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Dark Ages Vampire - Bloodlines

Game Master Dennis Harry

Bloodlines is a continuation of the now defunct table top Dark Ages Vampire game wherein the PC's have created lineal descendants throughout the ages.

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In China, on a business trip. I have 2G access, yay!

Alright, I am starting with all 13 Tables separately to jump start us again.

Some of you have not posted in a while. While I have been MIA, a while means since mid September and it is almost November. I will need to see some activity from our dormant Clans within the week or I will need to Recruit again to replace those particular players. I know this is a very sand box game but even simple thoughts are better than not posting at all... After all, I did set parameters for replacing players who have not posted in over a month.

Silver Crusade

Male Clan Gangrel, Childe of Milov Petrankov - 5'10 Eastern European Male in his early 30's - Willpower: 3/7, Bloodpool: 8/20, 4 per turn, Survivor

I apologize. I should be back, and I have posted.

Looking for 3 more responses for a full set of 13...

Alright, I have responded to 12 posts.

On Saturday I will get the Court action moving forward again.

I wanted to focus on personal level issues first so they do not get lost in the Court Intrigue as we move the scene forward.

I guess I'll seek alliance in the Gangrels first as I have already met one of them

Posting is limited, will endeavour to catch up.

Clan Malkavian Blood Pool 28/30

Vitaliano is settled down with his inter clan interests for now. His sire had a wonderful point to not bring that up a present.

I have two potential replacements for the 13th slot in the game as our current Nosferatu has not posted in quite some time and I believe that now is the time to move along and bring someone new into the fold.

Will be updating the thread tonight.

I will let those posts settle in as a few people have not responded to table talk from earlier thus week. As always feel free to jump in on any point made or make your own. Will update the thread either Monday or Tuesday night.

Male Human Toreador Ghoul

Here is my submission for the game please have a look, I havent used the age background if you do not allow it let me know

Onfroi wrote:
Here is my submission for the game please have a look, I havent used the age background if you do not allow it let me know

No Age Background allowed. Will take a look, currently I am awaiting two more potential submissions for the final slot.

Once I have them all I will review them side by side and make my decision.

Male Human Toreador Ghoul

Will remove age for a dot of influence

20 years gaming, 15 yrs DM

I sent in some stats for review, SS. Think i did it correctly...

OK, I have 3 full submissions for the 13th slot in the game. I will review them this week and make my final announcement on Saturday. Together we will have to craft some changes to proposed backgrounds due to the nature of the storyline.

Thank you all for your submissions!

I will update the thread itself tonight as well.

The new player will be slotted into the game no later than next week.

Male Human Toreador Ghoul

Thank you for your consideration

I will give you all a chance to react to Narses before I respond to your individual table actions.

I had nothing to add, but I was doing alot of thinking so I turned that into a post.

Andrew the Hardy, Lord of Moray wrote:
I had nothing to add, but I was doing alot of thinking so I turned that into a post.

Thinking posts are always good posts, helps me know you are following along and helps you shape your own responses to future situations.

Male Human Toreador Ghoul

Ok humanity and will power done as well as merits and flaws, plenty to have fun with

In life, Doctor Cornelio Innocenti was a respected surgeon, but in death he lost it all. Unlike other many other childe Doctor Innocenti was embraced by sire of the clan Nosferatu, in his new undead existence the doctor's body twisted to a monstrous mockery of life, and thus his respected place in kine society was forever lost.

A new doctor soon arrived to work the piers of Venice, a plague doctor, willing to board any ship to tend the sick and dying . . . provided the captain could spare a little coin, and under the cover of darkness the sick were tended to (or removed) allowing the ships to dock and remove their cargo. They call him Dr Coin. For a price he would be willing to treat anyone. Wrapped in medical clothing not even his eyes are visible as the tainted glass goggles usually reflect light, and all that can be seen in those black orbs is the reflection of torch or lamp as he applies his art to the sick and dying.

Dr Coin no longer uses his birth name. It causes too much pain. The already abrasive doctor has given up on society, interested in devoting himself to his art, and his already poor social skills have completely devolved to the point where he seems capable of insulting anyone he speaks to. Stay out of his way and let him work.

Some good looking new players.....

Anyone reading anything that reminds them of this game?

Male Human Toreador Ghoul

I hope its me!

This day got away from me a bit, will pick the new Player tomorrow and update the thread as well.

Who ever does not make it rest assured I will remember your submission if any are needed in the future.

Conversation and complexity of plot seem above Alessandro's pay grade. I mean he's just going to repeat himself.

He needs to see what the others do.

The Submissions have all had PM's sent to them. I will work in the new Player this week.

Tonight I will update the thread for the final speeches then you will all be free to interact with one another as formal Court will be over for the night.


Dunstan has started the process.

Those of you who are Toreador, Brujah, Nosferatu (when the new Player comes on board) and Ventrue will need to gather as many votes as you can. If you cannot gain votes, you will need to them split those who do not support your Sires among their rivals.

That will be the main objective for the rest of this evening.

Let me know if this is not clear.

Also, Michael, Lorenzo, and Michele will have a private session with the Tremere Mistress Fanchon regarding the nature of Mr. Santo's Embrace.

There are obviously other plot points you all may want to follow and now that formal Court is over for the night you can begin to do so.

Who gets a vote anyway?

The following Cainites by Clan, will decide the fates of the seats still up for grabs:

Assamite - Lord Bajazet Al Nasir

Cappadocian - Lord Benne

Followers of Set - Sadir

Gangrel - Milov Petrankov

Lasombra - Prince Narses

Salubri - Brian Stack

Tremere - Mistress Fanchon

Tzimisce - Myca Vykos

The seats up for grabs with the contenders are:

Brujah - Criatas the Elder vs. Dark Selena vs. Lady Meridie de Chancie vs. Robin Leeland

Malkavian - Antoine le Fanu vs. Lutz von Hohenzollern

Nosferatu - Petradon vs. Simon

Toreador - Francois Villon vs. Helene la Jouste (Representing the Courts of Love) vs. Rafael de Corazon

Ventrue - Alexander of Paris vs. Alyssa Fitz Gilbert (Representing Mithras) vs. Lady Jadviga vs. Lonzo von Saschen (Representing Herdestadt)

Note that each of these Cainites gets a vote as well.

After the 7th Night a secret ballot will take place with the votes counted by Durga Syn the only Independent Cainite available to do so.

22 Total votes will be tallied for each Clan whoever gains the most votes wins pretty simple. The difficult part is getting someone to vote for you and then trusting that they actually will do so.

Quite possibly the Childer of these contenders may be able to persuade their Sires in one direction or another.

Any questions?

Pretty simple, yet pretty hard

Male Italian (Toreador)

I'm very grateful for the list. Thank you

Ranerius will begin his [strike]sucking up[/strike] advanced diplomacy techniques once we get results from the rolls etc. ;)

Have a few busy days ahead, will try to update this tomorrow if not by Saturday, a concert Friday night will keep me away from the boards that entire night.

Story Teller Shadow

The fight scene I had with the two thugs reminded me of a book I have: The liar, the cheat and the thief; deception in the art of swordplay. you might like it.

Andrew the Hardy, Lord of Moray wrote:
Story Teller Shadow ** spoiler omitted **

Thanks I will check it out.

Work is just ridiculous lately, will update he thread and introduce a post for our new PC on Saturday evening.

Waiting to see if rolls reveal anything before mingling.

Male Italian (Toreador)
Alessandro Khadaji wrote:
Waiting to see if rolls reveal anything before mingling.

That's what I've been waiting on as well.

Also, I should also announce that starting tuesday until either Friday or Saturday, I will have limited computer access. Holiday weeks are a bear for me as I have to travel across state for them half the time

Sorry for the delay folks, concerts and operas and kiddie movies oh my - have kept me quite busy these last few days.

Will update before I PTFO tonight.

Venice by Night – Monday March 24, 1309

Narses Court

Storyteller Shadow, there are a TON of NPC's here. What are THEY all doing?

They are all interacting with one another or leaving or spying on someone else, whatever they can do to get an edge.

If you wish to know what an NPC here is doing just ask. This week I will have some free time and I will update the Campaign Tab. Including the list of Vampire NPC's and also a separate list of Vampires ACTUALLY in attendance by Clan. With no wife and no baby home I might even do that tomorrow night though I have a bit of work to do on a new Cthulhu Campaign I am running here on the Boards so I may need to split time.

Worry not, once that is up and running it will not draw very much time away from this game.

Male Human Toreador Ghoul

Hello one and all thank you for the selection and I look forward to our game together

Clan Malkavian Blood Pool 28/30

Good grief there is a lot for me to catch up on.

Male Italian (Toreador)
Vitaliano da Riva wrote:
Good grief there is a lot for me to catch up on.

Yes indeed. I hope I didn't keep anyone waiting

The Campaign Info tab is now updated for all Cainites in attendance. I included our newest player even though he is not there yet.
I will update the comprehensive master list over the course of the Holiday week.

Will update the thread again tomorrow night.

Tomorrow night it shall be got backed up over here in RL tonight.

Dammit, sorry I am just beat. Will wake up first thing fresh and update.

Sorry V I didn't get back to you before another approached, but I think it will work out ok.

Male Italian (Toreador)

Ok. I am way behind. I'm finally back home so I can post again.. I'll try to catch up

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