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Game Master Trup

Short History:

The Shattering

Once, millennia ago, the world of Vil knew not the touch of corruption. These several millennia ago, a powerful Wizard named Urdan, formed out of his arrogance the nation or Urdania. Fearing no man or beast, he and his armies launched out on a campaign with only one intention. Global conquest. Nation, after nation fell as Urdan rode at the head of his vast and magical army. Urdan stood poised to achieve his impossible dream, but without warning, he withdrew from leading his armies and headed deep into his Empire, to his capital city. No one knows what he did there, but everyone saw the effects.

A massive explosion destroyed the capital city and tore a hole through the planar barriers. Powerful explosions began to shake the entire world, seeming to happen at random. The people of Vil hid, hoping these terrible destructive magics would not find them. When the explosions ended and the people raised their heads from the dust, they saw something that they could not comprehend. Where the damaging explosion had touched, the ground had become black, the plant life has become twisted, and worst of all, the people effected became mutated insane monsters.

Where once stood the Capital city or Urdans empire now stood a new city, one built of bones, iron, and blood. Armies of these dark and corrupted creatures attacked everywhere all at once. The people of Vil desperately fought back, but either fled, or were destroyed. Only the massive alliance of the last free kingdoms at the foothills of the northern Korsko mountains managed to halt the Corruption and it’s armies. To this day it still remains a threat to the lives of all though…

The Shattered Kingdoms

The Ralian Holy Land:

The holy land is a place that is famous throughout the shattered kingdoms. It is a place supposedly completely free from the effects of corruption where the Blessed of Tal and his avatars live in peace. The holy land makes up the entire area of the Northwestern Continent, extending from the wild-lands up. Conflict here is rare at best, and peace reigns supreme throughout most of the kingdom. The Ralian army however, does not slack in its duties despite the peace, and maintains a well trained and sizeable force the patrol the kingdom, ready to respond to any threat. It’s only borders on land is from the southern Wild-lands.

The Wild-lands:

Originally a vast Rainforest surrounding the Firestone Mountains, The Wild-lands northeastern portion has been cleared away and made into a region now called the Steel lands.. The Steel Legion, a mercenary army of great renown, settled here and took up a Role as acting defenders of the population. Previously the population had been protected by warriors known as the emerald Guard, who had nowhere near the level of experience as the Steel Legion. Since the Steel Legions arrival, the land has reversed its poverty situation, has founded 3 new towns and villages, and even has a sizable city that provides great income from those passing through on pilgrimages to the Holy Land, which lies to its north.


Druin is a nation that holds fierce legends. The Nation holds dominion over a Massive desert kingdom, and has several great shining cities, standing as beacons of civilization on its northern shore. Many people choose to make the Pilgrimage to the Holy Land via sea, thus making the ports of Druin some of the most wealthy and prosperous cities in the world. They have an elite corps of soldiers known as the Shin’a Na, or “Desert Ghosts”. Filled with a majority of rangers and rogues(though all classes see recruitment in the group) The sand ghosts are feared by all who would dare cross the laws or armies of the Nation of Druin. Travel through the Druin desert is especially harsh, but the Government provides a Ghost to lead groups through the desert for a “nominal” fee. Also of note is that the HQ of The Collective is hidden within the desert. The government knows of this, but has cut a deal with The Collective to keep its HQ secret. Druin is bordered from the west and the south by The Wild-lands, and from the east by the Silveri Empire.

Silveri Empire:

The Silveri Empire Is renowned far and wide for its hatred of Magic in all forms. They even actively disregard Tal and his Avatars because of their association with the unnatural. The Silver Fist holds power here. This group actively hunts down magic within its kingdom, and is especially skilled at killing any and all mages, clerics, druids, etc. The city of Darens Hold has withstood several hundred sieges by their northeastern neighbors the Urdanian Empire, who actively seek to end their ancient foe. Darens Hold has never broken and has stood as a legacy of defiance against magic since the Shattering. Today a small but powerful group known as the Silver Hand is becoming more and more popular among the general population. The Silver Hand speaks of Magic as a thing to be feared yes, but not hated. With careful planning and specially trained guards, Magic users could be harnessed for the good of the Silveri Empire. These two groups will inevitably clash in open civil war if this trend continues. The Silveri Empire stands Northwest from Druin, and Southeast from Urdania.

New Thaok:

Although savage orc tribes populate the Shattered Kingdoms to this day, they are becoming less and less of a threat. This is all thanks to the nation of New Thaok. Before the shattering, Thaok was home to a proud race of Green skinned warriors. When Urdan first began his plans for world domination, Thaok was the first to fall. The orcs of Thaok were then cursed for their defiance, and to this day, suffer from the effects of that curse, rage. The orcs were filled with boundless rage that they found hard to control, and it reduced them to nothing more than tribal clans. Enter clan lord Grum. Grum united hundreds of feuding orc tribes after the shattering and marched back to his ancestral homelands, slaughtering every Urdanian on his way there. Once there, he began a brutal campaign of purification, cleansing the corruption form his home and fighting back every attempt by the Corrupted forces to push his orcs back. New Thaok borders the Savage wastes, and is watched very closely by its neighbors for fear that the curse in their veins may cause the society to lash out without cause, and start a war that there may be no coming back from. New Thaok lies past the mountains Northeast of Korsko.


Home of the greatest mages within the Shattered Kingdoms, Urdania has a dark history. It was Urdania who in its lust for power launched a war against the world. It was Urdania who in its greed that built the shining city far to the north and filled it with treasures from every kingdom. It was Urdania in its arrogance that caused the Shattering. Today Urdania is a shadow of its world conquering ancestors, and yet despite this still remains one of the most powerful countries in the Shattered Kingdoms. Urdania is run by a mages council that is filled with the most powerful mages found within Urdania. Politics are vicious here and setting your sights to high can often lead to a untimely death. Urdania hates its southern neighbors passionately. They consider the Silveri Empire a bunch of fanatical fools whose only use is to be crushed underfoot. Despite decades of trying however, Urdania has never been able to march their armies past Darens Hold.


East of Urdania and the Silveri Empire lays the large Nation of Verdule. It is the largest Nation within the Shattered Kingdoms, and boasts the largest armies as well. Verdule, however, is no safe haven. Currently there are 7 different noble houses vying for dominance in wake of the highly suspicious death of their former emperor. The civil war has torn the once grand nation apart and only a few cities bear no scars of this fighting. Suspicion runs rampant, and there isn’t a day that goes by where some poor unfortunate is executed for treason(To the local dominant noble house of course) Many people in Verdule have begun looking towards the western neighbors for more suitable homes

The Shrouded Lands(Ithia):

On a chain of Islands in the Midnight sea, just north of Druin, are the Shrouded Lands. When the Shattering happened, the elves and gnomes lost their homelands to the ensuing destruction and corruption. As each race fled west escaping the destruction, they each found the other to be stalwart allies and greatest of friends. This would form a bond that lasts to this day. The two races set sail, fleeing what is now today New Thaok and landing on a mysterious chain of Islands. The Shrouded Lands, as they are called by outsiders, became the new home for both peoples. Using powerful magic, the Elves and Gnomes placed a permanent fog around the islands, and only those they wish to have entry ever make it past the dangerous waters to a safe harbor.


This Mountainous land lays Northwest of the Silveri Empire, and west of Urdania. Korsko was once simply a barbaric nation until the Shattering when remnants of the once glorious Dwarven empire fled south as the land behind them became Corrupted and dark. Tired of running and now within a strategic location, the Dwarves enlisted the aid of the local barbaric Humans. Standing side by side the combined forces met the oncoming tide of corrupted armies again and again. When it seemed as if though the valiant army would be overwhelmed, Supporting forces from each of the still free nations arrive and battled alongside the suffering dwarves and humans until finally the dark armies lay at the base of the mountains broken and destroyed. From this battlefield alliance, the nation of Korsko was born. Today the humans now have a orderly government with several Knightly orders who serve as the majority of its military force. The Dwarves themselves have carved massive cities out of the Mountains and make up almost half of the population.

(Note: I have only posted domains from the Core rulebook. If you believe that you have a domain from another sourcebook that fits in with the deity or Avatar, ask me!)
Tal(The one)(Lawful Good)– God of purity and light
Tal is said to be the creator of this world. His Church is the most powerful and widely spread through the Shattered kingdoms and the majority of people follow his doctrine. His doctrine states that if there is good a person can do, then he is obligated to do it. Extra money should go to the poor, the weak should be defended, etc. His favored weapon is the long sword.
Domains – Good, Law, Protection, Healing, Nobility, Sun, Glory, Community

The Avatars – In the lore of Tal, there existed a legion of god like beings who tried to oppose his creation of Vil. A very small number of these beings defected from the majority and instead opted to serve Tal. For their reward in aiding in his victory, they were allowed to be worshipped alongside Tal.

Kalwor(Lord of Battle, Lord of Peace)(Neutral good) – God of war and peace
Kalwor was the first to defect to Tals side, and the most efficient in battling his former brothers and sisters. Kalwor teaches that one muts perfect himself in the art of war in order to better maintain the peace. Kalwor enjoys battle, but only so he can ensure that peace reigns. This core philosophy is hard for many to follow easily. Kalwors favored weapon is the bastard sword
Domains – War, Good, Strength, Protection, Nobility

Cosic (The spymaster) (Chaotic Neutral) – God of spies, knowledge, and stealth
Cosic was the one who secreted information about his former brothers and sisters to the avatars, aiding in their destruction yet never lifting a finger to do battle himself. This is how Cosic teaches. Information is all powerful, and one must keep track of information, no matter how trivial, because you can always turn information to your advantage. His favored weapon, The dagger, is always shown in pristine condition because one should never have to dirty a blade when they can destroy someone with information just as easily.
Domains – Travel, Trickery, Charm, Knowledge, Luck

Amon (Archmage of Tal) (Neutral) – God of Magic
Amon was the last to defect, and only because he respected Kalwor enough to heed his advice. Amon helped greatly in the war against his former brothers and sisters. Amon teaches that Magic is the key to everything. Amon has fallen from his previously high status before the Shattering, and followers of his ideals are actively hunted in the Silveri Empire. His favored weapons is the quarterstaffe.
Domains – Destruction, Knowledge, Magic, Rune

Orana(Mistress of Vil)(Neutral) – Goddess of Vil
Orana was always for the creation of a new world, but lacked the courage to betray her brethren until Kalwor did so. She used her powers to bind herself closer to the new world then any of the other Avatars. Orana teaches that what is left of the world is to be respected and protected. Every aspect of the earth is beautiful to her and her followers. Her favored weapon is the Longbow.
Domains – Animal, Plant, Air, Fire, Water, Earth

Undit(The Forge lord)(Chaotic Good) – God of Crafts
Undit beat and hammered on his anvil to forge the greatest creation ever known in his fight against his former brethren. He teaches to pursue perfection in craftsmanship, and many of the world finest arts are attributed to him. He absolutely despises when his works are used for evil purposes. His favored weapon is the Warhammer.
Domains –Artifice, Protection, Fire, Good

Irana(The Soother)(Neutral good) – Goddess of healing and soothing
Irana joined Tal as soon as her sister Orana did, and her abilities soothed the wounds of the avatars after each battle. Irana was also attracted to the world like Orana, but for different reasons. The people of the world drew her in, and it reflects in her teachings. Irana teaches that suffering must be relieved, and the oppressed must be free. Her favored weapon is the Morningstar.
Domains – Glory, good, Healing, Protection, Liberation

Chaos(Lord of Corruption) (Chaotic Evil) – Dark God of the Corruption
There are whispers about a powerful god who created the corruption, who now hold more power then Tal and his avatars combined. The rumors say that this being has only shown his face to his truly faithful and rewards his servants with powerful mutations. Cults to this mysterious and dark god have popped up all over the Shattered Kingdoms, and one question persists. Is this just the imaginings of derange men? Or does this Dark God exist? His favored weapon is the Dire Flail.
Domains – Evil, Chaos, Destruction, Darkness, Death, Madness, War, Strength

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