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Dark Ages Vampire - Bloodlines

Game Master Dennis Harry

Bloodlines is a continuation of the now defunct table top Dark Ages Vampire game wherein the PC's have created lineal descendants throughout the ages.

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Well I'm sure a favor or payment for a good Tzimisce to make a duplicate of him out of another cainite one generation lower than him could have made a duplicate Narses.

So will the real Narses please stand up!

Nah, Vicissitude can't duplicate this level of Obtenebration. This is the legend himself Prince Narses you are dealing with! :-)

Seen that trick work before...

Updates tomorrow time to sleep now...

Clan Malkavian Blood Pool 27/30

Woot woot, White Wolf/Vampire Bloodlines News

Between being sick and Mother's Day I have gotten backed up, updates tomorrow.

I should also have a new Assamite player by the end of the week.

The Conclave is almost upon us!

Updates tomorrow.

All current players have earned 2 more XP!

Update tomorrow night getting too tired to post effectively.

Male Italian (Toreador)

Anyone have hopes for the Clans since history is mutable? I know more than one of us hopes the Cappadocians survive into the modern age. For the Toreador, I can't say I'm breaking original ground here, but then I'm not sure I want to deviate too much from it for them anyway. They do fill their niche nicely. It should be interesting to see when/if the Sabbat bloodline 'Antitribu' eventually arise for the Toreador with their own twisted weakness.

With the Tremere having skunked the Ravnos instead of the Salubri, I think it will be cool to see how that affects the Warlocks.

Ranerius Bernerius wrote:
Anyone have hopes for the Clans since history is mutable?

These meeting swill have a big impact on that mutable history. This arc as well as the arc in the 14th century will be interesting (of course it will be a while to get there!)

It looks like many of the alliances between the PC's are already being formed so that should allow the Conclave and the Game to move a bit faster as well.

I always thought the Ravnos were a much better target for the Tremere than the Salubri.

In fact in my way of thinking the decision from Tremere likely had several potentials on the list and as opportunists they took the first opportunity. A wide range of factors may have caused the change, I like to think that Storyteller Shadow will let us discover the reasons as we go.

But since technically none of us even know that or that it was an alternative.....

Andrew the Hardy, Lord of Moray wrote:
I like to think that Storyteller Shadow will let us discover the reasons as we go.

He certainly will... one day...not today though.

Clan Malkavian Blood Pool 27/30 be honest I don't know much of the lore apart from what I know from the VTM:Bloodlines game. That said, there is an interest into leading the Malkavians down a more puppeteer kind of approach I'm interested in. Possibly pushing them back up in the mystic edge (I'm trying not to play the whole I'm seeing through the matrix bit myself but who knows).

Male Nosferatu 6th Generation; BP 24/30, xp saved: 6

Salubri was not so much a target of opportunity but rather a target which provided itself, and Salubri took Tremere over hiding within him with only Etrius and Goratrix knowing. Ravnos is infinately more interesting as a choice, as Chimistry could at high level make anything reality

Male Nosferatu 6th Generation; BP 24/30, xp saved: 6

by and by a productive night for Onfroi even when discovered by a guy that can put my face where my butt is literally...

Storyteller Shadow review:


facts learned from listening outside court:
My conversation on the docks:
I am Armin Brenner of Magdeburg. I am here to meet with this so called

Camarilla. Are you one who has an interest in this organization or are you

here just to hear what is being done in the name of all of our kind?"

Armin nods, French "Indeed, the petty wars of the past century have done

much to reveal the true nature of our kind. The ancients begin to stir and

only together can we stop their rise. That is where our focus should be

survival, not this feuding for positions which will mean less than nothing

when Judgement Day arrives".

"I believe this entire process is a farce. The collective should be

focusing on preparing for the coming of the ancients and working with

Humanity to ensure our own survival and theirs.

Unfortunately, so many here are pawns of these beings, I am hoping that if

I can reach even a few here with my message at least those who see this for

what it is can step away from these politics and do just that".

His face remains neutral as he seems to be considering your offer.

"Very well, I shall observe after I make my introductions and save my

speech for the second night I am in attendance".

A promethean(see above) was there who would fetch a good price from von


Clan Nosferatu is an ally to the prince.

A ship set fire which belonged to a childe of the ventrue

the Giovani lords left port the same night leaving their masoleum to the

Cappadocian lord Benne

Though you do not know all the names and players yet, several groups have

arrived together.
--A set of two Toreador - Ranerius and Francois your former Master - and

two Brujah on the same Gondola.

--The Salubri, there are only two and they made themselves household names

the night before - Brian the Sire and Andrew the Fledgling - arrive with

two female Cainites, you believe they are both Ventrue.

--Finally a Toreador, Rafael de Corazon, you have certainly heard his name

along with what you assume is his newest Childe.


Brian approaches the one named Valdemar, "Court has not yet started?"
Valdemar shakes his head, "Brexiano is the one who decides such things, he

is the Seneschal".

"How is Narses mood this evening?" asks Brian.

Valdemar shrugs, "Your guess is as good as mine. I believe he has seen

Kestral and Brexiano only so far this night. Though I can imagine that a

Blood Hunt is soon to be called on your Childe, a shame". He does not sound


Brian responds evenly, "We shall see". Then he continues towards the doors

to Elysium.

Conversation II
Criatas turns to Selina and states in an emotionless voice, "Surely you

realize who that is and did what you did on purpose".
She grins back wickedly, "Oh should I know what that was?"

"If you think involving her is to your benefit you are mistaken", he


"I did not know she knew who you were assuming we are thinking about the

same she".

Criatas frowns, "I do not know where he is nor do I care to. In fact I

believe he is long dead".

"Or so he would have us believe Eldest", she replies softly caressing his


"She is better served scouring old ruins for his whereabouts than being

involved in politics. The fact that she stopped to Embrace Francois was a

mystery based on those I have spoke to about the issue".

Selina grins, "Is it a mystery?"

Criatas' eyes finally flash with anger, "What is it you know..." before he

can finish the Salubri approaches them.

"Good evening Elders". A awkward silence ensues.

Conversation III:
"Greetings, I am Armin Brenner of Magdeburg. Am I mistaken that you are

Selina of Clan Brujah?"
Selina smiles, "Indeed and this is Criatas of Clan Brujah Neonate, pay

proper respects. And this is some Salubri whose name I just can't seem to


Brian frowns at her, "Brian or Sir Brian are fine Armin".

Armin continues, "Is Clan Brujah going to be joining this group?"

Criatas nods, "Yes, if for no other reason than...." he lest the words

trail off as he glances at Brian.

Selina smiles, "Than more power than any Brujah has had since the time of

Carthage! Multiple Clans and resources at our disposal wonderful is it not


Armin half-heartedly shrugs, "I suppose. I am wanted in Magdeburg by a

Ventrue Lord or two. Will you both protect me so that I can say what must

be said?"

Criatas nods, "I would be delighted to thwart the schemes of Hardestadt and

his cronies".

Arminr nods satisfied. Brian turns to Criatas, "So why do you wish to

join..." his statement trails off as more new arrivals land.

More Gondolas arrive, these bear Milov Petrankov and his Childe. A second

bears Sadir of Clan Setite sailing with the Ventrue Lanzo von Saschan.

The Gangrel Cantor stops and interacts with Ranerius and Andrew while his

Sire awaits Sadir. "Well met and good evening gentlemen".

As the Setite disembarks, the Gangrel begins gesturing toward him and

speaking in angry tones.

Lanzo shakes his head and moves towards the Lasombra contingent.

Conversation IV:
"Greetings Magisters. Can I bend your ears for a moment?"
Valdemar shakes his head no, "If Prince Narses will vote for you we do not

know nor have we any way to influence his vote if that is what you are


Lanzo raises his hands as if he has been struck in a mock tone responds,

"You wound me, I already know I shall the chosen one, I was simply seeking

to increase rapport with you all as I shall be spending a great deal of

time here among you. Certainly not all business conducted here will be

Camarilla business..." He let's that suggestion sink in.

More Arrivals:
You note the arrival from the far side of the building of Xing Shi, you did

not see her before this and have no idea how she arrived in the island...

Her appearance seems to have taken the wind out of the conversation that

Lanzo sought to strike up.
Yo also note the arrival of the former Prince Alexander of Paris arriving

with the Malkavian Fledgling Vitaliano.

The Brujah Sir Dunstan along with Lord Bajazet, his Childe Giovanni and the

Lasombra Muslim Khadijah Saadeh arrive.

Shortly after them, by mere moments - former outlaws Talon Vandras and

Sepio Volusenus the Shadow Pirate arrive - if their Nosferatu ally is with

them none of you can see.

Conversations part III
The elder Ventrue arm in arm with the Fledgling Malkavian Vitaliano

approaches your group.

Alexander smiles, "You raise most interesting points Gangrel, your Sire

chose you well. What do these others younglings think of that last

statement?" He asks this of Andrew and Raerius point blank, his mere

presence compelling you to answer his inquiry.

Vitaliano da Riva, Andrew the Hardy, Ranerius Bernerius

Vitaliano listened with curiosity and gave it a bit of thought "The idea of

a Childe not being responsible for their own actions...well that is quite

the jest. If the Childe is of free will then it makes sense that they are

responsible for their own...faults. Though if the fault lies in the

teachings of the Childe well then it is understandable too that the Sire be

to blame. Perhaps, it should be visited upon what brought about the

failings that bring the individual before judgement. Hmm, if I were to give

my opinion I would suggest that each clan were to offer up two other clan's

to help sit in on Judgement for the crimes and determine who is at fault

for what has transpired. If we were to leave punishment up to individual

clans then justice would not be true, but if we leaved it upon too many

voices then truth would be lost and clans would begin to form alliances to

punish clans they did not agree with." he said after great length. He

wasn't completely sure why he was rambling on so much this evening but he

was beginning to suspect that the Prince beside him was the cause.

Ranerius listens to the others, then nods, "In truth, I'm not entirely sure

where I myself stand on it. I think one of the keys must be information.

Perhaps no vampire should be brought into this world without being told up

front of the bond and its risks. The first step to a just system might be

some degree of honesty.

Alexander smirks at Andrew, "Not all problems can be solved with a sword.

Not even with that wonderful, terrible sword you wield".

Alexander nods at Vitaliano's idea, "Indeed, a tribunal a solid suggestion

for reaching the truth that our Toreador friend here seeks. Did you know

that they have been utilized in the past my friend?

Did you also know that they have also been subverted? Justice much like

history is measured by the hand that wields the proverbial and sometimes

literal sword. Ask Vykos when he arrives about such Tribunals. I was not

present in Constantinople before the fall of the so called Archangel

Michael he ca tell you much more of their use".

He turns and looks to the canal, "More arrivals. Good soon we shall get the

preliminary drivel over with and onto the business at hand".

"Fear not fer I merely mentioned one problem not all ken be solved wit a

sword, err wit truth...mah own struggle wit wrath fer example will never be

solved by a sword, terrible err not."

6d10 ⇒ (8, 8, 9, 5, 5, 10) = 45

Andrew smirks back

"Again wha good a tribunal when clans neither know ner respect tha ways o

tha other clans, though tis hard tah say wha is err is not a true way. "

"The tribunal would work best if each clan would get to choose the two

clans who know their ways best to help guide the information. Though I

suppose it might be better to have one who is a breath of fresh air on it.

An outsider as well..." he said continuing a bit, he wasn't much for law

himself, after all he spent his life in medicine.

He looked around and thought about everything that he had seen so far.
Perception+Awareness DC 9: 2d10 + 3d10 ⇒ (7, 2) + (1, 3, 7) = 20

He scratched his chin in a bit of ponderous thought before bringing it up.

"What...does everyone thing of the Ravnos? I'm afraid I know very little

but she is a unique one of our kind yes?" he asked trying to learn some

more information about what people saw and believed about the clan he knew

nothing about.

"Aye a worthy thought Vitaliano, an thus we come full circle a clan is not

likely tah invite tha outsider intah tha fold o secrets, an if one did tha

watcher would likely use tha position to learn more secrets an powers o tha

other clan, an we ave tha same troubles o pickin leaders fer tha respective

clans, whom do we trust tah lead an whom ken be trusted tah help mediate a

dispute o another clan's own makin?"

"I ave learnt little o tha ravnos, but is mah understandin they ave not an

elder o tha clan tah lead them, leavin tha clan in a state o limbo betwixt

high an low station. Though still I would say tha terms offend me."

Andrew shrugs....

"And you drive home why the knowledge and wisdom of the elders is

invaluable even beyond their power, for I had not considered that degree of

abiliity in the slightest. I hope I have not come across too much a fool,

signore." The words are the truth, as the Toreador is increasingly aware of

just how little he knows of what can be done with the disciplines as they

are mastered. I must remember to show respect properly. This is the man

Violetta favors.

I know little of the Ravnos as a Clan, but I feel as if there were an

unspoken discomfort about them all, and it seems the only representative of

the Clan that we know of is treated with more than a little respect.

Whether that is fully due to any one factor, rarity, age, power, or wisdom,

I don't know." he admits, "Or perhaps it is the reverse, they are not

considered as influential anymore, and this sets them in a position that

they are feared less than others. But all is conjecture."

"As for the idea of tribunals and the like... perhaps we should encourage

diplomats and ambassadors along Clan lines? It might come to nothing, but

among mortal kind it has sometimes reduced wars, at least delayed them."

Conversation IV:
Bajazet stares at the Lasombra grouped together but does not approach them.

He heads off of the docks with you and Giovanni in tow. His target the

Brujah Elders.

"Criatas, Selina. Have either of you decided to support the other or for

that matter Lady Meridie?"

Criatas turns to you then turns back to Bajazet, "Has Clan Assamite made

its choice then Lord Bajazet?"

Bajazet is non committal in his reply, "Perhaps. Perhaps not. But then she

has made an effort to speak with me even if through an intermediary..."

Criatas responds, "The night is young Bajazet perhaps I shall approach you

yet". He then stares towards the newly arrived Brujah.

Selina shrugs, "I am my own Master assassin". As clear an indication as any

of these Cainites have given of their intentions yet.

Bajazet looks at but does not address another Cainite here, one neither

Dunstan or Giovanni has seen before. He then nods to the Salubri Brian who

is with the group and steps away his Childe in tow close to the entrance of

Elysium proper.

More Arrivals:
Talisman stays near the edge of the docks speaking with the mortal Gondola


The Brujah Robin Leeland and Ecaterina the Wise all approach their kin just

off of the docks standing on the grass along with them is Brian.

Kratos and Fadris aproach their brethren of Clan Lasombra.

Alexander breaks away from several Fledglings and grasps at Gustav

Breidenstein pulling towards te rear of the Elysium.

This leaves Mistress Fanchon of Clan Tremere alone..

Vychos sees me:
"Should you overhear anything worth retelling feel free to contact me

Childe, I may well pay you handsomely for such information. Spy on me or my

allies though and no amount of your twisted brethren will save you from my


"Myself, this ghoul and Milov Petrankov are the allies I speak of no more

here need you concern yourself with...."

Male Italian (Toreador)

Well, I hope some of those alliances are with Ranerius ;)

Male Nosferatu 6th Generation; BP 24/30, xp saved: 6

Indeed you are the start of my diabolical plan to get what we want

We are 13 once more...

The sacred number ;)

Posting this to all my game.

On Monday the 23/05/2016 i will be traveling to S.America for vacations. Posting will be very sporadic an unreliable until the 13/06/2016.

I'll try my best nevertheless....
(Please bot be if needed)

Finally got a chance to update this thread, yay early morning heartburn!

Updates tomorrow night.

Male Mortal

Just picked up the following:

  • Vampire the Masquerade
  • Changeling the Dreaming
  • Mage the Ascension

for $30 dollars. Not too bad for out of print books. Couldn't convince the guy to sell me his Wraith book though.

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