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Dark Ages Vampire - Bloodlines

Game Master Dennis Harry

Bloodlines is a continuation of the now defunct table top Dark Ages Vampire game wherein the PC's have created lineal descendants throughout the ages.

Attendees seeking a seat or have a seat in the Inner Circle:

Assamite - Lord Bajazet al Nasir.

Brujah – Lady Meridie de Chancie, Lord Criatas, “Dark”Selena, Robin Leeland.

Cappadocian – Lord Benne.

Gangrel – Milov Petrankov.

Lasombra - Prince Narses the Archbishop of Nod

Malkavian – Antione le Fanu, Lutz von Hohenzollern.

Nosferatu – Cristo Petradon, Simon.

Salubri – Brian Stack.

Setites – Sadir.

Toreador – Rafael de Corazon, Francois Villon, Helene la Jouste.

Tremere - Radek, Mistress Fanchon.

Tzimisce – Myca Vykos.

Ventrue – Alyssa Gilbert, Lady Jadviga Almanov, Lanzo von Saschen, Prince Alexander.

Remember - only those listed get votes. Of course influencing their Childer can go a long way to getting a vote.

Social Combat:

Let me first thank Sir Dunstan and his excellent Game of Thrones campaign as the inspiration for this rules tweak. A shout out to Vitaliano who also does an excellent job as a player in that campaign.

Game of Thrones has a Social Combat system that, while not translatable directly, I used as inspiration for this campaign.

This is a proposed rules set and I am more than happy to hear feedback from Players before I implement it in full.

Roleplaying is still required to get your point across. However, I think a mechanical system could be beneficial for this scenario, a scenario quite unlike anything I have ever done in a Vampire game before.

Making My Case

To convince a “voter” to side with your Sire, you may roll the following set of Attributes and Abilities:

1. Against someone who is clearly NOT in your favor --- Manipulation+Subterfuge+Politics
2. Against someone who is NEUTRAL – Charisma+Expression+Politics

The difficulty of all rolls is that Cainites Willpower. You will need to score as many successes as they have Willpower to win the contest. Once you engage the voter, you will only have three rounds to make your case and can only attempt do so one time per night.

If you have Presence – Awe or Enrancement, you may attempt to use these powers in conjunction with the above roll. Each success utilizing that Discipline gives you one more success on your total roll.

Beware, failing in using Presence in Elysium can lead to Sanctions by Thomas Brexiano.

Also beware, Cainites may try to turn this system around on you…

But What if Someone Else Tries This on a Voter I just Brought to my Side?

Amount of successes is a key factor here, you will want to score as many success as you can to ensure that a rival does not try to take that vote from you!

Certain NPC’s already believe that others are in their favor and would never change their votes. Those will be the toughest cookies to break.

Note this system cannot be used on:

Your In-Clan rivals, no amount of sweet talking or bribes will change their minds they all want this position badly.

Prince Narses, he simply will not entertain such discourse. Of course, this does not mean you cannot try to get into the ears of one of his Childer to have them speak with him…

Discerning My Quarry’s Intent

How can I tell if someone is for or against me despite what they are saying?

Make a Perception+Empathy+Politics roll.

The difficulty is 10, less that Cainites Humanity score. Those closer to the Beast are much harder to read. For every Century over 300 years that Cainite has lived, the DC will be increased by 1, topping out at 10, as these Cainites have well and truly mastered this game to have existed for so long in the first place.

Once you engage the voter, you will only have three rounds to ferret out their intent and can only attempt do so one time per night. You will need to score as many successes as they have Willpower to ascertain their intent.

If you have Auspex – Read the Soul or Invade the Mind, you may attempt to use these powers in conjunction with the above roll. Each success utilizing that Discipline gives you one more success on your total roll.

How else can I make my case?

The use of Presence, while frowned upon, is much less cause for censure than using Dominate. Dominate does not work on a Cainite whose blood is closer to Caine than your own. If you seek to use Dominate to convince a voter (or perhaps one of the Childer?) to vote for your Sire, it would be best used elsewhere in the city.

Boons – the boon system of quid pro quo can also be used to gain votes. You will need to offer something of course that that voter does not have or cannot get from another candidate.

Eliminate my rivals. This one is obvious though failure to do so without detection may subject YOU to the Final Death!

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Sergei Volkov:
You don't want to be swinging a sword anyway with the guards around. This should give you a chance to talk to your man too!

Andrew the Hardy ONLY:
Make a Charisma + Subterfuge roll DC 6. Normally I would make it manipulation but there is a subtle difference in what you are doing versus what a liar normally tries to accomplish.

Michael Santo Prologue:
“Do not concern yourself with my enemies. Soon they will have no choice but to relent in their pursuit of me. My allies looked after me well enough during my half century torpor”. As you speak his appearance begins to shift until he looks exactly like you. He smiles, “You were the master of your domain. Now I am the master of your domain. I do not even truly need you for as you can see I can be you if I wish it. I would like to have you serve me but I can seek another if I must. While you will serve me you will be given the strength to dominate others. Your service to me will be for as long as I need it. Thereafter I will release you and you will become the master of another. Do I make myself clear?”

Michael Santos:

Completely spooked Michael but nods in agreement
"My family will not be harmed in the process wi'll they? And what of Anya will she be spared as well?

Michael Santo Prologue:
"Why would I bother to harm you family or Anya? I will make her forget all she has seen and send her away. You family is your business. Unles of course you seek to betray my trust then I cannot guarantee that any living thing would be spared my wrath. Come now drink of me and gain the power you so desire", Fahdi bites at his wrist and blood begins to well out of it. Do you drink?


Michael approaches the monster and drinks of his blood

storyteller shadow


2d10 ⇒ (3, 10) = 13

lies made by a poor liar :)

Gunther/Xing/Sergei prologue:

Storyteller Shadow wrote:

Gino swings his chair at Gunther’s sword looking to dislodge it from the large man’s grip. He grins stupidly at Xing Shi surprised to see her.

Dexterity + Melee DC 8 4d8 ⇒ (6, 2, 6, 4) = 18
If he achieves 3 successes Gunther you must make a Dexterity + Athletics check to hold onto the weapon and you must soak 1 level of bashing damage. If he fails no check is needed.

Dexterity + Athletics (to hold onto the sword) 3d10 ⇒ (6, 10, 1) = 17

Stamina (to soak 1 level of bashing damage) 3d10 ⇒ (6, 9, 10) = 25

Lorenzo Cappelli ONLY:
Make a Perception + Empathy roll DC 6 to determine whether Andrew is telling the truth.

Michael Santo Prologue:
The blood is thick and rich as it passes down your throat. You feel an invigorating surge through your body from the taste.
Add 2 Blood Points to your character sheet and 1 dot of Potence. The Potence will remian for as long as the blood is in your system.

"Good. Now rise my friend and let us wait for Anya to return. In the meantime tell me what is going on in the world".

Lorenzo Cappelli Prologue:
Perception+Empathy (DC 6):4d10 ⇒ (10, 6, 2, 2) = 20

Lorenzo Cappelli ONLY:
His words have a ring of truth certainly his pursuit of this business is genuine but there is something he is not telling you...

Lorenzo Cappelli and Andrew the Hardy Prologue:
Lorenzo permits himself a small grin as he says, "Perhaps you are a bit too far into your cups for your attempts at subterfuge. While I have no doubts about your interest in a pipeweed business venture, there is still something you are not telling me. Obviously something else has led to such urgency, so I ask you again, why were you so anxious to get into one of my family's warehouses."

Gunther/Xing/Sergei prologue:

Xing looks over to Gino and Marco not smiling at all.

In a broken Italian accent "If your balls are done showing themselves off to this crowd I'd suggest you leave NOW! Why does a woman have to save your lives two times now?!"

She grabs ahold of Gino's hand and tries to drag him out of there watching Marco and Gunther as she does so.

Lorenzo Cappelli and Andrew the Hardy Prologue


"If yer sayin Im leavin out details then yer right as tha evenin is a bit o a fog, even to myself. Like you say a bit too far intah mah cups, yet it begins tah sound like yah has something o great import there. Thas yer business."

"Mah interests err liquor, pipeweed an prayin tha Doge gets matters settled wit tha pope, so we ken get some help gettin tha English out o Scottland."

Shows Dr. Cappelli his new eel-skin pouch....

"Yer not helpin them English bastards, err yah?"

"I am glad tah make yer quaintance Dr. Cappelli, but I fear err friendships gonna get tested mighty early if we start supposin too much bout each other. Im not really no noble lord no diplomat, I em a warrior plain an simple, much o wha happens is beyond me, Id rather swing a sword tha travel an beg fer helps."

"Lets take a better measure o each other afore we get tah supposin too hard. Yah mention yer family tell me bout yer mum, yer dad, brothers an sisters. I got no grudge gainst you an yers an tah my knowledge yah got no grudge gainst me err mine."

Lorenzo Cappelli and Andrew the Hardy Prologue:
"I wish you no ill will, Andrew. I simply have a concern for my family's holdings. With that bit of business done, I must be going. Perhaps we could continue our conversation at another time, and with hopefully less acrimony. Good evening, Andrew." With that, Lorenzo finishes his glass of wine and heads toward the door.

Lorenzo Cappelli Prologue:
Satisfied he has gathered sufficient information for Dr. Benne, Lorenzo heads for home.

Storyteller Shadow:
"Yes I do. Is there anything I can do to prepare myself?"

Michael Santos:

Michael trays to sound as scholastic as possible
"Where should I begin in the Year of out Lord 1309 the city of Venice has fallen onto troubled times. The Doge currently have control of the city at the head is Pietro Granenigo and his councilmen who are supported but most noble families here in Venice. The trouble began about a year ago when Marquis Azzo VII died leaving his illigetament grandson Folco to he his heir. Folco's father Fasco appealed to Venice to see his son heir which they were all to thrilled to bring to rein. The brothers of Azzo believe they should be in favor and the Pope himself chose to favor the brothers over the son of a child who was never recognized. Military forces were called in to support Folio but the pope was not having none of that and threatened excommunication to those of the doge and those who support them. Violence has begun to break into the streets as communications have broken down. Guards surround the city young nobles have been assaulted. Heaven help us.

Lorenzo Cappelli and Andrew the Hardy Prologue


"Thank you Doctor, even at this late hour I may be forced into tha streets once more, my leg forces some degree o restlessness upon me. I have prayed ferverently fer you an yers, Dr. Cappelli an yes we should continue discourse."

Andrew looks like he himself will be leaving the Inn at some point this evening.

Gunther Thesing, Xing Shi, and Sergei Volkov Prologue:

Marco Querini runs into the crowd with his guards looking oddly at Gino and the small woman with him.

Christopher’s men stand down.

Dandolo Muscle #2 stands over Dandolo Muscle #1 tying a pair tourniket around the man's mid-section attempting to stem the flow of blood.

Dandolo Muscle #3 sheathes his rapier raising his hands and calling out to the city watch as they approach.

Dandolo Muscle #4 – Glares at his foe and lowers his weapon while holding it at guard daring him to strike out again.

Dandolo Muscle #5 – "Run along before you are arrested fool, if I see you again I will finish what I started!"

Dandolo Muscle #6 – He holds his sword back seeing the guards fast approaching.

Marco’s men act.

Querini Muscle #4 – With the appearance of the guards he sheathes his sword and disappears into the crowd.

Querini Muscle #5 – Seeing his companions flee he does likewise not even looking back at his opponent.

Querini Muscle #6 – As quickly as the dagger appeared it disappears. Querini's man flees into the crowd as did his companions.

Gunther it is your action.

Xing Shi Prologue:
Gino runs down the narrow streets of the city with you. The rest of his companions having scattered.
Once you get so far away that even the echoes of shouts cannot be heard Gino stops you.
"Saved my life twice what does that mean? Who are yyou? What do you want?"

Lorenzo Cappelli Prologue:
You arrive home without incident. If you do not wish to do anything further for the evening, you are not disturbed.

Michele Querini Prologue:
"I fear there is not. Let us discuss what I need you to do assuming that you are able to endure this situation with your mind intact. You will pave the way for us to bring our cargo into the city undetected. The entire cargo must be unloaded in one night - the ship cannot stay for long. The destination is a Inn named Greetings. You have had some time to reflect on how best to do this. Tell me what have you come up with?"

Michael Santo Prologue:
"So the Doge once again defies the Pope. Ah well mortals ever seek to rule their own domains without interference from others - not unlike my kind I suppose. Tell me Michael what benefit would there be for my kind to be exposed to the human populace now during this crisis? By my kind of course I do mean Vampyr."

Andrew the Hardy Prologue:
Dr. Cappelli departs with a curt nod and heads out into the night. Let's hold here, I want to have a few things percolate before I move you out of your comfy spot in the Way of Kings Inn.

Lorenzo Cappelli Prologue:
Baring someone coming looking for him, Lorenzo is content to spend the rest of his evening at home conducting his research.

Xing Shi:

She slaps Gino to calm him down once they are away from everyone.

"I told you i'm here to do business and I can't do business with your cousin if you go and get yourself killed can I? Who do you think saved your asses from that attack on the streets a few nights ago when you were outnumbered? My employer really wants to do business with your family."

She calms down a bit and then smiles.

"Is it such a bad thing that a woman can defend herself and the men she is after?"

She kisses him quickly before dragging him off again.

God Emperor you have way too much power to play in this game plus you have not been born yet! :-)

Xing Shi Prologue:
"That was you the other night? So you were on our side, we thought it might be some foreign rival. We will need to find Marco to discuss all of this with him".
Despite his statement he lets you lead him along the streets to wherever your destination seems to be.

Lorenzo Cappelli Prologue:
Sounds good. This night has a few more events then we will be starting the next day and the end of the Prologues.

Michael Santos:

Michael begIns to pace back and forth pondering for a moment recalling the events transpired up until now .oO(*** ### ***)

"If you were to reveal yourself to the world at this time when tensions are high I believe one of these events may take place. Fear and panic would spread like wildfire. Just the mere mention of possibilities whispered among several of my colleagues alone caused emotions of fear, anger, disbelief and tensions among the group.this could cause for the Church and the Doge to unite and call forth witch hunts to purge the land of your kind. This has happened before as stories are told many perished under false claIms. 2nd scenario is the news wIll force the hand of the Church In turn will accelerate the excommunication for they have been all to patient with trying to resolve difference with a diplomatic solution but they still seek to control the city and bring forth there chosen to rule and after they solIdIfy there rule they too wIll seek wItch hunt so to speak but they on the other hand may not just stop In VenIce. There power extends far and beyond the cIty lImIts."

Michael thinks of possible solutions. .oO(*** ### ***)

"If you take out Azzo's two brothers then the church would think it's an attack by the Doge and the same if you take out Folco. If there was a side to choose Folco would be my choice due to the business that I run. My gondola services during the night is most profitable, the busIness is smuggling and that of a risque nature. I am quite sure the Church would frown of that, but the doge and city officials make up my best customers. If they take over it would be a lot easier to influence men who cave into cardinal pleasures of mankind. Money and power can be obtained from both parties taking over just need to be able to adapt. I spoke with a councIlman to try and gaIn favor and support of the doge to elevate my status here but how to Inflatrate the men of the cloth Is another matter altogether. Dont know how to manIpulate men who have no need of what I offer. Thats where my works end.

Storyteller Shadow:
"I know of a man who runs a gondola establishment and he has done good quiet work for me for a price. Between him and paying off some guards to escort some to the inn would make the most sense based on the nature of the current climate. This task will require large sums of coin to bribe people to forget what they saw. Even with my stature this is a risky business and there may be some casualties. Again- I need not have to return them after this meeting then?"

Gunther Thesing, Xing Shi, and Sergei Volkov Prologue:


Confused by all the chaos, Gunther rushes towards his daughter to stand before her, using himself as a shield to protect her.

Andrew the Hardy Prologue



waiting till the time to make the midnight meeting

Michael Santo Prologue:
Fahdi chuckles, "I care nothing for solutions especially in light of that fact that I will be the one to show our hand. You raise very interesting possibilities Michael. It may indeed be that my allies seek a witch hunt against their own kind. A very clean way to deal with ones enemies no? Go now. You must be weary with what you have learned here tonight. Rest and recuperate, return to me here tomorrow and we will discuss the next phase of my plan. Worry not, I shall eliminate Anya's memory of all of the horrible things that have happened to her, I can make her forget her brother ever died, in fact I can become him. That should soothe her troubled mind. Remember speak of this to no one. You have begun your journey to true power this night". As he finishes speaking Fahdi takes on the appearance of Hans!

Michele Querini Prologue:
"I approve of this plan. Bring any guardsmen to Greetings once they shipments are complete by the end of the night I will be at the Tavern once I have contacted the proper authorities and informed them of my arrival. I will ensure their silence". Sadir hands you a havey bag of coins. "This should be enough coin for you to bribe who you must. You are correct you need worry about these slaves no longer. Claim the one I have chosen for you as your bride. It will be a convenient cover story for your disappearance. Now sit back and enjoy more of my fine vintage. The Captain will be along once we are close enough to bring you back to your home city".

Gunther Thesing Prologue:
As you cover Jordan she looks up at you tears welling in her eyes, "Oh daddy I am so sorry".

Christopher kneels next to you, "Signore Thesing what are you doing here?"

You look about and see the Doge's men and strangely enough Sergei Volkov have finally pushed their way through the crowd towards your group. You have just enough time to respond to Christopher before the Guards reach you.


"there are few that know Hans is dead if you assume his appearance it would be quite a shock to them and raise many questions if they see you running around in his image esecIally the Volkov twIns they have been trackIng vampIres across the lands. Since you state you have enemies how will I know it is you since you can assume many faces. I am unfamiliar with your kind and the magic that you play."

Michael Santo Prologue:
"You are aware of the existence of hunters in Venice? Hmmm, I will have to give that more thought. Know that Hans being dead and being seen is exactly the sort of thing I want people to think, especially Vampire Hunters. Fear not for me as even by day I am more than a match for mortals". Fahdi smiles wickedly.

Gunther Thesing prologue:

Storyteller Shadow wrote:
Christopher kneels next to you, "Signore Thesing what are you doing here?"

Gunther looks downwards at his daughter's beloved Christopher.

"We shall discuss this later. Now is not the time."

Michael Santos:

"forgive my insolence, I am still ignorant to all of this and your Grand plan. Just this morning the idea of vampires existing was pure speculation nothing more than folklore. May take a minute to wrap my head around this all and absorb it all. You speak of plans and concepts beyond the mortal realm that I am familiar with. Its a lo I shall take my leave now and return at the same hour Good night."
Michael will go home entertain his children and with his new vigor will make love to his beautiful wife fully amped with the power of the blood coursing through him until she is laying worn the **bleep** out unable to utter a comprehensive sentence.

When done I will roam to the docks to see how business is going before retiring.

Storyteller Shadow:
I will reach to pour another glass of wine and as I do I will look to Sadir, "So this coin will be for the bribing...which bag is mine for the doing?" I will take a sip of wine.

Gunther Thesing Prologue:
The guardsmen of the Doge approach after you respond to Christopher. "M'Lord. Explain the meaning of this disturbance!"

Christopher stands up and addresses the man in charge, "There was an altercation with a group who was attempting to accost me. My men and I defended ourselves, unfortunately I did not recognize the men. I am glad that you arrived when you did, one of my men requires medical attention. Will you accompany us to a local physician?"

The guard looks at him with a fierce glare, "No idea who did this eh? I do not believe you Signore but as a member of the Nobility I will not be able to force you to reveal what you know. Your transgressions and the transgressions of your men will be brought to the attention of the Great Council they will decide whether and how to punish you. What about ths man?" he asks pointing at you Gunther.

"He and his daughter were bystanders. I apologize for this Signore Thesing I and my family shall make reperations to you, I will come visit you tomorrow". With that, he and his injured men take their leave. You do see that one of the guardsmen has stayed behind and is talking to Sergei Volkov. What do you do?

Andrew and Michael I will be getting back to both of you shortly. Xing Shi, let me know where you are headed.

Michele Querini Prologue:
Sadir chuckles, "Your reward will be of much greater value than a bag of coin. Once you arrive in Venice I will use my powers to cloak you from sight. Until the sun rises you will not be seen unless you amke your presence known to another. Once you do so the cloak will fall and all will be able to see you ths if you must do so, do so wisely". Sadir tells you the dock the ship will arrive in and the approximate time.

After some time speking with him his eyes light up, [b] "Ah it looks like it is time..."

As you turn to see what Sadir is referring to you feel a hand placed on your shoulder. Then you are surrounded in darkness though there are varying shades of light and dark. The scenes shift and just as suddenly you are back in the real world in the middle of the sea. Space shifts again as you fall towards shadows in the ocean. You are back in that place of darkness. For the first few shifts you wonder if you are dreaming you turn your head and see the face of the Captain above you, clutching your shirt from behind.

The darkness is not content to let its interlopers shift back and forth without some response. Each time you shift into the shadows shadowy figures clutch and grab at you. Their tendrils of darkness curlt about you, seeking to pry you away from his grip. You panic and swing wildly at them but your hands pass through them without effect.

Each time it seems they are going to steal you away you shift back into world and each time you plunge towards the darkness of the sea. The endless sea, if he drops you in here how can he see you? You have no idea where land is you would simply drown.

That concern then recedes quickly as you plunge into the shadowy realm again. Time after time this happens until finally you can no longer tell reailty from this hell that the Captain takes you into and pulls you out from. You believe after a time you see lights but whether it is light or the absence of darkness is not clear as your perception has become skewed.

Suddenly you are standing on solid ground. Across the lagoon is Venice. The Captain looks you in the eye judging if you have any sanity left. Do you? Let's see. Make a Courage roll difficulty of 10. You may spend Willpwer on the roll if you wish to.

Storyteller Shadow:
I will spend 2 points. 3d10 ⇒ (8, 4, 10) = 22

Gunther Thesing prologue


Gunther drops the sword to his side and takes his daughter's hand in his. Eyes of anger and disappointment stare into those of shame, fear and remorse.

"Come along, Jordan. We are going home. You have some explaining to do."

Xing Shi:

I will lead him toward his own place unless he protests

Sorry for the delay. Wednesday night I will post further updates for those of you with things left to do for the evening.

Andrew the Hardy Prologue:
As you sit in the common room drinking and waiting for the time to pass by, Aodhan and Luag barge into the common area. Both have bloody smears on them and Aodhan has a black eye. They nod to you and head to where you sit. You look around and amazingly there is no one else down here to witness their arrival.

The barkeep comes out form the back and looks alarmed, "Signore's do you require aid!" Aodhan and Luag wave him away.

What do you do?

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