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Dark Ages Vampire - Bloodlines

Game Master Dennis Harry

Bloodlines is a continuation of the now defunct table top Dark Ages Vampire game wherein the PC's have created lineal descendants throughout the ages.

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Five year old's Winter Concert! Damn kids...


Felt poor all weekend and even into today. Bad DM bad DM!

We here!

If only we got bonus .....

That's my line...

Embrace was not enough :-)

It was a taste....but now I thirst for more..... ; )

It sure looks that way for andrew

OK, finally updated the thread. Once these scenes are over, which should be relatively soon, the next day can begin and all can get in on the action.

Depending on the actions of the next day, we may be hitting a bit of downtime soon and fast forwarding the calendar to a few weeks away from the current date. Downtime in Vampire usually comes with no XP equivalent. However, for the sake of the story I may at my discretion grant extra points on sheets to reflect what you would have improved upon in that few week block. I will also be PMing players information that they would have acquired during that few weeks time relevant to the upcoming action.

My apologies for the big delays between posts, glad you are all enjoying the story enough to hang in there with me!

Is there a non-vampire alternative?

Hey! I want fangs too! ;)

The last few posts of the day should be finalized by tonight. At 10 PM the 10th becomes the 11th and a new day will dawn.

1 XP for all players.

Gettin a bit tired. Will update tomorrow night (day time I can't post as I will be slammed at work after being out for a few days).

OK updated! All are good to go for the next day.

I will update tomorrow night.

I just received my PDF copy of V20 Dark Ages. I will be looking through it over the next few days. Likely we will transition to this version of the game as it is suitable for the setting.

I believe this is the last book I will back for an RPG company unless something else really compelling is proposed.

Shadow Lodge

Got mine too! Onyx path seems to be supporting VT and VtDA again, so maybe more purcheses in my future.

Will post likely tomorrow, baby never napped yesterday...

Will update by the weekends end.

No worries!

OK, finally got a chance to update the thread!

551 to 572 of 572 << first < prev | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | next > last >>
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