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Dark Ages Vampire - Bloodlines

Game Master Dennis Harry

Bloodlines is a continuation of the now defunct table top Dark Ages Vampire game wherein the PC's have created lineal descendants throughout the ages.

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"Cantor" wrote:


It's DM Beckett.

I've begun to create a character with the rules I saw, but I had a few questions. I wasn't clear on for Attributes if we got a free starting dot or not?

I'm working on a more flushed out background and description, so that should be done tomorrow. I think I'm going to go with Eastern European origin rather than France, and I also see that somehow a bit of my original post get eaten.

Please have a look at my basic stat workup and let me know what I need to do. I'm also shorting myself a Background, just because nothing really fits.

There is a substantial amount of upheaval in the East at this fine but where in the East are you thinking? The Arpad line has died out. The Teutons are conquering Russia. Serbia is on the rise. ByzAntine Empire is still losing ground And has yet to have its final dynasty in the sun. Mongols hAve been repulsed in India.

The Ottoman empire begins to rise.

Timbuktu goes into decline as a major trade route in Africa and with. New rulership is sacked a few short years from this date.

What I am looking for from any new player is a hook from the time period that explains why you have journeyed to Venice. Flight from an enemy, seeking business interests, a ghoul of a master who has brought you here from a meeting, a resident even of Venice is fine.

Thank your for your interests and submissions.

Cantor you would need to spend 1 more Background point. I see you are reserving 14 Freebies for Embrace, good for me. I eed to see that fleshed out background.

MonkeyGod, go ahead and post character stats as well so I can take a look. I like your concept just fine, with the caveat I included in my PM's.

You have till Sunday so plenty of time to get something ready. Looks like i is just between the two of you at the moment.

Whoever does not make it will be an alternate. As Lord Zekk knows, that actually means something as he was picked up when I had availability.

Silver Crusade

Male Mortal

I should be done now. A little has changed, but it's still pretty much the same. I've also taken the liberty of trying to include myself in some of the NPC's and location mentioned in the Campaign tab. If that doesn't work, (I honestly don't know), I can always change it. I also tried to leave things a bit vague specifically for so that you can have some interesting "hooks" to use as you need.

I figured that Cantor would be a good nickname, though the "Alternate Identitiy" I have been living by is Yanos St. Germaine. Real name is Christoff, but I've essentially given up that life completely, by necessity. I also figured that during my trek that finally lead me to Venice, I was forced to live by a bit of banditry (stealing bread), though I hated myself for it. I'm also considering adding it that he attempted to join a Crusade but got stranded in Venice, but I need to actually double check the years for that.

Out of character, I also did notice that there is a Salubri around. I'd absolutely love the opportunity to play one, if that fits, but if not, no worries. It's normally just one of those things that's automatically disallowed, but I also understand that you are wanting to pick clans and probably have a reason for that.

As to Freebee points, I honestly wasn't sure how to work them, so I just figured I'd build without them just be safe. I did want to play up the difficulty with being an outsider, but I also wanted to at least be able to communicate, so I went with the Merits/Flaws before I even noticed the notes in the Campaign thread. ha ha I am also really considering Inoffensive to Animals, kind of playing up on the "simple man" concept, and in VtM Modern setting, there was a Merit I was also wanting to ask about, something like Strong Back. But I need to find it, first.

I did have a question regarding Animal Ken vs Expert/Professional Knowledge (Animal Training/Hunting/etc). I wasn't sure which one to pick.

OMFG, I love the Background and the way you tied it in.

Let's see what MonkeyGod proposes before I make any sort of choice.

Thank you for the work on the character.

Animal Ken is the way to go, other skills add to special dice pools but that is the mainstay ability.

One thing I mentioned much earlier. In this version of history, Tremere sought out and diablerized Ravnos. Etrius and many other Tremere perished in the fight.only Tremere and one unidentified follower made it out.

The Council of 7 is now only 3 - Goratrix, Meerlinda, and Abertorius. More info will be released on an as discovered basis.

This act did wake Saulot who is now the second most active Antediluvian after Lasombra.

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