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Dark Ages Vampire - Bloodlines

Game Master Dennis Harry

Bloodlines is a continuation of the now defunct table top Dark Ages Vampire game wherein the PC's have created lineal descendants throughout the ages.

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Michael Santo, Sergei Volkov and Lorenzo Cappelli Prologue:
Hearing the loud knock at the door, Lorenzo comments to his brother,"Ahh, it appears that my guests have arrived. I'll be right back."

Arriving at the door, the former doctor open the entry way into his home. "Good evening, welcome to my home. My brother, Dominic, is waiting in the parlour and is quiet interested in hearing about your warehousing needs." he says with a knowing smile toward Michael and Sergei.



"Were I a suspicious sort I might tink tha forgettin is a prelude tah an assassination could tha Italians have sold us out already?"

Says a quick prayer....

"Prayers a crutch God helps them tha gets up off thar f~!!in arse an starts fer themselves, otherwise Id be waitin on a chair fer mah leg tah heal."

Lorenzo Cappelli, Michael Santo and Sergei Volkov Prologue:
As you answer the door you see standing behind Michael and Sergei two men you have not seen before both of whom are foreigners.
Lorenzo Intelligence + Hearth Wisdom Difficulty 8 to determine their countries of origin.
"Sergei, have we come to the wrong house?" one of the men asks in Italian.

Lorenzo Cappelli Prologue:

Hearth Wisdom + Intelligence (Diff 8 - Analytical Specialty):6d10 ⇒ (7, 5, 8, 2, 5, 3) = 30 -> 1 success

Michael * Lorenzo * Sergei * storyteller:

Michael greets Lorenzo with a handshake
"Greetings Doc. Cappelli, Thank you for having us today."
Michael nods his head
"I do hope we can come to a "reasonable agreement" "

Santo, Cappelli, Volkov, & Storyteller:
Sergei steps up, hand outstretched for Lorenzo to shake

"Good evening Doctor, thank you again for setting this up. These are my associates Brice, and Wilhelm (Describe yourselves boys) If you do not wish them to come in that is okay. They can wait outside."

Sergei gives the boys the "If you don't go in, just be on the lookout" look!

Xing Shi Prologue:

Speaking in Italian "Pardon me, but is this where I may find Michele Querini?"

Katriana Volkov Prologue:
Katriana jumps to her feet, grabbing for her clothes and quickly putting them on.

"Someone is here!!!"

Andrew the Hardy Prologue:
Donnach chuckles at your jest, "Does God appreciate your jests as much as I do, My Lord?"
Aodhan scowls and points points at one of the gondola drivers, "You, we are here on a diplomatic mission. Can you tell us where the Doge's Palace is?"
The man turns to your group, "Diplomats? Where do you hail from Signore?"

Lorenzo Cappelli ONLY:
One of the men is certainly German, the other one you are not sure.

Lorenzo Cappelli, Michael Santo and Sergei Volkov Prologue:
The men introduce themselves as Brice and Wilhelm (Wilhelm is the one you can place Lorenzo).
"I am happy to wait out here if it will make this conversation go faster", says Brice.
"I just hope we don;t have to pay another bribe for standing outside", mutters Wilhelm.
Michael and Sergei head into Dr. Cappelli's home.

Xing Shi Prologue:
"You could if this is his place. I am not sure who owns this place but he is away for several days miss..."

Katriana Volkov Prologue:
As you leap up he pulls you back down to him. "Let Kat handle that, your job at the moment is to handle me", replies Francois in a gruff, sexy voice which you at the moment find extremely annoying.

Xing Shi Prologue:

I'm going to push my way past her acting like I don't require an invitation and take a look around to see if anyone else is in here with here before I turn back to her and close the door.

"Why are you in this house if you do not know who owns it?"

Xing Shi Prologue:
The woman seems initially shocked by your entry but recovers herself. "You are making a big mistake barging in here!" she screeches.

Katriana Volkov Prologue:
You hear Katya screech, You will pay for barging in here! With that Francois releases you and grabs his clothes and his sword.

Xing Shi Prologue:

"I believe you made the mistake! Staying at my lovers house I knew he was cheating on me but with someone like you! And he's letting you stay here while he's out of town?

Xing Spit at her and tries to show some fake tears.



"We hail from Scottland an indeed err diplomats, can you convey us to the proper place?"

turns back towards his companion
...."We err in luck it seems, bet when we arrive tha doors will be closed up fer tha night."

Totters down the gangplank towards the waiting smaller boat.....

Lorenzo Cappelli, Michael Santo and Sergei Volkov Prologue:
The former doctor says to Brice and Wilhelm, "I do not see why you would have to pay a bribe to stay out here, I doubt this will take long."

Leading Sergei and Michael into the parlor where Dominic waits, "Dominic, may I introduce you to Signores Volkov and Santo. Gentlemen, this is my brother, Dominic Cappelli. I believe the two of you had said you were interested in a bit of warehouse space, yes?"

Sergei Volkov, Michael Santo, and Lorenzo Cappelli Prologue:
"That is correct, thank you so much for seeing us on such sort notice. We are in the need of a decent amount of space, which we would like to keep for an extended period of time, even if we decide to Leave the city. And the sooner the better, for we have a lot of cargo, hopefully arriving soon."

Katriana Volkov Prologue:
As you and Francois dress you hear a response to Kat's shout, "I believe you made the mistake! Staying at my lovers house I knew he was cheating on me but with someone like you! And he's letting you stay here while he's out of town?"
Kat responds, "You are mistaken this place is being rented and I am with those who are renting it!" What do you do?

Xing Shi Prologue:
The woman shouts back at you, "You are mistaken this place is being rented and I am with those who are renting it!"

Andrew the Hardy Prologue:
"The Doge's palace is closed for business for the evening my friends but you are in luck Signore's, I know the perfect Inn where you may stay. Would you let me take you there?"

Lorenzo Cappelli, Sergei Volkov and Michael Santo Prologue:
As Sergei and Michael enter leaving Wilhelm and Brice outside Dominic stands up. Dominic looks much like Lorenzo though his skin is not as fair, he is dressed much more finely and his hair is shorter. He smiles, "Welcome to Venice Mr. Volkov is it? I do indeed have room but I cannot rent my available space to just anyone. Tell me what is it you are looking to import and with whom do you conduct this business? Also is your associate here part of this transaction?" He finishes as he points to Michael.



@ entourage
"Tis jus as I called it, tha Doge's palace is closed up fer tha night, an err escorts are at home with their families an here we err tah find err own way bout?"

"An Inn near tha palace would be bess an what time does tha Doge's palace open fer visitors?"

Digs in his pocket for coins....
"How much?"

Andrew the Hardy Prologue:
"By the palace? Very well I will take you there", replies the man dejectedly. The price he quotes seems reasonable enough and once the baggage has been loaded you are the rest of your entourage are on your way.

The gondola moves slowly through the moonlit night. The city has an eerie quality to it as the moon's rays reflect off of the buildings. The farther into the city you travel the worse the smell of offal becomes, likely people dispose of a great deal of refuse in this canal. The boatman gives you some historical run down of the locations you pass until you arrive at your destination. The Way of Kings Inn is the name of the place. The boatman aids your group in unloading the baggage and pushes back off, Donnach heads inside to inquire about lodgings. What would you like to do in the meantime?

Xing Shi Spoiler:

Xing Shi examines the woman to determine if she is speaking the truth.

{Per + Emp?)
3d10 ⇒ (9, 10, 6) = 25

She speaks softly to her "Apology, I had doubt in my mans faithfulness to me and thought you were his new prize of course you understand? Do you know where the owner may be found if you are indeed renting this place or someone here would know?

Katriana Volkov Prologue:
Katriana motions for Fracois to go handle things.
"Did you just pick a random place to stay? Who did we rent from?

Michael + Sergei + Cappelli:

Michael steps forward and speaks

"Mr. Cappelli its a thank you for having us at this time. As of now I am just here escorting my fare thorugh this fare city as I've seem to be doing quite a lot of late. My Gondola services does not require a warehouse storage facility but I do have a business associate who was stating that he needed some storage space which I am shocked that he is not here since he said he would be. I would like to get some quotes on the different storage lots so I can bring back to him and its always in one best interest to get to know get to know other business owners never know when a fare of mine may need of your services and vice versa. I hope my presence will not disturb you"

Katriana Volkov and Xing Shi Prologue:
As Xing Shi speaks she hears a door down the hall open. An attractive man wearing no shirt and wielding a broad sword steps into the room.
"I am not sure who you are looking for but he us not here Madame. Our colleague who rented this place is not here either, how can I help you?"

Michael Santo, Sergei Volkov and Lorenzo Cappelli:
"I welcome you to my brothers home Mr. Santo. I do not deal with intermediaries I am afraid. If your friend wishes to enter business with me I must meet with him personally. Now Mr. Volkov tell me about yourself".



"See if thars some place I ken hobble about, I been too long on a boat an might like a walk tah clear mah head, we might need tah discuss tha strategy fer diplomacy. I think we err not as likely tah get tha Italians tah help us as much as get them tah get thar dander up at tha English."

"Let's at least have a pipe on tha balcony, hopefully when yer high nuff up tha smell o s#~@ don't get yah."

Gunther Thesing Prologue:


Gunther re-enters his home with heavy footfalls, annoyed and frustrated over the brief yet insulting conversation he just had with Rafael. He rejoins the others and takes a seat amongst them.

Knowing her husband well, Fiona senses his tension and looks at him with concerning eyes yet says nothing. With pursed lips Gunther shakes his head ever-so-slightly, silently indicating to her 'not to ask'.

Glancing over at his daughter and how incredibly happy she is... it's been a long time since Gunther has seen his daughter this way... he takes another deep breath to calm his nerves before he addresses everyone.

"Christopher, I just want to say that after speaking with your father, I have a greater respect towards you than my previous impression. That being said, I also have to ask, what are your intentions with my daughter?"

Michael + Sergei + Cappelli:

"That is most understandable, the nature of your business has many liabilities and one cannot be to careful with whom they deal with or the wares they keep. I do admire your diligence, not so much is required when taking someone from point A to point B on a public River."

Michael Stands back and allow for the two gentlemen to conduct their business.

is there anything interesting about Lorenzo home, anything out of the ordinary that would stand out? anything odd about Dominic character flaws or quirks

Volkov, Santo, Cappellis:
"Well, Signore Cappelli, My sister and I have recently arrived in the city, and we wish to make it our home. The cargo that we will have coming in is all of our belongings. It seems it will take some time to procure a proper residence, so we will need to keep them somewhere for an indeterminate amount of time. I would also like to pay for the year in advance if that is alright."

Will update the thread tomorrow.

Andrew the Hardy Prologue:
Donnach nods to you, "Let's take a walk along the streets then and see what we can see. I don;t think we can ever get high enough to block this rancid scent but I brought some pipeweed along so we can give it a shot". He winks and begins to pack a pipe with herb.

You hear Aodhan complain loudly behind you as you walk along the canal clearing your head and stretching out your legs. Donnach lights up the pipe and passes it to you. [b] "I don't know what we seek here, these Italians have no stomach for real combat, its all fancy games with them. We should all be back taking it to the English if you ask me".

From the way you are headed you see a group of men dressed in all black clothing seemingly materialize out of the shadows. There are four of them and all are armed. They approach you looking at the weapons that you and Donnach carry. One challenges you, "Who are you travelers and what is your business here in Venice?"

Gunther Thesing Prologue:
"Daddy!", yelps Jordan.
Christopher puts his hand on hers and looks at you, "It is all right my dear. Your father certainly has a right to ask me my intentions, no doubt his interaction with father was unsettling. Despite what my father wants, I am my own person. I simply wish to spend more time with your daughter to ensure that we are a suitable match for one another. I am not getting any younger and I wish to settle down and start a family".
Margherita looks to you, "Please excuse my husband, he has great pressures which weigh upon him. I trust that you can look past this for the sake of the children". He statement is a bit stiff and perhaps not as genuine as Christopher's but certainly not dripping with arrogance as Rafael seems to.

Sergei Volkov, Lorenzo Cappelli, and Michal Santo Prologue:
"This is a very unusual request Signore. I generally rent to business owners who wish to store wares. I have never kept personal cargo for someone. I certainly cannot justify lowering my prices to hold a nominal amount of items. You will be paying for space that you will not necessarily utilize".

Michael. Dr. Cappelli's house looks rather drab, almost lifeless, it could certainly use a woman's touch. Dominic's nose is red, wther this is from the sun or drinking you are not sure. No other quirks though. Make a Perception + Awareness test Difficulty 10 to notice anything else.



"We err gentlemen enjoying a stroll, pipeweed and each others company. As gentlemen we err rarely questioned in our movements, be thay movements o err bowels or other movements. I will over-look yer rudness in not offering forth a greeting or salutation before begining yer inquisition."

"I am Andrew the Hardy, Lord of Moray; my associates and I are diplomats, not doormats."

"Yer notice our swords, let me assure you when mah legs healed I ave a much bigger one tha splits men in twain. Let us say I am recuperatin from many a war in this place."

"Tomorrow I hope tah meet Pietro Gradenigo, Doge of Venice, tomorrow then should promise a better day."

"Good even-tide, gentlemen"

Continues smoking his pipe, shifting the pipe to his left hand.

Sergei Volkov, Lorenzo Cappelli, and Michal Santo Prologue:
"I am not looking for a discounted deal, I simply wish to pay for a year in advance. I will find something to fill the space with. How discreet are you with the contents of your clienteles spaces?"

Andrew the Hardy Prologue:
The first man sneers, "Generally cripples are beggars in the streets not snooty lords. If you are dimplomats then where do you hail from, I have never heard of this Moray? Now tell me "my lord" did you just arrive in the city?"
As the man responds Donnach draws his weapon, "How dare you speak my Lord in such a manner!" At his draw the men confronting you also draw. What do you do?

Sergei Volkov, Lorenzo Cappelli, and Michal Santo:
"Very well if you do not mind paying the fees then tomorrow I can show you to the closest space for your approval. I pride myself on discretion we will not pry into what you have placed in our care. There are day and night watchmen always at the location ensuring that no one tampers with our clients goods. These are men that I interview myself so I now they are trustworthy as well".

Katriana Volkov and Xing Shi Prologue:

Xing Shi bows slightly toward the man.

"Appology, I was looking for Michele Querini who is the owner of this house. I had believed him to be unfaithful when I saw this woman here but obviously I overreacted. Please excuse me."

Xing Shi makes her way out the door.



"Diplomats has a strong implication we ernt from here fer certain, an suren err accents as well. Might I know yer names, seems yer families might lose credibilty iffen one o yah is killed by a cripple."

"Donnach stay yer hand obviously these err likely some children o tha important persons we err tah speak o matters o great import, they err wantin yah tah turn tha other cheek."

With that prompting kilts are raised and ass cheeks shown!

"Tha is err standard greetin fer tha English jus fer yer information."

Michael + Sergei + Cappelli's:

{Perception + Awareness Diff 10} = 7d10 ⇒ (10, 9, 2, 5, 2, 2, 4) = 34

Xing Shi and Katriana Volkov:
The man calls after you, "What is your name Madame? Shall I leave a message from you for the master of the house/"

Andrew the Hardy Prologue:
Aodhan comes racing up before the men have a chance to react to your "greetings". "How dare you accost us in the streets like common thugs. We are the diplomatic party from King Rober the Bruce on business with the Doge!"

The leader still in a menacing tone replies, "Whatever King sent you here is none of my concern, the safety of our fair city is my concern. Now we wish to know when you arrived here in the city. If you refuse to answer your first meeting with the Doge will be in chains".

Xing Shi and Katriana Volkov:

She turns back toward him before closing the door.

"Do you not know where the master of the house resides now? It was only but a few days ago he was still here."

Michael Santo Prologue ONLY:
You see nothing amiss.

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