full - +10 bonus to hit as a Half Action or +20 to hit as a Full Action on your next attack.
Delay: Half - Before your next turn take any Half Action.
Dodge: Reaction - Test Dodge to negate a hit.
Focus Power: Varies - Use a Psychic Power.
Jump/Leap: Full - Leap or Jump (see page 214).
Parry: Reaction - Test WS to negate a hit.
Ready: Half - Ready a weapon or item.
Reload: Varies - Reload a ranged weapon.
Use Skill: Varies - You may use a Skill

Two-Weapon Fighting Rules: Full Actions
*-20 Main, -40 Off Hand without Ambidextrous/2-Weapon Fighting
*-20 Penalty both with 2-Weapon Fighting and without Ambidextrous
*-10 Main, -30 Off Hand with Ambidextrous and without 2-Weapon Fighting
*-10 Penalty with both learned.
*Swift Attack and two-weapon fighting will give you 2 attacks with main and 1 with off
*Lightning Attack and two-weapon fighting will give you 3 attacks with main and 1 with off
*Ballistics allows you to do Semi/Full-Auto in both hands when shooting with 2 pistols.
*You can do swift/lighting with main hand and Semi/Full with off hand with a pistol
*When doing two weapon fighting with multi-attack actions all attacks are at -10 to hit.

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