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Dark Ages Vampire - Bloodlines

Game Master Dennis Harry

Bloodlines is a continuation of the now defunct table top Dark Ages Vampire game wherein the PC's have created lineal descendants throughout the ages.

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Gunther Thesing

As you head up the stairs you see Jordan standing at the corner of the hall, it appears she was listening the whole time. As you open your mouth she rushes to you and kisses you on the cheek, "Thank you father!"

She then pushes past you and rushes into the arms of Christopher crying. He holds her close as you stand on the stairs somwehat stunned. For her entire life she has sought comfort in your arms, to see her seek the same thing from another man gives you pause.

As you consider what to say next there is a loud banging on your door.

Michele Querini

Sergei along with one of his henchmen Wilhelm accompany you to the Cappelli warehouse. Before they leave Sergei directs his men to wait for someone to arrive and Sergei requests that they entertain this guest while the matter you aid them with is handled.

The trip across the city is quite long, especially when you have had little sleep. Your body though is running on adrenaline and the anticipation of what is to come later on this evening.

You arrive at the warehouse nearly an hour and half after you left, it seems a number of Gondola's are out of operation perhaps because of the storms from the day before because it takes quite some time to get one!

The warehouse itself is not much to look at and is located a bit far from the port which is of course part of why you chose this location. It is subject to many fewer searches by city officials looking for bribes or illegal contraband. Many of the buildings around the warehouse are owned by merchants who are rarely in the city and thus foot traffic here is lighter than in other areas, another reason you selected this place, very few eyes watching the comings and goings.

You enter the building with Sergei and his man stays guard outside, he seems quite paranoid this Sergei and you will be glad to be rid of him soon. The daytime watchman, Old Giuseppe, gives you a toothy grin. "Long time since we have last met Signore. What can I do for you?"

Wraps his arm around the young mans shoulders...

"I know it is not tha news you expected, but think all tha land round yers belongs tah tha one family, they want tha entire area. I suspect yer havin tah trespass jus tah get on yer lands. They seems kind enuff an even offerin tah pay a goodly sum tells me alot bout ther character, were they English they would be takin tha land by force or tryin tah run yah off."

"Son sounds tah me like yer bout tah be a wealthy man without no funds from me err even Donnach. You'll be a self-made man takin what yah got an makin more o it."

Storyteller Shadow:
"In a manner of speaking I suppose I have, Antonia. In order to move on with my life, I must travel a great deal, my dealings with Dominic and the business were more of a confirmation that the path I choose is the correct one."

A sad smile crosses the face of the former doctor as he says the next few words, "Antonia, I wish nothing but the best for you and your family, but this may very well be the last we see of each other."

Lorenzo rises to his feet, embracing his sister with what may very well be one final hug. "I do love you, Antonia. Take good care of that niece and nephew of mine."

Having said his peace, Lorenzo begins to make his way out the door to visit his brother.

I'm certainly willing to rewind and wait for any conversation from Antonia before leaving.

Xing Shi nods to Signore Querini and enters the room cautiously examining her surroundings (is there anyone else in here?). She takes a seat and picks at some of the food not to eat to much.

"My employer unfortunately does not give me all the details of his dealings. I am a messenger but he does provide me with items to show his interest in dealing with your son in good faith."

She takes out the bag of coins and places it on the table.

"There is a lot more of that to be made if your family works with him. All your son needs to do is meet with him on (such and such date can't remember the specifics)."

" Giuseppe, it has been a long time. I am here gathering some items with a client." I will gesture towards Sergi. " please give me leave so I may gather them." as I say the last statement I will pull a few coins out and place on the table with my hand over them.

Alessandro tries not to be so conspiratorial.

"Yes, our Doge... if it please us." The young businessman smiles as the ceremonial presentation.

"I'm certain it pleases somebody. But, you know me and my philosphy regarding staying neutral. Politics can be bad for business, my friend. You pick an ally and you've chosen enemies without even knowing it.

The Pope his Holiness, the Doge his Serenity, House Dandolo, House Querini, Ferrara... who and what else? What other names do we throw into this soup? It is beyond me, good man.

Tell me. What have you heard? What's news?"

Alessandro motions to the man so that they may walk and continue the conversation.

Andrew the Hardy

Federico shakes his head and sighs, "You are correct Signore' his offer may well make me a wealthy man. I could choose to sit on my behind and count coins but I do not wish to do this. My father and his fathers have always worked and so shall I. I will agree to this. When should we meet with the Giovanni? Ah but one thing that must be made so, I must retrieve my current crops and try to salvage the seeds to replant in the new land which we procure. Will you help with this process as well?"

Lorenzo Cappelli:
Antonia smiles, "Traveling? Do not be so worried about this my brother. My husband travels but always comes home. God will keep you safe so that you may return to your family when the road makes you weary and your pockets are too lined with Ducats to travel any further. Perhaps one day you will find another and bring her to meet the rest of your family. She would want that for you, I am suer of it".

Antonia kisses both of your cheeks and gives you a firm hug before you leave.

Are you headed to see Dominic now?

Xing Shi

Signore' Querini eyes the coin bag you have laid out on the table. "Yes it would seem that your employer is quite interested in meeting with my son. I shall arrange the meeting myself. From my understanding he has taken off and shirked his duties while informing no one. While I must have a discussion with him about that I also want to know more about this venture you propose. Often a great deal of coin and a secret meeting in a foreign city spell trouble. Who is your employer and where does he hail from?"

Xing Shi, another one of your contacts also wanted to meet with Michele Querini.

Storyteller Shadow:
Onward to Dominic's

Michele Querini

Guiseppe regards you oddly, "You store things for Signore' Volkov? I thought that Signore' Volkov had already procured a space of his own? I suppose it is of no matter yer Lordship, that much coin will keep my lips sealed".

He grins and sits back down at the desk to whittle wooden icons of the Lord.

What do you do? You rent several crates in this establishment.

Alessandro Khadaji

The Captain takes you to the roof of the building so that you may both speak in private.

"Alessandro, this is a dangerous game the Doge plays, The Pope has threatened to excommunicate Venice itself. If this happens trade for the city will grind to a halt. Shipping interests owned by the city and even Venetian citizens can be seized by her enemies without threat of repurcussion. Imagine all of the goods still to be shipped from this haul and all the goods we will load onto the ship headed north. If the city is excommunicated wherever we land the goods, the men, even my ship can be seized!"

Lorenzo Cappelli:
The day is beautiful. For some time you stop and stare at the sun. The wind blows briskly but the day is much warmer then yesterday so you pay it little mind. When the sun becomes too strong for your eyes you look away.

Part of you is sad that you will no longer be able to enjoy a beautiful day like this one but in your heart you know that it has ever been night in your eyes without your Beloved. Better an eternity under the moon with her than a single day in the sun without her.

That thought gives you chills and your mind begins to wander to what will happen later that evening...

Before you know it you are at Dominic's front door knocking.

He answers looking tired from no doubt another night of partying. He smiles, "Lorenzo, come in come in. I just sent my latest conquest home. I will get dressed and we can get some lunch together. Tell me did you hear what happened on the Grand Canal last night?"

"I told em yah would not sell till yahv found a new place fer purchase, so harvestin yer crops should not be a problem either. I still hope tha Doge will see us, an ken help till tha happens, I could hire a couple laborers fer yah."

"Wha is tha rate fer laborers, an how many do yah need?...assume a little more fer short notice."

"Yah want tah go and tend yer crop first err visit tha family whose fer buyin yer land first?"

Storyteller Shadow wrote:

Gunther Thesing

As you head up the stairs you see Jordan standing at the corner of the hall, it appears she was listening the whole time. As you open your mouth she rushes to you and kisses you on the cheek, "Thank you father!"

She then pushes past you and rushes into the arms of Christopher crying. He holds her close as you stand on the stairs somwehat stunned. For her entire life she has sought comfort in your arms, to see her seek the same thing from another man gives you pause.

As you consider what to say next there is a loud banging on your door.

With a heavy sigh, Gunther rolls his eyes and goes to answer the door.

Storyteller Shadow:
Lorenzo smirks at hearing about his brother's latest "conquest" as he enters the home. "Something happened last night on the Grand Canal? What was it, brother?" his curiosity delaying the true purpose of his visit.

Alessandro, the noble who isn't... pauses to think on matters.

Captain, we have worked together for years and I respect your opinion. What would you have me do... you see where they put me. They consider me foreigner and outsider, even though I was born here.

I can only think of this, friend. Find others like you. Smart, shrewed men whose livelyhood depends on this very point. Men that think with their head and not their fists. Get me a letter from each of them, the more the better. The letter is to state that they wish for me to speak on their behalf to the Doge, his serenity. They are willing to discuss matters peacefully.

I can and will help organize you, through my contacts and influence I will make your voices heard. Find captains, laborers, vendors... and any who would agree with you and agree to this. You know them better than I do.

But, do not speak to those who already have strong loyalties to one family or another. We do not seek to make enemies by taking them away. Find those free thinkers. Independents, those who can be reasoned with.

I will help align your needs with the Doge's desires. For in the end we will all want the same thing... a stronger Venice. You be my strength, I will be your voice.

It will not be easy, nor quick. But I will work with you if you wish.

Alessandro knows this was a lot to put out there, but it came so naturally. And perhaps father will be pleased. He waits for the captain's reaction. Alessandro's own face, serious yet friendly.

Charisma + Leadership, if needed: 3d10 + 2d10 ⇒ (4, 1, 7) + (1, 2) = 15

I will smile at Giuseppe then turn to Sergei with a bit of a scowl. Let us go then.
Will start going to the spaces I rent.

Xing Shi eats a bit more food before placing her hands on her lap.

"In truth I do not know why my employer is so interested in your family but my close friend seems to believe your family is very important to the city and he to would love a meeting with your son as well, but you being the head of the family would probably be best to talk with you first if you would agree to do so."

Andrew the Hardy

Federico considers his options. "It would be best to see these men today and receive the reward they offer for my families land. With that money secured we will need to quickly find new land so that my crops may be moved. I would appreciate it if you and your friend would directly aid me in this. It would be good for you to see how it is done too". Federico smiles broadly the fire coming back into his eyes as the wheels turn in his mind.

Donnach clears his throat, "Tell me my friend have you heard of the murders right here in your neighborhood? This place it seems can be dangerous at night".

Gunther Thesing

You answer the door and standing before you is one of the men that is employed by Michael Santo.

"Chiao Signore Thesing. Michael wanted me to inform you that all will be ready for the delivery to your Inn this evening".

Lorenzo Cappelli:
"A fight between the Querini and Dandolo family. A bloody mess from what I understand. A few people were stabbed though I have not received word of whether anyone died. If it were not for my other endeavors keeping me so busy last night I would have been there to see it! The most curious thing is that the Doge nor the Council have taken any action to censure these ruffians. Supposedly it will be handled "in house".

Alessandro Khadaji

Captain Menini ponders over your words for some time. "An interesting idea Alessandro, interesting indeed. Bringing many trades together as one will give us a strong voice I would think of course the matter has been taken from the hands of the people directly but the Doge and the council cannot ignore thousands of voices crying out as one. I will seek out those I know and see what can be done. Do you truly think that you have the contacts required too present these concerns before the Council?"

Michele Querini

As you head towards the eastern side of the building Volkov grabs your arm. "You are going the wrong way! I will show you exactly which crate it was".

He is quite strong. Despite the vigor you feel his strength is astounding. He practically drags you towards a crate in the middle of the warehouse. "This is the one".

You do recognize this crate indeed. Make a Perception + Alertness check DC 5.

Michele ONLY:
This crate you rented to a Roman Cardinal. He requested that you keep the details secret and not inform anyone of your affiliations with him.

Xing Shi

"In any case I will not allow my son to go to a foreign city alone especially if the nature of the meeting is to remain so secretive. Determine from your employer if he wishes to see my son alone then get back to me. So, you work for two principals? Interesting can I be informed of the name of the second one if not the first?"

Bluntly, Captain... No. And I will not lie to you, Sir. It will not be an easy task, but I will find a way. I will begin immediately, but the final strategy will depend on the number and strength of these letters.

Though the principles are the same, a smaller boat and a large ship must navigate the same storm differently, yes?

That said, any information you may come across and pass along to me discretely will only help our cause.

Alessandro smiles genuinely, offering his hand.

Alessandro Khadaji

The Captain clasps your hand. "Well I would ratehr do something than nothing. I agree to do this thing for you. More importantly though I must decide whether to set off for northern ports or wait until this trouble blows over. I will be here for the next three days resting but after that a decision must be made. Think upon what you prefer, you and your father stand to lose a great deal if these goods are seized as do I".

With that the Captain heads back down into the building to oversee the completion of the loading and unloading of his ship.

"Let us away then an Fredirico can tell us o tha strange happenins on our way to secure tha funds."

"My friend Luigi Vespuchi is involved with the well being of this city and thinks your family plays a vital roll and would like to speak with your son as I mention but you would probably be better suited for that meeting being the head of the house. Do you know my friend?"

Andrew looks thoughtful for a moment....

"Mayhap tha Bank of Venice might be tha most secure means o recording yer property's sale, as well as security o yer funds til such time as a proper farm can be purchased....yes tha is fer tha best."

"Mah appologies young master Fredirico, you were saying..about tha strange events....."

Alessandro goes about his Friday duties, playing host. He check with Galeel for any updates or goings on.

He opts for a light dinner, and finds him mind wandering... How to approach the Doge. What has he gotten himself into? After a short power nap, Il Corvo... is out on the rooftops for a few hours.

Intelligence + Politics, Doge tendencies: 3d10 + 1d10 ⇒ (3, 7, 5) + (4) = 19

4d10 ⇒ (2, 5, 10, 1) = 18

Storyteller Shadow:
"Ah of course it has something to do with your rather infamous client, Signore Querini. Perhaps it would be wise to distance yourself from him, brother."

Lorenzo's expression changes as he changes the subject. "The reason I have come today is to say goodbye, on the chance we not meet again, brother. In order to move on with my life, I must travel a great deal. I have only the faintest notion of where my travels will take me, nor do I know if I will ever be back."

"You would do well to settle down, Dominic. I sure your current lifestyle has its benefits, but you are the head of the Cappelli family, it does not do well for you not to have a family of your own."

Storyteller Shadow wrote:

Gunther Thesing

You answer the door and standing before you is one of the men that is employed by Michael Santo.

"Chiao Signore Thesing. Michael wanted me to inform you that all will be ready for the delivery to your Inn this evening".

An expression nothing short of sheer confusion appears upon Gunther's face.

"Woah, wait a minute, hold a moment. What delivery? I am not expecting any deliveries. Tell Michael I want to speak with him... Now!"

Andrew the Hardy

"I have heard that a woman was murdered but then this is a rough neighborhood and people die all the time. Though it is generally young ruffians stabbing each other. I can only hope that God will watch over me whenever I take leave to walk the streets at night around here. perhaps soon I will move to a better place yes?"

Federico smiles and continues, "Yes the bank a good idea Signore'. I am ready now if you can help me to meet with these men".

Xing Shi

"Yes I know of Vespucci. An intrepid wanderer, no doubt that is how he crossed paths with a woman as exotic as you. Tell Vespucci that on Monday I will seek him out as his residence. As for your secret employer, inform him that while my son may go to this meeting. He will not go alone. Once he has heard what I have to say you may find me at my residence to discuss. I trust a woman of your skills can find it easily enough". The tone of his response suggests that this visit s over.

What do you do?

Alessandro Khadaji

I will hold you here for now. Once the rest of the characters complete the day we will begin the night. I will also get back to you on your roll, you acquired 1 success which will grant limited insight but I need to dig a little deeper to determine what insight you will glean.

Michele Querini

This crate has been tampered with. A significant effort was made to repair it but the signs of damage are clear. You scowl and use your key to unlock the crate.

The crate appears empty, you step inside to tae a closer looik and you see something sitting in the corner. It appears to be a chair leg sharpened to a point on one end. Quite a strange item to be stored by this particular client. As you consider what to do next you hear Sergei's voice booming into the crate.

"As you can see Querini, the crate is empty. I want to know who you rented it to. Once you disclose that information I will be out of your way. Well almost, I still need to find a new place to stay and need a refund on the money I paid to rent your place".

Lorenzo Cappelli:
Dominic finishes getting dressed responding to your comments.

"Yes the Querini name is ivolved but my client was not there. I believe it was his cousin that was there. Settle down? Why Dominic I settle down each evening I simply chose a different hen house to roost in", he grins and laughs at the connotation.

He halts once you announce your intentions to leave

"Wait travel? You go from being a recluse to traveling the world? This makes no sense brother. What has led you to this decision? I thought you would start working with me, after all you just brought in a new client this week".

Gunther Thesing

The man gives you a menacing look, "I do not work for you Signore' Thesing. If you wish to meet with Michael you will have to come to his boathouse he will be quite busy all day and unable to attend to you. Whether you are aware of a delivery or not is not my concern. It will arrive tonight". With that he turns on his heel and heads down the street leaving you in the doorway.

Xing Shi stands and nods to the man.

"I will speak to them both. I'm sure both will be pleased to hear the news."

She then goes to leave the room and smiles to Gino as she walks out of the building.

Unless anyone tries to stop and talk to me I will go to Luigi's house first if it's not TOO far away to give him the news if not will wait till morning.

"God indeed"

"Aye an considerin yer new wealth an status mayhap yah should stay at tha Way o Kings Inn wit us till tis seen through, no needs fer robbers err highwaymen tah gets any o yer funds."

Still going to meet with the purchasers.

Storyteller Shadow:
"My recent involvement in the business was more of a test for see if I was truly ready to actively take part in life again. Ready for the steps I feel I need to take to move on with my life."

"While Venice will always be home, there are just too many painful memories that I can not let go of while here. I do not know where my travels will take me, nor do I know if I will ever return. I have already said my goodbyes to Antonia and the children. I am here now to tell you the same, my dear brother."

A faint smile crosses Lorenzo's face, "Now, how about that lunch that you mentioned, eh?"

Storyteller Shadow:
who is someone on the Dandolo side I can tell Sergei that they rented from me through an intermediary. Want to start trouble with that family.

Storyteller Shadow wrote:

Gunther Thesing

The man gives you a menacing look, "I do not work for you Signore' Thesing. If you wish to meet with Michael you will have to come to his boathouse he will be quite busy all day and unable to attend to you. Whether you are aware of a delivery or not is not my concern. It will arrive tonight". With that he turns on his heel and heads down the street leaving you in the doorway.

Taking a step outside the doorway, Gunther begins to say something in return, but thinks better of it and just shakes his head and sighs heavily with frustration.

Stepping back inside he looks up he sees his daughter and her beloved.

"Jordan... Christopher... It seems I will need to make an unscheduled visit to Michael at his boathouse this evening, so if anyone should need me that is where they will find me. I will return as soon as I am able."

As Gunther turns to take his leave he adds, "And stay out of trouble."

Michele Querini:
Christopher Dandolo is your cousins foe. He also gives you a hard time in the Council. There are other Dandolo's but he is the one you would want to start with.

Lorenzo Cappelli:
Dominic heads out to lunch with you remaining more quiet than usual until after the meal is over.
"What I do not understand Lorenzo is where are you going and who are you going there with?"

Alessandro Khadaji:
The best way to approach the Dofe is by approaching his cousin Antonietta Gradenigo. She is a socialite (if someone in the middle ages could be called that) who gets involved with the same circles that you run in. While she does not show up to your in home Mosque she does get involved with your close asociates socially.

Andrew the Hardy
You, Federico, and Donnach head to the Giovanni masoleum. The same ancient doorman receives you. "The master of the House is out making calls to clients. You may wait in the reception hall again if you wish".

Unlike the day before, there are other people here seeking the services that the Giovanni provide and it is quite busy. What do you do?

Storyteller Shadow:
"There is nothing to try and understand, my brother. I have no set plan for where my travels will take me, and I leave alone. That is not to say that I may not meet someone along the way." Lorenzo says with a half-smile.

He adds with a wink, "Besides, you and Antonia have both said that I have been a mere shadow of myself since Constancia's death, you'll hardly know I'm gone."

Lorenzo Cappelli:
Dominic frowns but nods in asent. "I understand Lorenzo. Well you must do what you feel is right. Know that you will always be welcome in my home. Do you wish me to look after your affairs or will you sell your property to pay for this trip?"

Storyteller Shadow:
"I did not wish to impose upon either you or Antonia, I have made the necessary arrangements for my home. The caretaker I have chosen shall be receiving payment from me on twice yearly basis, if at anytime I fail to make said payment, I have instructed him to seek you out and give you the keys to my home so that you may deal with the property as best suits the family."

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