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Dark Ages Vampire - Bloodlines

Game Master Dennis Harry

Bloodlines is a continuation of the now defunct table top Dark Ages Vampire game wherein the PC's have created lineal descendants throughout the ages.

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Just a heads up. I am leaving for California this morning and will not be back until early Tuesday morning. I won't have any access until that time, so I will not be posting until late Tuesday.

Sorry for the short notice, but I completely forgot about it. Please feel free to run my character while I am gone and I will catch up when I return.

Not a problem Baldemar.

Because of the nature of the game (each character essentially being part of a separate game at the moment) I will not run Baldemar until you return.

The final scene of the night will involve your character so I will hold off on that until Tuesday. Once that scene is over, Night will be come Day and I will reward XP (finally!).

I feel bad about being soooo lost. Not reading anyone's thread, so...

I believe that Baldemar is having travel issues. Once he is back we will be able to complete this night. Also Michael Santo has one scene left.

Apologies all. I came back sick and this is my first night back on my feet. I am going to the IC thread to post now.

Sorry for the delay Gents. Busy weekend!

Been very busy will update last encounter of the night tomorrow!

The last scene of the Night is now upon us. I will reward 3 XP as it has been a LOOONG time since I gave any out. Everyone has done a really exceptional job with their characters so far.

Once the final scene of the night is done the day will once again dawn and I will have posts up for each character ASAP. Thank you all for your patience, this is certainly been a unique experience thus far as we are essentially running 7 games at once in this thread.

At some point as I discussed late last year I will shut this thread down and start a new one. Archiving the old thread in Word will make it easier for me to look back at old posts. I have had very little time this year between baby, work and a heavy D&D table top schedule.

Apologies for my absence. Work and table top games all came together this weekend and pbp lost out. I am going to the in game thread now to catch up and post.

Will post tomorrow. Busy days lately.

FYI. It appears that I will have some time in the middle of May to finally complete the transition to a new thread. I will copy the entire thread in a Word document making our PBP available in a searchable format. Once that is done I will take all of your email addresses and send each player a copy so you all have it to assist in ease of thread searches.

Thank you all for your patience with the thread. At this time I am essentially running 7 different tales one for each of you, which intersect from time to time.

Soon enough the tales will begin to pull closer and closer together. At some point you will all be together. I am in no rush and I hope that you are all enjoying playing mortals!

Yes, the Game thread has been updated. Have at it!

Awareness to 2, for 2xp.

I wonder how Xing is going to react to my request that she recuse herself from all other allegiance and pledge to serve?

I will update scenes over the next two days, no later than Wednesday. For those of you in scenes with other players please keep it moving forward.


sts and querini:

sorry for delay will post tomorrow

Hey. Been super busy lately. I am spending all of my free time prepping for my table top game this upcoming Saturday.

I will update the thread either Saturday evening or Sunday night just an FYI.

Hey. Apologies for the delay I have been crushed with quite a bit more to do than I expected in the last week or so. At this point I will update as soon as I can. Hang tight!

Will be here.

No worries.

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