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Dark Ages Vampire - Bloodlines

Game Master Dennis Harry

Bloodlines is a continuation of the now defunct table top Dark Ages Vampire game wherein the PC's have created lineal descendants throughout the ages.

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Yes, an interesting Dilemma! I had a feeling you might ask, I think the best solution is to offer a certain rating of Resources in exchange for the business. Let me look a bit deeper into it this weekend and I will let you know what the comparables are, keeping in mind your wealth just shot up to 5+ dots in Resources.

Doing some Googling on the subject it appears that 60 Ducats per year could support the cost of a Soldier on a Campaign (wartime cost) for one year. Likely half to a quarter of that would allow a Peasant to survive rather easily during the time period. The most difficult thing about these types of conversion rates is that much of the economy back then was either bartering (amongst the lower classes) or being a Landlord and collecting commodities (amongst the Nobility and Aristocracy).

Let's use the following system when exchanging Ducats:

Resources 1: Character generates 15-50 Ducats per year.
Resources 2: Character generates 50-100 Ducats per year.
Resources 3: Character generates 100-500 Ducats per year.
Resources 4: Character generates 500-1,000 Ducats per year.
Resources 5: Character generates 1,000 + Ducats per year.

As the Cappelli's are a Merchant family that is fairly well to do (Lorenzo is a Dr. who has not worked in 5 years!) you will likely need to offer at least a high 3 or low 4 Resources offer to make a competitive bid.

FYI, we are getting close to the evening :-)

Once these two scenes play out, Venice by Night will fall once again and our newest blood suckers can come back out to play!

Are you saying Alessandro would be losing/reducing Resources? That doesn't seem to make sense.

A viable business transaction would call for a 1 time expense to generate MORE resources.

Or are you suggesting a ducat amount?

I am suggesting an actual Ducati amount, at least in your case here as your Resources in game have increased considerably.

So, this is basically "pre-game" setup... sorta.

Also assuming, whatever the agreed upon price... it makes sense financially.

Just waiting for Santo and Alessandro to post.

Once these two scenes are over, night will come down...

After Lorenzo and Alessandro are done we will be moving to the "by Night" portion of the day. Once this night ends we will go to a few weeks of downtime. Will discuss further as that last night winds down.

great !

OK, I will give Alessandro and Lorenzo till Friday evening to wrap up their scene (I won't be able to post significant updates till that anyhow as I need to do some digging into the thread to remember things I have long forgotten but yet I know I posted on).

Then we will move to the evening portion of the day. Some of you may not make it out of that night alive....

Darn DM :)

Wasn't Christopher involved in an altercation and wounded?

Maybe, but not while Lorenzo was around.

I think one of his men was wounded, you mean the first night you met Xing correct Alessandro?

Yes, didn't I go visit his house to make sure he was alright? Or his financee?

His fiancé who was Gunthers daughter.

I'm good if you're good.

OK, tomorrow night I will be putting up the updated posts for all players.

The last night before downtime. :-)

Anyone interested in playing a 2edDnD game here on the boards. A DM has been looking for submissions for a Forgotten Realms Maztica game and we don't have enough players.

Hmmm... I looked it over, but will pass.

Ok, no worries. Maztica not exactly the best setting but it has been a while since I played 2ed :-)

Of course my schedule is screwed up! I will have those updates ready by the end of the weekend.

Another night has begun! XP will be doled out as this night ends.

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