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Dark Ages Vampire - Bloodlines

Game Master Dennis Harry

Bloodlines is a continuation of the now defunct table top Dark Ages Vampire game wherein the PC's have created lineal descendants throughout the ages.

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I imagine most of you know about this already, but if not, Onyx Path is running a Kickstarter for a Deluxe V20 Edition of Vampire: the Dark Ages if you are interested.

Also on that site is a link to the manuscript which is 99% of the material they will be publishing, so you can review before you buy it!


Sweet. Thanks Talomyr. I will have to check it out!

Will update the thread at some point this week, been very busy.

I got back last night and currently at work (with a mountain of things to do) but i am back....


Sorry been busy. Will try to post by tomorrow!

hehe Life HappenZ :)

Sorry Gents still in the weeds over here.

By Wednesday work will have cleared out a bit and I will get back to normal posting.

No worries.

Can't catch a few spare minutes.

Will post when I can! :-(

No worries, real life always comes first!

Alessandro is patient!

Work is piling up instead of disappearing. At any rate, I will try to post on Sunday night as I have been very delinquent here. Bad ST!

On the bright side, I pledged for the V20 DA book so I will see what rules differ on that side as we move forward with the campaign.

Thanks for your patience folks!

nay don't worry :)

Your dedication and hard work have earned you a well deserved "vacation".

We all await with baited breath expecting your triumphant return as you shuck the marrow from the bones of the weak.

Well accept extra XP. :)

Still here. Friday is looking like the most likely time for me to review my notes and most recent posts and update the thread.

No extra XP I am afraid :-(

Oi, what a crappy weekend. Anyway, work will be slowing down for me this week so I should be able to update this week at work. Thank god, I am starting to forget what the heck is going on in the various storylines!

Take care of business!


Finally, up and running again!

Feelin sick, will respond to the posts by Wednesday to keep things going.

Feel better!

Will post tomorrow sorry for the delay

A wonderful and happy Thanksgiving to all who partake of the roast avian beast! Unless your vegetarian, in which case you may partake of tofu-key! Not so avian, but we get the jist!

Happy thanksgiving everyone

It was good....

FYI: I will not be able to update until next saturday as i am away from home at the moment

Not a problem, I am moving slowly anyway as I am so busy at work lately.

Dark Heresy series just finish and will be gearing up for the Black Crusade game if anyone is still interested.

World Eater on Deck

Should ease off next week then we can get back to the game. Thanks for the patience gentlemen.

Patience is a virtue...

Baby got me sick last week. Its been a rough few months. Good news is that soon I should get the 20th anniversary edition of the Dark Ages book. Other good news is that I may be able to do an actual update this week. I will try to be more active certainly by the new year.

Hoping baby is feeling better. Cool.

No worries, expected a holiday break anyway

Thread updated for everyone. :-)

Daughter's BDay follows up the holidays! Today, with 5yr old Frozen bash yesterday. Will post ASAP.

Sorry all.

Happy New year to everyone.

Have being over celebrating to a reasonable degree,

Wish you all a better 2015 than 2014 was :)

Happy New Year!

Happy new year to you all

Still waiting for Alessandro and Michele to respond in game. I believe that this night will be over relatively soon and the next day can begin, well for some of you, one of you shall never see the light of day least not for long enough to do much but perish horrifically.

Soon, we will do a few weeks of downtime [in game] and regroup as there are some important events I ant to get to now that most of the background work has been laid down for the real meat of the story. Yeah, I know 5,000 posts is a lot of background :-)

Honestly, the hesitation is because I'm a bit lost... Too much to do and no way to do it.

Alessandro Khadaji wrote:
Honestly, the hesitation is because I'm a bit lost... Too much to do and no way to do it.

I hear you, that is part of what delays my posting at times as well. Do whatever you think is best next. We will be moving into some down time shortly so some of these issues will resolve themselves while others will not...

I have to admit, I just pulled a line off the internet.........


Will update the thread tomorrow or Wednesday. Things are moving forward now as another one of your ilk has fallen under the fang....

Talk like that makes me want to be a Hunter.

Makes for a good dark secret flaw, you were a hunter before you were turned. I tried it once in a modern game....unfortunately the game fell apart before the intrigue began.

Maybe someone who is embraced as he's being recruited by hunters... :)

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