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Dark Ages Vampire - Bloodlines

Game Master Dennis Harry

Bloodlines is a continuation of the now defunct table top Dark Ages Vampire game wherein the PC's have created lineal descendants throughout the ages.

I am running a V20 campaign and I had a player drop out as a result I have one opening.

I am using the new V20 rules - if you don't have them and only have an old rules set it is not an issue for me - I can update you on any differences. All characters are currently human and the game is still in the prologue stage though we will soon enter full game play. As the game progresses the characters will become embraced. Players may either choose their Clan or have me choose it for them.

The following clans may be chosen if you do not wish me to choose for you:
- Brujah
- Giovanni
- Lasombra, and
- Nosferatu.

The discussion thread explains some of the differences between my world of darkness and canon. Differences will become clear as gameplay continues.

The backdrop is Venice in the Year of Our Lord 1309. The city is feeling the strife between the Pope and the Doge with Nobles picking sides for or against the Doge's current defiance of the Holy See.

I don't need stats at the moment just a simple one paragraph background and a concept.

I will keep Recruitment open until this Friday afternoon August 17 at 3 pm. I will make my decision the next day based on the concept I feel fits best with the current party.

The current party:
Andrew the Hardy - Scottish Nobleman and envoy from Robert the Bruce to the Doge,
Gunther Thesing - Hungarian immigrant and owner of "Greetings" Tavern and Inn,
Dr. Lorenzo Cappelli - Native Venetian and retired physician. Son of a wealthy merchant of Venice,
Michael Santo - Immigrant to Venice and owner of a small Gondola business,
Michele Querini - Native Venetian, Nobleman and member of the Great Council, and
Xing Shi - Asian assassin from the far east.

At the risk of stating the obvious... Ventrue are off the table?

If so, would you mind listing this game's disciplines for Brujah and LaSombre (any anti-tribu)?


@Nethru - Jene "the Genie" Rodriguez, here... Sorry I couldn't do the Skype thing! Was liking the PbP.

Hi Hassan -

Hmmm. No I suppose Ventrue are not completely off the table, I would consider allowing one depending on the concept and background presented.

No Antitribu, we are pre-anarch revolt Dark Ages.

Brujah (Celerity, Potence and Presence) and Lasombra (Dominate, Obtenebration, and Potence) Disciplines are the same for V20 as they were in past releases. Some of the rolls may be a bit different I would need to double check the systems on them.

To help with concept, are we to be the good guys as it were, or are we the bad guys? Are we evil-light? LOL? So that we'd be pitted against world ending EVIL?

I typically play the un-cola, maybe a weakness for humanity, desire for justice while working within the guidelines of the system. Good soul struggling to survive the transformation, possibly seeking salvation.

That said, to survive you gotta take care of the day to day business and not forget the reality of your situation.

Middle Eastern, slightly olive tone... Pass for Italian at a glance.Son of a rich spice merchant, maybe. Parents have a villa outside Venice. Zorro?!

I don;t want to reveal too much of where the campaign is headed as any hint will totally give it away.

I am not a fan of the term "sand box" but this is a campaign where you can decide how you want to play it. If you want to be a seeker of Golconda the minute you are embraced go for it. If you want to be an inhuman monster racing to get to zero humanity go for it!

I certainly want to explore the story of humans becoming monsters and doing what they must to survive which is the way the game was "originally intended" but I won't force anyone to go in that direction.

Let's look at the concept you have posted above: "Middle Eastern, slightly olive tone... Pass for Italian at a glance.Son of a rich spice merchant, maybe. Parents have a villa outside Venice. Zorro?!"

Sounds like a good start.
Would you be in Venice running the family business?
Is your family here?
Do you have a family of your own?
With the Zorro concept are you thinking man of the people fighting against the corruption of the Doge and Nobles like him?

This type of concept would lend itself nicely to the theme of the beast I am lest the beast I become. You drink the blood of the guilty to protect the innocent, unless of course you lose control.

It would be an interesting revelation for the character to realize that lurking behind corrupt humanity are immortal beings whose corruption spans the ages.

Obviously there is no right answer but I want to flesh it out a little more.

Yes, fight corruption, abuse, etc... Social consciousness.

He's th big man on campus, family, trusted. There's probably a business manager, dealing with the actual day to day concerns. Escalating to my character. My guy might be business development, acquiring customers, etc...

Parents mostly absent, but have scheduled or unscheduled site visits. No own family yet, maybe fiancee dies as part of a tragic accident leading to the embrace. He ends up a reluctant bachelor. Not a playboy.

Golconda yes. Once he knows what it is. For now, he is the lesser evil
.. steeped with new found power, he feels a responsibility.

Sorry. Posting from phone.

I'm Egyptian. Maybe from Cairo and Alexandria. So maybe antiques, antiquities, books, freight/cargo services, spice.

He who controls the spice, controls the universe!

Hassan Ahmed wrote:

I'm Egyptian. Maybe from Cairo and Alexandria. So maybe antiques, antiquities, books, freight/cargo services, spice.

He who controls the spice, controls the universe!

LOL, I have a D&D PC who bases most of his concepts on Dune :-)

This is a solid submission Hassan. I stated that I would keep Recruitment open until Friday so I won't make a final decision yet. Though based on interest level thus far it is looking good for "Zorro".

Thanks. Come one, come all.

This is for a Ventrue? I love the Fortitude!! Dominance and Presence? Been a while.

Yes, Fortitude, Dominate and Presence. I will allow Ventrue if that is your preference certainly the background would support a Ventrue being interested in your character based on his family connections though a Brujah would be interested your character based on his political leanings.

Yes, understood. Was going to say, could be mistaken for Brujah, in his early years. Before he learns/appreciates, the game within the game.

Big on free will. But knows he can't beat a drum about it.

I was going to reapply, as things got too crazy for me to write up a background last time, but Hassan seems pretty in to this game, so I'll back off.

Also wanted to say sorry that I never got a finished character Shadow. Between RL stuff and lacking a real feel of the setting/time period, I just couldn't get going.

Hey MonkeyGod no worries. I figured you got caught up.

It appears that the only submussion was from Hassan Ahmed. I don't see much of a point in keeping recruitment open any longer.

Congratulations Hassan, your concept is approved. As the day progresses and as time allows I will send you a PM to discuss character creation guidelines.

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