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Dark Ages Vampire - Bloodlines

Game Master Dennis Harry

Bloodlines is a continuation of the now defunct table top Dark Ages Vampire game wherein the PC's have created lineal descendants throughout the ages.

Attendees seeking a seat or have a seat in the Inner Circle:

Assamite - Lord Bajazet al Nasir.

Brujah – Lady Meridie de Chancie, Lord Criatas, “Dark”Selena, Robin Leeland.

Cappadocian – Lord Benne.

Gangrel – Milov Petrankov.

Lasombra - Prince Narses the Archbishop of Nod

Malkavian – Antione le Fanu, Lutz von Hohenzollern.

Nosferatu – Cristo Petradon, Simon.

Salubri – Brian Stack.

Setites – Sadir.

Toreador – Rafael de Corazon, Francois Villon, Helene la Jouste.

Tremere - Radek, Mistress Fanchon.

Tzimisce – Myca Vykos.

Ventrue – Alyssa Gilbert, Lady Jadviga Almanov, Lanzo von Saschen, Prince Alexander.

Remember - only those listed get votes. Of course influencing their Childer can go a long way to getting a vote.

Social Combat:

Let me first thank Sir Dunstan and his excellent Game of Thrones campaign as the inspiration for this rules tweak. A shout out to Vitaliano who also does an excellent job as a player in that campaign.

Game of Thrones has a Social Combat system that, while not translatable directly, I used as inspiration for this campaign.

This is a proposed rules set and I am more than happy to hear feedback from Players before I implement it in full.

Roleplaying is still required to get your point across. However, I think a mechanical system could be beneficial for this scenario, a scenario quite unlike anything I have ever done in a Vampire game before.

Making My Case

To convince a “voter” to side with your Sire, you may roll the following set of Attributes and Abilities:

1. Against someone who is clearly NOT in your favor --- Manipulation+Subterfuge+Politics
2. Against someone who is NEUTRAL – Charisma+Expression+Politics

The difficulty of all rolls is that Cainites Willpower. You will need to score as many successes as they have Willpower to win the contest. Once you engage the voter, you will only have three rounds to make your case and can only attempt do so one time per night.

If you have Presence – Awe or Enrancement, you may attempt to use these powers in conjunction with the above roll. Each success utilizing that Discipline gives you one more success on your total roll.

Beware, failing in using Presence in Elysium can lead to Sanctions by Thomas Brexiano.

Also beware, Cainites may try to turn this system around on you…

But What if Someone Else Tries This on a Voter I just Brought to my Side?

Amount of successes is a key factor here, you will want to score as many success as you can to ensure that a rival does not try to take that vote from you!

Certain NPC’s already believe that others are in their favor and would never change their votes. Those will be the toughest cookies to break.

Note this system cannot be used on:

Your In-Clan rivals, no amount of sweet talking or bribes will change their minds they all want this position badly.

Prince Narses, he simply will not entertain such discourse. Of course, this does not mean you cannot try to get into the ears of one of his Childer to have them speak with him…

Discerning My Quarry’s Intent

How can I tell if someone is for or against me despite what they are saying?

Make a Perception+Empathy+Politics roll.

The difficulty is 10, less that Cainites Humanity score. Those closer to the Beast are much harder to read. For every Century over 300 years that Cainite has lived, the DC will be increased by 1, topping out at 10, as these Cainites have well and truly mastered this game to have existed for so long in the first place.

Once you engage the voter, you will only have three rounds to ferret out their intent and can only attempt do so one time per night. You will need to score as many successes as they have Willpower to ascertain their intent.

If you have Auspex – Read the Soul or Invade the Mind, you may attempt to use these powers in conjunction with the above roll. Each success utilizing that Discipline gives you one more success on your total roll.

How else can I make my case?

The use of Presence, while frowned upon, is much less cause for censure than using Dominate. Dominate does not work on a Cainite whose blood is closer to Caine than your own. If you seek to use Dominate to convince a voter (or perhaps one of the Childer?) to vote for your Sire, it would be best used elsewhere in the city.

Boons – the boon system of quid pro quo can also be used to gain votes. You will need to offer something of course that that voter does not have or cannot get from another candidate.

Eliminate my rivals. This one is obvious though failure to do so without detection may subject YOU to the Final Death!

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The Volkov's, Michael Santo, and Lorenzo Cappelli Prologue:
"No, I have not had any personal dealings with the man. My brother was trying to arrange a meeting with him, but as you have said, he is out of town."

Michael + Lorenzo + Volkovs:

"Owning the Gondola shop I've come to know many people of many professions and walks of life. Some in pretty elevated places some not so much. I could see if anyone knows of this Michele character whom you speak of and get back to you in a day or twos time. Besides our random meeting how can I contact either of you. If I should happen to come across any information."
Michal speaking to the volkovs
Michael speaks with the Volkovs are you staying at Greetings still?!?
Michael address Lorenzo
"A visit to your home perhaps?"

The Volkov's, Michael Santo, and Lorenzo Cappelli Prologue:
In response to Michael's questions, "Yes, a visit to my home would be fine."

Sergei Volkov:
As you are staying in HIS place it should be easy to locate Michele Querini when he arrives back in town...

Lorenzo Cappelli, Michael Santo and the Volkov's Prologue:
So let me see if I have it straight - Lorenzo will stay home and wait for the others to contact him, Michael Santo will beat the brush to see what he can learn about Michele Querini, and the Volkov's will do what?

Michael + lorenzo + volkovs:

that is correct I will attempt to find this Michele character through various means.

storyteller shadow:

Is there any secret way for me to contact Michele since the business we do is a hush hush operation.

Michael Santo:
If what Sergei and Lorenzo are saying is true, there is currently no way to contact him as he is not in the city. Generally he sought you out for services not the other way around.

Volkovs, Cappelli, and Santo:
"We will head back home as we have things to attend to. Here is our address."
He hands them a piece of paper with the address, he seemed to have premade..
"Oh wait, the storage space. Let your brother know that we will meet with him tomorrow to give him money for a spot here. That looks like a good place."
Sergei points to a random location in the warehouse.

Storyteller Shadow:
We will just head home and wait to see what the guys have come up with!

Volkovs, Cappelli, and Santo:
"Very well, we shall see you tomorrow. Any particular time I can tell my brother?"

Volkovs, Capellis, Santo:
"We can meet here at noon! Thank you gentlemen, hopefully we can continue this mystery once we locate Mr. Querini."

Volkovs, Cappelli, Santo:
"It was a pleasure meeting you Mister Cappelli, and always nice to see you again Michael"
Katriana smiles shyly at the two gentlemen

Super busy at work today will update the thread for everyone tonight.

My laptop is having issues, if it is not working after I run a few errands I will dig out the ipad and update the thread.

Venice by Night – Tuesday March 3, 1309

Lorenzo Cappelli Prologue:
Your eyes feel a bit droopy as the day wanes and night comes. You press forward with your work regardless hoping that a breakthrough in your past researches will ease the frustration of your current dilemma. Just as you are about to achieve some insight into your most recent subject a persistent knock at the front door breaks your concentration.

Gunther Thesing Prologue:
You sit with Fiona and Jordan at the dinner table, the two girls are chatting about Jordan’s end of the week date with young Christopher. You have a feeling of uneasiness in your gut. No doubt this Rafael could be a serious problem, do you give the man ducats you well earned to buy this Rafael’s favor or do you resist? Moreover, you have not heard from Michael of the Volkov’s all day. Did something happen to them overnight? With the business at the tavern shut down for a few days the place may be very busy tonight, perhaps you can learn something there. Is there anything you would like to do?

Xing Shi Prologue:
Late in the afternoon Gino has finally tired himself out, the man must have waited years between sessions, and he takes a short nap. As evening approaches you rouse hm and request that he find his friend and bring him back so that you may speak with him. With a stupid grin on his face ge puts on his clothes and heads out the door to retrieve this Marco Querini. Is there anything you wish to do while you wait?

Andrew the Hardy Prologue:
Shortly after a hearty dinner your companions head upstairs to take a rest and prepare for the next day. You finish a good smoke and stand up stretching out your injured leg. As you consider whether to retire or wait, a man dressed in fine clothing approaches you, “Are you Andrew of Moray?” This is certainly not the man you saw earlier today.

The Volkov’s Prologue:
As Sergei and Katriana return to their new location they see that the window which was broken has been replaced. All four of your retainers are there preparing dinner or spending time ensuring that swords are sharp and the stakes are sharper. Brice speaks up, “This place is on edge Sergei. Mysterious attacks by an unknown faction has rattled the nobles, it seems no one has a clue who the attacker was. Besides that there is great infighting among the nobles connected to an issue outside of the city. Seems Venice is under threat of excommunication by the Pope for something they did in the north. Some of the nobles are asking the head of the city to back down and others are supporting his tough stance. With so much chaos and crazy rumors swirling it is going to be hard to lock down on “strange occurrences” to find our intended targets”.

Katya enters the room and smiles at you, We can always go to the old stand-by, using me as bait while the rest of you watch for me to draw these monsters out”. Wilhelm shakes his head, “That is too risky here, what if a patrol shows up and sees four of us against one man? What if this creature looks like a noble Venetian? They will be all over us and we will have exposed ourselves”.

Francois simply sighs and looks to see Katriana’s reaction.

Michael Santo Prologue:
You head home to spend time with your family after, well after a disappointing day. For dinner you put on a happy face and brush off the concerns of your wife. Digesting your food you head to the small sitting room which contains your paperwork. You are days behind and need to address some issues the next day. First you must go through the money that the employees have sent in to ensure no one is skimming off the top. A sudden knock on the door startles you and sends coinage all over the table. You hear the footsteps of your wife heading to the door, then her voice, “May I help you miss?”

Michele Querini Prologue:
You win you lose, you win you lose, slowly the crew begins to warm up to you. All day long though the easterner’s eyes are on you, certainly not non-stop but when you look for him, he is there. As you come back up to the deck the cold winds bite through your ill chosen clothing. Looking around of course now you do not see the old man. The deck is empty. Make a Perception + Alertness check

Lorenzo Cappelli Prologue:
"Damnit! Why is it every time I am about to actually make a bit of progress there someone at the damned door!" he yells in frustration, before despondently heading up the stairs and closing the secret hatch to his lab.

Heading toward the door, "Hold on, hold on, I will be there in a moment."

Reaching the door, but not opening it immediately, "Who is it and what do you want?"

Xing Shi:

I'll search his house "carefully" just to see if anything stands out and freshen myself up.



"Indeed! Have yah a message meant fer myself?"

"An who err you?"

Storyteller Shadow:
4d10 ⇒ (8, 7, 4, 6) = 25

Michael Santos:

Michael arranges the coins in a single pile and promptly gets up to see who is at the door.

"My dear, who is at the door?!?"

Lorenzo Cappelli Prologue:
"This is a strange way to greet a guest but I suppose these are strange times. I am an associate of Dr. Arrigoni, Dr. Benne I believe we have some common interests that we can discuss. Assuming of course that you will open the door".

Xing Shi Prologue:
There is nothing here of interest. His place us fairly small. You freshen up and wait for his return.

Andrew the Hardy Prologue:
"My name is Nicola but I am just a messenger signore. A man would like to meet with you but he needs discretion though I do not know why. He says later tonight to meet him in front of an Inn called Greetings". With that the man turns and hurries out.

Michele Querini Prologue:
There is someone trying to sneak up behind you, what do you want to do? If you wish to draw a weapon make a Wits+Alertness roll.

I am in Pittsburgh, once I get settled and whip out the laptop I will update.

Storyteller Shadow:
My natural reaction is to turn around drawing my knife 4d10 ⇒ (5, 10, 10, 6) = 31

Michael Santo Prologue:
As you step to the door you see your wife step aside, "Do you know who this woman us Michael?" standing in the doorway is Hans' sister.

Michele Querini Prologue:
3d10 ⇒ (5, 1, 8) = 14
As you turn you see the easterner approaching you with a knife drawn. You move to intercept him before he can reach you.
Initiative Order - (1) Michele, (2) Eastern Man



"Looks like were in fer a meetin in front o an Inn called Greetins, later tonight."

Waits for the appointed hour and pays a gondola to take him and the others there.

Storyteller Shadow:
I get into a defensive posture, stepping back with my left foot and giving him a more narrow target. I shout as loud as I can "Help me! I am being attacked." If he lunges for me I will attack him.

Andrew the Hardy Prologue:
The rest of your entourage already went to bed. It is just you unless you want to wake everyone else.

Michele Querini Prologue:
No immediate response to your screams are forthcoming, the man says something to you in his foreign language and lunges.
Attack- 4d10 ⇒ (4, 1, 3, 3) = 11
Your defensive posture allows you to side step his lunge.
Your counter attack.

Storyteller Shadow:
I will continue to yell for help as I stab downward upon him before he can recover from his lunge. 4d10 ⇒ (6, 5, 6, 5) = 22

Michele Querini Prologue:
Your strike with the dagger is true! Roll Strength +2 for damage.

Michael santos:

Michael walks towards his guest a bit surprised but welcomes her warmly
Michael addresses his wife's concern
"Yes dear I do know her"
Michael speaks with Anya
"Have you met my wife?"
Michael introduces the two
"how can I help you this evening?"

Storyteller Shadow:
4d10 ⇒ (10, 4, 6, 4) = 24

Lorenzo Cappelli Prologue:
"An associate of Dr.Arrigoni, you say? Well, Dr. Benne, what is it you would like to discuss?" he asks as he opens the door.



A quick meeting won't hurt......

Xing Shi:

Xing Shi Waits

Michael Santo Prologue:
"I am sorry to disturb your home so late in the evening Signore Santo but I did not hear back from you about my brother and I wanted to see what you had learned".

What was the wife's name again? I can't seem to locate that post, please PM me the family info thanks.

Before you can answer your wife responds, "Come inside dear, I will get you a drink". She ushers her inside with womanly grace.

Michele Querini Prologue:
Your attack scores on his forearm drawing blood. You take a step back out of his range as the look of what appears to be bloodlust is in his eyes.

At that moment a few men you were gaming with below come rushing up. One blurts out something in a language you do not understand, one calls back down the stairs again in a language you do not understand. What they are doing becomes readily apparent though as two of the men exchange coin and point at the two of you laughing.

The easterner rears up for a strike. However, unlucky for him you go first, what do you want to do?

Lorenzo Cappelli Prologue:
The man standing at the doorway is as pale a man as you have ever seen, he may be an albino, someone whose condition makes him allergic to the sun. He wears clothing styles from Germany though the fashion is outdated by a few decades. It is working class clothing to be sure and not very stylish not that such things have mattered to you in a long time but Constancia did take great interest in such things and these tidbits of knowledge have stuck with you. He is a short man, 5'3" with very short cropped hair.
He steps in past you, "Thank you for inviting me in. Though you may not know it, we run in the same circles you and I. However, it was not until late last night that I have ever had a reason to contact you. Dr. Arrigino reached out to me to get a second opinion on young Hans. I am here to inspect the body".

Storyteller Shadow ONLY:
Intelligence + Subterfuge Difficulty 4 8d10 ⇒ (3, 2, 10, 8, 10, 10, 7, 2) = 52

The Good Doctor Arrigino:
I think I keep switching this name, this is the correct spelling, my apologies.

Andrew the Hardy Prologue:
You find a Gondola to bring you to Greetings. The steersman is quite familiar with the place and highly recommends it. It is situated right on one of the smaller canals. There are a few men loitering outside, they are not nobles nor are they serfs, this seems to be a place for the craftsman class. Once you step inside you see that the number of patrons is not very large. In fact there are two serving wenches and one man behind the bar who look quite glum. As you scan the room you see a man gesturing towards you his back faces the wall at a table where he can see who enters but until you step in you cannot see him. He wears a cloak and non-descript clothing.

Xing Shi Prologue:
As night begins to grow long the door to Gino's apartment finally opens and he enters with another man you recognize. He is the one who was fighting when you first found your mark. He smiles at you though not in the same way Gino does, he must have a woman already.
"Good evening mystery woman. Tell me what do you seek my cousin for?" He sits down across the room from you in a wooden chair and his look is quite stern despite his pleasant smile.

Lorenzo Cappelli Prologue:
Obviously angered by Dr. Benne's barging in, Lorenzo does his best to shrug it off, knowing his own social graces have been lacking as of late. "Very well, right this way." he says heading for the parlor. "Wait here it will be a few minutes, I have to retrieve the body. You see I have a cool dry storage area for bodies I am studying...seems to decrease the rate of decay. I will get Hans's body and be back a bit. Can I interest you in a glass of wine while you wait?"

After retrieve a glass of wine or not...

Lorenzo heads back down into his laboratory, placing Hans's corpse in the cradle of the lift system from the lab to the main floor of the home. After bringing the body back up, the corpse is placed on an examination table and rolled into what used to be the examination room Lorenzo used when his practice was still active.

"Alright Dr. Benne, Hans is ready for examination. Please follow me and I will take you to him."

Lorenzo Cappelli Prologue:
The good doctor asks for a glass of red. As you return he is finishing his glass and places it on a table heading into your parlor to take a look at the body.

He simply stares at it for a while. Then he traces his hand across the body for a few minutes. He inspects the neck very closely nodding to himself as if comfirming something. He then looks up at you.

"Tell me Dr. Cappelli, what is your theory on the cause of the exsanguination of young Hans? I have heard a few wild theories proposed by a man named Sergei and I am curious to see what your conclusions were".

Lorenzo Cappelli Prologue:
"To be honest, Dr. Benne, I am at a loos for a logical theory as to the cause of the victim's exsanguination. There are no visible wounds large enough to cause a complete exsanguination of a body. Judging from the contents of the lungs, Hans was dead before his body was submerged...there is no sign of trauma in the lungs common to drowning victims. Sadly, combined with other things I have seen recently, Signore Volkov's crazed assumption is as plausible as anything else I have come up with."

Lorenzo Cappelli Prologue:
"Other things? Have you seen other victims with similar trauma?"

Lorenzo Cappelli Prologue:
"No, not other exsanguinated victims, but other things that would match some of the folklore around Signore Volkov's hypothesis. I would really rather not discuss it, as you are likely to think I am deranged."

Xing Shi:

Xing Shi smiles at the man and takes a seat across from him.

"My employeer asked me to contact your cousin and schedule a meeting that will entail the gains of lots of moneys."

Lorenzo Cappelli Prologue:
"Who is to say I do not already suspect that is the case. Come let us sit in your front room and discuss these strange occurrences. I deal in strange occurrences that is why Dr. Arrigino contacted me".

Xing Shi Prologue:
"A great deal eh? I would be interested in such a deal, is there something I can do for you?"

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