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Dark Ages Vampire - Bloodlines

Game Master Dennis Harry

Bloodlines is a continuation of the now defunct table top Dark Ages Vampire game wherein the PC's have created lineal descendants throughout the ages.

Attendees seeking a seat or have a seat in the Inner Circle:

Assamite - Lord Bajazet al Nasir.

Brujah – Lady Meridie de Chancie, Lord Criatas, “Dark”Selena, Robin Leeland.

Cappadocian – Lord Benne.

Gangrel – Milov Petrankov.

Lasombra - Prince Narses the Archbishop of Nod

Malkavian – Antione le Fanu, Lutz von Hohenzollern.

Nosferatu – Cristo Petradon, Simon.

Salubri – Brian Stack.

Setites – Sadir.

Toreador – Rafael de Corazon, Francois Villon, Helene la Jouste.

Tremere - Radek, Mistress Fanchon.

Tzimisce – Myca Vykos.

Ventrue – Alyssa Gilbert, Lady Jadviga Almanov, Lanzo von Saschen, Prince Alexander.

Remember - only those listed get votes. Of course influencing their Childer can go a long way to getting a vote.

Social Combat:

Let me first thank Sir Dunstan and his excellent Game of Thrones campaign as the inspiration for this rules tweak. A shout out to Vitaliano who also does an excellent job as a player in that campaign.

Game of Thrones has a Social Combat system that, while not translatable directly, I used as inspiration for this campaign.

This is a proposed rules set and I am more than happy to hear feedback from Players before I implement it in full.

Roleplaying is still required to get your point across. However, I think a mechanical system could be beneficial for this scenario, a scenario quite unlike anything I have ever done in a Vampire game before.

Making My Case

To convince a “voter” to side with your Sire, you may roll the following set of Attributes and Abilities:

1. Against someone who is clearly NOT in your favor --- Manipulation+Subterfuge+Politics
2. Against someone who is NEUTRAL – Charisma+Expression+Politics

The difficulty of all rolls is that Cainites Willpower. You will need to score as many successes as they have Willpower to win the contest. Once you engage the voter, you will only have three rounds to make your case and can only attempt do so one time per night.

If you have Presence – Awe or Enrancement, you may attempt to use these powers in conjunction with the above roll. Each success utilizing that Discipline gives you one more success on your total roll.

Beware, failing in using Presence in Elysium can lead to Sanctions by Thomas Brexiano.

Also beware, Cainites may try to turn this system around on you…

But What if Someone Else Tries This on a Voter I just Brought to my Side?

Amount of successes is a key factor here, you will want to score as many success as you can to ensure that a rival does not try to take that vote from you!

Certain NPC’s already believe that others are in their favor and would never change their votes. Those will be the toughest cookies to break.

Note this system cannot be used on:

Your In-Clan rivals, no amount of sweet talking or bribes will change their minds they all want this position badly.

Prince Narses, he simply will not entertain such discourse. Of course, this does not mean you cannot try to get into the ears of one of his Childer to have them speak with him…

Discerning My Quarry’s Intent

How can I tell if someone is for or against me despite what they are saying?

Make a Perception+Empathy+Politics roll.

The difficulty is 10, less that Cainites Humanity score. Those closer to the Beast are much harder to read. For every Century over 300 years that Cainite has lived, the DC will be increased by 1, topping out at 10, as these Cainites have well and truly mastered this game to have existed for so long in the first place.

Once you engage the voter, you will only have three rounds to ferret out their intent and can only attempt do so one time per night. You will need to score as many successes as they have Willpower to ascertain their intent.

If you have Auspex – Read the Soul or Invade the Mind, you may attempt to use these powers in conjunction with the above roll. Each success utilizing that Discipline gives you one more success on your total roll.

How else can I make my case?

The use of Presence, while frowned upon, is much less cause for censure than using Dominate. Dominate does not work on a Cainite whose blood is closer to Caine than your own. If you seek to use Dominate to convince a voter (or perhaps one of the Childer?) to vote for your Sire, it would be best used elsewhere in the city.

Boons – the boon system of quid pro quo can also be used to gain votes. You will need to offer something of course that that voter does not have or cannot get from another candidate.

Eliminate my rivals. This one is obvious though failure to do so without detection may subject YOU to the Final Death!

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"Pardonne where is tha Grand Canal?"

Will get some rest before going if I have time, if not will have to go there.

Michael Santo Prologue:
The man laughs that much harder, "I am impressed Signore. Most mortals that see me cower in fear, even Anya here whimpers when I come near but you, you are a man without fear. Yes, run along Anya. I believe that this young man and I have some business to discuss. Alert the authorities if you wish to my dear but know they are powerless to stop me".

Anya looks to him with fear in her eyes and then runs past you down the hall. You hear her footsteps pound down the stairs. The man pulls out Anya's chair and gestures for you to sit. As he gestures on of the fingers on his hand falls off onto the floor. "Please sit and tell mw who you are".

Katriana Volkov:
5d10 ⇒ (2, 2, 6, 4, 8) = 22

Dont I know the taste of blood? =-)

Lorenzo Cappelli Prologue:
"Federico, it is Dr. Cappelli. I would like to speak with you for a few moments."

Michael Santos:

Michael breaths a sigh of relief as Anya runs past but keeps his guard up... upon seeing the man's finger fall Michael turns a ghostly white as his hands fall to his side losing all will to fight...

" do realize your finger just broke off... Michael says pointing shakley at it... that's all he can manage to say before hurls onto the floor in disgust.

Gunther Thesing, Sergei Volkov, and Xing Shi Prologue:

Round 2
Luag - 5
Querini Bodyguards (2) - 4
Querini Muscle (3) - 4
Xing Shi - 3
Marco Querini - 3
Sergei Volkov - 3 (Active starting in round 3)
Dandolo Muscle (6) - 3
Querini Muscle (3) - 2
Gunther - 2
Aodhan - 2
Jordan - 2
Christopher Dandolo - 1
Gino - 0
Doge's Security (5) - 0 (Active starting in round 3)

Luag holds his position as the man who struck him was brought down by his ally. As they roll on the ground he has no good angle strike nor does he have a good path to another foe. He stares at Jordan marveling at her decision to step between the two duelists.

Querini Bodyguard 1 - Quickly sheathing his rapier, the man turns to Marco, "Hold your sword I will grab her and get her out of the way". The man lunges for Jordan. Grapple - Dexterity + Brawl DC 5d10 ⇒ (3, 7, 3, 3, 6) = 22 Jordan however slithers easily out of his grasp.

Querini Bodyguard 2 - Seeing his fellow have little luck in grabbing the girl he makes an attempt as well but drops his sword clattering to the ground. Grapple - Dexterity + Brawl DC 5d10 ⇒ (5, 9, 6, 10, 10) = 40 Though the girl is able to evade one attacker her squirming finds her firmly in the grip of the other guard. He pulls he back from the fighting kicking and screaming.

Querini Muscle #1 - The man pulls himself to the edge of the canal and pulls himself onto a pier soaking wet and with no weapon.

Querini Muscle #2 - Wrestling with Aodhan he is able to push the smaller man off but quickly realizes the mistake he has made as the huge Luag looms over him wielding a deadly looking Claymore - luck it seems is with him as the Scotsman is paying more attention to the girl in the middle of the fighting.

Querini Muscle #3 - Again he stabs forward at his opponent and this time his strike is as true as the last, the Dandolo fighter gasps and falls to his knees with a grievious belly wound.

Xing Shi it is your action.

Andrew the Hardy Prologue:
The barkeep is able to direct you to the general vicinity where the port meets the Grand Canal, "Lotsa places dere Signore, It should be well lit enough tonight to see by but take care workers are there even in the evenings loading and unloading and they are a rough bunch".

You sit down and eat dinner resting your weary leg - no dount the poor weather today did not help it along at all. Donnach comes back and makes small talk regarding a potential deal with the Giovanni. "This may be a good thing for my family too m'lord imagine if I can make some real coin with them? Own my own lands! It would be a dream come true". He is weary from the day as well and soon heads up to get some shut eye. You have hours yet till your appointed meeting time. Will you stay in the common room or head out?

Katriana Volkov Prologue:
As the substance pours down your throat your body shudders in response. So.. odd... It tastes like blood but yet has a consistency like a thick sap from a tree. But surely it is not blood he has not bit you and you have not bit him. The warmth of it flowing down your throat is so delicious and sweet you don;t want it to stop.
Suddenly it dawns on you, this man this beautiful man may well be a beast this is Vampire blood coursing down your throat! As you attempt to pull away you begin to experience flashes of memories - shards - snippets of other times other places. Ancient peoples and places flash before your eyes it is too much to process.
Yes this must be a Vampire but why is he after you and why can't you pull away from his caress?
Make a Willpower roll DC 8 to wrestle away from Talisman. If you wish to attempt to vomit up what has gone down your throat make a Stamina roll DC 4.

Lorenzo Cappelli prologue:
The door opens and Federico stands there shirtless. He is a well conditioned youth though his hair is in disarray likely from sleeping. It seems quite early to go to bed but then if he was up all last night and today it stands to reason that he would be tired.

He stands aside and gestures for you to come in, "Ciao Signore Cappelli excuse my mess I was not expecting guests". What little room his home has is cluttered with papers and clothes asw ell as other junk. The fresh smell of ink permeates the apartment. On a small desk are a number of papers which Federico must have written a few short hours earlier. His penmanship is poor but then the fact that he can write surprises you.

Michael Santo Prologue:
"Hmmm. Strong in mind but weak in stomach can I accept this?"
The man steps past you almost fatsre than you can follow seconds later he is seated in the same place that he was when you first burst in the door.
"Very well perhaps you will find this appearance more to your liking". His body and face change! Where he was once a grotesque rotting carcass his skin is smooth and dark. He appears to be of Egyptian descent.
You look to the floor where his finger had fallen off and it is no longer there. Did you imagine that? Is this man some sort of magician?
"Now p[lease don;t make me ask you again Signore, sit and tell me who you are", his tone makes it clear to you that to disobey will provoke a reaction. What do you do?

Storyteller Shadow:
I will head into the room.

Gunther Thesing, Sergei Volkov, and Xing Shi Prologue:

Seeing the wild man run toward Gino with a sword and Gino only with a sword Xing Shi spins into a crouched position swinging her leg around in a sweep trying to trip the wild man (Gunther).

6d10 ⇒ (5, 8, 10, 3, 9, 5) = 40

Katriana Volkov:
In an act of defiance against my brother I will keep drinking! Besides I need blood in me to stay young!!!

Lorenzo Cappelli Prologue:
"I have been thinking about our conversation earlier today, Federico. How exactly did the Scotsman know where to find you? Who is he really?"

Michele Querini Prologue:
When you enter the room Sadir shuts the door behind you and pours you a glass of wine. "I fear my friend that you must pass a test one which may strip you of your very sanity. Are you prepared to do this?"

Storyteller Shadow:
I will pick up the glass, chug it down, put the glass down. Looking at Sadir I say, "I have witnessed and felt many things these past few nights that few men do. I was set on this path for a reason and I aim to see where it takes me. What do I need to do to show you I am ready?

Katriana Volkov Prologue:
Far too soon he pulls back. There is no blood on his lips though you know you tasted it.
He smiles, "What had changed? In Paris you were hunting now you do not even reach for s sliver of wood. Is it that you know I am your destiny?"



Andrew sits as in a waking dream in the bar area not certain when or if he will find rest again, so much responsibility, so many new endeavors....

"Donnach I em goin tah tha grand canal at midnight yer welcome tah go as well o stay here."

Michael Santos:

Michael is hunched over, puke all over the place "you called my stomach weak, but your the one falling apart
he mutters. Michael regains his foothold on reality and composes himself upright. Wiping the remaining puke from his mouth with the sleeve of his left arm slowly walks over to the chair confused and alarmed at the transformation that has taken place. Michael sits"

"Are you the Devil? " Michael ask angrily, scared and shaken bracing him self for the answer.

Katriana Volkov:
"I have my reasons. Or perhaps I do realize that you are my destiny..."

Lorenzo Cappelli Prologue:
Federico sits on his bed and gestures you towards the rickety chair at his desk.

"Well let's see. He burst in through the door and I challenged him. He told me that he was lost and was knocking on the door but decided to barge it in when he got no answer looking for a pipeweed dealer he was told lived in the area. Certainly I deal in pipeweed though of course not out of the warehouse but here out of my home so it ws a coincidence but I did not think too much of it. He is staying at the Way of Kings Inn and claims he is a diplomat from Rober the Bruce of Scotland. He was quite interested in my pipeweed and that is when we began to explore going into busines together. Do you think there is something strange with him Signore Cappelli?"

Michele Querini Prologue:
Gain 1 more blood point from drinking the glass. You are 2/3rds blood bound and feeling much more receptive to what Sadir says....

"You must be willing to literally face the darkness. A place of eternal night with horrors that could tear your very mind asunder. If you fail to resist the horror you will be nothing more than a gibbering shell of a man. Are you willing to take this risk?"

Andrew the Hardy Prologue:
Donnach waves you off as he stands us, "Em exhausted yer lordship. I will be takin' my rest. Fer a man wit a bad leg you have more stamina then three lesser men!"

With that he heads up the stairs. Let's pause here for the moment before you head to your meeting.

Michael Santo Prologue:
The thing that looks like a man laughs at you, "The Devil? Ah you Italians with your Judeo-Christian beliefs everything is just so black and white for you is it not? No I am not the Devil. I am Fahdi Mohammad. For centuries I have lurked in the shadows and now as the Long Night draws to a close I have an opportunity to re-enter the world. What I need is a guide in this strange place so long have I spent away from Humanity that I have become an anachronism. The ties I had to the world have been usurped by my Childe never will I gain them back. In Anya I saw someone who could be my agent, strong of will and brave despite my efforts to terrify her. Then even after I killed her brother she still had such spirit. Then tonight you have come and showed not just strength of will but arrogance in the face of a monster. It is for that brave stupidity that I offer you a chance to become something greater than what you are. Does such an opportunity intrigue you? If so tell me your name and we shall begin our bargaining".

Katriana Volkov Prologue:
Talisman smiles, "Will you hsare those reasons with me my love? There can be no secrets between us".
The strength of this Talisman's blood is fantastic. Gain 2 more blood points and one more dot in Potence as well as a dot in Fortitude. All temporary of course.

Katriana Volkov:
"An act of defiance against my brother, perhaps... The truth is that I have no recollection my parents murder. I have not really had any desire to hunt down the monster responsible for it. And the fact that we now have to rely on vampire blood to stay alive, I think I would like to become one who walks in the night....."

So, Den, can you give me quick recap of Paris?

Lorenzo Cappelli Prologue:
Lorenzo takes a seat. "Given the fact that you say he burst through the door in your first meeting, I would say odd is a bit of an understatement. Did he explain his fascination with pipeweed? It hardly seems a subject worth bashing down a door for." Lorenzo asks while making a mental note of the Scotsman's alleged connections and whereabouts.

Michael Santos:

Michael's facial expression is one of shock. Ghostly white and frozen....
Michael attempts to absorb all that just been said jumping to his feet backward knocking over h is chair stumbling. Pointing his finger at this creature."You are the one I have been searching for... Why did you kill Hans... what is this talk about reentering the world surely you a present here how are you not in it. You talk of death and killing in your wake how is there opportunity in that. Are you going to kill me next? What Are you exactly
Michael vents what's on his mind firing questions as fast as they come. coming to a slow halt

snapping back to reality "Michael, m-m-m, my name is Michael.

Katriana Volkov Prologue:
In Paris you were used as bait for a Vampire. The group lost track of you and Francois intervened. He actually staked the Vampire, he was an independent hunter in Paris. As the rest of the group caught up they were obviously thankful that he was there to save you. That Vampire was tortured and of course drained for his blood. He claimed that the Vampire that had slain your parents had traveled to Venice.

As you stare at Talisman you know for sure you have never seen him before. However, you are able to latch onto a fragments of the scenes that he somehow transferred to you through the blood. You see Francois drinking from Talisman. You see the Vampire you eventually captured compelled somehow by Talisman to attack you and not slay you but to drag you to a spot where Francois would rescue you. You see yourself reflected in his eyes, as if he were somehow inhabiting Francois and you realize this entire trip to Venice was set up by Talisman just so he could meet with you.

"My dear it would be my honor to bring you across to my world but first we must spend some time together. I have been given the gift of creating a new un-life but that gift has not yet been fully granted. For us to have peace we must be patient though that does not mean we cannot enjoy ourselves while you still breathe", he leads you by the hand up the stairs. What do you do?

Gunther Thesing, Xing Shi, and Sergei Volkov Prologue:

Xing Shi you can take this action but you will need to charge across the plaza to do so as you are not right next to Gunther.

Flashing out of the crowd is a small woman dressed in dirty clothing, he hair is disheveled and she appears to be a foreigner. With lightning quickness she charges right up to Gunther's left flank and sweeps his legs! Gunther when it is your turn make a Dexterity + Athletic check DC 7 to avoid damage. If you fail make a Stamina check DC 6 to attempt to soak 2 bashing damage from slamming into the ground awkwardly.

Marco Querini, with a grunt, lunges at Christopher again but this time he spins away from the attack to Marco's left where there may be some exposed flesh for the striking.

Sergei you continue to charge forward furiously right behind the Doge's men you have lost sight of Wilhelm. There is a crowd around the action and you are seconds away from being able to do well, something.

Christopher’s men act.

Dandolo Muscle #1 - He holds his belly wound to stem the blood flow.

Dandolo Muscle #2 - Seeing his ally go down he swings at the Querini muscle with a high angle and clips the man on the back of the ear slicing it off cleanly. He screams in pain while back-peddling from his new assailant. Against Querini Muscle #3

Dandolo Muscle #3 – Seeing an opening against this skilled foe he cuts at the man's rapier hand but while his sure footed opportunity may have missed Jordan with his grapple he is able to step away from his attackers clumsy telegraphed swing. Against Querinir Bodyguard #1

Dandolo Muscle #4 – He yanks the dagger out of his arm and screams, “A flesh wound I’ll do more to you”. [b] Charging forward his sword slash catches the Querini assailant on the forearm drawing blood. Against Querini Muscle #4

Dandolo Muscle #5 – With practiced ease he is able to draw another score against his off-balance foe. [b] “Surrender or I will finish you Signore!” Against Querini Muscle #5

Dandolo Muscle #6 – His strength prevailing Christopher’s man pushes the Querini attacker down to the ground, his sword flies from his grasp. Against Querini Muscle #6

Marco’s men act.

Querini Muscle #4 – With his opponent committing so far forward he is able to stab forward and glances his foes ribs. Christopher’s man yelps out in pain as he did not expect his foe to follow up with such a flourish after his initial clumsiness. Against Dandolo Muscle #4

Querini Muscle #5 – Marco’s crony is shaking in pain and he drops his weapon yielding rather than dying for another man’s honor. Against Dandolo Muscle #5

Querini Muscle #6 –The Querini bullyboy rolls to his right with amazing alacrity and hops onto his feet. As he regains his footing he draws a small dagger. Against Dandolo Muscle #6

Gunther it is your action, I would say you are up but it appears that a little Oriental woman brought you down!

Lorenzo Cappelli Prologue:
"What is there to question Signore? I you do not have the flavor for it I cannot make you understand for it makes the world a better place no matter how glum things seem. I will admit I almost ran him through but then I remembered the problems that Giuseppe had the other night and thought better of it. I did not want a second body to deal with at the warehouse".

Michael Santo Prologue:
"Forget about Hans he was a message a far too subtle message as was my last victim. Both incidents have been covered up, I need a death that draws more attention Michael something not so easy to cover. As for what I am I think you know. As for re-entering the world I have been sleeping for some time to avoid my foes but my allies assure me now is the time to strike a blow and I am not one to waste an opportunity".

A look of distaste crosses his face as you ask him about death and killing in his wake, "I may kill you if you do not calm down. Have I judged your character incorrectly are you a pathetic mortal afraid of a little blood and guts or an opportunist who knows the ends justify the means to power? I speak of true power it can be yours if you answer me correctly."

Gunther/Xing/Sergei prologue:

Storyteller Shadow wrote:

Flashing out of the crowd is a small woman dressed in dirty clothing, her hair is disheveled and she appears to be a foreigner. With lightning quickness she charges right up to Gunther's left flank and sweeps his legs!

Gunther when it is your turn make a Dexterity + Athletic check DC 7 to avoid damage. If you fail make a Stamina check DC 6 to attempt to soak 2 bashing damage from slamming into the ground awkwardly.

Dexterity + Athletics (DC 7): 3d10 ⇒ (7, 8, 5) = 20 (I want to spend a WP if I need 3 successes)

If I can't spend the WP point and/or I failed my roll, then:
Stamina (DC 6): 3d10 ⇒ (10, 6, 4) = 20
Do I get to reroll the 10 to see if I get another success, or do I need to spend a WP for a 3rd success?

Lorenzo Cappelli Prologue:
"Please, do not remind of the mess with Giuseppe. I suppose I will have to take your word for it about the pipeweed. Sorry to have disturbed you, Federico. Thank you for your time." Lorenzo says, showing himself out of the humble abode.

After leaving Federico's home, Lorenzo begins to make his way over to the Way of Kings Inn.

Katriana Volkov:
OH S+!@!!! I am very flattered he went through all that to meet me!! I think at this point I will follow him upstairs. Eternal life is looking like the best option right now.

Sergei Volkov:
Do I still have Wilhelm with me?



Still on pause waiting at the Way of Kings Inn @ the bar.

Michael Santos:

"I understand the need to acquire position of power or at least controls those that are powerful around me. for power quite some time I have been preparing and planning to advance my status as a citizen here in this fair city expanding my businesses acquiring connections in many faucets. Never had the need to kill to produce results. I came from nothing and produced a way to sustainable wealth but I do wish for more. Long have I been stagnant, content with my position. I seek to change that. How does one acquire this power you seek ? And what must be given for such power I know there is nothing free in this world. Even the dead must pay.

Storyteller Shadow:
I reach for the bottle, pour some more wine, drink it and say "I am willing. When will this happen?"

Andrew the Hardy and Lorenzo Cappelli Prologue:
Andrew, as you sit resting your weary leg and enjoying fine Italian wine the front door to the common room opens. Striding in purposefully towards you is Dr. Cappelli.

Katriana Volkov Prologue:
You spend the rest of the night making love to a hot breathed cold bodied Vampire. He feeds from you and gives back what he has taken. 3 more blood points.

Sergei Volkov:
Yeah he is just a slow runner!

Michael Santo Prologue:
"You will gain power by serving me. If you serve me well I will reward you with fantastic powers. Tell Michael what are your current political affiliations and what businesses do you operate?"

Michele Querini Prologue:
"You must literally walk through darkness. The Captain knows how to step through a realm of eternal darkness where the stuff of nightmares dwell. He will use this power to bring you to Venice within the hour. He does not wish to risk his navigator Radek his most prized thrall. Instead he will risk your mind and this entire endeavor. Do you understand?"

Andrew the Hardy and Lorenzo Cappelli Prologue


"Doctor Cappelli, join me fer a drink yah see mah leg keeps me awake late. Tha liquor though dulls tah pain."

Andrew the Hardy and Lorenzo Cappelli Prologue:
"Certainly." the doctor says, ordering a glass of wine from the innkeeper. "Though I must admit, my visit is not purely a social one."

"I have not been completely honest with you, but now I will be very direct. One of the men you were with is in the employ of my family at a warehouse that you chose to bash in the door to. Why were you there? Surely your desire for pipeweed is not so strong that you would break in to a private place of business."

Gunther Thesing, Xing Shi and Sergei Volkov Prologue:

No need to burn the willpower Gunther.

Gunther charges forward towards the men that stand in his daughter’s way. Out of the corner of his eye he sees a figure move quickly to his left before he can register what is going on he is flying in the air and he slams into the ground three feet to Gino’s left. Somehow Gunther is able to hold onto the sword though he is lying probe on his side he feels no pain though there may be a bruise on his hip tomorrow.

The second Scotsman stands and kicks the Querini man right in the face blood spurts from his nose.

Jordan tries to twist away from the grip of the man that has her but he is too strong for her to dislodge.

Despite the opening Christopher spins around and behind Marco stabbing his guard in the kidney and eliciting a howl from the man who promptly drops Jordan.

Gino swings his chair at Gunther’s sword looking to dislodge it from the large man’s grip. He grins stupidly at Xing Shi surprised to see her.
Dexterity + Melee DC 8 4d8 ⇒ (6, 2, 6, 4) = 18 If he achieves 3 successes Gunther you must make a Dexterity + Athletics check to hold onto the weapon and you must soak 1 level of bashing damage. If he fails no check is needed.

The Goge’s guardsmen begin to push through the crowd with the one in the lead screaming, “Drop your weapons!”

Round 3

Luag sheathes his huge weapon on his back, picks up his fellow Scotsman and begins to run through the southern portion of the crowd.

Querini Bodyguard 1 – Knowing that Marco cannot afford to be caught in a street brawl his bodyguard pushes Christopher from behind and grabs Marco’s arm dragging him away from the melee. Dexterity + Brawl 6d10 ⇒ (1, 5, 2, 5, 7, 2) = 22

Querini Bodyguard 2 – The guard staggers forward holding his back he limps after his fellow and Marco though the blood on his hand shows that the wound he just received is most grievous indeed.

Querini Muscle #1 – On the pier and with the guards in sight the man jumps onto dry land and runs away from the guards.

Querini Muscle #2 – With a bloody nose the bully boy stands and grabs his victorious companion Querini Muscle #3 pulling away in the oppositedirection from where Marco was heading – southeast.

Xing Shi it is your action. It appears that no one wants to confront the watchmen of the city and the combatants are fleeing.

Sergei Volkov:
really man??? Right before I go??? lol

Michael Santos:

Michael frowns at the term serving
"I am in connection with the inns around here where my Gondola services transport customers of all walks of life. Very useful for obtaining info from drunken patrons of highly ranking positions. I have new contacts with doctors, referrals for warehouse spaces, my Gondola business is good for transporting goods of various nature or more risque nature if you have a long day of work. Also have new contacts of councilmen of the doge who lead this city... "

Michael stops in his thought
"how long long have you been "sleep" who are your enemies, how does one "sleep" to avoid there enemies wouldn't it make it easier for them to get you? How long is this term of service I have worked to hard and long to be treated like some lackey. I am the master of my domain."

Andrew the Hardy and Lorenzo Cappelli Prologue


Fishes in his pocket, for his notebook...

"Actually twas searchin fer pipeweed an got an address from a gentleman at tha bar..."

In the notebook:
and the address of the wharehouse

"I admit I had been drinkin a bit much tha evenin tah dull tha ache en mah leg, but was told tha was tha place tah get tha finest pipeweed in tha land, perhaps was a friend o Fredirico tha told me, though I don't remember much o tha conversation, I may have in mah drunkneness knocked over-hard upon yer door an damaged it a bit. I was unner tha impression yer wharehouse was a store tha sold pipeweed."

"I recall young Frediricos kindness an as I sobered a bit tha idea o farmin pipeweed sounded fantastic. It seems I was right about tha as it seems tha young man an myself err bout tah make a tremendous amount o coin!"

Raises his mug in toast
"To tha divine intervention and mercy o tha Almighty God!"

"You see tha Giavvonis owns tha land round Frediricos small plot an they err willing tah pay most handsomly fer tha land an I saved em tha trouble o findin out whose land it is, I had sought purchase o lease o their land, but they prefer tah by out Fredirico, so a 10 acre farm pipeweed as far as tha eye ken see!"

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